Arsenal player ratings for Besiktas draw – Chambers MOTM

Besiktas 0 – 0 Arsenal – Player Ratings by KJ

Szczesny – 7
Only had to make a few select saves but made them as required and wasn’t at fault for any chances. A solid performance.

Debuchy – 6
He was again a bit iffy for me. Easily caught out of position when high up and doesn’t seem to cope well one on one.

Chambers – 8 (MOTM)
He was great again today. He did make a slip up in the first half but was solid throughout and was the only calming influence in a hectic performance.

Koscielny – 7
Didn’t have much work to do as Ba and co. were targeting Chambers rather than Laurent.

Monreal – 7.5
A solid defence performance by the Spaniard. Was positionally fine all game and was rarely caught out.

Arteta – 6
He was decent until he was substituted.

Ramsey – 6
Not one of his best games. Made chances for Giroud but was reckless and got himself sent off. Now he’ll miss the crucial home tie.

Wilshere – 6.5
Was decent but didn’t affect the game that much and was sloppy at times.

Sanchez – 7
A good performance for someone clearly unfit. Tested the Besiktas defence numerous times and tried to combine with Giroud.

Cazorla – 4
Very sloppy today. Was anonymous for long parts of the game and didn’t take responsibility and didn’t adapt to the fact that we were playing 4-3-3

Giroud – 3
Shocking performance. I understand he’s lacking sharpness but that is no excuse for lacking awareness and killing every single attack.

Flamini – 5
Pretty dire when he came on. Got booked immediately and was hampered from there on.

Chamberlain – 6.5
He came on with 20 minutes to go and did affect the game. He almost scored had it not been miraculously saved by Besiktas’ keeper.

Rosicky – N/A
Came on during injury time as we were trying to time waste after going down a man.

Poor performance but decent result. I’m convinced this team isn’t equipped to play the 4-3-3 and Wenger should just look to play the usual 4-2-3-1 regardless of whether Ozil is playing or not.

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    1. The Pitch was very poor, who can play on that pitch, our type of play is all about passing the ball and we could not, frankly speaking the Lads played well to avoid being beaten, Chambers is proving to be worth what we paid.
      something must be done about our striking force.

      1. We can’t keep blaming the pitch both teams played on it,away from home we will face tough conditions what happens when we play in Russia on pitches with ice with an orange ball?

        1. You are right, the pitch was only one factor of many. Even so, poor pitches are often used deliberately by “lesser” teams to even the odds.

          It is well known that a poor pitch will usually favor the less technically gifted squad because the more technically gifted players will not be able to succeed as usual with intricate play and passing on the rougher surface. This is not a secret in football.

          But just as a poor pitch will hurt a team like Arsenal, the perfect pitch at the Emirates may be a disadvantage for Besiktas. One more reason for home field advantage = favorable field conditions.

          1. The Pitch contributed alot, i have watched the game over and over, i realised passing the ball was difficult, thats why we lost possession all the time, the ball was bubbling like a Bi*ch dancing to dancehall music.

        2. Both teams Played on the same pitch but one team plays on that pitch all the time, it was deliberate for Besiktas to play on a like that, its not up to standard, the idea is to have an advantage over other teams. its like pool if the surface is bad you will find it difficult to play good shots

          1. That stadium isn’t Besiktas’ home ground, they’re only playing there whilst their stadium is being redeveloped. They probably aren’t used to it either. Just happy that no one rolled their ankle on that surface and came out injured, Arteta may have done I can’t remember how he got injured, but Jack coming through that game without an ankle injury was a happy surprise.

  1. I thought Sanchez did very well. He was the only effective attacker for much of the game and he was often taking on 2 or 3 defenders and had some good success but was rarely supported by other attacking players who did not seem to want to get forward at all.

