Arsenal player ratings – Another defeat and another batch of poor ratings

Arsenal has just been beaten 2-1 in the Premier League by Everton, that is now eight defeats in the league this season.

It is hard to ignore the fact that this Arsenal team has forgotten how to win a game. They remain 15th, but a win for Brighton will push the Gunners to 16th on the league table.

It was a game that Arsenal’s players needed to step up but once again they failed. Here are the Arsenal player ratings.

Bernd Leno – 6
Fine save to deny Dominic Calvert Lewin but could do nothing about the goals he conceded.

Rob Holding – 4
One of his worst nights for Arsenal especially as he has shown fine form this season. Scored an own goal.

David Luiz – 5
Almost scored a goal for Arsenal, but he should have done better for Yerry Mina’s goal.

Kieran Tierney – 6
His attacking play deserves to be on the winning side. Linked up well with Saka on the left.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – 6
Had a good game overall. Won the penalty and won his battles with Richarlison.

Dani Ceballos – 4
Too passive to be useful in this Arsenal team. Never available to get possession.

Mohamed Elneny – 4
Poor day by the standards that he had set at the start of this season and he is one of the players that shows why Arsenal is struggling.

Bukayo Saka – 6
It seems Arsenal has pinned their hopes on this young man. He was the only player that looked interested in breaking down Everton.

Nicolas Pepe – 5
He was his usual frustrating self. Apart from the penalty, he beats his man and does nothing meaningful with the ball.

Eddie Nketiah – 3
It was a mistake to start him against a bullying Everton defence, he could do almost nothing before leaving the match.

Willian – 3
It’s unbelievable that Mikel Arteta started him again. He looks worse than Mesut Ozil now, and it’s unfair that he still plays.

Joe Willock – 4
Couldn’t help to change the score

Gabriel Martinelli – 5
Good thing that he was thrown in, but he still lacks sharpness.

Alexandre Lacazette – 5
He would have done a better job than Nketiah if he had started, but he couldn’t help after coming on.


Mikel Arteta – 2
Very poor team selection, poor tactics, poor substitutions, no more excuses

Arsenal player ratings from Ime

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  1. 1 point against Burnley Everton Southampton.

    Theres no way around it. A manager should be able to get points against those. HAS TO. Our team is better than 15th place.

    Sorry but he has to go. He’s too inexperienced.

      1. 5 from 30. How can anyone defend that guy? He is out of his depth that he has made us vulnerable to a relegation crisis.

    1. Everton and Soton are not the same anymore

      hes trying to rebuild and build a strong team

      There are a lot of young and inexperience players

      The manager will be looking to experiment and looking for the right mix

      there will be losses for sure….

      Didn’t Utd almost relegated when Alex Ferguson first took charge in his first season?????

      1. Yep! people forget. This team needs a major overhaul. Another manager is not going to fix our problems it just going to take longer. Think of where ManU would have been if they were more patient. We will be making the same mistake by letting the manager go. Our pain will just be prolonged.

  2. So many bad decisions and so many repeated mistakes by MA.
    The one that surprises me the most is why does he keep playing Dani Ceballos?
    I fail to see what he brings to the table except running around in circles and contributing a big fat NOTHING.
    It make you laugh because he looks like a ‘FRAUD’ getting away with it time after time.

  3. I still support MA but have to query todays start eleven Willian is Ozil mark two idle, uninterested doesn;t run or chase. Waste of a shirt and we should try to get rid next month. It was a huge mistake but Pepe too was dreadful and same comments apply to him. Nketiah is a lightweight in body and figuratively and not up to the task, despite being willing.
    Essentiall y we need our owner to back us bigtime OR he will own a club worth hugely less than it was a year or two ago. That might scare him enough to act.

    Though far better still that Dangote makes a bid soon, as the time is now right to buy as cheaply as possible. Every cloud has a silver lining and under a proper owner who is also a fan, things can and will change extremely quickly with REAL MONEY to spend.

    1. Here are some stats for you Jon, since August 2015 the most chances created list whole of premier League ozil sits number 3!!! With 2.3 only two dudes are above him hazard 2.6 and De Bruyne 2.5. There you go, you manager prefers work horses to just run up n down the pitch and leave the creative player out. He is just another Sh*t David Moyes nothing else.

