Arsenal player ratings against Man City, another lifeless performance

Arsenal player ratings – a poor performance from soulless players.

Losing to Man City is nothing to be ashamed of, just handing the game to Man City is definitely something to be ashamed of.

There was almost nothing from the vast majority of the players, no passion, no fight, nothing. Some of the players need to have a seriously long look in the mirror. They were embarrassing and to be frank, looked as if they would rather be anywhere else than the Emirates.

Player Ratings

Leno – 5
He just keeps on letting goals in, his distribution was poor once again.

Maitland-Niles – 5
He at least tried, not his fault he is just not good enough at this level

Chambers – 4
Looked totally out of his depth today. It is horrifying he is one of our best centre-halves

Sokratis – 4
Completely flat-footed, another very poor performance

Kolasinac – 5
Did look lively for the time he was on the pitch but like the rest of the defender, out of his depth

Guendouzi – 5
Outclassed in midfield, but he did at least show some energy

Torreira – 5
He tried and never gave up, that is about the only positive thing I can say

Ozil – 2
Disgraceful effort and his slow walk off just sums up his entire character. He has humiliated all those begging for his return.

Martinelli – 6
Probably the best Arsenal player on the field today

Pepe – 5
He tried to make a difference but in reality, offered up very little.

Aubameyang – 4
Awful performance. He is no leader and basically anonymous for almost the entire game.


Saka – 6
Added some energy but got zero support from his teammates.

Smith-Rowe – 5
Another one that added energy but was just as lost as any other Arsenal player

Willock – 5
Average score, was not on long enough to make any difference on his own.


Ljungberg – 3
Sadly, out of his depth and needs to be put out of his misery.


  1. Ozil isn’t even worth 1/3 of his £350,000 per week salary

    He’s probably not sellable now.
    Release him if we can’t sell him. He’s bleeding us dry

    1. As long as he is a starter, Arsenal will never win EPL, EL or CL

      I agree that Arsenal should have released him. He has been giving bad examples to the other players with his quitting attitude

      Leaving him on the bench will only make him and his clicks ganging up on Ljungberg

      1. @gotanidea
        Simetimes I wonder weather we all watch the same game. How is Ozil the problem of Arsenal team? Emery benched him for several game yet, Arsenal could not win games.No single Center defender playing for Arsenal at the moment is “top notch” the full backs are better.
        Non of our midfielders an be compared to M.City. There is need for overhauling of the team even if we manage to bring a tactically good coach. But is the Kroenki family ready to invest huge on players?

        *Attackers not pressing high
        *Miedfielders not aggressive and fighting.
        *Defenders not aware of their job and not good.

  2. I said we`d get stuffed, now let`s go and get Arteta as this is the man who co coaches the team that played us off the park.

    Only problem is……….will he want to come after being stupidly overlooked in favour of a greasy haired vampire!

    This will take years to sort out with noninvesting owners…….. like all the common sense thinking bloggers on here I know the true evil taking this club on the road to HELL is Satan Kroenke.

      1. Do you honestly believe these players will perform better for him, when there are no options to replace or sell on?

  3. TF you want Leno to do?
    He keeps letting in goals, how many goals have he stopped this season?
    With this team, even Prime Manuel Neuer will look damn average

  4. Cant really disagree, except probably a point lower for Ozil (LOL) auba, soc and kolasinac. Its always hard to say who played bad , who played good and who didn’t play at all when you lose. I thought our midfield held their shape better but as you say out classed by city. Its sad watching us at the moment because we look like we haven’t been coached but we have looked that way for the last 5 years. What is it with this club.

    1. Reggie, it’s not losing the game, it’s the limp performance, showing no character and pride, either personal or in playing for the Arsenal.

    2. Chambers was the worst player again.
      Too slow for first two goals to stop the pass, then the biggest mistake of the match in the 2nd half from which luckily they didn’t score.

      Him, Sokratis, Mustafi, and AMN all have to go in the summer, but who will buy those donkeys when there’s been no interest in them the whole past summer.
      Luiz I’m only not mentioning because he’s decent at DM so perhaps still could be utilized.

    1. The worst defrnce in the PL is also behind a totally clueless and virually non-existent midfield, which puts more.pressure on Leno

  5. Thank you Freddie you dun your best with a #%* defense.
    Plenty PL managers jobs upcoming.
    Everton West Ham Watford Aston Villa Norwich.
    You will be a great manager one day.

  6. Since Kolasinac is injured, I predict Ljungberg would be forced to use a three-CB formation at the Goodison Park

    1. People are entitled to there opinion, i think leno did nothing wrong that deserved negative attention. Ive seen the really negative Gouendouzi posts, he fought and did some really good things. People only see what they want to see. The truth is it is a hard environment for our young players to play in and the idiots that call out our potentially good young players are short sighted. The older players yes, they should be held to account they are not doing enough for us, leave the young players alone.

