Arsenal Player Ratings at Burnley – Solid performances all round (mostly)

It was a hard-fought win at Turf Moor last night, but Arsenal and Arteta will gratefully accept any points given at the moment.

Although our players tired towards the end showing the lack of match fitness in the squad, but we held on to give us a well-deserved second win in a row.

Here are my player ratings….

Ramsdale 7
Yet again, the 23 year-old commanded his box well, and his slight touch averted the penalty decision. He can’t be dropped until he concedes a goal, surely!

Tomiyasu 7
Incredible impressive seeing as he has only been in England just over a week. A future star in the making. Strong in every department.

White 5
Very nervy looking and nearly cost us a goal, but as a pure defener he has got good composure and can only improve.

Gabriel 8
So good to have him back in the team. Him and Tomi helped save White’s blushes at times.

Tierney 6
Not very convincing like his usual standard. It looks like him and Saka are still recovering from the Euros

Partey 8
Please stay fit Thomas, we are ten times better with you in the midfield.

Odegaard 8
Fantastic free kick for the goal, but was not pushing farther forward after we took the lead. Will become more adventurous as the season progesses.

Smith Rowe 6
Another than was pegged back too far and wasn’t given much chance to impress.

Saka 5
The lad is looking tired and out of sorts. He either needs a rest or even more intensive training. Needs a boost in some way

Pepe 6
Couldn’t get much of the ball and was closed down quickly when he did. Needs to be braver but less reckless.

Aubameyang 6
He could improve his brilliant record against Burnley, but he was hardly given much service either. Our midfielders need to get further up the pitch to provide hm some chances.


Lokonga 6
Great enthusiasm and energy. Another certain star of the future.

Tavares N/A

Maitland-Niles N/A

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  1. Like many here I am less concerned with instant success than seeing team spirit, a cohesive plan and some progressive football. Only saw the highlights but we looked slick at times.

  2. Ramsdale
    Smith roe
    All the above players are 24 or under bar Partey, plus we have some excellent young players in the under 23 and out on loan, gunners will be back where they belong soon…

  3. – Ramsdale: Nice ball catching ability

    – White: His passing skills are impressive for a CB, but he needs to communicate better with his teammates

    – Magalhaes: The best CB in the game

    – Tomiyasu: Won all his aerial and ground duels, but I think his dribbling skills aren’t as good as Bellerin’s and Soares’

    – Tierney: He’d better be more confident in cutting inside and shoot. If Tavares and Matty Cash could do from time to time, Tierney should’ve been able to do it as well

    – Partey, Smith-Rowe and Odegaard: If I were Arteta and play with 4-3-3 again, I’d swap Smith-Rowe’s and Odegaard’s positions to make diagonal passes/ runs

    – Saka: Since he’s been assigned to occupy the half-space on the left, he’s got to exploit that area further. He’s been doing a good job in extending Odegaard’s passes to the left wing, but he still needs to improve his right foot

    – Pepe: Inconsistent, but he’s still threatening on the right wing. He won 50% of his aerial duels and it’s impressive for a winger, but I’d prefer Saka there

    – Aubameyang: As usual, he’s too weak to hold the ball in the opposition’s area, although it’s not his strength. A more dominant CF is still required to bring our technical midfielders into play, like Giroud did to Sanchez, Ozil and Ramsey

    1. White a 5? He made 6 out of 6 headed clearances and won 4 of 7 interceptions and some good passing out from the back, a minimum 7 from me.

    2. Tomiyasu did his s job a 100% GAI, who gives a damn if he doesn’t know how to dribble.
      A proper RB finally who doesn’t bomb forward all the time off pretending he’s Cafu or Daniel Alves, TAA, someone who wants to defend and keep the ball or of our net and the only trait you noticed bout him is that he doesn’t know how to dribble.

      Don’t even get me started on Tierney, I hope keeps on doing what he does best, defending ad creating chances up front.
      What now, all of your Midfielders and Attackers and it’s a defender who you want to cut in and shoot more.
      Just like Tavares stupidly wasted that ball he took on a run before shooting?
      You’re wrong about both fullbacks this time

      1. I reckon a tall RB like him is more suited to Arteta’s left overload tactics, as compared to a more attacking RB. I just wanted to point out that Tomiyasu’s skillset might not work if he plays as an attacking RB or RWB

        Tierney could be a hell of attacking LB if he can cut inside more often

        1. Gai
          Tomiyasu is the best Arsenal needs in his position at the moment because of our Defensive fraities. Several opposition pacey wingers have exploited severally the space Bellerin always leave behind. But I noticed it’s a lot difficult to beat Tomi. So it’s good for us. Also if Arteta continues to overload his left side then he is limited as a coach tactically and in his capacity. Any good intelligent coach would find how to play and win Arsenal. For now the reality is we don’t have a dominant CF the coach must bring out the best out of Auba or otherwise use Lacazette.