      1. running without purpose. Everton left the ball for arsenal for the whole 2nd half and they could only muster 1 shot on target. maybe we shall win when we meet fulham again

      2. Ozil and Guendouzi are having nice time not involved in second-hand team called Arsensal . Happy a nice holiday both of you.

      3. And here are some stats for ozil’s last two seasons:

        2018/219 season 24 appearances: assists 2, big chances created 3

        2019/2020 season 18 appearances: assists 2 big chances created 2

        4 assists and 5 big chances created in 42 games, he did the bulk of his best work over two years ago. That said I’d honestly still give him a run out as were shocking, worth the gamble at this point.

        1. But what player will perform under the circumstances Ozil has been forced to endure. Players lose form one way or another , but in Ozil’s case, he lost confidence after being attacked by media, Arsenal Board, Arsenal Fans , even dogs on the street of London. I hope no other Arsenal player ever goes through what Ozil has gone through. I hope he finds a club in Jan and I hope he knows the class he showed is very appreciated by me.

        2. @Defund the media, point is he has the ability and has a proven track record. He is not a one time wonder and you don’t win things he has won and play for teams if you don’t have the quality. He is still better then all the midfield players we have I’m creating. The era you quoted only Auba stands head and shoulders above all the players. Ppl can say what ever they want but his track record and his managers speak highly of him. We don’t need to fight over it because the truth is out in the open look at what’s happening to Arsenal since they when thrown him out of the team. It’s very evident who is winning and who is loosing out.

          1. Yeah man I’ve never been an adamant “ozil out” guy just showing his form has rapidly declined over the last two seasons, but as I said in the original comment I’d gladly give him a run out as things cant get any worse lol


    2. Hahahahahahahaha
      Arsenal in crisis yet the “realist” still supports Arteta. So much for a “realist”.

    3. Hi Jon
      Like you I would prefer we all stick with MA but for some reason he is blinded with persistence by playing out form players week in week out.
      These players and we all know who they are so I won’t go in to naming them, give us little fight, little creativity, little energy, it is like fielding 7 or 8 players as the other 3 or 4 are non existent . MA will be the architect of his own sacking if he doesnt wake up and stop playing these players.
      By the people…we are calling for his head but who is everyone’s favourite to replace him and have we all got the patience to keep waiting again for another rebuild
      Would we take 14th under MA and win the europa or finish 5th or 6th and win nothing

      Merry chrsitmas jon and one and all

      This goes out to everyone no matter what team you support…even you spuds 😀Everyone keep well safe and have a great Christmas

  4. Why as we speak is Arteta still in the job should have been sacked immediately what are the club waiting for already in a relegation battle so need to act now so he needs to go!!

    1. Spot on. Project Arteta (aka very inexperienced manager, with lots of talk but no man management skills) has failed and should be terminated. We urgently need a seasoned premier league man manager to get us out of this hole, otherwise I fear Championship football next season

  5. Good old Ime, you never disappoint.
    Even though he wasn’t even there, you just had to mention your nemesis Mesut Ozil didn’t you?

    Still, five points from thirty, fifteenth in the league no shots on goal in the second half and a relegation fight looming can’t be blamed on him can it?
    Loved the creativity we have seen this season, along with the tactics… you must be thrilled and feel justified with your opinion on Ozil?

      1. @Ken1145-as we discussed yesterday, old Foxy has to try and come up with something because he certainly offers nothing constructive. God knows who he will blame when Ozil goes next year.
        And he is now being repeatedly called out by more and more contributors who have seen through him. And the fact he never replies when called out. Like yesterday Jon. AGAIN. And that’s a fact PAL and reality.
        Big gob. But nothing to say.

    1. normal season for Ozil consists of 2 goals and 3 assists, so we are 1/3 rd of the season, so as per the trend he would have 1 assist and 1 goal maybe. That means we could have 2 wins? 6 points? or 2 draws? 2 points? Or with his laziness we could have lost all 13 games? 0 points? Either case with or without him we would not be in top 4. Case closed. I see the glass half empty with a big crack and water dripping to make the glass empty( which he is doing right now by “honoring the contract”)
      Seasons Greetings pals!

