Arsenal Player ratings after spectacular win at Chelsea – Saka MOTM

Here are the player ratings for Arsenal at Chelsea

Aaron Ramsdale 7
To be honest he didn’t have too much to do, but another clean sheet is setting him up for the Golden Glove.

Ben White 8
Continues to impress at right back and certainly looks like a 50m player now.

William Saliba – 8
He is so incredibly composed at the back, and pretty good going forward as well.

Gabriel – 8
Quickly losing his scapegoat tag with another supreme showing, and was in the right place for his goal

Oleksandr Zinchenko – 7
Great to have him back just in time to replace Tomiyasu.

Martin Odegaard – 7
As instrumental as any other Arsenal forward without any showboating

Thomas Partey – 8
It’s so good to have him in tip top form. Long may it continue

Granit Xhaka – 8
The Rock of the side. Great move to unsettle Chelsea in injury time

Bukayo Saka – 9
Didn’t get so much action as usual as most of play was on other flank, but still deserved the plaudits for an incredible delivery from his corner kick

Gabriel Jesus – 8
Another excellent performance. A goal will be coming his way soon I’m sure..

Gabriel Martinelli – 8
Brilliant as always. Brazil really don’t know what they are missing by not taking him to the World Cup.


Kieran Tierney N/A

Mohamed Elneny N/A

Rob Holding N/A


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Arteta is as happy as us after crucial win at Chelsea…

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  1. Saka 9!!!!!! You have got to be joking. Thats thecrating by a fan boy who refused to see he never got past his man, was repeated dispossessed, weak in the challenge and yet you give him a 9 for a corner kick that was actually badly taken

    1. Doesnt deserve a 9, doesnt deserve that kinda slating either, badly taken corner that gave us the 3 points

      1. I agree, it wasn’t a “brilliant delivery” it was a weak effort that slid through, somehow.

      2. That hexagon of Zinchenko, Partey, White, Saliba and Gabriel was unreal. That zone was Chelsea’s death zone. None of them able to get the ball. That zone allowed Odegaard and Xhaka to conquer the final third. Brilliant from Arteta.

    2. Spot on my friend, overall he was very poor against Chelsea
      I told my grown up son while watching the game on TV
      They will still give him top marks, this has got to stop its just
      A narrative and completely unfair on the other players .
      Of course people are entitled to there opinion but go and
      Play the the game again if you really know anything about
      The football you’ll see giving him 9 was well over the top.

  2. Saka played great. probably not a 9 but an 8 for sure. He beat Cucarella a few times and set up some great overlaps, incl. winning the ball to set up Jesus for the shot that lead to “the corner”, which was a great delivery if a little low. had pace and accuracy. But Saliba was MOM quite comfortably. That kid is awesome. 9 for him no question.

  3. I think you are way off with your assessment of Saka,’s performance.To me, Saliba was immense with White equally impressive.

    1. I thought white was very good as well. Probably his best game so far – I must say, I did not expect him to adapt so well to RB, but he’s a great fit for this system.

  4. OT
    I was reading a Chelsea fan forum and i was stunned to find a poll prior to the game in which 57 Per cent of their fans thinking that their team will be destroyed!!!23 thinking they would win and onlyy 4 Per cent going for a draw.It’s the first Time as an Arsenal fan that i Saw Chelski fearing Arsenal like this ever since i started supporting the club(2006).Even After the game they were thanking God that it wasn’t 4 or 5 Nil!!! Astonishing…..We won last year but it was a bit triky the year before also but this Time around it was a masterclass.

  5. Saka was not a 9 for me. I would give him a 6.5 rating.

    Cucurella did not let Saka get past him at all.

    The only good thing he did was being bold enough to take the corner kick that led to our winning goal.

    The corner kick was pretty good because all the Chelsea players in the 18 box could not stop it from entering their goal post.

    1. Agree, aside from the corner, it was a down game for Saka. Jesus was hardworking and industrious, a thorn in Chelsea’s buildup.

      Martinelli made some good runs, a great cross that Jesus missed, and bossed that flank.