    1. Sanchez has been hanging on to the ball for too long in every game he needs to pass the ball earlier and only sometimes go for magic, i fear that our players know his not going to pass most of the time that’s why no support , his trying to make a big impact but he dose not need to yet it will come in a few weeks when Ozil and others are back to playing best,

      1. Saying that the highlight was Sanchez’s energy and willingness to chase and win possession back. He’s a great signing and a great asset to the first team.

      2. He had to hang onto the ball longer than he would normally because none of our players showed any effort to catch him up for him to pass to.

        1. i’m not taking anything away from Sanchez but our play is to have possession he should pass back if he has no one to cross, my opinion and my’n only is that he should hold his head up sometimes to see whats around him if he can do this i think he will go to the next level in football, before you disagree you should look at his past games for us.

  2. As a team we look very weak, Our midfield have no bite to them as we keep buying little fancy players but they are no good at tackling and getting stuck in, Santi for me this year dont want to play maybe he is looking for a move !!!! Jack in in and out of games he is so inconsistanat, Arteta past his best and needs to be replaced, Wenger needs to look at the time and improve it, Last year we got Ozil this year we got Alexis but we are not using them to there full potental, Ransey is class but we can keep hoping for is magic to get us out of shit, Giroud for me is a waste of time we need a top top forward he battles away but he is far below the class we need,

    1. dylan2 thank you for your support it is nice to see other fans seeing what i see and out weak points, as i keep saying Giroud is no better than a mid table player !!!! for me he should be sold and the money put towards a top class forward,

      1. We also need a top quality left back imo. Monreal is also mid table quality and Gibbs is made of glass. Gibbs should be back up, a new left back should be brought in.

    2. I don’t know why everyone keeps droning on about Giroud? Every fan wants a better striker. That has been known for a long time. But needing a better striker is not resolved by suggesting that Giroud be ground up for sausage.

      This is just getting so old. And Giroud’s poor play does not excuse the poor play from the team as a whole just as Demabe Ba’s good play did not give Besiktas the win. It is a team game.

      Last season Arsenal led the league for 128 days WITH Giroud and only struggled when Ozil, Ramsey, and Walcott all went down together. And Arsenal won the FA Cup WITH Giroud.

      Now Arsenal still need a better striker – that is very clear. But Giroud is NOT the only problem at Arsenal – but fans keep attacking him as if he is kicking in 5 own-goals a game and somehow writing 5 more attacks against him will solve the issue. It will not.

      1. I’d like a better striker than. Giroud, I don’t think he should be our first choice. But I don’t think he should be sold either, he’s a good player and can offer something different up front if we need it eg. Against Palace when teams sit in their own half, he can play the short passes and flicks to help create a chance for a shot, or can compete physically with defenders to try and get on the end of crosses. However, games like yesterday I think a different striking option may have been better as the game was more open, Giroud’s lack of pace hurt us. For more open games we could play Alexis/Theo or maybe Podolski up front as they can make runs and be more threatening on the break.

        I’d like to see Podolski play a few games as our main striker, he may not be as big as Giroud or Sanogo, but he’s by no means small, and he’s very strong. He’s also reasonably quick, not Theo/Alexis quick, but quick enough to make runs to get behind defenders. Plus that left boot is lethal, just needs more opportunities to use it. Not saying he’s the answer to our striking problems, just saying he could be, he should be given the chance to show it at least.

  3. at this early state Chambers seems to be a very very good buy for the club, I can see him as our captain in a few years time, A young Tony Adams !!!!! i just hope he can lead the club to as much sucsess

    1. True dat mate… Chambers is a breath of fresh air to watch. Still has some work to do but so far his faced some decent attackers and has come up on top. Once Mert is back or we buy another CB I would prefer him at DM if we do not reinforce that position than seeing him rote on the bench while watching aging Arteta or firery head Flamin playing there. Top top player this lad will turn out to be with more game time and belief from the manager and the other players.

