Arsenal player ratings for FA cup final – Coquelin MOTM

Once again there were a number of Arsenal players that put in great performances and could have been names as the Man of the Match. I am not going to argue with the BT sport pick of Santi Cazorla but for me the stand out man was FRancis Coquelin who showed some great technical ability and passing to add to his usual defensive strength.

Szczesny 7 – Positive, sharp and alert but was not sorely tested and made one small mistake.

Bellerin 8 – A great game but could have conceded a penalty for a clumsy tackle.

Mertesacker 8 – Didn’t have too much to do but was in charge of Benteke all day long.

Koscielny 8 – Did all that was asked of him.

Monreal 8 – Top game from the Spaniard both defending and going forward.

Coquelin 9.5 – Brilliant from the best who had a passing accuracy of over 92 percent and suggested that any summer DM signing could struggle to get in the first team.

Cazorla 9 – Was everywhere and controlled the game from the middle.

Ramsey 8 . Grew into the game and was involved in almost all our creative play.

Ozil 8 – Some sublime stuff from the German but not his very best.

Alexis 9 – What a goal to cap an all round great performance.

Walcott 9 – PLaying as well as ever and giving us a great option up front. Fantastic finish!

Giroud 7 – Had not really influenced the game but took his goal with real class.

Wilshere 7 – More very encouraging stuff from the injury hit star.

Chamberlain 6 – Not enough time to shine.

Wenger 9 – became the most successful FA cup manager in true Prof style.

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  1. no way Coquelin! he conceded a silly penalty which the ref decided to let slide..he also got caught dwadling on the ball several times outside our box but got rescued by the ref. MOTM should be Ozil..perfect through balls and intelligent silky movement.

    1. You’re dealing with Arsenal fans in great number, rationality is lost when we get a good result. Coquelin clearly wasn’t man of the match, but it doesn’t matter anyway we won the cup – let the herd big up everyone associated with Arsenal.

      Cazorla ran the show for me.

      1. It hurts Charlie to give credit where it’s due,you said that Coquelin would be sold Summer got that wrong, but eh no more from me on the subject of him The fans and I rest our case. CB

        1. I never said anything of the sort, you’re making that up simply because we disagree about a player. Grow up.

          And what hurts? I’ve said all along that Coqeulin has done a great job. That DOES NOT stop the fact we can buy a better DM this summer.

          If you want to review what has been said, YOU claimed Coquelin would be captain of Arsenal, in the France team, and world class by the summer. I haven’t forgot that.

          1. Your an idiot here is a guy playing for Arsenal doing a great job an all you do is pick out bits of him, no one else does you have a twisted mind you should F::: off and go watch Southhampton CB

          2. And it’s not summer yet ….

            (ADMIN COMMENT – One more personal insult FROM ANYONE will result in being put in moderation until I decide you can control yourselves)

    2. At Qauntic Dream

      The Lads Showed Character, thats all i wanted becuase i was very skeptical about the game. i have not seen my play that since the invincibles, come on, you remarks on are yours but they are invalid after a great win.

    3. @ quantic dream

      When did coquelin get caught dawdling several times like you say? And that wasn’t a penalty it was clearly outside the box, you couldn’t see that?

      1. @Goonsquad8, it’s obvious that @aquatic dream is a cry baby spurs/villa fan.
        In my books, everyone had a 10.

    4. For the first game this year I think it would be a little churlish to actually pick a MOTM but I know it is a tradition – thought everyone was very decent. Don’t think FC had a huge amount of defensive work to do and accordingly he was actually able to spend more time on the ball than normal showing a bit more of his playing ability. Cazorla may have shaded MOTM but wouldn’t score Ozil less than Walcott, Alexis and Coquelin. 9 for Santi, 8 for WS and AR and 8.5 for everyone else.

  2. Can you guys stop claiming that coquelin is not a good passer or his lack of accuracy is holding us back because that is a big fat myth.

    He has been getting better and better with his passing and he will continue to get better with game time. He’s barely 24, has only played with the 1st team for 6 months and will have a full pre season with the team this year. Le coq will take us forward we need to stick with him!

    1. Claiming? His stats (which people on here live and die buy apparently) explain he’s weak in possession. Look we won a cup, can we not open debates like this and just enjoy the moment?

      Coquelin has been good, but there are several better we can buy this summer….that’s it.

      1. Sorry im not trying to cause an argument but people are making it a bigger deal than it is but for now like you said lets just enjoy the comprehensive thrashing we just gave out!!

        1. I don’t think they are, DM is def one of the top positions we can strengthen in this summer. Coquelin has been superb but he has his limitations and there’s no use ignoring them, but Vidal in that role would clearly be a leap in quality. Same for a new ST and/or Winger. But all that talk is for another time…..

          …..probably about 3 days haha

          1. Haha I think that’s a good grace period, we will converse about the DM topic then. But what did you think of the game come on you had to have been impressed and happy

            1. Thrilled obviously, who wasn’t? I get painted as pessimistic on here because i don’t like the condescending arrogant crap pre-game, but inside of course I was hoping we’d rout them.

