Arsenal player ratings for Chelsea loss – Walcott MOTM

Arsenal did not score but we did have to play the whole second half with 10 men and were further reduced to nine after Mike Dean sent off Gabriel and Cazorla, but Theo Walcott was lively and our biggest threat, even if he did get caught narrowly offside a few times. And there was not too much competition on the Arsenal team for Man if the Match.

Cech 6 – Made some good saves and could do nothing for goals.

Bellerin 5.5 – Okay, worked hard, created a bit but was sloppy with the ball at times.

Gabriel 5 – Did well until his moment of madness. Needed help from team mates.

Koscielny 6 – Apart from his mistake on the goal he defended really well.

Monreal 5.5 – Similar game to Bellerin.

Coquelin 6 – Doing a great job until his knock which saw him replaced at the break. That cost us.

Cazorla 5 – What was he thinking? Not a captain´s job at all.

Ozil 5.5 – Did some good work but not enough.

Ramsey 6 – Tireless and decent but still not quite happening.

Alexis 6.5 – Really needs a goal to kick start his season but he never gives up.

Walcott 7 – If only we had kept 11 men I think his pace and movement could have been telling. Getting better.

Chambers 6 – Unlucky with the deflection but stepped in well.

Chamberlain 6 – Tried to make things happen and almost did.

Giroud 5.5 – Too late for him to have much effect.

Mike Dean -4 – Useless idiot.

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  1. Hmmm,i can’t rate anybody good or poor,it will always be difficult when you are down to short 1 or 2 no matter what. We were unlucky and things could have gone in the other way round as well.

    But in my view all the lads gave out their best. Lets move on to the next game no need crying over a spilled milk.

    1. how did we not sign a coquelin back-up over the summer……… If he goes out Longer than a week, that will be unforgiveable!…….. Flame and slow-server should have been released and flung outta the emirates……maybe we should BRING ON BIELIK!

      1. It’s wenger knows best that is ruining our club he must be getting kick backs from the board if he doesn’t spend no other explanation besides getting not winning the title this time we can forget top 4 or even uefa all the pl teams strengthened but us we shouldn’t expect anything

  2. Very depressing match yesterday. But to be honest, the team has shown no spirit this season. I can be sure whenever watching an Arsenal game, that when we are passing badly or go down, we just won’t come back. In fact we’ll panic and concede more. Similar with going a man down. There would be a lapse in defensive concentration and goal from a setpiece. Last year we at least had Sanchez desperately trying to make something happen showing some fighting spirit. Now we have nothing. I am a big Wenger fan but seeing such a hapless team puts serious questions about his ability to manage anymore. Hope this sense of injustice instills some spirit and we can go on a run of results.

    1. Especially when you see teams like leicester/westham/swansea all clawing, fighting, showing heart and most of all… playing good entertaining football. Always down to the Manager to get them pumped up and ready! What does Arsene actually do to do that these days because showing no evidence of any of the above atm.

      1. I was talking with someone before the game and that is what we brought up, how today’s match we need some scrappers and which ones do we reckon could bring it. Coq obviously came up because he’s tough and fair. Gabriel of course is the one we both agreed on after watching him out-muscle the bully stoke player who injured Debuchy. Stoke player was furious and pointing while trying to intimidate him but did not go back near him for rest of game. Long time since a sto player got taste of his own medicine from one of ours we thought that Gab was going to give Costa a taste of his own medicine too. Unfortunately that’s a very ugly game costa plays.

        Arsenal are too fair it would seem, and because of this, strangely, we are given less slack with cards. Ps ..why didn’t the linesman speak about Koscielny getting slapped scratched and pushed to the ground ..and why wouldn’t a teammate take offence to this.

        The wort thing to come from all of this is how Gab and Kos partnership is getting broken up just when they were starting to develop an understanding as they say.

        1. Yes Coq and Gab were ball winners all day long! Them two are animals are is really annoying that thier partnership is having a break as you could see how comfortable the boss was with Gab covering him when he went forward. Going to be Fifa16s best prem Def in Mertersaker along side him now ??

  3. Gabriel is MOTM, he has balls unlike any of those that run around tirelessly but not quite happening or those that are still getting better after over a decade in the premier league. He has less than a year here, he’s good at marking and he’s already leaving a mark. Opposition now knows not to mess with him when he returns from suspension.

    1. GP did OK though the red is too cheap. I would rather to see him give that shit a couple of punch for a red card.

      I don’t know If I shall argue that Kos’ nativity cost our 3 points. He had at least time chances to put his hands on her face and roll over on the ground. Times after time we see player acting like that. But when someone like Kos stood firmly on this feet after the offending from that piece of shit and kept his clam and composure, he could not get reward at all. And in the end the shit got GP sent-off and it stayed on the pitch. I can only say Football really need justice.

