Arsenal player ratings for FA cup at Preston – Giroud MOTM

The winning goal that Olivier Giroud scored for Arsenal away top Preston in the FA cup was vital and well taken and so was it played a big part in my award of Man of the Match to the France international, but he also played a crucial role in the build up and our captain for the night was one of the players on the field trying to get the Gunners going after an awful start.

Ospina 6 – Couldn’t do much for the goal and stood up under big pressure.

Maitland-Niles 6 – Very bad start but the youngster was not helped by teammates and did improve a lot.

Gabriel 4 – Error strewn and petulant performance from the erratic Brazilian.

Mustafi 6 – A few mistakes but he got no help from those around him and a crucial goal saving block.

Monreal 5 – Good clearance off line but in general very below par.

Xhaka 5 – We needed to see more control and aggression. Passed ball well.

Ramsey 6 – Great goal and tried hard nut needs match sharpness.

Iwobi 6.5 – Good movement, technical ability and vision. Assisted Ramsey’s goal.

Oxlade-Chamberlain – A lot of huff and puff and tracking back but little impact.

Lucas Perez 6 – Great touch for Giroud’s goal and some good stuff but also some poor decisions and passing.

Giroud 7 – Hardly saw him in first half but he came good again and showed real fight.

Welbeck 6 – Great to see Danny back and nearly marked it with good goal.

Holding and Reine-Adelaide – No time.



  1. Ramterta says:

    proper ratings should be
    Ospina 5.
    maitland niles 3
    gabriel 1
    mustafi 2
    monreal 2
    xhaxa 2
    ramsey 2
    iwobi 3
    ox 2
    perez 4
    giroud 6
    welbeck 3

  2. Ramterta says:

    these players.
    Are overrated.
    They wpuld be nowhere near the starting lineups of chelsea city and united.
    If you dont believe this just wait for the bayern game and they score over 7 goals.
    Then you ll realise they are mid table at best.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Under a good direction, our players will play well. We often have bad performances, because usually we don’t have a playmaker in the team to control the game, and the manager and his staffs usually cannot give the players good guidance in the match day.

    Sanchez can be a playmaker in the front, but he is usually deployed in the left side. I think he would be able to control the game better in the central position, just as we have seen in the previous several matches. Even Thierry Henry said that Sanchez would be more suitable to play in the central attacking midfielder/ forward position. He can play behind Giroud and give lethal through balls to our inverted wingers (Perez/ Walcott/ Chamberlain).

    Cazorla is great as a deep playmaker, unfortunately he is prone to injuries. I hope we will get a confident playmaker that can dictate the tempo and has a great vision next season.

    1. cesceru says:

      pjanic is ur man

    2. st.buddie27 says:

      That it was said by Thierry Henry doesn’t mean it’s right, that’s his opinion and he has never really coached at top level…

  4. chukzyking says:

    arsenal must keep fighting.onward forever

  5. NY_Gunner says:

    Ramsey-6…Yet he let Pearson boss the midfield. Always wanted to get forward, but caught walking back when we’re being attacked.
    Xhaka-5…Same with this guy. Half good at passing, but can’t defend to save his soul. Always caught flat footed.
    Iwobi-6.5…Just wanted to get forward. Allergic to tracking back.
    Perez-6…A demon in the box. But left young Maitland-Niles to fend for himself.
    Yet, Ox didn’t even get a rating. He tracked back to help out Monreal. No one else up front, besides Olivier were defending. Thats why the back 4 caught heck in abundance in the 1t half.
    Olivier was beckoning for some of the forwards to help press up high and they just looked at him like he had the clap or something…

  6. legend Henry says:

    So you gave them high ratings because we scored?
    All the players aside the goalkeeper don’t deserve above 2 marks.
    I don’t blame them . When these same arsenal players play under klopp or someone,they will play better.
    Arsenal has no football manager except an 8 million a year expect in failure.

    1. st.buddie27 says:

      Klopp that could not defeat plymouth at home

  7. yugo says:

    Xhaka, ramsy,olivier, let’s forget the scoreline but against another team arsenal will be 12:0down this three only flater to decieve they are playing Nonsence

  8. yugo says:

    Arsenal is known for the passing game and a nice midfield what Nonsence useless performance do we get week in week out they give Xhaka the ball and everybody starts running and hope Xhaka trows the ball into the post Xhaka can stop an opposition attack and when he does its a penalty, ramsy doesnt no if his a midnight fielder or a striker cos he doesn’t no what midfielders do

  9. yugo says:

    Monreal is OLD but I guess we waiting for the new boi and the injured gibbs ARSENEL should pay us to surport them, last season we watched Lester take the leauge naw we waiting for a new manager conte,pep or the pool manager to take it and next season we must love and surport wenga

  10. Bobbyraz says:

    these have to be the most terrible ratings i ever seen, seriously ur given out as high as 6 to players who were absolutely terrible, did watch the match at all ?

  11. ruelando says:

    Except for welbeck everyone gets 1, how can mustafi get more than stupid gab with so many misplayed pass under no pressure, ox was awful but the only one getting back to defend, ramsey and xhaka leaving their defensive on the back four only. some of these players pay needs to be with-held until they perform seriously

    1. ruelando says:

      What pissed me off most of all was after the match comment by ramsay or giroud or both, saying they never new “PRESTON WOULD COME AT THEM LIKE THAT”, now that can tell you the mentality of the players at arsenal, too comfortable in their own world

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