      1. Not a normal season for Arsenal without him though is it Loose Cannon?

        5 points from 30 – beaten at home with ease – in a relegation battle – trounced by the spuds – humiliated by Aston Villa / Leicester /Wolves.

        No offensive tactics, the lowest goals scored at this stage since Ozil arrived….. YES everything looks rosy in the garden, without Ozil to blame. 🤣🤣🤣

  6. Eleny had a typical Eleny game this is what you get. Few errors, lots of touches but nothing seems to happen around him.

    1. Well analysed this what one would expect from a
      Holding player, cover the back line control the ball
      Well and pass Well, however I do note since His covid illness he is not yet back to full fitness.

  7. Saka and Tierney can hold their heads high once again – should just copy and paste this every week as well as we had most of the possession but did sod all with it 😄
    Awful… start checking the championship out….

    1. saka will be off to Pool or City while Tierneywill be off to LC.Then we have the mighty Kolasinac and Willian.

  8. Focusing on the subject of this article I find the negative comments on Martinelli on his short spell on the pitch after his serious and lengthy injury to be totally out of line.What on earth do you expect from the young man?

  9. Just two thoughts:
    we know Pepe plays better when he floats across the front line and yet today we was posted firmly on the right;
    Nketiah’s missed chance today was very close to where Balogun scored his second goal.
    Are we learning anything?

    1. NKetiah was deemed not good enough for Leeds last year. Only Farteta thinks he’s the second coming of Ian Wright.

  10. I have backed Arteta from the beginning and still support him.

    However, if we are relegated (which I don’t see happening) then even I think the board maybe should consider finding a new manager

    1. Are you seriously going to support Arteta until we get relegated? Are you Arsenal supporter? What have Arteta done for Arsenal that deserves this kind of support?

    2. So you would rather see the club got relegated just because you support a fraud manager? Are you even an Arsenal fan?

    3. Sorry
      I still hold out some hope that Arteta can improve the situation but if we are in this position come March then it would have to be the sack. Relegation can not be allowed to happen

      1. March? Are you serious? If we are in trouble in March who would want the job of trying to get us out of it?
        It’s WBA Away on Jan 2nd. Results have improved or he’s gone. Start the ball rolling now by contacting Overmars and his Manager at Ajax even if it is for next season.

        1. I was as I wanted to include the transfer window and what the result of that brought to the team in terms of improvement.

  11. I dont think Luiz was involved in the 2nd goal, I saw Eddie there, that’s far post, it’s strikers mark the same place AUBA score an own goal against burnley, Luiz, ceballos and willian deserve a better rating. I can see the author is so fond of KT that he is always exempted from blame even though he is responsible for lots of woeful decisions and only know how to send in across that elude every attacker.
    well, let me ask. who was supposed to hinder Iwobi from taking the cross? am sure Bellerin would have gotten battered if the across came from his wing.

  12. As much as MA needs time to deliver. It now seems glaringly obvious that he and the squad are unable to connect in any form. In all my years as an Arsenal fan (over 40 years), I have never witnessed what I have seen this season. I know things have been bad before, but there’s nothing improving week to week. It is not working and I wish it was for MA and the team.

    1. I have! Immediately after our first double, Mee had a brain fart and disbanded the team, ad we were left with the dark days of Neil. Howe was an improvement, just, but he was more of a coach than a manager.

      To compensate for those miserable days of mid-table mediocrity and the odd flirtation with relegation, at least I have seen both Man U and Spurs relegated…:-) Oh, and Leeds as well! Although some of the younger fans here won’t understand the significance of that, not realising how dominant Leeds were during the mid 1970s.

      And remember, some of us actually asked for this, as 4th is not a trophy, and the FA Cup is not really much of a trophy, so let’s get rid of our most successful manager because ‘we were no longer competitive’.

      Now it seems that even the Community Shield is now considered a prestigious trophy, and 15th in the league by middle of December is acceptable, as the present manager ‘needs more time’.

