Arsenal player ratings against Brighton – defeat deserved with no fight shown

What can one say after that display? Remember who the opponents were, Brighton, a team that had not won a game in 2020 but obviously, when they play Arsenal they break that drought.

Too many missed chances, too much negativity in the middle and some shoddy defending, there is hiding for some of these players, they have shown too often they are not the quality that Arsenal needs to rise from the mid-table mediocrity we find ourselves in.

Arsenal Player Ratings

Leno – 6
Not on long enough to show his usual heroics, will be missed

Bellerin – 5
Clearly not the player he was, continues to be ponderous, he did improve on his City performance but had a part in the last-minute winner.

Mustafi – 5
Just average and he also had some culpability for the late goal conceded.

Holding – 5
Did ok, just an average performance

Kolasinac – 5
Arsenal needs a flying left-back and Kolasinac is not that.

Cabellos – 5
Slow slow slow, slow to pass, slow to create, slow to make a difference. He is not the answer to Arsenal’s creative problems.

Guendouzi – 6
Did ok but makes no difference going forward but as usual, he did show passion

Saka – 7
Came very close to scoring a sensational goal in the first half and generally did ok, always looked dangerous/

Pepe – 7
Nice goal but he needs to deliver more, this is Brighton and not Barcelona, he should be eating these sort of opponents alive and he is not.

Aubameyang – 6
Is the contract saga having an effect? I do not know but his shooting has been weak and he seems a shadow of the player he was before the suspension.

Lacazette – 6
As usual, he ran himself ragged but there is just no end product anymore, he is just an average forward these days.


Martinez – 6
Did ok when he replaced Leno but he should have done better for the late Brighton winner, was just too easy.

Nketiah – 5
Did nothing really when he came on but did put himself about.

Kieran Tierney – No rating as not on long enough really.

Joe Willock -Same as Tierney.

Reiss Nelson – Ditto


Arteta – 4
Starting to lose faith in the Spaniard, his team selection was once again questionable and his obsession with not selecting Martinelli is now starting to be an issue. If this was Unai Emery he would be slaughtered, Arteta should be treated no different.

Let me know in the comments if you disagree with these Arsenal players ratings

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  1. what a load of SH1T sell the lot!! not fito wear the shirt, no desire, no commitment, shambles, as for the manager, he should be given the funds to buy the players he wonts and if that still fails then he should be replaced, to early to make that decision, but big clear out required!!

  2. On paper, we have a good attack but on play, our attack is slightly above average.

    The midfield is the problem. I mean we used to have hleb, Fabregas, rosicky, Nasri, Song, Santi and the likes.. who do we have now? The midfield currently is below average. Midfield used to be arsenal strength but not anymore..

    The defense lack that bond. We dont have a regular back 4 consistently. Who ever plays seem not to click pretty well with others.

    Bottom line is we have an average squad. That is the bitter truth I have come to accept.

    Yes maybe Arteta has got a vision but he needs support from the board. Will he get that support next season? Time will tell.

    No european football next season is good. Let’s just focus on domestic competition

    1. “The midfield is the problem. I mean we used to have hleb, Fabregas, rosicky, Nasri, Song, Santi and the likes.. who do we have now? The midfield currently is below average. Midfield used to be arsenal strength but not anymore..” said a wise man.
      Apart from Guendouzi who’s too young and needs matured midfielders to learn from. The rest are pissful poor players, the whole lots.
      Can’t control a game, can’t hold tight the midfield… Just a bunch of walking logs.

      1. Eddie, the worst Arsenal midfield I have seen in 58 years. A pack of non combative low ability overpaid wimps.

  3. Wow, Adama Traore came on in the 64th minute and was MOTM!!! What a beast!! If only we had someone like that

    1. Exactly. Someone that isn’t afraid of moving the ball forward. A player with quick feet and always wanting to make something happen. The players we have always keep it safe. Pass pass and pass with slow urgency.

    2. We don’t have attacking players who are good in one-on-one situations like Adama Traore. The closest one might be Martinelli and Saka, but both of them are still inconsistent

      We used to have that type of player in Sanchez. I wonder why Arsenal bought overpriced attacking players who are very rarely able to beat their markers like Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ozil and Pepe

      1. “We don’t have attacking players who are good in one-on-one situations” –> pepe?

        brighton needed two defenders on him and when they don’t (putting solly march on him), he scores

      2. Well gotanidea you’ve been pushing him for a long time now and Traore has finally adjusted the steering wheel and come good for you. Good foresight – well done.

