Arsenal Player Ratings for 2-1 defeat at Everton – Odegaard best of the bunch

It was a terribly disappointing evening for Arsenal fans as we lost a chance to go back into the European spots against an out-of-form Everton side, but it looks like two steps back for Mikel Arteta’s young team

Aaron Ramsdale: 6
Not too much to do and can hardly be blamed for either goal.

Takehiro Tomiyasu 6
Another solid performance despite being attacked

Gabriel: 6
Considering Everton had so many chances Gabriel didn’t really have a bad game until the last 20 mins when everyone was flustered.

Ben White: 6
Our once unbeatable defence is now looking shakier in every game. Maybe they have been overplayed?

Kieran Tierney 7

Made an excellent run and cross to give us the opening goal. I bet Arteta wishes he had two choices like this for every position!

Bukayo Saka 6

Not even our new superstar could get past the bullying Everton defence. Not one of his better games.

Granit Xhaka 6

He’s probably been rushed back too early, but was quite solid except for his usual booking.

Thomas Partey 6

Certainly played better than last week, but can only shoot in international games!

Gabriel Martinelli 4

He hardly got any touches in the whole game. It was like having Aubameyang on the pitch!

Martin Odegaard 8

The Norwegian didn’t just score our only goal he was involved all over the pitch. My Man of the  Match..

Alexandre Lacazette 4

Had less touches than Martinelli! A very poor game indeed.


Nuno Tavares 5

Came on to give Tierney a rest and played as solidly as usual.

Eddie Nketiah 5

Eddie did more in 20 mins that Gabi did all game, but Boy! What a miss!

Aubameyang   N/A

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  1. Tactics are terrible, can hardly blame the forwards for never getting the ball

    Where’s the manager’s rating?

  2. 7 to everyone except Lacazette and Martinelli who score 5 a piece.
    Right now Arsenal has just 12 PL quality players.
    Ramsdale Tomi White Gabriel Tierney Tavares
    Partey Xhaka Loka Ode ESR Saka.
    All these guys are playing well and are the reason we are in 7th place.
    Our much vaunted 190 mill expensive strikers
    Auba Laca and Pepe are the problem.
    But with just a small upturn in their goal returns Arsenal is certain to be back in Europe next season.
    Next up two home wins and two away wins look to be eminently possible on the schedule

    1. Reggie, you are too generous I’ll give everyone a 3 except lacazett gets 2, partey a -1 we were so poor I could give them a 2 to be honest!

  3. Fairfan what are you smoking mate? When has Partey been in good form. If memory serves me correctly he had one good game away at United and has been poor ever since. Xhaka is the best midfielder we have but he is a liability. White has looked suspect against decent opposition eg Brentford, Liverpool, United and Everton. Tarvares has been fully responible for conceding 4 goals in his last 4 games. Odegard is just meh, glimpses of brilliance but half the times just slows things down.
    Artetas rating is -1 as the man is slowly killing our club.

    ARTETA OUT!!!!

  4. First time Everton have won 3 in a row against us since 1986!!
    Absolutely disgraceful.. so much for the response after the Manc game!

    Someone reminded us on twitter that Emery’s last game was a home game against Southampton… 🤞🤣

  5. Tomi and Tierney MOTM for me not that there should be one with that performance.
    Abit concerning with the form of the CB pairing who 3 weeks ago looked solid,Ben white apart from his long range passing ability hasn’t lived up to my expectations
    The team was made up with 85% Arteta signings ,these are the players. He wanted if they are not performing for then the blame only lies at one persons door I’m afraid
    Southampton is make or break for Arteta IMO

    1. No buddy…
      Even if Southampton win at Emirates, still Arteta will be the in charge….
      There is no way he is getting sacked soon..
      He should have before start of the season..

  6. The defense always suffers if the attackers can’t press effectively. We shouldn’t have instructed the slow Lacazette and Odegaard to be the initial pressers

    Arteta had better watch how Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea initiate their high press with two pacey attackers, followed by the slow one. Arsenal must take a higher risk by using 4-3-3, starting from the upcoming home game

    1. @GAI
      We need to stop putting our defence under constant pressure by trying to play out from the back every time. In Wenger’s reign we would simply hoof it to the center of the pitch for Song to head it down for Ramsey, Santi or Wilshere. If we lose the ball, no problem, it is already halfway on the pitch far from our goal. Watching Liverpool’s high-press force constant mistakes out of our defenders was very embarrassing!

      1. Wenger usually instructed his GK to distribute the ball to Giroud, because Giroud was dominant in the air and strong enough to play with his back to goal

        Unfortunately, we made a big mistake by replacing Giroud with two weak strikers and we have been out of top four ever since. Wenger and Gazidis must’ve thought Aubameyang/ Lacazette would be better in high pressing, yet they’re not up to the task

        I thought Arteta and Ramsdale have learned to bypass the opposition’s high press by hoof the ball to one of our tall wingers

        1. GAI you are talking about the declining Wenger years; how about discussing when Wenger and Arsenal were in their prime?