    2. Exactly Grandad, 3 unstoppable goals. We would have lost 6-0 if it wasn’t for Leno. I would hate to be him behind what is laughably described as a defence.

  7. Before the game I posted this: 👇👇
    thing that’s sure to happen in this game:
    1. One of Sokratis, Luiz and Niles will commit an error leading to a goal.
    2. Gendouzi would as usual hold onto the ball for too long many times.
    3. The Leno, defence and midfield will recycle the ball amongst themselves, make errors and invite pressure while attackers are starved of service.
    4. Ljumberg will be reactive rather than proactive with his substitutions.
    5. Ozil will shy away from contests.

    How many of the points raised ☝️☝️ happened?

  8. Here’s me, I once again sayin “This is what you asked for, so this is what you got”… It was apparent years ago that the board and owners were undermining the teams development, while squeezing out every cent they could. One man was keeping us in contention despite all that. But the weight of trying to juggle it all took its toll on him which affected his ability to influence the players on the pitch. Which led to the fans turning on him and the team. Instead of them turning on the real culprit of AFCs demise… The footballing world is laughing at us. And rightfully so.

    1. Why did the “One man” condone the this evil owner of us?? He kept getting pay raise after pay raise did he not? Cant think of a moment he was like” you know what, the owner is shit”. Even now not a word from him regarding Kroenke. Our major issue is and forever would be Kroenke, but dont play on the intelligence and emotions of fans by taking off all blame from Wenger!

      Personally i wanted the Trio of Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis gone. 2 down, one more to go

  9. We need a newne defense. And since we are beggars, we need to spend wisely.

    Kurzawa, LB of PSG. Decent player, free in the summer. Maybe they will want to get something from his transfer, 10-15m?

    Demiral of Juve. Apparently unhappy because De Ligt and Bonucci are ahead of him. 25-30m quoted, we definitely need someone like him.

    Maybe we can loan Arias/Vrsaljko or Malcuit/Hysaj from Atletico or Napoli? They aren’t playing that much since Trippier and that Italian guy are the starters.

    Maybe add another CB there and ship out Mustafi and Sokratis.

  10. Ljunberg needs to school our boys how to play tactical fouls, we should have scored at least twice if city played same manner as we did, but they sniffed our building up early and sought out that’s why they had more yellow cads

    Also we need at least too new midfielders this coming window, epl is too physical to torreira and guendouz is too lazy, xhaka is too slow, dare to say defenders are not such bad as we making them to be but only exposed by midfielders

    1. Look we were well beaten no excuse but i do think Mendy and Rodri should have had two yellow cards each, they did nothing but break play up with fouls in the first half. The ref let them go unpunished for me, when they should have been booked but hey ho!

  11. I will keep saying it for the upteenth time, for us to be formidable, I still maintain we play a 4-1-4-1 or 4-3-3 system with our quickest players. Lets get Arteta, he will sort the team out .Call Nketiah back, he has the same energy levels as Martinelli. Pepe should play one twos link up game with his team mates, that’s how he will be more effective and he should stop the unproductive dribbling and be more direct like sterling.











    1. In a way formations at the moment are irrelevant, we have no balance, lack discipline, have too many ball watchers and our positional play out of possession is appalling. No formation can sort out our problems just like that.

    2. Agree with the system but not the personnel. Here is what I learnt against man c (and most of this season).
      1.martinelli must be a regular starter. He doesn’t have to play ever game and may not always have the best game but will run his socks off and try, how many others can we say that about.
      2.defence.last year everyone made mustafi the scapegoat but has any other combination worked better? I would argue we have got worse. Whether we play 3,4,5 or bloody 7 at the back we still concede 2,3 or more goals, give up trying.
      3.attack. Playing Abu on his own doesn’t work he is just too isolated. Playing pepe and martineli (or Abu left and laca in the middle) also doesn’t work. We registered 1 shot on target last night. For most games this season we have registered less shots on target than our opposition even with “attacking line ups”, it isn’t working. When we play wide attackers we are ineffective and predictable. Abu sat in amoungsts 4 defenders for a cross as we are not quick enough with the ball to get behind teams. We also don’t have that Ramsey engine to bust a gut to get to the edge of the box for the cut back.
      So conclusion is stop trying to play the old way as we do not have the personnel for it anymore.

      Sulution. Accept we are going to let goals in and stop assigning resources to protect the back. Put out you most attacking players and go and score more than them.



      Belarin cb cb tierny

      Guend Luis torrera

      Pepe Abu laca

      Any 2 cb as it really makes no difference.
      Play narrow. Front 3 narrow close together to support each other. Any of these can drop to link mid with attack and know there is 2 ahead of them. Fullbacks can provide the width if we sustain pressure.
      Martineli can also be a part of this front 3 and the 4 can interchange as necessary. But play closer together and narrow.


