Arsenal player ratings for Chelsea loss – Sanchez MOTM

I know that the Arsenal and Chile forward Alexis Sanchez only played for the final half an hour of the disappointing Premier League defeat to Chelsea at the Emirates Stadium yesterday, and he did not manage to get the goal we were so desperate for, but his introduction did produce the best period of the game for the 10 man Gunners and his return from injury was the only real positive for us.

Cech 7 – Some good saves and usual composure but left exposed for Costa goal.

Bellerin 7 – Pretty solid and enterprising on tough day.

Mertesacker 2 – Was playing badly even before that awful moment. Yeah let’s look the other way when going for a crucial sliding tackle on a well known cheat. Genius from the BFG.

Koscielny 6 – Steady but not his best game.

Monreal 6 – Decent defensively but little influence going forward.

Flamini 4 – A bit of a shocked just when we needed him at his best. Come back soon Coquelin.

Ramsey 7 – Tried everything to drag us back into the game but needed more help.

Campbell 5 – Subdued and struggled to have an impact.

Ozil 7 – Similar to Ramsey but good to have him back.

Walcott 5 – Didn´t quite happen for our captain for the day.

Giroud 5 – Sacrificed early so hard to rate. Liked his despair at going off though.

Gabriel 6.5 – Played well and will hopefully now keep his place.

Alexis 8 – Sharp, dynamic, powerful and skilful. Boy do Arsenal need him now!

Chamberlain 6.5 – Good cameo from the England international.

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  1. Let’s beat Burnley and then focus on getting the PL campaign back on track

    We need to start Elneny

    2 points from three matches is unacceptable

    On a positive note: welcome back Alexis and Ozil

    1. @Davros

      I agree with you on Elneny, can’t wait to see what he’s about.

      Would love to see how an Arsenal team would fair with Ramsey, Mertesacker, Walcott, Ox and Flamini out of the line-up at the same time. Even with the lack of depth because injuries, it’s time other players were given a chance, because we can’t get much worse! I would love to see more of Iwobi, but a fat chance of that when you consider how many games Gabriel has played in a year. Well at least we’ll see Gabriel for three games until Mertesacker is restored to the line-up. In fact, I’m actually pleased Mertesacker is banned, because he’ll get a nice rest, be fresh and physically ready to deal with Messi, Suarez, and Neymar when they come to town.

      1. We would struggle without Ramsey or have you forgotten when he was injured earlier this season ? The fact is he needs a midfielder that complements his style like how Coquelin complements Cazorla’s. Flamini is the main weakness that should be immediately replaced.

        1. To be honest I think Ramsey was very important to our line up when he was played out wide, then like you say he was badly missed for a spell, we looked impotent on our right side for a good number of weeks. (Flamini and Ramsey just doesn’t work against a strong midfield). I know some don’t like it because they prefer raw pace and what not but our type of game needs wingers who can keep the ball rolling which Ramsey does well and links up nicely with Ozil Giroud and Bellerin who was moving ahead more often, also I liked how he can play a ball for forwards to run after. Our best football this year was played when Ramsey was on the wing, obviously a full line up is the main reason for that but like I say Ramsey keeps the game flowing along with our other top players and right now Its getting a bit annoying watching the stop start nature of our game.

    2. Wrong ratings..
      CECH – 8
      KOS – 9
      BFG – 5
      MONRL – 8
      BELE – 8
      RAMSEY – 4
      FLAM – 1
      CAMP – 7
      WALC – 3
      GIR – 6
      SANCH – 8
      WENG – 1

  2. 3 matches in 8 days, all must wins.. One game at a time from now on. Hopefully we will be on our level again.

    1. @goonthinker
      Exactly. Aaron and Flame are not midfield players. Let’s go with Elneny and Le Coq when he comes back because our midfield has been as open as a damn barn door lately…

  3. Sanchez – MOTM
    Bellarine in 2nd

    Sad to say this but with the way this league was going if Fergie was to return from retirement he would run away with the league with the same poor United team. It takes a team with b@lls, hug nuts to win the league. Fair play to the boys giving there all, its unfortunate too many players didn’t turn up (Theo, Ramsey, Flamini and even Ozil).

