Arsenal player ratings against Liverpool – four players get an 8

Arsenal earned one of their most important yet difficult wins of the season when they beat Liverpool on Wednesday evening at the Emirates (BBC).

That win sent them to ninth on the league table, but more importantly, it keeps their dreams of playing in Europe alive.

Arsenal player ratings

Emiliano Martinez -7
His goalmouth was the centre of action for the major part of the game. He was well protected by the defence but did his job when he was called to do so. Late save to deny Trent Alexander-Arnold was important.

Rob Holding – 8
Typically combative and rose to the occasion of playing against the Premier League and European champions.
Caught in the battle with Mane on a number of occasions and made sure the attacker didn’t win.

David Luiz – 7
Struggled with the pace of Liverpool’s attack. Should have done better for their goal and he was almost punished by Mohamed Salah after another mistake but in all fairness, he had a good game considering the pressure.

Kieran Tierney – 8
Beginning to prove a model of consistency. Showed Sead Kolasinac how it’s done as a left centre-back. Got forward well, and won a foul to see the game out.

Cedric Soares – 6
Didn’t stand a chance against Mane and Robertson and struggled to deal with the duo. They scored from his wing as well.

Granit Xhaka – 6
Didn’t have much of the ball to influence the game with, but did his bit to deny Liverpool a way back into the game with some important pieces of defending.

Lucas Torreira – 6
Played his role in limiting Liverpool’s creativity, but didn’t offer much in terms of creating chances for his team and was understandably subbed off.

Bukayo Saka -6
Did more defending than offensive play as Liverpool controlled the game. Made sure Alexander-Arnold didn’t get forward enough to cause Arsenal problems.

Nicolas Pepe – 5
Did nothing all game really. Had a chance to run towards the Liverpool defence, but couldn’t beat his way through their players on a number of occasions.

Alexandre Lacazette – 8
Involved in both goals, scoring one and stealing the ball away from Liverpool for another.

Reiss Nelson – 8
Surprising starter, but he justified his inclusion with a goal and an important contribution for the second goal.

Joe Willock – 5
Spent most of his time defending and missed a fine chance to extend the advantage.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 5
Helped Arsenal to defend their lead.

Dani Ceballos – 5
All over the place and earned a yellow card for his troubles.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – 6
Did well to help the defence protect their lead, did well to deny Mane from scoring or creating a chance.

Sead Kolasinac – N/A

Arsenal player ratings from Ime

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  1. Sorry but Lacazette deserves to have a rating above the rest! He did most of the work for both of the goals!

    1. This.. Not a huge fan of Laca but his workrate and hunger to win is what I believed completed Arsenal’s comeback.

      Anyone notice the armband? He filled the role well. If you watched without the crowd noise, you can here him yelling and motivating his mates.

  2. I felt sorry for Soares who contrary to your suggestion did not get much help from Holding who played far too narrow in his role on the right side of the back three.The lad is of course more comfortable as a conventional central defender in a back four so it’s not surprising for him to be reluctant to move wide to confront Mane apart from on one notable occasion.On the other side, Tierney showed how it should be done by keeping the dangerous Salah quiet.Personally, I feel you have been generous in your rating of Pepe, who contributed precious little and does not deserve to start against Man City.

    1. Agree Grandad, and Martinez deserved 8. Lacazette really led by example, something Arsenal has missed in captaincy for some time.

  3. I think Cedric was at fault than Luiz…
    Cedric and Robertson went for same ball….
    Robertson won the header but he didn’t stop there, he continued his run which led to goal… After loosing that ball, Cedric was jogging towards the goal instead of chasing Robertson… These are small small things need to be corrected….
    Even when Robertson played ball in area there were 2 Arsenal Shirts in and around Mane, Xhaka and I guess either one of Tierney or Holding…
    Xhaka didn’t even try to do anything for that cross and other arsenal player wasn’t close enough to Mane…
    Again small small things..

    1. Good afternoon all
      Hope everyone is keeping well
      I am not a fan of Xhaka and thought he should have done better for the goal
      The defenders got attracted to man and ball and Xhaka was ball watching rather than following the runner and picking up mane who just ghosts past him.
      Not sure what he brings to the team but I did see someone on here say he glues the team together…
      First thought to mind is paper glue which comes apart at every opportunity
      If we are looking for super glue, we will need a different player

      1. it’s sad that Mikel is looking to Cedric, Luiz and Xhaka next season and dreaming of a top 4. Dreaming is good but not for a coach. Wake up Mikel these players will return you 10 to 15th next season.First chuck them out then speak of investment or else investment will be wasted on average to poor players.