  7. How can author questions whether CBs are overplayed??
    We are only playing in EPL with no European football so match a week…
    That’s not big ask if you are professional footballer and earning in Millions..

    1. Absolutely spot on its a game a week, and we drop back after a goal up! Happened like 6 ,7 games. We should be skinning teams for 90 + minutes

  8. Life could have been different for Arsenal if only they had employed Conte and given him 150M to spend. Instead they are 7th with -4 gd in december playing the type of football Tony Pulis would find absolutely disgusting.

    1. Absolutely right – I’m sure the whole Auba performance and Pepe being left on the bench is connected with another Arteta row, this happened last time he wasn’t happy. So basically Arteta has wasted 100million pounds worth of players with Pepe and Saliba – how can this be allowed to continue, while he is bringing on players like Eddie, who have just not proven themselves on the pitch. Eddie seems like a nice guy etc etc, but he just can’t do it for Arsenal. We had the same thing last year with Willian continually being selected and tormenting the fans, with other capable players being left on the bench. If Kroenke is so obsessed with money, would it not be CHEAPER to bring in a manger who knows what they’re doing, rather Arteta wasting well over 100 million with the Willian saga included

      1. pffft joke ratings.

        Tavares 6, he gave the ball away at every opportunity.

        Partey, played worse than xhaka definitely not worth a 6.

        Martenelli dis little, but he never recent the ball. The Odeggard playing in nr 10 does not link up play like laca does in that position.

        And why did the manager not get a rating? because we dont give zeros?

    2. Our full backs were solid.Our centre backs brittle and uncertain.Our midfield trio one paced and Lacca and Martinelli made very little impression.I agree entirely with the comments on Nketiah who looked very lively despite his miss and with a superb dummy, set up a gilt edged chance for our aging Captain .

  9. We’ve had a negative GD from August until December. At best it went to neutral for one matchweek.

    That must be a new record as well?

  10. Partey was a 3 for, 4 at the most. Saka hasn’t played well for ages and White had his worst game for us after being a rock in previous games. Martinelli better than 4 but I didn’t think Tierney had a good game, brought back in too early. Ødegaard by far our best player. I said I’d give Arteta until Christmas to get us on an even keel, he’s got a couple of weeks left before I’m done with him, not that he will be ditched until the summer in my opinion.

  11. If Arteta was honest, he would accept the responsibility for the totally inept display against a poor, poor Everton team. He is so dishonest he blames his tools…..the players, £150 million worth. Chelsea……Tuchel, The Spuds……Conte, Arsenal…..Arteta. Given the return to square one after 2 years, does any genuine supporter believe Arteta is the right man to be Arsenal coach/manager? Arteta is simply the wrong manager for Arsenal…..that is so clear.

  12. One 8, one 7 and seven 6s for a game we lost?! How and why? If they were so good why did we lose? I disagree with all the ratings. The highest I would have awarded is a 4.

  13. How you guys keep blaming Pepe for our current situation when in the last ten league games, he has played not more than 30 minutes combined. Pepe did not ask Arsenal to pay 72m pounds for him. He negotiated a weekly salary of 140,000 pounds weekly, which was subsequently reduced to 100,000 pounds weekly after the covid crisis. Yet, there are superstars like Aubameyang (tired) and Partey(fraud) , who, earns 350,000 pounds and 250,000 pounds weekly respectively, playing every game despite their inconsistent poor performances and lack of confidence and fitness, are not being held responsible. Therefore, Arteta has to be held responsible for not bringing out the best in talented players like Pepe ,Saliba and others. It is his job to nurture and improve their skills set and maximize their potential with appropriate systems. Arteta’s poor team selection, rotation of players and tactics is a major cause of concern, as he has gone back to that arrogant self that led to him, being bias and unfair in the treatment of players. Arsenal needs a coach that is ruthless but fair to reward players good performances with game time and to bench them when they are not fit and underperforming. The coach must keep his team happy and not just a few guys. As I have said before, games are won by scoring goals ,and that is where (Attack) Arsenal must strengthen in the January transfer window. Arsenal must buy a young quality striker like Karim Adeyemi, Alexander Isak or Jonathan David in January, plus a quality attacking midfielder like Christopher Nkunku or Noa Lang to stand a chance to make the top four. It’s time for Arsenal to think quality over quantity .There is no more room for mediocrity and penny pinching. Arteta is no exception to the rule of quality. Arsenal take heed.

  14. After knowing what we know now, how do we rate our 50M investment in Benjamin White? (who was at fault for at least two of the goals).

    And how do we feel about our 30M investment in Ramsdale? I would bet my last Canadian dollar on Leno pulling off that finger-tip save over the cross bar. No doubt whatsoever!

    Nothing personal against either White or Ramsdale, but we had no need to waste 80M on luxury players when our midfield was crying out for help.

  15. Benitez is a defensive minded manager. Yet he showed more endeavor in attack than our ‘So Called’ manager.

    Very disappointed with the tactics of falling down after a minor foul and slowing the game down with 25 mins to go.

    Why not do the opposite and be positive.

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