      Xhaka and Partey were immense, Gabriel and Saliba were rearely troubled, and Saka gets a rating equal to them?

      I though Saka struggled to get out of Cucarella’s pocket for most of the game; he was managed by Cucarella most of the game.

      1. Agreed but Cucurella is probably one of the best left backs in the league ,that’s why they paid all that money for him ,so I can understand why saka struggled .
        I forgot to mention partey ,he does his business without being noticed (obviously😂)which is a sign of a great player ,about time as well because he’s been underperforming or injured before this season .

  6. For me, Thomas Partey always deserves more credit because whenever he doesn’t play the defense becomes nervous and we often lose without him than with him. he was phenominal yesterday followed by Saliba.. Saka is an 8 and his corner was superb.

  7. Honestly I thought Chelsea saw it coming, they smell the rat from preseason in the Camping arena.

    The scent was that strong, trust me.

  8. Ben White

    I think the majority of honest Arsenal fans would
    agree that all of the above were better than Saka

    1. Very Correct

      Not that Saka didn’t try but Cucurella pocketed him

      Cucurella was Chelsea’s best player by miles

      Most of our gameplay came from the left – not of our will
      But cos Cucurella stopped anything meaningful from happening via Saka

      I only give Saka kudos bcos he never stopped trying but that does not merit a rating worthy of MOMT status at-all

  9. Saka’s corner kick reminds me of Douglas Luiz’s against us this year. It made us score, but Jesus was the one who forced Chelsea concede a corner

    Jesus’ abilities to turn sharply in tight spaces are way better than our previous CFs, such as Aubameyang, Lacazette and Giroud. Nketiah and Balogun should train harder to make those creative directional changes

    Saliba is almost unbeatable in aerial/ ground duels and possesses good ball control, but I bet we can still replace him with Holding. If Jesus or Partey is sidelined for several EPL matches, I think we won’t win the ball possession easily

    1. Without Saliba I don’t think Gabriel plays with that level of confidence or gets the support. Saliba is one of our best players this year, period. I put him up there with Jesus, Xhaka, Partey, and White.

      There will be a noticeable drop in performance if any of those 5 miss time due to injury. Holding replacing Saliba is a big drop, and not something we can get away with for several games.

      1. Saliba has been doing a great job. But he also made several big mistakes, which were luckily papered by the wins

        He’s very dominant in the back, but we can’t always rely on him to be fit. Holding should be ready to deputize Saliba

    2. I don’t think you can learn those dribbling skills – you either have it or you don’t, at a fairly early age.

      1. I guess so. Nketiah and Balogun can’t win most aerial duels, so they need to offer something else as Jesus has been doing

        Otherwise we might need to find a more skilled or taller CF in the summer

    3. @ GOI, have you forgotten we played Holding and Maghaleas last two season and last season, we conceded alot of goals, see, Saliba knows how to study the game and calm, while Maghalaes is rough, tough and physical so the two walk together, so without any one of them, our back line will have problem just like what have been happening in Europa group stage…
      Saka really played well yesterday and dispossessed Cucurrella, it was his side we had a lot of chances….

      1. I think our defense was inconsistent because we didn’t have Jesus to terrorize the opposition’s GK and CBs. Saliba is definitely an upgrade, but I feel Holding has improved too

  10. Ben White was the best player on the pitch in my opinion, both defensively and offensively. Saliba was a close second with big Gabriel third. Xhaka actually showed he has pace and Partey was cool and reliable but Saka? not for me, good corner but along with Zinchenko and Ødegaard was the least effective, imho.

  11. saliba and partey were mom for me, with partey edging it, juat because of the one or two nervy moments saliba had, although he covered for them.
    it will be absolutely criminal if arsenal do not find a suitable cover/replacement for partey in jan transfer window. that and another striker as eddie simply isnt good enough.

    1. There are not many good strikers around that would like to be competing with Jesus for a start.
      But agree that Eddie is not a good cover.

      More urgently is a backup for Thomas, and I doubt Tielemans is the man for that.

