Arsenal player ratings against Manchester City – huge ratings all around

Arsenal secured a fantastic 2-0 win over Manchester City in the FA Cup semi-final yesterday, it was an amazing performance and a win that was fully deserved.

Two goals from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and a solid defensive performance was enough to help us beat City and give ourselves a chance to end this season with a trophy and a place in Europe.

Arsenal player ratings

Emiliano Martinez – 9
Has been helped by Arsenal’s fine defending, but he was composed in goal and got down well to save a certain goal from Mahrez, that save was a huge moment in the game without a doubt.

Hector Bellerin – 8
Did well to get the ball out of defence a couple of times and contributed to the team’s defending. He struggled with his concentration sometimes and was lucky not to have been punished.

Mustafi – 8
Was willing to do everything to keep a clean sheet. Was lucky not to give away a penalty for a misjudged foul on Sterling. Almost scored later with a header.

David Luiz – 9
His best day as an Arsenal player. Read Manchester City’s attacking play so well that he defended all their balls with ease.

Kieran Tierney – 9
Fine assist for the second goal and was solid at the back. Ensured that City didn’t have much joy attacking from his flank. This lad could be world-class.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – 8
Did well to cover at left-back and basically put Mahrez in his pocket. Frustrated the winger by showing him on to his right foot on a number of times.

Dani Ceballos – 8
Pressed City so well in midfield and made sure they created very little of any significance. Helped Arsenal make good use of the ball when they gained possession.

Granit Xhaka – 8
Strong in the tackle and was on hand to block shots when City took them.

Nicolas Pepe – 8
Played a part in both goals and helped the Gunners get forward the few times that they did.

Alexandre Lacazette – 9
Held the ball and frustrated Manchester City by earning free kicks everywhere on the pitch. He was immense yesterday.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 9
Could have had more goals and made Arsenal a threat every time that they won the ball. Took both goals well and would have got a ten if he did not fluff his lines early in the first half.

Joe Willock – 7
Didn’t do much in terms of creating new chances, but helped the team try to keep possession and see out the game and did exactly what was asked of him.

Lucas Torreria – 7
Extra body to make sure Arsenal had the strength to defend their goals. Helped them bring the ball out of the defence.

Rob Holding – 7
Helped Arsenal keep City out as they pressed for a goal late on.

Sead Kolasinac – 7
Used to waste time and keep City frustrated until the end of the game.


Mikel Arteta – 10

First ever ten I have given. He got everything right, the tactics, team selection and there is absolutely nothing I can fault him for in this game.

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  1. Mustafi has been instrumental for us since EPL restart, so I hope he’d be fit for the Aston Villa match

    Aubameyang is a fantastic goalscorer, but I wouldn’t be disappointed if he leaves. Since we’ve got several young attackers who could replace him on the left wing

    On the other hand, Arsenal better bid for Ceballos, because he has been an important part in Arteta’s system

    1. None of these young attackers will
      consistently provide 20+ goals a
      season in the EPL. Pepe lit up Ligue 1
      in his final campaign @ Lille, yet
      will be nowhere near Aubas
      production @ seasons end.

      I LOVE the young attacking talent
      @ the club but pump the brakes

  2. This the performance that I would didcribe as of a cockroach felling the cup board, mancity dominated but we kept them at Bay,most importantly team selection was spot on.

  3. Absolutely fine display by lads…
    I am so much happy with Tierney signing…
    Terrific signing…
    His positioning so perfect that no single through ball went behind..
    He is true gem…
    David Luiz was bossing the back…
    He won every ball, every cross…
    Every tackle…
    Ceballos absolutely breathtaking as box to box CM….
    I hope we will get him…
    Little concerned about Bellerin and Pépé…
    Bellerin is so low in confidence….
    And Pépé still need work a lot but yes pinpoint cross to Aubameyang…. But we want more from him…
    AMN was absolutely amazing as LWB….
    What defensive display by him…. 1st it was Mahrez and then Foden but he cope with both of them….
    I hope Aubameyang will sign a contract…
    Whole team looked very tired after the final whistle….
    They need tight rest before Villa game…
    I think we should rest Aubameyang, Tierney, Luiz and Ceballos…

    1. I’m still trying to understand the Bellerin issue. He played one bad pass and was able to play his way out of pressure most times. why exactly is this one pass the one he’s being judged on?

      1. Very correct my brother
        They ailing AMN
        Everybody played well but if AMN deserves a 8, Bellerin should get 8.5

        He made one mistake and someone says his confidence is low
        Do they see that our right wing back is so dangerous cos of Bellerin, he runs that wing superbly

        Which gives room for Pepe to be in a free role – playing from almost anywhere cos Bellerin is already running the attacking show on the right wing

  4. MOTM was easily between xhaka or tierney.
    Xhaka was superb all around yesterday and very crucial blocks from him as well
    Tierney is just getting better and better,instrumental in both goals along with pepe.

