Arsenal player ratings for cup win v Spurs – Flamini MOTM

I was already leaning towards Mathieu Flamini as the best Arsenal player in the Capital One cup north London derby, and then the Frenchman came up with that stunning volley to win the game, so there was no contest. As well as his goals, Flamini brought grit, drive and determination to the heart of the Arsenal team and we needed it. Did you see him rallying the team when we were under the cosh?

Ospina 7 – Unlucky for the goal and one handling error but was very positive and sharp on the whole.

Debuchy 6 – Recovered after a tricky period after our first goal. Looks rusty.

Mertesacker 6 – Did okay but you could tell he hasn´t been playing.

Chambers 7 – Much improved game from the young defender, spoiled a bit by own goal.

Gibbs 7.5 – A good game from another player with a point to prove.

Arteta 7 – Looks like our captain and Flamini could be a decent option for Arsenal.

Flamini 9 – Did he just rescue his career as a Gunner?

Ramsey 8 – Great stuff from the Welshman, especially second half.

The Ox 8 – Positive, direct, effective.

Campbell 6.5 – Faded after good start.

Giroud 6 – Still looks in need of a confidence boost to get going.

Alexis 8 – Changed the game after coming on.

Walcott – no time for a rating.

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  1. i think campbell played better than the rating given to him…
    debuchy was rusty plus giroud was as most of the he is only average

    1. His defensive work was non existent. Looks much too raw still and a bit of a headless chicken if you ask me.

      I like his pace, his stamina, and his body strength ..but the lad just doesn’t know how to best use it. He needs to model his game off someone ..Freddy would be awesome.

      1. Campbell defended pretty well on occasions, but lets be honest why would he want to play for Wenger anymore. He knows he is being lined up for a transfer so his confidence must be really low. Also why the hell was he played on the right and Ox on the left. Joel is a left footer and Ox a right footer. I imagine it was because Wenger decided to attack the weaker Spurs defender, but it meant that Danny Rose could take it passed Campbell on the outside more easily asit was his weaker side and run at a rusty Debuchy. I think they alluded to this in the studio commentary.

      2. Go and look at who made 3 sliding tackles for Arsenal, it was Joel. He played to safe on the ball yesterday, because he didn’t want to make mistakes.

        1. My apology if you thought I was being critical of Joel, quite the opposite. I think we have treated him appallingly. He deserved a good run after his World Cup performance and his brilliant showing in the Emirates Cup first match in 2014, then he was thrown on the heap, had his ears flicked in training tossed out on loan. I have supported Arsenal since 1972 and I must admit I can’t think of another player who seems to have been quite so poorly treated. We should either give him a decent run or sell him to someone who will.

  2. Flamini brought back some good memories performance wise! I saw a Flamini of 2006 last night. He had a great run of games in that season..

    Hoping for a good game to Leicester on Saturday.

  3. Thought Ramsey, Alexis and Ox were average – 8 too high a rating. Giroud and Debuchy deserve 6s but have no idea whatsoever how BFG gets the same rating as them. Amazing how we all watch the same game and can have diametrically opposed views. Both the match commentator and the studio pundit picked out BFG as having an excellent game. Thought he was calm and error free throughout. MF, CC, PM and KG were our best players.

    1. Mertesacker hardly touched the ball all game. Can’t remember if he made a tackle or if he won any ball in the air. This is not a personal attack, sadly he does not have the mobility and therefore if he has anticipation he is unable to use it in time. He moved up for several corners and I caught him several times lumbering back, presumably to join the other defenders who were able to sprint back. I am sure he didn’t win a header in either penalty area. I thought that Chambers was superb and so again this BFG got away with occupying a space on the pitch without ever being under pressure to make any contribution worth remembering. Surely even watching his play through coloured glasses, you can’t seriously think that he is anyway near as effective as Gabriel or even Chambers as Kos’s permanant partner…

      1. Lets just say we must have watched different games. PM was properly involved defensively with no scares. If saying PM was better than MD and OG represents spectacles of the rose-tinted variety then so be it. Good to get back to winning ways after the last 2 losses – with Kos and Gab as our CB pairing. Do you recall CC’s mare against Liverpool with Gab as his partner? Recall Kos against West Ham? Recall 30 odd matches unbeaten with LK/PM pairing? Where are those rose-tinted specs……..?