      Bel cb cb tierny

      Pepe guen torrera martinelli

      Abu laca

      This would need more discipline. When in possession allow the front 4 to go and the midfield sits. Whichever flank is pushed the other pushes the mid of the park to support lac and Abu. Fullbacks to only push the vacated side to cover which ever opposition flank midfield player is now unmarked.
      Again stay more narrow put our attackers closer together to support each other and see what they can do.
      Less patience and side to side more direct have a go. If it doesn’t work reset try again but for God’s sake have a shot, have a run, do something…

      I can watch my team lose if I feel we have had a go and have been entertained. Lots of quick football, shots, tackles something to get me off my seat to gasp at, hold my head, pull my hair, shout at the TV (mostly in the wee hours of the morning, living abroad).
      But watching us lose every week and in the most boring and unpassionate way week in and week out is not working. Please my beloved Arsenal stop trying to defend you cannot do it just go out and attack everyone and give me a reason to get up week in week out to watch you.

      Grrrrr rant over time to destress until next week.

      1. Our most attacking line up should 5 attacking and 5 defensive players. Only one defensive midfielder and the other two midfielders should be attacking players no defensive. That is the reason we are always negative in our play.

  12. I SEE NO POINT IN FURTHER SUPPORTING A FOOTBALL CLUB THAT DOES NOT SUPPORT ITSELF. I am losing interest in watching this club with a death wish for itself. It is dying before our eyes and the players do not care, the owner doesn’t care and ,frankly, anymore I don’t care. I have seen many Arsenal teams worse than this one since 1958 but I have never seen one so spineless, so afraid and so cowardly. They deserve our scorn and they have mine. But I am genuinely losing interest in supporting a club that does clearly not support itself, nor even cares that they are disgracing generations of REAL MEN who played in former years. I cannot stand cowards and so will not watch again until things change, which I CANNOT SEE HAPPENING.

      1. Fair weather ? You are a joke! I have been attending since 1958 and at one point did not miss a game in ten seqasons home and away and abroad . Grow up sonny and learn about life!

        1. Jump ship when it has a leak! im sorry, i will watch and support through thick and thin. You were the one who said he wasn’t watching because you had had enough. Nuff said.

          1. Reggie, I agree with Jon fox regarding the lack of character, commitment to their “profession” and Club and lack of intestinal fortitude.
            No way is jon a “fair weather fan”; his view of the lack of effort is causing him to lower the intensity of his interest; it is not likely (if not downright impossible) that he would transfer his allegiance to another club.

    1. Dear jon ..sounds like the film or an agony aunt..but seriously hope all is well
      To tell you the truth I have gone numb and like you nd many others have given up
      Weird thing..we have gone 1 win in 9 and I dont even feel like screaming any more
      you, I and many other people have said this time and time again
      Until the top brass move on we will continue to deteriate
      A false dawn this summer and a lot of people fell for it
      We spent a hell of a lot of money on players ..but we didn’t spend that much. Smart book keeping..and bought poorly again.
      People ..whilst this shambolic circus continues at our club the best we can hope for is to battle the likes of newcastle Burnley ect for 10th spot

  13. No one mentions tackling.
    We just don’t tackle
    Tackle legal,tackle illegal just for Gods
    sake tackle.
    Also we are useless at the dark arts of football
    which City used throughout the match.
    That is down to coaching.

  14. It pains me to say this but Ozil gets a zero for me. WTH happened to this guy?? kept throwing his hands up to the sky when he was supposed to be chasing the ball!! Truth be told Ozil’s levels above KDB talentwise but his attitude stinks he should be benched indefinitely we played with 10 men for a solid 56 or so minutes, Fernandinho defended effortlessly like a prime Franco Baresi ’cause city had an extra man in Rodri. Honestly I’m done defending Ozil been one of his staunchest supporters outside of this platform but it ends today. He should be benched it’s the reality no more Ifs and Buts. We WILL turn this around 100%. But we need players who can fight to the end, bench all whiners and strollers*.

    1. prime Ozil was good, but he was never KDB level good. he’s nowhere near KDB talentwise, who is a very complete number 10. besides maybe cf and cdm I can see KDB play anywhere in midfield and attack, passing range vision off ball movement dribbling finishing physicality drive, he’s a very complete player

      1. Ozil is definitely a match for KDB talentwise.
        The problem is he stopped developing very early while KDB kept working hard on and on to surpass him in quality.

        1. Just stop the nonsense comparison already. That’s how you lot have been saying before the season started how our players (talentwise) are better than the other top 6 teams. KDB is light years ahead of Ozil.