      1. Had a feeling he’d be sent off yesterday with the fouls he got called for and the booking. Stayed on the pitch and did a great job though. He’s made mistakes and been caught out in every game he’s played in so far, so there’s definitely room for improvement, but with more experience he’ll be a top top centre back. He plays like a top CB for 95% of the time he’s on the pitch, the 5% errors are just inexperienced mistakes, they’ll disappear in time.

  4. Sanchez did well. Not his best but he defended unlike Cazorla who lost the ball which caused Ramsey the first yellow. Chambers is simply the best signing we made this summer and will present Wenger with a dilemma : Chambers or Mert?. Giroud will be sold next season, I predict same pattern as Gervinho. Maybe I am wrong but I don’t see him be at peace with his mates. I counted 3 frustrated players yesterday by the lack of concentration from Giroud’s part. Who knows what they said to him.
    Ramsey tried but didn’t got that spark. Wilshere lost one or two balls in the first 10 minutes but from there on he played pretty good. Debuchy again lost some silly balls but he was mostly busy forward. Monreal solid. Arteta OK-ish but not stellar. Chambo as usually good and Flamini decent.
    I don’t understand what the hell is happening with Campbell? Why is he not played? Will Wenger keep him or sell him? There are still 11 days until the end of the window and Campbell played very few minutes although The Boss said he is part of the plan.
    Anyway, all in all a performance to be quickly forgotten. Everton this weekend. Now this is one to watch.

    1. Sanchez looked really frustrated yesterday. I counted two or three occasions where he was clear bursting down the wing and the midfield & Giroud were walking forward to the box. He looked up, no one there to cross to. When a player is running down the wing on the break and you’re an attacking player, you bust your gut to get into the box. Simple as. The desire just wasn’t there. I think Alexis and Özil will get on very well together on the pitch though..

      Cazorla needs to be moved off the wings asap. For the hundredth time, he’s not a winger. He’s a no. 10. Comes inside way too often and doesn’t defend well. Yesterday was just like the Palace game, all of our attacking play was down the right side of the pitch through Alexis. It’s much easier to defend if the threat is only coming down one side.. Campbell should’ve been playing on the left, Ramsey should’ve been rested and Cazorla should’ve played AM with Wilshere and Arteta behind. Would’ve made us a much more threatening team.

  5. Before it is to late the fans need to start making more noise at matches about us getting a real class goal scorer !!!!! in 10 days it will be to late !!!!!! Giroud is not the answer at best he is a mid table player

    1. Arsen is leaving it late to buy a striker so that our competitors are in the dark if they knew we were buying who i think we are then they would strengthen their squad further.

    1. Agree with what you’re saying except for Sanogo… he still deserves more time to prove himself and is still young. He has the talent but is still raw and inexperienced. Don’t think you can call for him to be removed after one season.

    1. don’t know why people don’t want Chambers to play DM… Currently he’s playing as a CB but he was educated as a DM. You can see in his game that he always pass de ball very well, he read the game very well, he looks powerfull… I’m sure that when you will see him playing as a DM you will love it. When Mert will be in the starting eleven, Chambers should stay in the team. I just can’t see chambers on the bench and arteta playing as our DM

  6. Sanchez deserves a 5.5 or 6 IMO, his crossing was horrible and he just tried to do much. Still sloppy but I know he needs some time to adjust and figure things out, still believe he can be world class for us no doubt. He did have his fair share of good plays too.

    Koscielny did just as well as Chambers

    Wilshere deserves a 7 or 7.5 he’s the only one tried to do anything, his driving runs are great but no one else could hold the damn ball. Ramsey was around a 5 for me, was pretty poor today minus a nice lob pass to giroud,

    Giroud played horrendous but so did the rest of the midfield, don’t only blame him is what im saying.

    COYG, time to destroy everton

    1. I think you’re right about the players.
      Koscielny was more composed and you could see that he has got more experience in his game.. Chambers did extremely well don’t get me wrong, but Koscielny MOTM for me.