  4. I dint watch the game but can’t still fathom how Flamini got two goals. Was he on some kind of paradise?
    Happy we won. That should help take the pressure off the team.

    1. Flamini is a lot better than most people give him credit for. Remember he was sidelined (we think) because of a prank involving Wenger, and since then he has tried to prove himself off the bench sometimes with too much aggression resulting in red card incidents. What Flamini is, is a fighter. Something distinctly lacking in our team. He also shouts and organises. A natural ” water carrier” as they call them on the continent. What we saw yesterday was a player who got a game by the scruff of the neck and decided he wanted to beat Spurs. For me that’s a true Arsenal player, old school or not.

      1. well said.
        never actually defended Flamini the way I do with Giroud or others, but maybe it was because I kind of agre that he is indeed a fighter.
        And man do we need one sometimes.

    2. @John Legend
      “Flame” just did what our other forward players failed to do, exploit the spaces created. Thats how most of his goals are made. By moving into those spaces, while our forwards stand by looking awe struck.

      1. Exactly…. I think he was playing more like a Box to Box midfielder… just like Ramsey was playing in 2013-14.

  5. These are very generous ratings overall the team played poorly and created no chances. I hate giroud but he was so isolated yesterday that he had to go to the wings to atleast get the ball. I agree for le flame as MOTOROLA. leister next

  6. Generous with the ratings are we.

    Good game by the lads, my tip my hat to them, only to be let down by a few drunk funs ripping stuff at the lane. Totally unnecessary we are a classy bunch (we fight and curse in house not showing our foolishness elsewhere).

    My main take from the game.

    – Ospina’s still got it, commanded his area during set pieces which I also like in a golie and didn’t put a foot wrong all night really.

    – Debuchy – much needed minutes under his belt, he could tell his still recovering. Didn’t do much going forward and his positioning at times was something else.

    – Chambers – 2 goals in 2 now (lol). Good game from him, his really improved in the CB position and looks comfortable.

    – Mert – Didn’t do much wrong on the pitch too, good to see him back.
    – Gibbs, good performance last night, much improved from the UCL game. He should be encouraged to cross more especially when OG is playing seeing that our wingers rarely do so.

    – Arteta played well. Age might be catching up he looks tired towards the end of the game. He did a great job as captain showing the lads how to play with a yellow and still be competitive.

    – Flamini – Deserved man of the man. Full of running and took the game personally (as the NLD should be taken). Didn’t see that coming from him, took his chance and reminded us why his still at the club. Showed Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez Ox, Coq and Carzola how its supposed to be done, our strikers are misfiring we need midfielders to step up and score goals too.

    – Joel – put in a hard shift in the 1st half. Don’t think he will be at the club after the summer, with young stars like Gnabry, Iwobi, Reine, and Silva catching up, his game time will be less and less.

    – Ramsey – I was not very impressed with him last night. Wenger needs to have a word with him or some bench time might be beneficial. His working hard as always and at times his trying to force things.

    – Ox – Good play from him so he really needs to improve on creating clear cuts chances for others, crossing and scoring.

    – OG – Another pool game from him though service was poor I must say. He gave something for the Spurs defenders to do though especially when we played it direct.

    – Sanchez just needs 1 goal to get it out of the system and return to his usual self.

    Overall pleased with the win, lets keep the momentum!!!

  7. Gibbs should be tried in the left wing position. I think he would do very well excellent clearance of the line as good as a goal

  8. Giroud should get a 4, debuchy and Arteta 5. Whoever did dis rating, would U have given same ratings if we lost?
    Stop encouraging mediocrity, Arsenal should be a top club!!!!!!
    Wenger Out, Giroud Out…

      1. Celta vigo 4
        Barcelona 1

        I wonder how much the whole of Celta vigo’s starting 11 cost?

        I think 50mil should cover it ???

        1. Loooool people are slating Debuchy here, what would have been the scene when they were made to watch Barcelona’s defense, especially Pique and Masceranho. They would have torn them apart. Actually the whole defense was atrocious, including Busquets.

  9. My ratings

    Ospina 8-Good game.

    Debuchy 4- terrible game,was always behind play and never offered anything going forward.

    Chambers 8- looks far more comfortable at CB,great aerial play and reading of the game.

    Mertesacker 7- Decent game

    Gibbs 8- really impressive, defensively solid and got down the line a couple of times.

