Arsenal player ratings for Asia trophy – Cazorla MOTM

It was a very impressive performance all round from Arsenal to beat Everton and I could have picked a few Gunners as the Man of the Match, such as Ozil or Walcott but I think Cazorla edged it with his goal and two assists.

Cech 7 – Looked a bit nervous at start but made a few good saves and no chance with their goal.

Bellerin 8 – Great stuff from the Spaniard who is going to be hard for Debuchy to dislodge.

Chambers 7 – Solid and composed without too much to do.

Koscielny 7 – Like Chambers was not tested much.

Gibbs 7.5 – Worked hard and got forward well.

Ramsey 8 – All action, disciplined and impressive from the Welshman.

Cazorla 9 – The guy is amazing. Helped us to run the game and threw in some genius as well.

Ozil 8.5 – Brilliant and pure class with a well taken goal.

Walcott 8.5 – Dangerous and determined. He must be a regular starter this season.

Wilshere 8 – Played well and showed real spirit in his unfavoured wide role.

Giroud 7 – Looked a bit rusty but still led the line well and occupied their defenders.

Ox 7 – Fired up and some good effect but also rusty and at fault for goal.

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  1. I get the generous ratings but giroud 7 how?! I’m no giroud hater but for him to get the same ratings as kos6 and calum21 is laughable.

  2. Agreed with the fair rating but Giroud should be 6. He wasn’t bad or too good against Everton. He was average. A 6 is even fair enough!

  3. Giroud yesterday urged the club to sign a better striker,some players say so,pundits,english news papers say so but Guzidis said he cant put an end date to wenger era simply cuz wenger does not spend much,wenger will Die at the emirates maybe because of heart attack when fails to win the title

  4. where is Kotte’s “pls thumb me down” comment?……… Hahahahaha ….Admin! what witchery is this?

  5. Lacazette said he is staying at Lyon.

    “I want to show those who think that I have my head elsewhere that I’m still here,” he told reporters. “I have already said that I want to continue with Lyon.”I have shown that I’m fully committed. It’s football that interests me, not money. I hope to have a strongseason.”

  6. Looks like Giroud got a 7 just for not making blatant in your face mistakes and not openly disrupting the other players who were actually creating the goals. Walcott was the real striker for the day.

  7. Personally I think Giroud performed at least as well as Chambers.

    We have such good depth now there was no obvious better/worse when the subs were made. Just different

    1. Giroud has been one of Arsenal’s top scorers but………

      The only thing he did well vs. Everton was to act as a decoy and stay out of the way of the actual goal creators. Maybe that is his new role – decoy.

  8. Giroud does not deserve to lead the arsenal line next season.He should be replaced do u know why?It is because he is always going to miss a lot of chances and will cost us.people who support him to lead the line have not studied his game clearly.every season he will continue to cost us.But at least i wont say he is useless or something.He is on the pitch and gives his all so he is useful.He is not clinical and not good at all.He is a striker who is just above average but sometimes even performs below average in his 3 years over here.Be honest and say it as it is.Some people use stats to constantly defend him yet if you watch him you will be shocked.Walcott can lead the line he has everything to.but as i said he lacks the aggressiveness and physique to be the main man.that will go against him so many its better for him to remain on the wings.Giroud does not deserve it.We all know that.

  9. I don’t know out there who is better than Giroud, I just want a new striker better than Giroud and that is Wenger job to do it not me the fan.

    I am not a hold up play junkie and last match I didn’t see him do any thing to make me jump out of the seat and he is three years into the season as arsenal main striker, that is joke of the century. When did arsenal fall so back in striker position.

    1. How about:
      – The last goal in our demolition of Liverpool
      – The near post volley against Middlesbrough, straight from a corner
      – The goal against City in the Charity Shield
      – The running volley he scored against De Gea from outside of the box
      – Great header and near post, outside of the boot flick against Newcastle
      – The cannon against the inside of the post against West Ham

  10. That money is difficult to resist. Fabian Delph was a leader at Villa. He will now act as professional seat warmer and emergency backup at ManCity. Did he not see what happened to Sinclair, among others. Sad.

    1. Delph, benteke may just be making the mistakes of their lives….. Hope I’m wrong, wish em goodluck!

  11. Giroud does not deserve to be arsenal’s main striker.It’s because he has not proven himself for three good years.Anyone can at least score a goal but as a player we analyze every aspect of your game.Thats why Gervinho was sold.Lets be honest Gervinho dribbles like a world beater and gave several assist to van persie if i can remember clearly in 2012 but his finishing was below average to be honest and thats why he is seen as a flop even Chamakh scored some goals but when analyzed is an average player.You must analyze every aspect of a player’s game.Giroud is not good enough he has done enough to deserve it.He has rather shown that he is not good enough in his three years here.

  12. Giroud should not be our main striker next season. He is more an impact sub( makes better impact coming off the bench) and he always had half a good season not a fully good season (injury/inconsistency).

    We need another striker to pick up the his slack more or less. Someone to put in 15 goals in the league would make a huge difference.

    We need to focus and get the signing and a new DM and we will be set for the season.

  13. Who saw Cazorla ‘dummy with his right foot before putting the ball Iin the net with his left??? Love that wizard!!!!!

  14. If we don’t bring in quality Striker dis summer, we’re losing our established players next summer. Wenger pls font do this to us… Sign a Super Striker Plssssss!!!!.
    -My Grandpa rather than Giroud. Oliver Giroud as Arsenal main Striker is a joke!!!!!

  15. Let season starts Giroud ll still score more than our present strikers. Walcott is in form now, we shouldnt forget his injury record.

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