Arsenal Player Ratings at Man United – Not much praise to be given

So, Arsenal suffer again at the home of Man United, and although we scored a couple of goals our defending left a lot to be desired.

So  here are my personal ratings for the game…

Ramsdale – 5

Definitely didn’t play with his usual confidence. His defenders didn’t help much…


Tomiyasu – 7

He seems to be improving every game. No confidence issues from him. Excellent all round.


White – 5

Didn’t cope very well for a change. Maybe could do with a rest..


Gabriel  – 6

Not his best game either. The defence looked at sea for all United’s goals


Tavares  – 6

Certainly was involved all over the pitch, but should have helped more in defence.


Partey  – 3

There is obviously something wrong with Thomas at the moment and looked out of his depth


Elneny  – 5

Needs to play more to find his form, but played as expected. Probably too carefully at timess


Martinelli – 8

His talent and enthusiasm is obvious to everyone, but will Arteta ever let him loose on a regulat basis?


Odegaard  – 6

A well taken goal, but what a stupid penalty to conceded.


Smith Rowe  – 6

Good reaction to score when no one else was even looking, but he looked awfully tired as the game progressed.


Auba – 3

Enough has been said about his recent form, and no improvement seen in this game. Over to you, Arteta?


Saka 5 – Looked a yard short of pace. Got chances but maybe he’s not fully recovered.

Lacazette – N/A

Nketiah  N/A

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    1. I think Saka should have done better with the 2 chances, and if it were Pepe at least he would have done better with one of them, I guess he isn’t fit enough and that’s why I question his decision to bring Saka on, and even Nketia when Pepe is on the bench.
      For those reasons the coach gets a 5 rating

      1. pepe would have BURIED at least one of those chances, he is automatic from that position. bukayo was clearly off the pace

  1. Aubamayang needs to be sold. Said it before, his style is totally at odds with how we play and his work ethic is embarrassing .
    As for Partey, he should be an absolute monster but bar half a dozen times he has underwhelmed. Time to seek alternatives.

    1. Who is going to buy him?
      Even Laccazet is struggling to find a club because of the ridiculous wages we pay them

    2. Aubameyang actually tried to press, but he couldn’t do it for more than forty minutes non-stop since he’s already 32 years old

      It’s time to give Balogun another trial, but we shouldn’t crucify the manager and the players if Balogun or Martinelli is still awful in the CF position. One thing is for sure, we’ll miss Aubameyang’s aerial ability if we decide to try our young strikers again

      1. Aerial ability, Aubamayang? Have I been missing something. He can be a deadly finisher, but I think we got him a bit too late. I was in Italy during the Summer before he joined Arsenal and Aubamayang was posting videos on Italian TV telling AC Milan to come and get him, I’m waiting, I’m waiting for you” he posted in vain. He then joined a desperate Arsenal during the next January window. Aubamayang is a difficult character to read. He doesn’t cause trouble, but is he happy at Arsenal playing for Arteta or would he rather be elsewhere?

        1. He won some aerial duels this season. Balogun and Martinelli have shown that they’re too short for that

  2. Ramsdale-6

    Tomiyasu- 7.. Decent performance

    White- 6.. Poor clearance led to Utd’s equaliser

    Gabriel-6 Nothing special.

    Tavares- 6. His inexperienced evident when trying to do link up with ESR which led to Utd’s 2nd goal… Tierney should replace him

    Partey- 4. Completely out of his depth.. Night to forget…

    Elneny- 5. As expected nothing special at all. It should have been either AMN or Sambi

    Odegaard- 6. Rating could have been much better if he wouldn’t have done that stupidity

    Martinelli- 7. Good Energy and speed but missed one important to chance to double the lead

    ESR- 6. Slowly signs are developing that left wing is something not meant for him.. need to be slotted as number 10 or second Striker

    Aubameyang- 3. No words to explain about him.. should be dropped for Everton and we need new CF

    Saka-5. Not much time to do anything:. Not fully fit either

  3. We need a midfielder that Partey was supposed to be, but because he’s a dud, we need a real deal.

    Auba sold or benched, Lacas mind is already gone.

    So new forward is needed in January too.

  4. At the start of the season, Edu asked us (supporter and fans) to wait until the full squad played together a few times before making an assessment of the team and individual players.

    Now after 14 games in, the Club at 5th, how do we feel about the squad and Artetaball in particular?

    For sure, team defense has improved, but the midfielders and especially the forwards have regressed and playing worse than last season. Artetaball has been boring, unattractive and ugly.

    We would be much better off today if he had kept Leno and Saliba and instead used our massive transfer budget to sign world class midfielders and a new striker.

    It’s time to start behaving like a big club; stop wasting our transfer budget and hire an experienced manager. This is what all the big clubs are doing to get the most from their squads.

  5. Arteta bottled it again, Man Utd was there for the taking, Maitland Niles and Tierney should have started. Partey was awful, Eleney what a joke, Arteta the novice was exposed again by Carrick of all people, how much longer will we fall for the work in progress it’s complete rubbish

  6. I never take part in ratings articles, as to giving my actual marks, as they are all subjective.

    I will say that I much dissent from Ad Pats dismal and pessimistic take on what I thought a promising and good effort. And against a team which on paper, though not on the field , was miles better than ours.
    Fans see things very differently ,which is why I do not get deeply involved in detailed ratings on what is a subjective matter.
    However, I AM firmly in favour and have been for sometime, of leaving Auba on the bench and trying to offload him asap , though I realise that is almost impossible, given his daft contract and his inherent laziness and poor attitude to captaincy and failing to try properly.


  7. Absolutely ridiculous scores, I’m lost for words and I’ll come back with mine when I’ve recovered!

  8. I thought this was not a bad performance by Arsenal.


    Ramsdale seems to have corrected his problem with daisy-cutters, but now seems to have lost his Hollywood saves.

    I think Partey needs to see an optician, since he seems incapable of recognizing Arsenal players when he passes.

    ESR scored, and made a good chance for Auba, but otherwise was ineffective. He is either carrying a knock or he seriously needs some stamina training.

    As far as fairness in the EPL-

    The arm-pulling by Maguire on Odegaard in the penalty area was awful.
    It was such a blatant foul, I could not believe it wasn’t given. It was far worse than Odegaard’s foul on Fred.

    Even the TV commentators were flabbergasted that it was not given. There appeared to be no VAR review either.

    In my view, that non-call changed the game!!!

    It could also get managers fired!!!

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