              It was a big, big performance for us because the last 3 at Wembley haven’t been up to par. Was delighted to see us look comfortable in a final. Been a while and was terrific to see. Only hope we add what needs adding now and we can take this enthusiasm into next season.

              Seen too many posts immediately saying we have it all in place to win the league, that’s a huge stretch. We’re a few players short of title winners for me, but for the first time in a longgggg time we can be ready after this summer. Cech, Vidal and either a proper ST or quality winger with Theo moving up top and we can start the season with legitimate excitement and ambition.

          2. Vidal is more box to box. He doesn’t sit and anchor the midfield like coq. You’d play him alongside coq, like Gilberto and Vieira.
            You look at coq’s and vidals season stats and coq is just as good.

    2. Arsenal will likely need another DM. But that has NOTHING to do with Coq’s passing, it has to do with depth at the position.

      Coq made an absolutely perfect cross-field diagonal pass to Walcott that switched the field and set up the attack on the left for the 1st goal. Although some fans apparently missed it, Walcott knew this was critical for the goal and went out of his way to seek out Coq and praise him for it.

      Coq has been solid in ALL aspects of his game since his return. Anyone who does not see it, simply does not want to see it.

      1. I’m not going to debate it with you, it’s pointless given we’ve just won the FA cup and nobody can accept any player critique at that point in time. If you want to say he’s a quality baller because an abject Villa gave him 15 yards to float one over to Theo who was in about 20 yards of space then be my guest.

        The entire second half of the season has shown his deficiencies in possession, hilarious that the picture you paint is of a perfect DM who has no superior on the market.Depth? Cos buying inferior players is what wins you trophies right….

        Like I said, pointless debating because no Arsenal player can be dissected after we win a cup, standard Arsenal fan mentality…. Faultless until we hit a bad patch and only then the light comes on. Nobody’s doubting how good coquelin has been, but the idea we won’t buy better is just daft.

  3. OMG! Lost of words Ozil= class, Sanchez = beauty, Cazorla what A delight to watch, Per vs Benteke, I will like to watch it once Again, Per Excel defensive and Offensive

    1. Actually Per’s face when he nudged it in off his shoulder was probably my “away from the action” moment of the match. I couldn’t help but smile and think “good for you big fella”.

  4. how is it the author remembers Bellerin’s careless tackle inside the box that wrongfully brought down that villa player but conviniently forgets coquelin’s rash, silly and absolutely unnecessary tackle on agbonlahor that was a clear penalty when awarding him this MOTM thing? Coq was ok but surely not MOTM.

    1. It has really come to something when any mistake by any player at any time is seized on and used to beat up on someone. I’m imagining there are guys on here who are earnestly requiring perfect error free performances all game every game. If he’d had 2 or 3 red cards this year and been giving penalties away left, right and centre we could say here is a worrying trend but come on he mistimed one tackle. Personally I thought it was rash but it was encouraging that he was even there attempting a tackle. Per gets the same treatment but the reality is that he has a pretty short rap sheet for errors/misdemeanours for 50+ games this year but if you believed 10% of the nonsense on here you would think he gets several new ones half a dozen times a game and he is responsible for every defeat we have had this season.

  5. @quantic dream
    It was outside the box not more than a free kick.. but it was careless tackle.

  6. Arsene Wenger is taking credit, and so he should He`s taken a lot of stick. It`s interesting to see he has taken some notice to those thousands who pay his and the players wages.
    Of the sixty thousand that pack the Stadium I`d say(at a guess) 20,000 know as much, if not more, about football than he does. Many of these fans would have a room set up and dedicated to Arsenal and will know, not only Arsenal players, but every single player in Europe, South America and other countries. They will know their potential and availability just as well as Arsene.
    He, however, has the advantage of inside information.
    To these Arsenal fanatics it is more than a hobby it`s their very life.
    Having said that I`m not one, I just have my two bobs worth and leave it at that, but he should listen to the `nerds` more often.

    1. Wenger did a much better job this season making adjustments with the goal of winning games and selecting players based on performance rather than favoritism – something many fans have been calling for.

      In other words, Wenger has done a good job this season after getting past his initial failings in the transfer market (DM, CB).

      (2 seasons back would Wenger have recalled Coq from loan or benched Sczny and Gibbs in league play or Giroud for the final??)

      Is that approximately what you were trying to articulate?? Very difficult to decipher.

      In any case: Wenger got it all right for the Cup Final.

    2. Wow Aussie Jack. If there are Arsenal supporters who genuinely believe that then it goes a long way to explaining the split in the fan-base. Jaw-dropping stuff.

  7. @ PAT&BOB,

  8. forget the MOTM it is totally irrelevant for the last game of the year.
    I just wonder if Benteke is still in Per’s back pocket or eventually he got out?? 🙂 🙂

  9. I’m not sure whether you guys noticed, but there was a pass in the first half where the ball rolled on to Özil and he just passed it first time with outside his boot to Theo…that made all of us stand up and applaud. One word: CLASS!!!!

    1. Anybody who knows and has played this beautiful game must have noticed the sublime outside boot pass by the magician called Ozil. ABSOLUTE CLASS!!!!