      Sanchez tried to be dangerous but was sloppy indeed. sometimes he did not pass the ball fast enough and other times just really off target so a 6 to me.
      Cazorla 3.5 – terrifying performance again
      Wilshere at least a 7. I think you could see his presence most in midfield, especially in the second half. he was very strong in challenging other players and was a trouble for most players having the ball around him

      Giroud should really get his sht together. You can’t be playing for a club like AFC and have such performance, ridiculous. Of course there wasn’t that much support op front but I could simply tell that if he got the ball that he would lose it

  7. Wenger needs to realise that there is a LEFT FLANK! And what’s his beef with Cambell… 3 for giroud, are you serious??… Should get a 1 for his facial expression, ok 2 for facial expression and great hair! Please please please wenger, ST/LW, CB, DM.

  8. Am I the only one who thinks wenger don’t value campbell? Wtf is wrong with wenger. How can you have rosicky on the bench and left carzola/ramsey/wilshere on the pitch. And he removed sanchez. Pls we can sign all the players we want but it all come down to wengers tactics. We have good options on the bench but he opted not to use them. Few games to the new season and we are already loosing players to injury. And by the way chambers I think was a no brainer. What a signing and wenger should stop playing carzola out on the left to accomodate wilshere. Is either he plays either ramsey or wilshere not the both at the same time. And like how many mins have ramsey played already. He is looking tired. Wenger rotation can save our season not burning players out while we have options. And for Giroud no comment.

    1. No. You are not alone. Wenger has clearly overlooked Campbell for a long time. That “work visa” nonsense was an overworked and unbelievable excuse for not bringing Campbell to London even 2 years ago. And early this season Wenger has made it clear that Campbell will only get opportunities sporadically.

      We can only hope Campbell proves Wenger wrong.

    2. Average at Betis, average at Olympiakos, decent WC so everyone suddenly thinks we have the new Thierry. Reality check…he is older than Ox and not on his level. So why are people making out like he is viable as a starter for a team we want to challenge for the league?

      And before people jump on me he was made to look even better because with all due respect his teammates for Costa Rica are plain average, outfield at least.

      He’s a decently talented 22year old. That’s it. If Milan want him, send him there and we can put the cash towards someone Wenger trusts to deliver. I’d have Remy over Campbell in this squad, we have plenty young and talented. Gimme quick, proven, reliable, and knows where the net is for cheap.

      1. Agree with you CC – decent enough kid but not the second coming some on here seem to want to believe. Think people are just scratching around looking for someone else to bash – they can’t beat-up on him until he has one or two average contributions and then they can tell Wenger he wasted £1M on him. The only ones not being bashed are those not playing regularly (Ox, Rosicky, Campbell). Everyone has eulogised over AOC’s stunning effort but failed to mention he carelessly lost possession 2 minutes later in a really dangerous situation. For me he does more of that than anyone else – the sublime and then the damn right careless. Did it the pre-WC friendlies and got needlessly injured trying to make amends for a mistake. Still they got Merts and Ozil coming back so they can get back on their cases soon.

        1. Mate I completely struggle to see why people are desperate for him to be in our starting 11. He’s not a regular goalscorer, he doesn’t assist a load and he doesn’t track back. Remy would be a useful addition in place, at least he offers a player you know is gonna score 1 in 2.

          When he’s sold this window or next summer just watch the same staunch supporters go quiet. People love a messiah, but JC ain’t it.

  9. Thank You Drew. Some of us have been SCREAMING this for 18 months now.

    The last player to play wide left at all was Poldi 2 seasons ago and even he did not play wide full time. But he was successful and was LEADING THE LEAGUE isn ASSISTS so naturally Wenger decided to bench him and only gave him regular playing time again when Poldi began abandoning the wing/wide play to go central most of the time.

    Before Poldi several left wingers came to Arsenal as very capable players but departed after being ruined and left for dead ( Arshavin, Gervinho).

    There is something about the LW and Wenger that do not mix. I think he just does not believe in width very much and is willing to sacrifice one of the wings (left) in order to concentrate the attack up the middle.