      2. I agree with GAI on Tierney, I’m getting tired of seeing him crossing the ball each time he’s unmarked, we don’t have any forward who is good with his head so why keep doing it everytime. I’m happy that in Tavares we have another fullback who can at least cut inside and shoot. Tierney is becoming too predictable, run and cross.

      3. I agree Eddie, fullbacks need to defend first. As for Pepe, what many seem to miss is that he is seen as a threat by most opposition managers, who double team him. This must create chances for other Arsenal players.
        ESR and Saka need to be managed properly, rather than being played into the ground.

    3. GAI

      Cannot agree re ‘ Ben White.

      O.K. we purchased a ball playing C B to help speed up our transition, and play the ball into telling areas quicker – but he will learn when the game dictates you can do this i.e. not on EVERY occasion.

      Ben gave away / dwelt on the ball too often in dangerous areas which better opposition may well have punished – the pen’ incident was a case in point. ( not the game to be overly casual).

      Yesterday was a performance that a certain George Graham would have enjoyed, 2nd half backs to the wall 1 – 0 up. B W will learn when to “”get rid” or play out.

      An impressive player who will form part of our defence for many years to come, but pick your moments Ben.

  4. Give White some time. I still don’t believe he was worth £50 million but hes a Gunner now and we need to support him. I believe he will come good for us. ❤

    Aubameyang and Lacazette don’t get much service. That’s why i was hoping we’d get a creative midfielder during the summer 😭

    1. Talking about creative midfielders, Houssem Aouar supposedly out of favour at Lyon, is currently captaining the team. Played well against the star studded PSG.

  5. Fair ratings except perhaps White who went from sloppy to sublime throughout the game.

    Much more positive this season. Defence look solid, Partey dominant and Sambi is a great backup/partner, we can look very slick on the transition and the fact that the final ball/shot isn’t there is much less of a cause for concern than the static bore show we had to put up with last season. Very young, talented team with an enormous ceiling and great togetherness. Things can only get better.

  6. OT Arsena U23’s up 3-0 after 30 mins at Chelsea. Balogun x2 and a great finish from Biereth! Young guns looking very slick.

  7. The ratings above average 6.5
    I have always said a consistence team should be averaging minimum 7.5 so we know what we already know, this young team still has potential to get better

  8. A bit too negative on white imo and way too positive on Pepe and aubemayang who were no better than saka whose 5 is on the generous side … we had an attacking problem at end of last season we spent 150m and have an attacking problem still … someone is disconnected from football reality

    1. Pepe is the new whipping boy, yet gets lousy service and is double teamed by the opposition, who acknowledge his threat.

  9. Cannot understand why AMN was not awarded a 7 for his contribution.
    The team looked as solid when he came on and he was playing in his favoured position.
    Must say the defence is looking good, but it will be interesting to see how they cope with Kane and Son on Sunday.
    I have a feeling MA is jelling a very good back four together, with very good back up players who will cover any injuries etc.

    1. Agree on both points Ken. I thought AMN was the best i’ve seen him in a long time and he really surprised me. No sloppy mistakes and commanding in midfield. He looked driven, which is quite unlike him since the FA Cup Final!

    2. Nice to read some good words, Ken! No ratings for the manager? I’d give him a 9.0, he should have rested Saka and played Martenelli, Saka looks over worked and we need to take care of him.

  10. I have finally given up on pepe, it’s time to say good bye in the summer and replace with ASM from Newcastle. Until then I would play Saka on the right and ESR on the left. As much as it pains me to say we would operate better with this and we can play Xhaka next to Partey to add stability and we have a pure left footer to replace Pepe on set peices.

    1. Liam, check on how many goals and assists Pepe contributed to a low scoring Arsenal (55 goals) last season, before you write him off.

      1. I belief Pepe have the capabilities to became good, but at the moment he is part of the problem. To me it almost looks like he trying to hard to get in a position to score a goal himself, then rather trying to just play with the team. The problem is a combination between his play and the way the team is playing. We need to play faster and get Pepe one on one with an opposition players. And the coaches need to address his game with him and the way the team needs to play. Pepe first need to play for his teammates and things will start happening for me, and he will also take the attention of himself.

  11. I am happy with the win, but still very much disappointed in the way we played, slow and still didn’t created good chances, but I guess the one eye will never work that out. Happy to see Gabriel, he looks like a 50 mil defender, while the school of blindness was hoping for calmness from Mari.


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