  10. Some fans here will never be satisfied so coq was poor because he made a clumsy tackle.I know the agenda,is we need a another DM but we now have the most DMs in epl coq,flamini,arteta,beilik.I noticed sczn is way better than Ospina If we have to buy then it must be a wc striker any other will be a bonus

    1. Coq’s mistake was actually one of the very few he has made since his return. And for a DM that is simply outstanding. He has been fantastic – including today’s overall performance.

  11. You could easily select any one of 4 or 5 players for MOTM. Truly a team performance punctuated by great individual play. Maybe Wenger should get MOTM this one time??

  12. who’s saying such bullocks. it was left coq’s long pass to Walcott that got the attack for the first goal started… he’s gonna get Berra and Berra. Le coq Le block Left stop Le intercept Left tackle Le recover Le Coq… I love the gunners

  13. the game was won because ozil sanchez cazorla and coquelin were on top and sublime form which allowed us to completely control the game…it was a joy to watch…and this guy scores walcott and ramsey as same level or higher. than these guys… just f****** stupid….we still need an attacking option at their level a DM to boss more challenging teams and it looks like a left back if press reports are to be believed… 3rd place and cup means wenger deserves to continue but he needs to strengthen to compete with the teams that will be the real competitition next season

  14. Congratulations! To all the Gunners, Gooner, the Boss & coaching staff, Ivan Gazidis and his staff, Stan Kroenke and Alishar Usmanov for Arsenal retaining the FA Cup yesterday at Wembley Stadium. We thank God for that big success. Let God give us more big success next season. Amen!

  15. Congratulations! To all the Gunners, Gooners, the Boss & his coaching staff, Ivan Gazidis and his staff, Stan Kroenke and Alishar Usmanov for Arsenal retaining the FA Cup yesterday at Wembley Stadium. We thank God for that big success. Let God give us more bigger success next season. Amen!

  16. I thought ozil played very well and was arguably our man of the match.
    He was the best player on the pitch till he got substituted.

  17. Ozil was sublime and mesmerixzing for me,he’s a delight to watch especially when he has pacey fowardd to play with. COYG

  18. Everybody played really well yesterday, I only felt Szczesny wasn’t confident enough when having had to leave his goal on a few occasions, but he didn’t concede so no big deal after all. To me Özil was outstanding and Coquelin is also someone to admire, the guys a ****ing robot and simply all over the pitch. Yeah, he did make a bad tackle on the edge of the box, but that could happen to anyone. And I don’t really think any Arsenal fan wouldn’t have gladly agreed on a 4-1 win in advance with the conceded goal coming from a free kick / penalty after a single bad tackle…

    This win proves (at least to me, but of course I am not a manager or have much knowledge about football by any means) if we are injury free we are capable of actually winning big games. We just need to find a solution for not necessarily playing Coquelin and Sanchez 50+ games next season to prevent fatigue.

    Cheers all!

    1. Some players are capable of and demand playing week in week out. Alexis appears to one of the them imo. People say he looked “burned out” for a period this year – I didn’t see it myself, thought he had lost a bit of form and nothing more in one of those inevitable dips players get. I am old enough to remember really great teams playing with 13-15 players all season, 60+ games in 3 or 4 comps on heavy pitches and “fatigue” was a rarely used word. It is my understanding that a top athlete requires around 48 hours to fully recover physically from a 90 minute game. I think mental fatigue may play a bigger role than the physical aspects. Jeez if a 34 injury prone John Terry can play every PL minute and be instrumental then anything is possible.

      1. Thanks for sharing the information about recovery time, I didn’t know a thing about this subject. And I of course agree there are many outfield players who are capable of playing 50+ games a season, it’s just that not all are like that.

        1. Yes, every player is different. I loved the short piece on the BBC before kick-off about Alexis’s upbringing and early footballing career in Tocopilla, his home town in Chile. The coach for his first club said he used to finish the game then get home quickly to play football on the streets with his mates all evening. Says it all really. The lad has got energy to burn and is seemingly bullet-proof in the physical side of the game.

  19. Al least in 2nd half Ramsey wasnt worse than Le Coq. He constantly conquered the ball and initiated new attacks. Real pitbull dog stuff.
    Ox did had time to shine with that attack. one up for that.
    BFG deserves mention for scoring and
    Walcott should have bagged 1 or 2 more

  20. Ramsey a 8??
    7 at best
    Ozil gets an 8 the same as rambo???
    Unbloody believable. Clear biased towards the British players on here makes me sick. Ozil was exceptional him sanchez Santi a million miles the best players and deserve the same ratings.
    Wilshere 10mins sub gets a 7 yet ox who got an assist after 2mins gets a 6 lol
    Genius ratings!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. exactly,everyone gave his all.i haven’t seen such a flawless performance from the boys in a long time!

  22. Great end of season.
    I made a promise not to write in any blog until we secured ucl football and won the FA .
    I haven’t seen the game because stupid channels in Latin America are…well stupid. But there’s one that show arsenal games after so I will hopefully see it soon.
    In the meantime congrats to the gunners and all gooners around the world !!!!!!

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