  4. It is unacceptable to him not for the first time….. rinse and repeat. It is clear to me he learnt nothing from Guardiola. You scored a goal and then encouraged your players to fall back and defend knowing fully well we are poor at it. When I was advocating for Arteta to come to Arsenal, I did it with the belief he would want to replicate the Man City model. I didn’t know he would be more scared than Emery to play attacking football. Pathetic.

    1. I bet he told them to be scared of playing right? I bet he was wrong to think he could count on the senior players right?
      A couple of months ago, I can mention up to ten names on here who were on about giving the youngsters the chance to play for the rest of the season regardless the result, as long as it means they gather up experience for next next season.
      Alas, a coach who decided he’d stick with the young lads, giving them chances and playing time, and back to square one. His selections are poor, and it’s his fault the best players he selected choose to go play ping pong instead of football

  5. “There’s a lot of things they have gone really well but we don’t compete,” Mr Arteta, you saw they were not competing and you were just watching instead of barking and shouting orders like Guardiola who you worked for would do. It has not occurred to you the players need to hear your barking voice to chastise and motivate them on the pitch in order for them to play with better spirit.. You will continue to struggle if you don’t seat up cos the fans will soon lose their patience with you. Most of your players have loser mentality and you need to ring the changes especially in midfield asap.

  6. All the players you mark above six or more I cannot agree with, except Saka. Auba, Laca and Guendouzi were fours at best for me.

    I do not count the unfortunate LENO for marks and would never mark anyone who doesn’t play at least half an hour,UNLESS they come on as late subs and really contribute something worthwhile. Pepe for his great goal gets a five, as he did nothing else of worth at all.

  7. Arteta again showed he is naive. His substitutions (apart from Martinez) were poor. Defense again dreadful. Mustafi is again going to be blamed for last goal; but where the heck was Bellerin? We look more and more like a team which can get drawn in a relegation tussle rather than anything else. Our midfield is so weak that it needs a complete overhaul. Where does this leave us in the bigger picture? In the doldrums of mediocrity. I miss even Wenger’s last season now! This is how bad it is and I am afraid Arteta is not the man for the job.

  8. Agree with the ratings, but Arteta shouldn’t be judged too harsh in this season

    He is stuck with some overpaid divas and Arsenal have to get rid of them first before buying new players

  9. The ratings are an accurate reflection of the players performances.Martinez and Mustafi were culpable for the winning goal but the sadest feature of the match to me was the fact that we were beaten by a poor side.Lacazette and Auba basically need a kick up the backside and Ceballos and Guendousi simply do not have the pace to surge forward and create chances in this League.There is now a very real danger of us dropping like a stone towards the depths .The combination of injuries and poor performances finds Arteta with his biggest crisis since his appointment.The next few weeks will tell us a lot about him.

  10. Well well well what have we got here? Questionable selection? Few days ago, he chose the kids in a much harder game, lost and he deservedly got the blame.
    Today he chose the experienced and senior players for an easy game.
    They lost and his selection is still to be blamed.

    That aside I really can’t wrap my head all around the whole drama Arsenal fans keep putting up. Maybe it’s because I publicly stated this season was already over for me under Emery’s regime?
    Yeah well at least, my sanity, my peace of mind all stays intact. I’ve read so many comments from the Man City game to this one and I can’t believe we already have #Arteta Out fans.
    I really have no idea what you guys expected from this season though, top four? Top five?
    For the love of me, I can’t wrap my head around it, all the shenanigans and murmuring when we all knew these guys don’t want to be here and these guys ain’t the way forward.
    So urrrrm, I guess all the whining and moaning is coming from the fact that you guys thought you’d be winning and gunning for fifth place right?
    Lol, okay. Yeah well like I’ve said countless times under Emery, I’ll prefer we don’t go to the UCL or UEL at all, pfftt!! I never saw a single UEL game this season.
    This season is a write off already, Arteta is working with them and seeing the cracks, seeing the players ain’t what he expected. Well at least I’m glad he’s realistic and admits we can’t keep waiting while Chelsea and other clubs are signing players.
    This season, the rest of the games mean nothing to me, there’s so much going on around the world, Arsenal won’t add to my mental fight. Nope I won’t let it.
    I hardly have any interest in anything Arsenal for this season.
    Well, Good luck with the next game