    Arsenal need to either add a LWer or start using Campbell or Ox there immediately.

    1. I think that’s why Sanchez was bought honestly, cos he’s not a lone striker despite the fantasies. Pretty sure Wenger has visions of him left, Theo right and Giroud through the centre.

      I only hope he sees our lone striker quality for what it is though and tries to nab Falcao/Cavani on one of those dodgy FFP loans with a view to buy deals in the last few days. Won’t hold my breath…

  10. Team at Godison should look like this or we will struggle :


    Subs : Ox,Flamini,Cazorla,Rosicky,Miquel,Bellerin,Martinez,Akpom, Coquelin, Podolski and Giroud.

    Solid at the back and middle and the forwards/cam’s can shuffle. No crossing, just plain football. I don’t see why you will keep Giroud to “bully” defenders when he’s not able to do a proper run with the ball. OK, he’s not fit but this is why he should not be picked.

  11. Some time i wonder why wenger tactical wise was so bad, is he was alway like that for the pass years with us or just recently. You cant blame giroud cos anyone with brain know how much he can do but wenger just like to put him there, maybe wenger like his hair than his skill. We got a fresh player, campbell on the bench that got speed and skill but he was left out. The goal that he strike during the pre match still inside my head. I just don’t know what he did to wenger so wenger bench him. Basically wenger did fu*k up this time, luckily we got a draw so he still got time to do some thing. The next round when we beat them handsomely, we will forget his mistakes and all the in wenger we trust will come out and praise him like a god. There is still some time before the window closed, let see what is in his sleeve. We may add more players but if wenger still don’t brushed up his tactical wise, we will still be here do put pressure on him. When player didn’t performed is the maneger job. If the maneger didn’t performed is ours job.

  12. Wenger should save OG’s hair by signing a better ST or using someone else up top. Each time OG misses he pulls his hair in frustration as if he was even close to scoring. We love the guy because his one of us, but we would love him more coming OFF THE BENCH!!!

    Our left wing was non existent once again, Monereal did well at the back, but his combination with Carzola does not help the team offensively, Wenger please learn from the past or atleast review these games and spot the gaps for Christ sake.

    Chambers, my God, what a player we have on hands. Once Mert is back or we buy another CB I would prefer him at DM if we do not reinforce that position than seeing him rote on the bench while watching aging Arteta or firery head Flamin playing there.

    1. I love the comments – morphing from angry and vicious to upset and very amusing. Could not agree more – OG more gifted on the bench.

      As for left wing. You are right because Wenger gave up on the LW a long time ago and Cazorla does not play the left wing. He just goes central and effectively becomes another CAM leaving the wing abandoned. Been a problem for a long time.

      Chambers – Wenger did find a gem there.

  13. Campbell didn’t feature in the community shield, the opening league game, or he CL qualifier. Neither competitive match did we show pace/attacking flair which would lead the manager to introduce those with subsequent talents ie ox has come on each time.

    So let’s just wrap it up early, Wenger doesn’t rate Campbell. So can we stop using him as some buzzworthy addition? Outlook isn’t great right now, we have ignored the obvious lack of talent in the lone striker role. Love you L’Oreal but it’s gonna be a long old season watching him at the tip of our attack. *sigh* Cavani I beg of you…

  14. I was shown in a vision as I slept, that Wenger was only after avoiding defeat. Thats why he chose a slow but experienced squad and played OG all thru yet substituted Alexis. Back in Emirates, he will play a very attacking team full of pace..Ozil, Alexis, Campel, Ox..he is saving the best for home

  15. Couldn’t believe Chamberlain hit the bar yesterday. That pretty much justified the match.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Giroud has had two season’s to prove his worth – and so far we’ve gathered he’s a squad player at best. Not a striker you have to win titles. But I don’t wanna go into that too much.