        1. Unfortunately there’s an old saying
          You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear
          Problem is we have to many sows in the team
          Bad management and lack of funding has left our squad in a sorry state.
          The good news for all of us is we can are alive and can still dream the dream
          Be safe all

      2. Wow. You found a way to blame Xhaka for something he could have done nothing about. Did he have the best chance of winning the ball? I don’t think so. However, notice that all the blame falls on Cedric who causes everyone to be out of position. He looses the first header, leaves holding exposed, which draws Luiz out. Xhaka is drawn in to cover Luiz, but he’s got to be careful with his movement. If he goes too far forward, he creates room for the cut back and risks blocking his own goalie incase he chooses to come for the cross. To be honest though, I don’t think I know any player in the world that would have done what you’re saying without worrying that he’ll be beat by a cut back.

        1. Joe
          He should have covered the vacant area left by our so called defenders
          Watch xhaka movements again
          He is totally oblivious to mane run
          Watch him in other games
          He is totally unaware of other people’s movement. He is fixated with the ball and not the man
          Don’t get me wrong . He has done ok for us over this period but he is not the answer to our troubles and we need a replacement

  4. Martinez deserves an 8. He kept us in the game and there was nothing he could do about their goal.

  5. Funny as this rating coming almost 48hrs after the match, is it because we won ugly? Or because we were expecting a loss and still not believing we won. 😂. I dont want to get emotional everyone including Pepe deserve a standard 6, the defensive job was done by all players, that was the game plan, we were lucky to go ahead none of the players wanted to destroy the perfect plan, so after the 2nd goal I expected all players to defend, so I wasn’t angry Pepe didn’t offer much of attack, except lacca and KT on 8, holding and Nelson, I’ll give 7

    1. Except AUBA for Nelsen and cebalos for torreira, the squad on Wednesday is OK to start all 3/4 remaining game

    2. Ratings were indeed late, the first time that I can recall. The reason is simple, I was sick after the game and had yesterday off and did not forward Ime’s ratings on to Pat or Patrick to post. Trust me, I would love to have posted these straight away, the win was awesome on so many levels.

  6. Too much ball watching for the first goal. I agree Cedric struggled with this game, and Holding, really bailed him out a few times. Also, you have Pepe on that side, and if you are not going to actually contribute in attack, you can at least help your partner. It’s not good enough from him. Everybody else was much more committed.

    Not a big lacazette fan, but he was outstanding and did exactly what he needed to do for the goals. Very proactive with the Allison miskick, and his timing was perfect to capitalize on it. Great finish by Nelson too. A lot of our players tend to hit the defender with chances like that, and he placed it very well.

    As Arteta said, the gulf in quality is night and day obviously, but we created our own luck and defended pretty well and had the mental fortitude to hold onto the victory. Uncharacteristic of Arsenal teams of recent and so very very welcome.

  7. Having to go the whole second half without conceding, well I feared the worst… but we did it, we weathered the storm…
    They all get a 10, as far as I’m concerned! Bloody brilliant!! 👍👍

    1. Yes that’s what Arteta was saying…
      He has brought everything which he can from these players but these are not quality players…
      Imagine if he can inject this fighting spirit and energy to little more quality squad then what we can achieve…
      Players like Partey, Škriniar, Stefan de Vrij, even Martinelli as well
      Arteta needs quality players which he won’t get because we spent bloody 72 Millions on Pepe who doesn’t deliver anything apart from twisting and turning in circle..

      1. Exactly Kedar! What if the board think we’re alright as we are? And that Mustafi and the usual suspects will suffice? Omg I bloody well hope not! We all know we’re nowhere near challenging… we need to start bringing top quality back to the Emirates, starting in this window… although will it be a case of easier said than done?
        Pepe is really frustrating me! Look at Bruno Fernandes, hit the ground running, been bloody brilliant for the Mancs (new league, new country) while we wait……and wait……..and wait………