  4. I’m proud of Gabriel for standinng up, strikers will know not to mess with us now. The down side is that he will be targeted now. He needs the right balance of agresion. iv got nothing to say about the game

  5. Arsenal should learn how to defend themselves. Gabby went to defend kos but kos didn’t defend him. Kos was already on the ground already all he needed was to stay on the ground and more arsenal players should have join Gabby to alert the ref to the kos incident. But what did kos do he stood up instead of staying on the ground and Gabby lacked evidence that Costa went at kos so the ref was make to believe that Gabby and Costa were involve in a duel issuing them yc and the kos incident not even pointed to. There after our captain caz was close to Gabby pull him away from Costa let anoda person not on yc provoke Costa. All I could see was the ref and Gabby being surrounded by chelsea players and just a few arsenal players ozil, Sanchez, Walcott and Ramsey were very slow to react to the incident, just a glimpse of caz and coq, moreal looks like he was looking for pity from a biase ref and kos didn’t play his part well. Gabby rc is the team fault

  6. Worst rating was dean, quite how he gets a 4 for his performance makes the other scores a complete joke. We also did not have a 7 out there today.

    Alexis is my big concern at the moment, his summer efforts a bit like Harry Kane seem to be affecting him.

    The fa, uefa, and fifa, really need to do something about the international and domestic calendars. Alignment is the only way with the season split in two, the leagues made smaller and internationals played in the two breaks.

  7. Walcott, Gabo, bellerin…………MEN OF THE MATCH

    Costa………MUG OF THE MATCH

    Mike dean……..DISASTER OF THE MATCH

    1. Bellerin actually looked timid to me yesterday. He got forward at times and looked good but he just looked timid. And was it just me or did it look like koscielny was carrying a knock or something?

    2. WALCOTT???

      Are you kidding me? Offside every single time and doesn’t offer anything except ‘quick diagonal run’
      If everybody keeps banging on about his speed then why does he need to be right on the defenders shoulder?
      We have all been taken for fools if we have been persuaded to believe he is what we need

    3. was everybody watching a different match yesterday?
      I couldnt watch it but I was following it through live text
      others said
      monreal was the best
      gabby was good
      kos was good
      bellerin was good
      chambers was good
      coq was good
      sanchez was good
      walcott was good
      ramsey was good
      though they all said ozil and cazorla were poor
      can somebody please give me a fair rating for the match

  8. I liked what I saw of walcott he looked strong, his runs were good and his technique has definitely improved. Now he just needs consistent run at the ST position so we can see if he can deliver the goods.

    But I was also really happy what I saw from gabriel I loved that he stood up for koscielny and showed fight

    1. I think he needs to learn little things like whenever a shot goes in he should always anticipate the keeper to knock it down by running in for tap ins. I’d like him to take some shots from outside the box, he needs to get himself some range as most of his goals are one on ones. His offside nature got mentioned, yes he should give the defender a couple of feet because the defender has either his back turned or he is at standing point ..Theo doesn’t have to be the first runner calling for a forward ball when he is so close to being offside (defender only has to step up) he should make late runs or second runner moves after allowing the winger call for forward pass. Too often Theo tries to be the the only player in opposite half (including opposition) and it is too easy to play him off side as RWRW touched upon ..he is either off or right on the margin but his eagerness and lack of patience has him hopping and gone before the ball is even played. Some patience and walk before you run is needed.

  9. Morning gooners hope your all feeling better after the disaster yesterday but west ham softened the blow a little,still only 5points off top. Could west ham be a dark horse like southampton were last year for top 4? Bilic might just be the man to put them back in europe (imo europa league spot)

    ANYWAYS… its quite concerning that the game yesterday and i cant really pick anyone for MOTM, no arsenal player stood out bar Coq until he got injured. Even in champions league you could see the impact he had when he came on… hes our main guy this season. Sanchez no doubt works his socks off but his 2nd touch, 1-2 passing and goals have been left in chile!! Ozil been class so far so have no problems he will be back to normal come spuds and leicester, gave ball away too much very unlike him! Cazorla isnt captain material thats should be for KOSS THE BOSS no doubt is a warrior in there and has more freedom when Gabby plays as je can bomb forward as u saw last weeknd, hasnt a bad strike on him either. Walcott got in behind alot, offside unluckily a few times was a sign of danger for the chelsea back line BUT have to say like your Zouma kid, looks like a future CB beast… he was MOTM yesterday no doubt out of all players on the pitch!

    1. If it was me I would say to Gabriel Coq and Ramsey that I am thinking of you three for my captains. What I need though is for you to be able to speak up and question a player if he lets a runner go or if you want him giving more effort. Gab you will need to learn the language fully by end of season. Coq, I need you to show authority in your words as well as your presence. Ramsey, Same for you. You three are at a good age and have good physical qualities and should be able to speak to your fellow men on what is expected from all who wear the jersey. I think this responsibility will be great for the three of you, and I want you to study Adams Keown Vieira and Parlour footage of when things were going good and bad. You will have Adams and his three pals to talk to while you are watching these tapes so ask them everything. Then in training you will have them there marking you 1 out of ten. After it’s done I will give you the order of your captainship.