    2. Wow. The Shirt Selling Genius is levels above KDB talentwise?
      Wow.. Talk about delusion.
      Mention one or two things that he does better than KBD. And list things KDB does better than him.
      Then you will see how completely empty your comment is.

  15. Admin I know you will need someone to dig your teeth into after the game and because Ozil was substituted I knew straight away you were going to to this, the this is that you did not disappoint. 2? Tell me how he warranted the score of 2 from you? Even the defence that let in an early goal like a child did not get 2. You should just be very honest with yourself. Ozil did as much as everyone and put his crosses in correctly. Except for one time the ball went away from him I challenged you to prove the deserve 2 by bringing videos that showed his passes (some which opened up Man City defence) went badly, one where he caused the defence to concede a goal. Bloody hell you are!!!! The whole team was far from a premier league team and Freddie has no extra tactics to beat them. We need a proven manager ASAP.

    1. My point exactly, Pat. Our defence was a horror show, but Ozil gets slated. He didn’t have a good game, but he didn’t play bad too, except once when the ball got away from him

  16. Why was the team so open in midfield? Has anyone realised the injuries we have? Does anyone care to accept that Xhaka is an essential part of the team and was missed today?

  17. Watched the game with my daughter (a City fan). I said to her “You’ll have an easy win”…… at least one of us was happy! 😕

    1. Haha

      I was watching with my daughter 2.5 years old and our first, she was really enjoying it and so was I until she screamed with excitement on City’s 2nd goal lol.

      The whole time I’m telling her we support the team in read n white, then she throws that boometa.

  18. I would say I like rather see Özil’s frustration, dissatisfaction due to bad co-players and reaction. He shows at least feelings. The others look like wandering mummies. Take the captain for instance, he should be shouting, directing and encouraging the players.

  19. I understand how you feel John F.It’s a feeling of hopelessness that matches most of the Arsenal team on the pitch today excluding Leno, Martinelli and the young subs.Defensively we are, without a doubt the worst in the Premier League.Neither Wenger,not Emery and now FL have been able to fix the unfixable which is a clear indication that most of our players are inadequate for this division.Until this is openly acknowledged by the Board and the Executive who undertake to carry out a foot and branch clear out and restructuring of the first team squad, we are heading for relegation regardless of who is appointed Manager.No Manager on the planet can turn out centre backs and most of our midfielders into decent players.We simply have too many players who are ,at best, mediocre.

  20. Arteta is assistant manager of a group of top quality players. What makes certain folks think that he could apply knowledge he gained from Pep on a group of mediocre players apart from about 3 or 4? If they are going the former player route I would prefer Patrick Viera who I believe would get more respect. One way or another they have to act NOW.

    1. Because he would play two attacking midfielders instead of two defensive midfielders. His style of attacking football would be different from what we are seeing now. Freddie just continued from where Emery stopped with not significant change in formation, personnel and playing style.

  21. Ozil should never put on an Arsenal jersey again, Aubu is not a leader and he contribute nothing to team most time and have been substituted. Apart from Ozil, Aubu , and the few defenders the rest did OK.

  22. My ratings
    Leno – 6. Two outstanding saves to make the scoreline respectable. Did nothing wrong.
    Niles-4. Tried his best to support the attack but lacked quality.
    Chambers-1. Shocking. Was at fault for all three goals. Got beaten too easily for their first two goals and backed off de Bruyne instead of closing him down for their third.
    Sokratis- 3. This guy got ZERO positional sense.
    Kolasinac-4. Apart of being possessed by Duckersacker for their first goal, did ok until his injury.
    Torreira-5. The only functioning midfielder. The only player who showed intent to win the ball.
    Guendouzi -4. Typical Guendouzi performace. Sideway passing, spend too much time on the ball and leave spaces in midfield with his mindless running. At least he put in shift unlike our playmaker, aka best no.10 in the world.
    Ozil-3. Only played better than Chambers lol. Couldn’t even make sideway passing. Worse than headless chicken Guendouzi.
    Pepe- 3. Pass back. Pass back. Pass back.
    Martinelli-6. Easily our best player. We’re going to sell him to Barca or Madrid in a few years time.
    Aubameyang-3. Useless without support. The game suited Lacazette more.
    Saka-5. Did ok in an unfamiliar position.
    Smith-Rowe-4. Showed more passion than Ozil.
    Wilock-3. Continued his poor form.

  23. Emery and/or board are to blame for not giving Ramsey the new contract. He is the missing link. His absence is in the core of us sucking so badly. We’ve always conceded goals but with a proactive midfield, we were creating chances and scoring goals. A few years ago, you’d always expect at least one trashing done to a weaker opposition at the Emirates. This season, I don’t think we’ll manage to score three without conceding at least two against any opposition. Releasing Ramsey was the dumbest thing the club has done after allowing the devil from across the pond into the club.

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