    And must mention that luiz showed that if you can position yourself well you are already a good defender…👌

    A solid defensive performance


    1. Tight call shakir for MOTM auba Luiz Martinez were amazing actually the whole team played well.auba edges it for me

      1. Kenya 001 I see you did not mention Lacca never stopped all the team for me was MOTM . AMN What a performance we cannot sell him now

  5. Awesome play from everyone, well deserved credit to the coach too….. first LiVARpool, then City…….. what an awesome week to be a Gooner!….. all we now need against next season is astute recruitments in the right places, and I believe we’ll strongly challenge next season…….. COYG!!

  6. All round performance is really what I’ve been trying to explain that Arteta is trying to do.

    Our first goal yesterday proves what was in my article few days ago about Arteta

    “Now the players are under Arteta’s instructions to commit an opposition player before taking a pass, therefore taking an opposition’s man out of the equation. ”

    It was clear yesterday, I’m gon try more to have more deeper looks and findings to his plans.

    Let’s keep Ceballos by the way, with Partey and an attacking midfielder, we can sort our midfield

    1. I agree but still I feel sometimes we take too much risk like yesterday Mustafi loosing ball in his box.. Bellerin give away cheap pass on edge of the box…
      That are few worrying situations..

      1. No team playing out from the back does it flawlessly every time. Liverpool gave us two. City gave away two or three against Norwich some time back. Playing out from the back is risky, but it’s the best way to not just give the ball back to the opposition every time. You need to control the ball, because the opponent can’t score without it.

      2. It’s risky but it’s necessary.
        No risk no reward.
        We can’t keep kicking the ball upfield expecting the players to battle it up front, we don’t have Giroud to win aerial balls.
        If we don’t retail the ball from the back, we’ll be giving it out constantly.
        Playing from the back is a way to retain possession and all top teams do it

        1. This Playing from has emerge for Arsenal May be from last year but before that in Wenger era we never played by this system but we still used to score goals so scoring goals doesn’t not only depend on Playing from Back…
          Wolves, Sheffield, Man Utd do not start there attack from goal kick but still they score goals… scoring goals is how effectively you win ball and hit others…
          In history there are N number of goals we have scored where we didn’t start attack from back…
          Simple example this season Wolves scored equalising goal against us at emirates just through simple throw….

          1. Agree with you on this. Our defense needs to have a collective intelligence to know when to just get the ball out of danger, and when to play it from the back. If we get a ball winner in midfield, we should not necessarily need to have playmakers across the back.

          2. With Wenger de usually lost this type of matches men…Its obvious that playing from the back Is not the only way, but it helps us to create space if we are quick in get out of the pression and quick in the transition, like our first goal….without that space we are back to the sideline pass and useless possesion, looking for spaces until we lose the ball and were punish on the counter

    2. Nice one Eddie Arteta has a good plan whether he Will be accorded all the support to be successful is a wait and see. My hope is the board do support him and bring the players he wants

  7. So many wonderful individual performances… such a joy to watch when it all comes together like it did last night!! So impressed with every one of them…. they can all have a 10!
    Wembley! Wembley! ❤

  8. Happy Pepe played well and another assist
    Luiz was the best player for me ,and another clean sheet ,Great win ,let’s just hope we don’t get Man Utd in final and Mike dean and Howard Webb in the VAR canteen

  9. While I feel you have got carried away with the ratings in the euphoria of a great result ,every player gave 100%, which is all we can ask for as fans.To me Luis and Tierney were rock solid, and AMN, yet again showed his versatility, pace and energy.The Bellerin, Mustafi axis creaked at times but thankfully held out.It will be very interesting to see who Arteta rests against the Villa who are desperate for the points.

  10. Why can’t they play like that every week?

    Great performance that showed grit and determination. With some strengthening in the right areas and this type of attitude we should be able to compete for the EPL again!


    1. Exactly, GunneRay! Why can’t we!!
      Everything gelled together nicely, very nicely!!
      What a win…. 👊

    2. I think it’s more of a mental issue than a lack of ability. Today it was a death before dishonor mentality

      1. That’s the problem alright! We should have the same mentality every game. Anyone who questions Arteta needs to reflect on what he’s putting right and give him time to change what is wrong.. the mentality!

        Somehow though, I doubt some of the usual culprits will be able to keep this level for long and that is why we still need to move some out and in!