      1. Nick, wise words from a fan who has lived through it all.

        That “trophy” of finishing fourth seems as far away as expecting to watch attacking football – still, we did get our Arsenal back, or so we were told. LOL

  13. I do not wish MA sacked, I honestly hope he and the team find the answer, as I think that’s where the future of this club lies. We are getting it wrong at the moment, trying different methods, if we could finally find a working method, it will be a relief in creating new arsenal post Wenger, we have been Stucked on AW pattern and culture for too long, we need a new identity.
    Besides, going through the pain of getting started with another manager , who would come in, motivate the players till end of season and in a year time fail again.

    1. But with all due respect, that is fantasy. The reality is he is the worst manager statically, points wise and tactics wise we have ever had. We cant run this club on dreams and wishes, it doesn’t work like that. Tell me what reason that is fact, why Arteta should stay?

      1. exactly. too much sentiment, too much fantasy. I dont care that he studied under Pep, he’s doing awful. Awful lineups, infinite crosses to nobody, bad discipline, poor attitudes. Not all on him. I dont think Mikel is even the biggest issue. But being in a relegation fight is simply unacceptable to any degree.

      2. even if he was in 8th/9th right now that would be more understandable and we’d be saying he just needs better players. This is not what that is though.

      3. It’s no fantasies. We have witnessed a good football, especially in second half, against spur, Leicester, Leeds and Everton, this to me shows, we have it, the manager just need to find a way to get those performances out from kick off, and should also encourage them to shoot and forget creating acres of space before shooting this is EPL no team will allow you space to shoot.
        and KT need to be taught how to look up before taking crosses, Bellerin crosses aren’t as bad as his this days, he just cross without purpose, a good cross will cause havoc notwithstanding the height of the strikers

  14. hi admin martin. i was comenting but it doesnt appear. i will repeat shortly. i agree with most of the ratings but i believe 1 is enough for willian.
    i am seeking answers on how and on what bases willian and ozil are compared?
    thank you

  15. Seeing where we are is heart-breaking for all us supporters, young and old. We so desperately need an experienced manager… We can go down, it can happen. We need surgery, the club is acutely ill, but not chronically so. Surely there is a quality manager who would get the respect of the dressing room who could breath oxygen into the club.

    1. I honestly believe the players need a system and a style that they can enjoy and execute. They dont look as though they like the way they are playing. My big fear is we stick and not twist.

      1. That is exactly right,, a manager who plays a team that go out and enjoy what they are doing and entertain the fans. Mikel Artetta’s idea of football does not do that.. the players don’t like it and the fans want to slit their wrists.
        The whole thing is boring the phuck out of everybody

      2. Reggie- we had a system under Arteta the players seemed to enjoy and executed well. It won us an FA Cup and Community Shield. But the manager has somehow taken us from that to this. It’s not the players, they are all the same. This is solely on Arteta

        1. Phil, the biggest problem regarding Arteta, is the workload he has taken on, in his very first position as a manager.
          It was this workload that finished off AW, in my opinion, over the last two seasons.
          We have the likes of Vieria, Campbell, Henry, Bergkamp and Overmars, who would be ideal as his No. 2 – why has the club let this happen once again?

  16. It’s amusing to me that MA blames a lack of luck for the recent bad results?

    I mean, come on. Who’s he kidding? The fact and the stats are obvious that luck are probably 5% of the issue. The other 95% is very evident in what the world is watching. A piss poor Arsenal side that are devoid of character, belief, passion or heart! I could name at leat 5 players who should not be in the team, period. Willian, Pepe, Seballos, Holding or Elneny. Then you have all the other crap. Xhaka, Mustafi, Bellerin and Luiz. All wrong for the club and have not reason for being there! The club have lost their way!

  17. The answer to your question why he plays Ceballos is because he’s spanish, simple. Mikel Artetta does not pick players based on their level of skills, we’ve seen evidence of every game. He picks players he likes to play in a system that he wants the club to play in, in his fashion. Arsenal will be relegated 2 divisions before his style of play begins working. Are Arsenal PLC prepared for such a dramatic fall in revenue for such a protracted period? I don’t think so. The best thing now will be to get rid of Artetta ASAP before his experiment can do any more damage.