      1. Yes them 3 are perfect choice fo captain:
        1. Boss
        2. Coq
        3. Rambo

        Boss, is a beast back there organises the back line and wins most of his deuls. Lets his passion show why he could lead Arsenal.

        Coq, has been an absolute revelation and im not praising Arsene for his comeback it was injuries and he showed true grit and determination since slotting in. He screams and organises the midfield every game moving players about. Leads by example also by his tackling and passion for the badge. He is an Arsenal boy

        Rambo, he would be 3rd choice as hes not been the Ramsey we know he is trying too hard for his own personal needs at times and should be puttinh the team 1st but is starting to understand abit more, put him in santis position and you could see him flourish again and maybe an extra bite in himin wearing the clubs arm band.

        1. Kos probably would be better suited than Gab with his experience and so forth. But Gab as someone eluded to is reminiscent of Keown. Id love to see him stand up all of a sudden and start barking orders whenever someone lets a runner go or doesn’t put a foot in. The language barrier is probably too big right now I don’t know. If he mastered it he would be a good choice not only for his combative style but because of his aggression. You need to be aggressive I believe as you want your players fearing a backlash. I just don’t think Kos has this in him, not that Ramsey or Coq have shown to be better suited for it as it’s more to do with maturity. Kos is 30 so he will not be turning over a new leaf. Gabriel I can picture barking orders in his native tongue, so if he could command the English language Id love to see him a capable captain.

  10. no wonder wenger has gotten away with his dozen years of failure when fans deliver this kind of ludicrous assessment…get of the wenger juice and get yourself cleaned up … anyway this was a tale of two very different halves so average score is basically like saying the guy who took a bath in ice water and then in scolding water had a good time as on average he was in warm water!!! In the first half we defended well against a chelsea team back on form…bellerin did pretty well againsy one of best attacking wing players in europe gabriel man marked costas and kos looked comfortable…. they dominated mid field though we had some good potential counters which fizzled out upfront because ramsey was non-existent alexis overcomplicated and walcott was never a threat even to their lumbering centrebacks who he felt he needed to steal a pace on and was endlessly caught offside this guy will never be a serious striker ever…second half should be forgotten

  11. I hate to think that Mike Dean may have been paid in some way to let Chelsea win because I seriously have watched the replay a few times and still for the life my can not understand how Gabriel was given a red and Costa wasn’t.

    1. Gabriel would have stayed on the pitch should the game have a referee who should have removed that shit away from the pitch before Gabriel slip on it.

  12. Cazorla…. 3…not a captain material. Lacks leadership, appear cheerful when being cheated.

    Ozil…….3…. Not a big game player at arsenal, always ball-watching, I-don’t-care-attitude

    Kos……4…. Not realizing staying put in the ground is the basis for keeping gabriel in the pitch. Thus making gabriel fight looks ordinary.

    Ramsey….3… Not knowing difference between wing play and midfield. Playing thinking it will land him in Barcelona next season.

    Cech….3…. Not helping Gabby/Kos fight their cause when bullied by Costa. No command, no grit

    Sanchez….5… Confused, frustrated, always having plenty to do. Missed a good chance to equalize.

    Arsenal…2…. Never scored a goal against mouthino in the league since 2012. Shaking the hands of the Chelsea players after the match. 2 defeats in one week, unto the next game like my Wife will say.

    Thumb me down all you want… But truth is, our boys where timid and scared yesterday, no fight no passion. Am so sure Majority of fans here already have it in their mind that we won’t win that game even before kick-off.

  13. Ozil – no show (again)
    Sanchez (tired and the weight on his shoulders is showing)
    Ramsey (not happening but still trying)
    Cazorla (out of form)

    Team looks lost. Devoid of creativity, confidence and leadership.

    Lack of quality depth, strategy and leadership (on and off the field) will mean we end up where we always end up.

    Gab is a future stalwart if he can control himself and box a little bit cleverer.

    Walcott makes the runs but needs to be able to convert chances. If his first effort wasn’t so lame it could have been a completely different game and outcome.

  14. How about in a game where we are unjustly treated, we abandon the match and leave…It is going to be a big shame if the FA don’t give costa a ban or atleast suspend dean. inasmuch as i respect wenger for his past achievements, with the game still goaless as at the time Gabriel was sent off i don’t understand why we still had to think we can nick it with a man down. Against the so called big teams like chelsea (though i doubt with their attitude towards the game) i think the right game plan would av been to shut them out for the remaining half. All we needed was to reduce one attacker and brought on say Debuchy to partner the BOSS and then chambers in the CDM role if really le coq was hurt and shut chelski out. Well at this point am worried and low in morale and i guess its the same with the team. Same thing i said worried me before this game vs chelski. we need a permanent fix now or head drops lower overtime.

  15. Arsenal players need a fighting spirit while on dt pitch to advance in any tournament, one man down ystday nd they were playing lackadaisical. Its Wengers job to stir up dt spirit in them.

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