    Arteta 6.5- Decent game,couple of interceptions but was caught behind the ball a number of times.

    Flamini 6-Great 2 goals but I don’t judge a cdm based on that…never gave enough cover defensively…allowed us to be countered a number of times due to his bad positional play

    Ramsey 8- great to see him finally play in the middle. He’s so much better there…a couple of good defence splitting passes and always makes a run into the box to add numbers…much more of a threat at number 10 than Ozil.

    Campbell 6- Off the pace, needs more games and confidence…not ready for epl.

    Chamberlain 8.5- a real threat with the ball,so much better than Ramsey on the wing.Needs to work on his final product though…and tracking back.

    Giroud 4- As expected offered us nothing at all,he can’t even link up play nowadays…we should consider selling him.

    Wenger 6- I feel like sometimes he doesn’t watch the game,left Debuchy to struggle the whole game,on another day we’ll be punished for that…good idea to introduce Sanchez though.

    1. As a CDM, maybe Flamini wasn’t great, but he showed us all the desire to go forward and be in the right position to score the two goals. I thought he wasn’t playing CDM last night but he was playing as a box to box just like Ramsey was playing 2013-14. Just look at him for the first goal, he looks on Ox to shoot, and still gets forward thinking maybe the ball would rebound. And that paid off.

      For the second goal, he was drifting in the space provided by the Spurs midfield. To his luck, nobody covered him. And when ball rose upfront, he raced towards it, positioned himself and smashed the volley brilliantly.
      Henry said last night, “I was thinking, what he is doing there? His job is to protect midfield. But it was that desire and drive which got him into that position and as a result, he scored a great goal.”

    2. Bartender I’m sorry, but several of your ratings are grossly over-inflated, namely Ramsey and the OX.
      Ramsey was not impressive last night at all. The two penetrating passes he played when he was completely free in space stick out for you, and are balls a player at this level should be able to connect. Reality is the rest of his performance was average to slightly above average at best. Very rarely was he productively involved in the play in the final third or even middle third for that matter. Were Ramsey to be our 10 going forward for the rest of the season we would be in severe trouble.
      He had a season where everything he touched turned to gold, but that was clearly the exception, not the norm. Arsene needs to move him back to the box to box position and then determine who’s playing better between him and Santi. If it’s not him, then he sits. Forcing him into the lineup is not helping us.

      The OX last night looked determine to get forward, and was dynamic doing so at times, but an 8.5 he was not. All too often his final product was left wanting. He looked like an English Gervinho last night. That said, I think he brings more ability and balance on the right than Ramsey does and deserves a run of games over there.

      Chambers was solid, not an 8. Gibbs was better than debuchy.

  10. I’m happy for Flamini,
    There were a lot of fan’s giving him stick before the game,
    It’s a shame how people forget one’s qualities just because they haven’t played for a while.
    Flamini is a fearless character from the old school,
    With plenty of Stamina, aggression and motivation,
    He has a real passion for the game, just because he is in his early 30’s that doesn’t mean that he can’t keep preforming like he did last night!

    He is not a big earner at the club on £70,000 aweek,
    But he shows more guts and desire for the shirt he wears than the others who earn twice his wages!

    1. By the way, same time last year ago when we played Spurs at Emirates in PL, it was his defensive mistake that led to Spurs goal, which eventually resulted in a draw. Also, he committed a few mistakes before that. I think fans’ hatred was a bit deserved but they shouldn’t call him useless.

      I think he should be given chance as a box 2 box rather than CDM. Only Coquelin can perform that CDM role perfectly (maybe Chambers too, who knows).

  11. Ox and Ramsey both 8? You must be kidding. I wouldn’t give them more than a 6.5. They didn’t play that good.

    1. 6.5 for ox did some nice work but doesn’t know where to go next … 8 for Ramsey!!!! Maybe you were watching one of last years matches on TiVo …. Showed why 40m to barca talk was the ultimate summer transfer madness talk ….5 at most.., effort without skill or purpose makes for mediocre football

  12. Typical Arsenal fan article…a win against an average in a cup game and suddenly Arteta and Flamini are top dogs deserving of a squad number…and when we come across a half decent team and their limitations are exposed the same clueless fan like the writer of this article will scream blue murder…..our fan base is mostly as deluded as our manager and board…..and are also fickle minded and lack any real ambition…….smh!!!!!

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