    The real problem is that Wenger never groomed a successor to continue his legacy, thinking that he would stay forever. We are now paying the price for the clubs lack of forward planning post Wenger and having to forge a new identity playing wise, without a plan in place. The same scenario has happened to other football clubs before many of them have gone down never to get back up. It could happen again

    1. Wenger’s fault again????

      no one groom successors

      Fergurson recommended Moyes and Moyes won the league with Utd

      1. Moyes didn’t get long enough and was pilloried for only signing Fellaini….. who managed a decent career there. Perhaps ManU were too impatient expecting to be top of the pile immediately

    2. akan, when AW resigned /sacked (it really doesn’t matter now does it?) the club had over six months to find a successor.
      AW stayed on in order for the club, under gazidis, to sort this out.
      The spuds took 24 hours after sacking Poch to replace him with Mourinho and we can see the result in the league table.
      Blaming AW for the position we are in today, is to not face reality – our club, under gazidis, were pathetic.

      Also, how long did it take the club to replace UE with MA?
      Think about the real situation, rather than blaming AW, who by the way, recommended that MA should be given the job in the first place.

  18. What in hell is the owners of Arsenal football club thinking Arteta is a fantastic coach but hasn’t got a clue on how to manage if they want to stay in the premiership They kroankies have to get an experience manager or put £250million otherwise they will get relegated or if with a bit of luck if he Arteta plays the reserve team ( they might pull through WE ARSENAL FANS WILL NOT ACCEPT CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL NEXT SEASON.. ARTETA IF YOU STE RESDING THIS THE ONLY HOPE IS TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE OWNERS AND ASK THEM TO INVEST OR IF THEY SAY NO YOU SHOULD WALK OUT PLAY THE EUROPA TEAM ,can’t you see that half of them don’t want to play for you I’m sic of saying the same old thing they have to sell to someone who wants to succeed get rid of the whole first team play the kids .,, why does he keep playing willian he is the worst player I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt pluss even if the players do want to play for the manager he has killed there confidence play the youngsters at least they will give 100% its driving me crazy’ PLAY THE YOUNGSTERS AT LEADT THEY WILL KEEP US IN THE PREMIERSHIP US FANS WILL NEVER FORGIVE IF WE GET RELEGATED ..In the Europa league we have a 100% record because the team he picks to play are trying to win the match

    1. Will that 250m teaches our players basic football skill like marking, tackles, shooting or will it buy them passion, urgency, speed and dribble. Arteta needs to bring out and go through his lessons note that Pep have to him and see how football should be played. So far he is showing he learnt nothing from Pep.

  19. i do believe Martinelli did far more in 20 min than William in 90, he constantly made runs to open up the defense. Also he had two closes call with final balls. Was at the right place twice in 20 min after only 45min under the belt this season. i think he can bring a lot if he is not dragged down by the others.

  20. Leno made a tremendous save apart from that he could do nothing about the goals.
    Tge defenders,idk if anyone noticed but david luiz is the one creating chances for us!!!
    And holding is not having a fine season,none of our players are… maybe apart from saka
    Saka and tierney combinatiin will work if we have a striker like evertons who will attack every ball put into the box

    And we desperately need a DM ,partey is injured so lets just try chambers,luiz or anyone who can defend.Ceballos and elneny cant defend,their gane is different….

    As much as we blame willian(he is a very good player if used correctly),he did put superb crosses into the box and at chelsea he was doing that with more freedom,…….thats what our players need,freedom in their roles

    Arsenal FC need wins
    Arsenal FC need it soon

  21. Did Pepe do so much better than Willian? Personally I don’t Willian did so bad relative to the rest of the team.

    When Laca gets a run of games the fans want him benched and now we see Nketia is too light for the job. Balogun ready? If not I don’t see many options.

    Wilock is not ready either. Our midfield with Ceballos and Elneny is also too light. What options did we have?

    We conceded from a set piece and Leno for me didn’t go free on that. But we have been conceding from set pieces since the Wenger days.

    I thought is was a good sign that the lads worked hard.

    If not Arteta then who? Allegri doesn’t speak English and we know from the Emery days what happens when a manager can’t convey his ideas to the players because of a language issue. So for me Allegri is not an option.