    My main point here is this………..we need Walcott back. At least with him, he will make runs. Stick Alexis up-front, play Campbell (probably won’t happen) on the left. That’s three potent forwards – not to forget, Podolski (on his day). The OX too !

    Wenger even said it himself, we actually HAVE options up front. Sanogo needs time, but Giroud ? C’mon now Arsene, enough is enough. ¬_¬

  16. I don’t understand Wenger sometimes…

    Giroud was terrible, he literally messed up 90% of the attacks and I have nothing against starting him if Sanogo is out, it’s an important game, and Sanchez/Campbell aren’t integrated in the team enough to play lone ST BUT sub him for god sake when he isn’t doing anything useful whatsoever.

    Chambers looks brilliant, only made one mistake but he was the one under pressure the entire game and did better than most of these “experienced” defenders that people always allude to.

    Cazorla is obviously not fully fit and played badly vs Crystal Palace but Wenger decides to start him again 3 days later away from home at a turkish side known to get the best support in europe when his weakest attribute is helping defend and we have Rosicky, Ox, and Campbell all ready to step in for him. How does that make sense?? He didn’t even get subbed until the match was over. I’m really undecided about Cazorla because he sometimes plays so well buthe isn’t consistent at all, he doesn’t provide width or pace or work very hard in defence so he shouldn’t be guaranteed a starting spot.

    Wenger NEEDS to start dropping out of form players. I admire that he sticks up for his players and doesn’t hang them out to dry but rotation is necessary anyway so why not rotate out the bad performers and them give them another chance two matches later?

    Wilshere, Flamini, Ox, Campbell should have all started and Sanchez, Cazorla, Rosicky, Arteta should have come off the bench if it wasn’t working.

    1. I agree the whole point of a squad is to drop out of form players and rotate to prevent playing tired or unfit players.glad the German trio are back this weekend

  17. Chambers has a great passing range. I think Wenger sees him as the long term successor to Arteta.

    1. But in the meantime we have Arteta as captain which means he plays every game he is fit for when he is clearly not up to the standard of DM we need for the matches against our biggest rivals. So far that is Wenger’s biggest mistake and it will haunt him (and us) all season – either he drops his captain (and then what is the point of having a captain if you don’t play him) or he perseveres with him when we clearly need someone better in that position and get hammered by the Chelseas of this world again this coming season.

      1. Arsenal have a club captain system which is different to the on pitch captain. So the captain doesn’t need to play, like happened to TV

        1. You guys keep talking bullocks,the only reason TV didn’t play was because of his injuries,that’s why we got Mert in the first place,Mert and kos then turned out to produce a great partnership that’s why TV found it difficult to break back into the team,so as far as Arteta is fit he’s gonna play,except he injures and Wenger buys someone better

  18. So far the players we bought are good. Chambers wow! He can go far. Sanchez still need time to settle with team. Last time when he attack he got so many players to support him but when he start to run, no player was there to support him, maybe he shouldn’t run to fast cos our giroud cant keep up with him. No wonder wenger said he should learn how to integrate with our player cos our striker is not the same path with him. Dubency look good, i find he is better than sagna. Now will there be any players come in that can get our heart beat explore. Hope may our dreams come true. Hand on gunner.

  19. Big fan of Santi but so far he is way off the pace,let’s play Campbell on the left Ox on the right and Alexis as CF.feel sorry for Arteta hope it’s not a bad injury but let’s home Wenger now buys the CDM we need ,my worry is he will say we have Diaby back !

  20. Not an excuse for last night but that pitch was awful and at the Emirates next week on our surface we should see a much improved performance and we will have Ozil back.COYG

  21. Two reasons for Champions league qualification.
    1,to attract the top players we need reus etc
    2,the players need it to get there bonus for 4th place last season ,only kicks in if we qualify.

  22. When wenger sign Sanchez, i saw ssilver lining. Now the rain cloud is on us again. Injuries struck us again, our squad already thin, just don’t know how wenger going to do. Some time we just don’t know how to love or hate him cos he every time will do something to make you love or hate him, just like your child.