    And guys what’s with the continuous booing of Cesc? come on we are better than that. We should have booed him while at Barca because he acted so foolishly and held us for ransomm but from his failures there he actually wanted to come back and we shut the door on him whether rightfully so or not is another issue so where is the beef?

    Teams boo there former players when they dump them for a better team and have failed to replace them (i.e. Van payslip), are we saying we have failed to replace Cesc and if so why didn’t we bring him back when we had a chance. This club is bigger than him lets not make him feel so special by giving him that much attention!!

    1. Yea I don’t understand booing Fabregas. He is nothing to me, just a normal Chelsea player. Besides, he isn’t really shining this season now is he? So why the boos?

    2. It is how he and his Spanish buddies at Barcelona shamelessley forced through that acrimonious transfer. He put on a Barcelona jersey at the world cup final while still contracted to Arsenal for the whole world to see our wife getting banged by the badboy with the mustang next door. Never mind he was our captain and sort of talisman at the time, he took a freaking wage cut (to just show how desperate he was to get off our books and willing to do anything) and seemingly miraculously recovered from his constant hamstring injuries to score 10 goals in like his 1st 3 games at Barcelona. That my friend is why we booed him.

      1. Valid points but for how long?

        It makes him feel so special. To use your example imagine after you divorce that same wife who banged that badboy in public, she’s dumped by him too, moves to the next guy after you refused her back and then each time she’s around your street you spend your hole time calling her names for all to see, who do you think wins there?

        Cesc just gets motivated to even play better when we do that because there is a hint that we haven’t got over him and are not doing better without him which is not the case.

  4. If we loose against Southampton, we’ll be in 4th Place.
    I hope we win though.
    If we eventually win the title this season, it will definitely not be because Arsenal has been brilliant, but because other teams have poor (which we can’t rely on).

  5. Its funny how some players seem to be immune to criticism. Take Koscielny for example, he was clearly at fault for the costa goal, he was just standing there and made no attempt to cover the near post when the cross came in. In another chelsea spell prior to the goal, he horribly missed an offside trap and almost caused some problems for us. He was also accountable for the Oscar shot earlier on when he decided to pass the ball in his own box instead of clearing it.
    Again I had a second look at the Per red card…actually Per had Diego costa offside, the guy that played him onside was Koscielny, his positioning was terrible. Yet not a single word of criticism about him was mentioned from the ever-complaining fans here….Its all metersacker and wenger’s fault!

    1. I totally agree with you. Each time you put across a fair point on Kos, Ozil or Sanchez here whether you are right or wrong most people will just thumb you down.

      Kos has not been playing well lately, I have noticed this since the Newcastle game even though he got the winner. Whether his tired or not or whether his just going through that period which most players have Wenger and Bold should still have a word with him. It might be some mental issues as his focus has gone down. If not for the ref feeling guilty for Per’s dismissal that block on Cesc would have been a needless penalty given away.

  6. Off topic, but Vincent Kompany has been ruled out for another 6 weeks. This is a major blow for City.

    Come on Wenger, time for that traditional, crazy winning spring run!!

  7. Ramsey a 7??? really more like a 5 he was non influential and kept losing the ball (his dribbling skills are nothing compared to Santi).

    Flamini a 4? He should have been a 2. He was terrbile yesterday did not fight for the ball againsit Matic and Mikel..Thought he was ibrahimovic with his kick when clearly he should have taken the time to plant a header.. My view also is he was also not focued right nefore we conceded. We are a man down and instead of help Kosh he wan there point at places and walking around the box??

    We need to start playing Eleney instead..

  8. walcott should only got 2 out of 10 for ratings…seems like arsenal played with 9 players against chelsea…haha

  9. On a positive note Sanchez and Ozil where looking good playing together just a sharp threat they where interchanging position and getting sneaky balls through..and Monreal got involved as well with the breaks on the left

  10. Never mind the ratings, what baffles me the most is the turning of a massive 3 pointer game against a rival we have not beaten in donkey years to a testimonial? You will think our mind set will be focused on just the game at hand and not some sentimental rubbish that ultimately back fired…and by the way what exactly is Walcott celebrating? Winning the lottery I guess, because for he is he earning and what he is delivering he sure is stealing a living…and to come up all teary eyed and talk loyalty about a player who held ye club to ransom for improved package is just farcical, a joke!!!!

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