    1. How can we expect the board to make a mistake of giving Balogun game run when he is yet to decide on extending his contract that will be foolish. What if he get a good run of games to sell himself, so in 6months we will be blaming them for letting him leave for free.
      Xhaka isn’t available, Partey is out injured who is physical enough to replace Elnely in the middle

    2. I must be the only other person here who thought Willian wasn’t too bad in the second half. In fact he was quite good at times. His best game since Fulham.
      Holding was unfortunate on the first goal and didn’t have as bad a game as the article suggests and our set piece coach will have to sort out the errors at the corner for the second goal. We did have some good performances, unfortunately none were in the forward line until late substitutions made a difference. If we’d started with the finishing three…

      1. I don’t think Willian has had a great season, neither was I xcited about his signing. Having said that, I didn’t think he was our worst player yesterday. For me, our weakness lies in midfield and the speed at which these guys play. Eleneny and Ceballos were too slow with too many sideways passes.

        In my view, in the oponents half it is better to try 5 forward passes of which only 2 make it than 5 sideways passes all completed.

  22. Arteta is now pinning its hopes on luck. This is unacceptable. I really don’t understand why the board is not replacing this guy. The damage has already been done. The guy is literally destroying Arsenal brand. ARTETA OUT

    1. We may call it undiscipline, while others call it ‘unlucky ‘ with red cards, I so much believe we could have gotten a better results in those games we played with red especially burnley and Leeds.

      luck is part of the game though, shooting against the pole is an unlucky one, which has happened to us several times this season

  23. After reading some of the utter rubbish posted in response to this article on player ratings, I find myself thinking that certain fans have the team they deserve.Despite the vitriol spouted by fans and the media, by the end of this season , we will be playing attractive, winning football under MA .If I am wrong I will happily apologise to all you doubters and I would hope some of you would have the decency to reciprocate when I am proved right.

    1. Oh Grandad, I hope you are right, but every time I see Willian on the teamsheet and AMN playing fullback instead of midfield I want to scream. Something is terribly wrong here.

        1. But I’d rather see his energy and athleticism driving us into the box in midfield. Who else do we have who’s prepared to do that at the moment?

          1. Why was AMN not given a chance in his favoured Central Midfield position? Or failing that as a wide right sided midfielder? Why is he only ever played as cover at full back?
            The boy has abilities and his problem is he is too versatile.
            I agree with @Gworm- did we see Pepe driving into the box? Or Willian?
            The sooner AMN is given a run of games in midfield the better for Arsenal. He is better centrally than Elneny and as an CAM than Willock. Just give him the opportunity

    2. Grandad,
      I take my hat off to you for your staunch support. It isn’t easy when the groundswell of opinion is so anti. I hope you are right. I am wobbling, but haven’t given up yet. There is so much wrong with the club from top to bottom, that it was never going to be easy.

  24. MA is trying to copy Klop style at Liverpool but he has fail to implement one key thing Liverpool does right, : man marking, at Liverpool everyone players know who to mark, wingers mark fullbacks, Liverpool would not arrange 8 players behind the ball to sit back. When he first came the players were doing the marking from the front but now, that’s gone into thin air. That’s why I feel these players themselves are only fooling fans, get a new manager and they play well, in less than a year they are back to themselves.
    Yesterday, none of regulars under AW made the starting 11, yet we defended like AW time

  25. My problem is not the fact that we are not winning games. No team has a divine right to do so.

    But the efforts especially that first half against Southampton and Everton are unacceptable.

    We have no identity. At least under AW we were pleasing on the eye except for the last 2 seasons. No I do not know if we are a counter-attacking, possession based team or a bunch of hopeful crossers expecting the opposition to make an error.

    But just in pain. I am willing to put up with the pain till end of Jan assuming there is some method to this madness. So reluctantly, I have to back MA till then.

  26. Sack Arteta or not, for Arsenal to get back to form, if Ozil was axed from the team, then the following players should be shown the door without any thought: Ceballos, Bellerin, Pepe, Nketiah, Laca, Kolasinac, Papa, Xhaka, of course signing Willian was the worst mistake made by Arteta and lastly offering Auba the bumper deal was a terrible mistake too. I wish if a new manager comes he would be able to get the above player off the wage bill. You can’t start building by signing Willian and Auba to a long term contract. You could see the hunger in the like of Saka, Niles, Tierney and Martineli when he came on, Nketiah had it but does not possess the ability and skills needed, the rest zero.

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