  12. Breaking News!!!
    Gabrial martineli
    And Gabriel Jesus heading to the world cup didn’t want this to happen which clueless coach in his right senses will ignore those two super in form players I just pray all our players heading to the world cup comes back in one piece.
    Beautiful victory yesterday
    Come on all you Gunner’s

  13. Its between Saliba and Partey. It’s Partey for me though. He ticks all the boxes. He makes football look so easy. We completely dominated Chelsea.

    1. Both of them with Jesus are phenominal. If these 3 are fit including all those who played yesterday for at least 90% of the remaining games, we could compete with City

    2. Agreed. I was going to make the same point. Partey just ruled the midfield. Saliba is a colossus at the back and Ben White is actually looking an awesome right back. Not a marauding offensive talent like Reece James or Trent but RC is probably the best right wingback in the world right now and not playing a RB at all is still not as problematic as Trent’s defending.

  14. MOTM Saliba. Got to give Saka credit, I think his performance dropped because he was kicked from pillar to post without much protection from the Ref but he stuck to his guns. Just like Jesus against Southampton..

  15. OT. Manutd play Barcelona in the UEL.
    What are the odds we play either in the round of 16 ?

    Benjamin white MOTM, saka gets an 8 only because of the corner otherwise he is a 7.

  16. Great team win; fantastic three points. But to be fair, Chelsea’s top four defenders were absent ..due to injury. (James, Fofana, Chilwell, Kouibaly). Return leg will be a tougher test.

  17. “Gabriel Martinelli – 8
    Brilliant as always. Brazil really don’t know what they are missing by not taking him to the World Cup. ”

    Did you mean to write that under Gabriel Magalhaes?

    The other two Gabriels are in the squad.

  18. Man of the match should be between Partey, Saliba and white. Although Saka and Gabriel have a case too. A player may be having a shitty game, but one moment of brilliance can make the difference that can win the match. That, to me is what should inform who wins MOTM. Thierry Henry was having a shitty game against United, but from nowhere produced a moment of magic with his trademark goal. He won the MOTM.
    Generally the lads played well, and we dominated proceedings for a larger part of the game. It is worth noting that Potter almost got his game plan spot on. Whenever our wingers had the ball, two players were always on them, to force them to either loose possession, make technical foul. He knew that if he could stop Saka and Martinelli from playing their game, he could stop Arsenal.
    That explains why Cucurella was trying all afternoon to roughen Saka.
    Well, it almost worked…

    1. Cucurella just knows how to handle Saka

      I remember him very well doing it last season too

      In short, I never knew who he was until I was surprised to go find out: “Who is this Brighton footballer that absolutely marked Saka out”

      I don’t know if anyone noticed it: Malacia also did the same thing to Saka at old-trafford

  19. I thought our pressing was pretty good and we seemed to maintain the stamina thought the game.

    Our defense was rock solid and that is a team effort starting at the front.

    I do think we lacked some killer instinct though.

    Fudging, forging, fogging and fugging awesome win!

  20. MotM is always in the eye of the beholder but I can’t remember many other games when there are so many beholders nominating different candidates.

    What a great time to be a gooner.

  21. I am convinced you have an agenda on for Saka. How in the world does he earn MOTM or a 9/10 rating? Partey, Saliba and Gabriel were MONSTERS in this game and you rate Saka ahead of them?? In fact I cannot choose between those three who was best. They were THAT good. Saka was easily one of our weakest players and even giving him a 7/10 is overdoing it. Nonsense!

  22. I thought jesus was motm because his presence up front was the most important factor in our dominating the game imo, although I understand him being “marked down” for his poor finishing. Saliba and white were great as well, and partey and xhaka bossed the midfield for the most part

  23. Partey deserved the highest rating for me. Completely shut there midfield down and his distribution was outstanding. A 10 in my books.

  24. Ben White is the best right-back in the PL thus far

    Saliba is the best CB in the league right now full stop

    Thomas P is the best all-round DM in the PL this season

    These are facts.

    All three of them were immense v che away and in most of our ties this season they were tops. If I had to pick out one of them from that game it would be, Ben White, simply because the flanks do have more traffic in them than those in the central areas.

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