    3. they can play this way anytime, as long as formation is right.

      when play Pepe; must have Niles behind him to cover or Bellerin end up with 2 players to deal with. The all balance and game lean that way, teams atrackinh that flank ,aware of it…

      have Niles provide defense and in going forward on that flank.

      Then we saw numerous times Luiz cant be played in a back 4 but great with 2 CBs to cover him; which is DM role really, he is good at as Chambers.

      Really about formation; balance.

  11. we must and can win this trophy…

    3CBs formation amounts to play Luiz in a DM role with 2 other CBs covering.

    Then of course if you play Pepe, need Niles to run and cover that flank. Or Bellerin cant handle, gets bad rating

    We be even more balanced, solid & dangerous this way:

    Bellerin mustafi Holding Tierny

    Once Luiz infront of this back 4; gives many options in middle…

    To me the AubaLacaSaka trio is best in EPL if not Europe. I wont trade it for City, Reds or any team.

    Hope Arteta play them together this way, not Saka on RW but LW. Defenses be in serious threat.

      1. i point that once Luiz is played there, gives many option in middle, meaning Xhaka can be there.

        if i put him; some will ask why, we have options; meaning a very good thing .

        Whag bout commenting on the positive of this formation?

        what about that RW issue we had for minute? Trashing Bellerin when Pepe is tge one not defending.

        once Niles there, he can cover, Pepe can play his game.

        Finally, to reply on Auba on right flank:

        If ant of us pick team, im positive many will lay Laca & Auba names in atrack. Then most likely Saka to make trio.

        i just think Saka is devasteting on that LW; overall, i think we be more dangerous than reverse them which also works.

        Auba played on RW for many years, coming back in center, they can also switch, move during game…

        1. Saka is dangerous on the left, I agree. But with your formation, Pepe would be a better fit. You have AMN in there. He can scoot right on the transition to cover Bellerin. Saka is not enough reason to imbalance the team. If you MUST have to him in there, if I were setting up the team, I’d have him instead of AMN as an attacking mid. Pepe has been involved in 17 goals. Auba is our top scorer putting them in positions where they are less than at full potential would be counter productive. Granit Xhaka gives you the best ball progression with passing. I would have the rest as you put it, but with Xhaka and Ceballos at the base and Auba and Pepe upfront in their most influential positions

    1. Why would you reduce Auba’s effectiveness by putting him on the right? How do you expect him to score with his stronger foot limited?

      1. Lol… You haven’t noticed he’ll be getting a coaching badge soon?😂😂
        He’s been singing about playing Luiz as DM and Xhaka not fit to play for us.

    2. How in the world was this comment allowed?
      Seriously, you’d leave out Xhaka, who’s been consistent for a while and did brilliantly against both Liverpool and City.

    3. Xhaka has been tested on that position 99% time more than just once of AMN, and why would you play Holding in the left side of 3cb? Actually it’s not MA plans, sorry wait until you get the job

  12. AMN wasted a fair few crosses, (over critical i know) apart from that i think he done amazing. Just surprised no one else mentioned it. Great game, great result!

    1. that was the only drawback playing AMN as LWB but i can live with that all day long, he had the power to deal with anything City threw at him down that side.
      hats off to the whole team, i havent seen us playing like that for years

  13. Martinez -7
    Mustafi -7
    Luiz -9
    KT -8
    Bellerin -7
    Cebalos -8
    Xhaka -8
    Lacca -7
    AUBA -9
    My opinion
    OT: I guess Aston Villa will be given to young lady, hopefully we see Ozil in action, probably 4-2-3-1
    Cedric Holding Luiz kola
    Torreira Xhaka /AMN
    Pepe. Ozil Saka

    1. Am a believer, I believe winning the d last 2 matches will give us Europa, I dont want us under that pressure at FA cup finals

  14. AMN played a blinder he handled most things and the energy he had let’s hope that will stop the talking about selling him I said along we have some excellent young guns just blood them in. I see Luiz talking to AMN at the end of the game he helps them and tries to give them confidence

  15. 6 for AMN! Did you actually see the game, he had Mahrez, KDB and then Foden in his pocket for most of the game?

    1. I gave him an 8 not sure where you got the 6 from and I said he had Mahrez in his pocket. I am assuming you aimed that comment at someone else Declan.

  16. I love the higher rating for Bellerin in comparison to AMN

    The love-in for AMN on here make them hype his performance – he was bad going forward and as good as Bellerin defending

    Bellerin made 1 mistake and asides that & alongside the whole defense his defending was good
    Yet his attacking was superb so how can he be behind AMN in the ratings

    Lacca is 9 though, was extremely fantastic yday

    1. I’m also surprised they rated the same. Bello was directly involved in the first goal. He played a crucial role in freeing up Pepe.