  23. Chambers was a special buy(apart from that failed attempt which almost gifted ba), Sanchez really tried 2supply a non existent striker, for the first time in long time jack showed glimpses of who he should be(apart looking down while with the ball n’ over clinging on it), who ever blames Carzola should know he is a CAM not a left winger, why Campbell is not playing fries my Portorican pancakes, Giroud should be in the negatives(us starting with him=a red card).
    Joel Campbel Carzola A Oxlade C
    No defence can survive that!

    1. Cazorla is a LW. That is where he played before joining Arsenal. He said so himself. He also had an amazing second half to the season in his first year here when he played on the left.

      1. I don’t care if you say Cazorla was born on the left, was raised on the left, was married on the left and sleeps every night on the left side of the bed. I don’t care if he is left-handed, left-footed or if his ding-dong hangs to the left. None of that means anything.

        The only thing that matters is that he often plays the left wing poorly or not at all and he normally plays much better in the middle. That is what matters.

        Finally, he did NOT really play on the left last season or the season before, nor is he really playing the left this season. He is “assigned” to the left but he does not do well there and so he joften ust goes back to play in the middle as another CAM.

        When Cazorla is assigned to the left there is always a hole in the tactics. He either excels in the middle leaving the wing abandoned or he stays wide and is off the pace there which also hurts the attack. The problem is not Cazorla. The problem is pretending he is a left winger. That is just reality and the whole world knows it and sees it.

        1. Do you watch Arsenal actually play. In his first season here Rosicky was a long term injury until the second half of the season. Cazorla played in the middle until Rosicky’s return and then moved to the left and has stayed there.

          The ignorance of some people on here is amazing. Wenger says he is a left winger, he himself says that he is a left winger, apart from half a season where he covered an injury he has always played as a left winger but genius above writes an essay saying otherwise. SMH

  24. Giroud looked like he had visited a Turkish brothel last night,I’m a fan of his but when was the last time he put in a great performance away from the Emirates ? See his role a player to bring on from the bench not as a starter.

  25. Transfer window left less than two weeks, media has tone down the players link to us, don’t know is it good or bad.

  26. On transfers last season we needed a top class CF and got Sanogo and a DM we got Flamini,this year we still need a top class CF and a world class DM .Wenger needs to address this in the next ten days or face the consequences.

  27. Cazorla’s average position last night was in our half whereas against crystal palace he was in the opposing half but very central, he doesn’t offer us a good enough outlet on the left so we can spread play like a lexis offers us.

  28. All Arsenal fans plus the pundit (including those who failed as manager/coach) know more than our manager, Wenger!

  29. Arteta only 6….?

    When he (our captain) hobbled off, the game changed dramatically, we lost shape and midfield solidity.

    We ended up chasing the game at times, rather than controlling it.

    So, Arteta should get a 7 at least.

    As for Giroud, a 3..?

    He had half chances at best, due to their close defending and positioning. Anyone who cannot see that, doesn’t know football.

    I’m not saying he was amazing, but he tried hard, and held the ball up quite well.

    So Giroud was a 5 at least.

  30. Ridiculous ratings, not one player justified being over 6, majority under 5 ramse/giroud being worst of the lot but the biased on here wont utter the “R” word.

    Tactics wrong personel wrong simple is that. I just hope deluded fans on here realise now how good Ozil actually is, his vision,passing,calmness,

    Play like that against everton were gna get hammered no ifs buts HAMMERED.

  31. For Everton

    Chamberlain….. Ozil…… . Sanchez

  32. I am not a Giroud hater and I like him more than most people here but he deserves a 0 for his performance. Worst performance I have ever seen. He could not hold the ball or complete a pass much less get a shot off. I honestly do not remember him making a single contribution. He gave the ball away every time he touched it. Everything was negative.

  33. Based on KJ’s harsh ratings on Podolski in the past, Giroud’s rating for this game should be negative.

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