      1. Sue I see you’re constantly at the heart of it. All the aches and pain from losing games.
        I thought by now you should know better with your expectations.
        You know as an Arsenal fan, it’s the hope that kills you.
        The false hope fans try to give themselves.
        And Dear Sue, nope it won’t be up to 20 years, matter of fact it won’t be up to 10 years from now.
        You’ll see Arsenal back there up top, but priorities, you should know this season is already done and dusted.
        Look on the bright side, no European competition, No excuse to not fight aggressively next season.
        I hope you’re faring good? I read Ken’s response in the previous article, what about Phil? I haven’t read anything from him.
        Sir Jon is still contributing as usual.

        1. I know, Eddie… I don’t know why I torture myself every week 😄 You’re right – it is the hope that kills you! I’ll stick with 20 years, then any less is a bonus!!

          I’m good, thanks, well now that my blood pressure has gone down 😂 Hope you’re doing alright 👍
          Phil’s having a break, I think.

    1. There are people who gifted and can see the future before it comes to pass. I was expecting Arteta to always field 5 attack and 5 defensive players with 2 attacking midfielders flanking the defensive midfielder. If I was Arteta I would try different players in the same positions and select the best of the lot. I keep saying a good manager that is attack minded will always try different attacking formation until one clicks but Arteta is defensive minded. What is wrong with this attacking formation?






      1. You do realize your selection is without a single midfielder right?
        Except for Niles who for the past two years has been a defender.
        Wow you really think football works that way?
        Select a squad without midfielders because you’re trying to attack

    2. it is the lack of effort that is so disturbing. Senior, junior, there are a lot of passengers. This is a badly broken organization and it is going to be a long time turning around.

      1. Stewart
        Agree all round
        I am not blaming Arteta yet for what is going on. He has had a difficult start to what is a difficult job. We were going down the pan under Emery and I was just seeing positive signs of stabilisation under Arteta, football stopped. It appears to me that the players stopped as well during lockdown.
        Arteta is being slated for his selections but quite honestly the team he picked today should have walked over Brighton. The fact that Brighton came back to win shows more about them as a unit than it does about our lot

      2. Stewart, these players are paid per week what many people would dream of earning per year, yet they appear to play with no commitment, personal pride or pride in the badge, because they get paid whether the team wins or loses.
        Unfortunately Arsenal supporters have invested so much from a personal perspective in supporting this Club; they can’t walk away. Surely the least they can expect is a wholehearted effort by the players.

  11. Mustafi was culpable for the winner i am never confidant of him and a win when he and his comrades (luiz and Socrates) play.Was expecting a draw shocked by the loss.
    Arteta’s tactics are worse than those of Wenger and Unai or is it we are missing someone comming off the bench to add some spark like Giroud or Ramsey or even Iwobi?
    Cabellos is one big waste so is Kolasinac. Laca just cannot score away.7 goals tally is a shame for a striker of his calibre.
    Any ways we helped Sterling break his goal drought, we helped Brighton end their winless streak, after all Arsenal do care for others
    Arteta what is your excuse for this loss?

  12. Cannot and will not understand how and why Martinelli doesnt start,should be the first name on the team sheet…easily and by far our best player from what he has shown whenever he played…was expecting more from Arteta…maybe too early but on current evidence…he doesnt have what it takes…hope im wrong but i dont think so…

  13. It’s either a massive summer clear out or mid table blues for foreseeable future … Only real hope is if kroenke isn’t getting the returns for his portfolio and sells up … The man is an albatross round the neck of the club … Where the anger n ends to be directed

    1. The main issue with Kroenke is the football and financial illiterates, he has chosen as HIS management team at the Arsenal.

  14. I said this years ago, Laca & Auba wont bring Trophy to Arsenal. They both are not super Forward. Just a decent Forward player. Its not their 100% fault. If they have creative midfielder behind them, Im sure they can score goals n chances for us to win more games are there. Look at out midfield, none od them have brain except Lucas Torreira, but he is not interested in Arsenal anymore. Even a average player can score goal if midfielder can feed them beautifully n frequently. How many chances are out midfielder creating for Laca n Auba? Look at d situation, Leno can play for any top team. We might loose him soon or later. All pass back the ball to him. He might rather go n score the goal by himself. No point passing d ball to defenders n midfielders, cause its coming back to him. Should I cry or laugh about it.!

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