    2. Bellerin is natural RB and AMN not…
      And still AMN didn’t even produce any mistake but even though Bellerin’s natural position is RB he Produced cheap
      That’s the different…. and AMN is not natural wing back but still he was playing as LWB and Bellerin on preferred position..

        1. Not a single as risky as Bellerin….
          There was howler by Bellerin…. Luck was on his side that we didn’t get punish for that…
          AMN reached many times in attacking positions through wings but unfortunately his delivery was not good… Bellerin didn’t even reached that far compared to AMN

  17. Among all the glee which I share and also the over the top ratings and certain comments making out we are virtual world beaters, I would add this. Arteta was the man responsible more than anyone else for this performance . In a few short weeks he has galvanised players who who are just not good enough into playing above their natural ability. Yesterday, in particular, three not good enough players played their best game in our shirt, Luiz, Mustafi and Xhaka. That alone is a huge achievement by a manager(forget his irrelevant mere “coach” title) who is destined to be a huge name in our history. There are some who must be looking very foolish today who have been calling MA a novice coach and unproven (yes you, Mogunna and others too) all young and hot headed fans of course.

    If only we had an owner who gave a damn for anthing other than his personal riches we would now be looking a good bet for a highly successful period ahead. But we still have the huge handicap of Kroenke right now. Essentially, I see Arsenals short and medium term future as a battle between the talents and harm of good and evil. MA represents good and Scrooge Kroenke represents evil.

    Looking further ahead I see the pandemic out of control in USA where Kroenkes sports franchises are all based, save us of course. With the compete idiot and scumbag called Trump running that economy into the ground I foresee Kroenke suffering huge and game changing losses to his financial empire, which I believe will result in him being forced to sell Arsenal within two years from now.

    LET US ALL PRAY THAT HAPPENS. If and when it does, the future really is bright but until then the good versus evil battle is all important to our hopes.

    1. Not a fan of Kroenke by any stretch, but I find the narrative of the owner not giving a damn far too convenient. Perhaps we have all collectively forgotten that Arsenal spent close to 100M for this current season alone! We are where we are due to purely footballing issues ranging from coaching to poor player investment. I would rather say that he people he entrusted to do the job failed miserably.
      Granted he doesn’t seem to care as he appears not to be involved in the day to day running of the club. Just to give you some perspective, there is an NFL team in Washington DC, the Redskins. This used to be a premier team in the 80’s-90’s. Dan Snyder is a guy who loved the team, and duly bought it in 1999. He is involved in the everyday running of the team, and in fact is so involved that he makes player decisions too, overriding those he pays for making these decisions. He also never hesitated to dip into his pockets to overpay for players. That has not prevented the Redskins from being a joke since he took over. Two or three playoffs appearances and only one playoff win in the last 20 years! And needless to say never within a sniff of the Super Bowl.
      While I would like a bit more passion from Kroenke, I know whom of the two I would like as owner. I think Raul Sanllehi is on thin ice right now. We will see.
      Regarding the impact of Covid on Kroenke’s sporting empire, you may well be right. Personally I would love for him to sell. But there won’t be many who can afford Arsenal.

        1. Indeed Dangote has made his interest known. He is apparently a fan too. But Arsenal will likely to cost him well in excess of 1B.

          1. He is reputedly worth around £18 billion once his refinery is finished. To buy Kroenke out will cost over £2 billion at least.

  18. AMN was fabulous. His only failing was his final ball, but what do we expect from a player who hasn’t started a competitive match in how long and is playing a position he’s played once (as far as I recall). He needs games to get sharp and develop some composure, and he’s probably not best on the left.

  19. I think, Jon, we don’t have to point fingers. Mistakes are human. You never gave us any chance yesterday even though you were humble enough to admit your mistake after the game and apologise. Similarly other people made their own honest mistakes which we don’t have to keep referring to. I was one of those who tipped our team to win in this very website prior to the game but I don’t want to brag about it. What is required now is for all of us gooners to rally behind our team and stop unnecessary negative comments, abuse and pessimism. Even when we lose a game we should still remain positive. The reality is that our team has made steady improvement since Arteta assumed the coaching role and we should, therefore, give him all the support he needs.

    1. To be accurate, I did not apologise. That was your interpretation of my post. I said I was wrong, THAT IS NOT AN APOLOGY THOUGH, IN ENGLISH!

  20. Arsenal played brilliantly, to be fair I cant chose who was the best in the match Martinez played brilliantly though Auba could’ve easily had a hat trick.Also I haven’t seen the back line play so well. Arteta is a brilliant coach he just needs backing to buy players. And once we get one or two centre backs, and keep Aubameyang , Arsenal will be ready to go 🙂

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