        1. Exactly Sue… Basically Zaha was available for 80 and they spent 72 on Pépé, why??
          Only because Pépé was cheaper… Not because of 8 Millions but Lille agreed to receive money on Instalments which Palace wouldn’t have…
          The whole system of Arsenal completely outdated and rusted… Making club great isn’t just about injecting Money after Money…. it’s about using Money wisely… Keeping Football Money in Football itself…
          We talk about City, Chelsea or PSG having back up of Oil Money, but Liverpool is perfect example how footballing money can be used to raise your standards… They received almost 250 Millions from Sale of Coutinho and Suarez but they invested money so wisely therefore they getting dividends of that… That’s where owners comes in pictures… Liverpool’s owners were ready to invest that in hope of greater profits in future instead of just filling their pockets from those sale
          We thought Buying VVD was crazy but that was necessary… Then he bought Allison, after that Trent Alexander-Arnold…. And then Robertson was just for 8 Millions…
          He Cemented Defence with 150 Millions…. and then he turned his attention towards Midfield with smart buys of AOC and Fabinho…
          Once Midfield was secured he went and singed Salah on just average price of 37 Millions…
          That how you invest your money in smart buys… sometimes you have to throw money but sometimes your work can be done with just smart buys…
          Now they gonna get Thiago.. Now next season there midfield will be formidable… Thiago, Henderson and Fabinho…

          1. Yes as much as it pains me to say, they’ve targeted their weaknesses and have improved them with top quality… we, on the other hand, think chucking 8m in Chelsea’s direction for an ageing defender will solve our problems 😳
            They’re just going from strength to strength and will have no problems recruiting as all and sundry will want to play for them now, as they’re the champions, and will have top quality in just about every position (except Ox 😂😂😂) Us, on the other hand……..☹
            Now please excuse me while I go and cry, or even vomit over what I’ve just written about Liverpool 🤣🤣🤣

          2. Kedar, Zaha hasn’t exactly set the league alight this season; his output is nowhere near as good as Pepe in his first season. Arsenal may have wasted an extra £8 million for Zaha, plus all the transfer fee was apparently up front.
            You’re correct though in that the money was spent to strengthen the wrong positions.

  8. Would have given Lacazette a 9 his work rate and leadership was outstanding. Can’t see why AMN isnt given more of a chance in midfield. He’s proved he can handle the defensive side of the game when he’s played at rwb and adds energy and flair to the midfield. I think Arteta picks xhaka to try and have a bit of presence in the middle but it seems to be a bit of an illusion. Worth giving AMN a run

  9. First of all holding didnt do much in my opinion but he has clear potential and he can be a great leader,he needs more game time.
    MOTM is laca,crystal clear.
    The way he scored the goal and assisted the other will silent his doubters for sometime.He is not the kinf of striker who will give you air advantage or attack crosses in the box but he gives you so much more.

    Emi was also very good.
    Nelson need to work on his pace
    Tierney showed robertson how to defend and Salah,he was nowhere to be seen(pocketed😂)

    If i have to give MA a rating i will give him 6.First of all we didnt attack at all apart from the mistakes we forced and tge chance willock missed.Our play lacked fluidity and creativity.No real control or counter attacking style.But what i liked was how much he has converted the mentality,spirit of these players.We have so many areas to improve on and that will take time.The win was huge,the performance apart from a few players need to improve so lets hope for the best.


  10. Veldanie, I think you have mistaken Nelson for Pepe who usually plays on the right wing.Nelson was much superior to Pepe who quite frankly is beginning to be a liability and should not start against Man City.

    1. How can a player who is new to this league with 8goals 8assits be a liability,give the lad time ,I’m sure Arteta will be able to get more out of him next season .
      What we don’t want is another witch hunt towards a player when the whole club is low on confidence.

    1. 👍 Third that! Pepe just needs to look at his ball security and up his work rate when out of possession.

    1. You ripper!!! 👍👍

      West Ham with 2 quick fire goals!! Antonio on target again, nut megging Foster 😉….Good game, so far!

      1. Would be a good game ,but just had my first bet in about 6months and had Watford in my treble 😂

          1. It’s fine the the cider as taken the sting out of it 👍you win some (in my case not many)you lose some .
            I’ll leave it another 6 months I think 😂

  11. I am certainly not starting any witch hunt against Pepe but merely focusing on the facts.

  12. I thought Martinez was the MOTM against LiVARpool.
    I’m impressed with his performances so far. I’d love us to qualify for Europe, just so he can be the 1st choice in our cup games, while Leno stays first choice for the league games. Short term injuries or Suspensions shouldn’t bother us when it comes to goalkeepers henceforth 😀. I believe he’ll be good with PKs too, since he’s an academy graduate, as Almunia, Szczesny, and Fabianski were all good with PKs.
    Hopefully we’ll make the right acquisitions this transfer window, and challenge properly next season.

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