Arsenal player ratings for Greek tragedy – Alexis MOTM

It was hard work for Arsenal going forward as Olympiakos showed us how to defend but we did create a lot and both Walcott and Alexis scored great goals, with the Chilean again our best player. The defenders and keeper, though, had another shocker.

Ospina 4 – Not to blame for 1st or 3rd but his clanger for the second changed the game.

Bellerin 5 – Not awful but quiet and below par.

Gabriel 5 – Some good work but some terrible moments.

Koscielny 5.5 – Bad day but we need him back quick.

Gibbs 6 – Pretty good return at left back.

Coquelin 5.5 – Seemed a bit slow and didn´t offer the usual protection.

Cazorla 6 – Lots of the ball and some decent play against a determined and hard working defence but no real cutting edge.

Chamberlain 7 – Lots of attacking intent and threat, maybe should have opened the scoring though. Better defensively.

Ozil 6 – Tough game but always looking to find that killer ball.

Alexis 8.5 – We could do with 10 of him. Busy, dangerous and making things happen. Brilliant assist and goal.

Walcott 8 – Learning his centre forward role all the time. Bit lucky with his finish off the keeper but worked well and provided a great assist. Should have done better late on.

Mertesacker 5.5 – Okay up until his flimsy challenge for their winner.

Ramsey 7.5 – Tried hard and nearly changed the game for us.

Campbell – No time.

Wenger 5 – I understand why he picked Ospina but the manager must live by his decisions and this one proved very costly.

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  1. Wenger gets -1 as a rating for his management,we as Arsenal fans suffer everyday at work it’s hard to show my face with people laughing at our constant shock defeats

    1. You are too generous. Wenger- 0. He is plotting our ouster from the competition. We’ve lost two matches we should have won due to selection problem and you are giving him 1?

      1. We lost at home to OLYMPIAKOS.
        let that sink in people

        Ppl on here were sayin zagreb loss was not big deal, they are in champions league .they must be decent.
        One week later: bayern beat them 5-0

        Oh dear

        1. If AW was Japanese he would be expected to do SEPPUKU which is HONOR SUICIDE

          He dose bring it on to himself if he had bought the right players when he should of and then if the players don’t perform players who will get the blame and will try harder next game but as it is its Wangers fault AGAIN AND AGAIN

          1. And another thing every manager out there are saying we are not afraid of Arsenal

            its easy to know why if they chock our midfield we are finished and everyone knows that, we only win against teams that give us space

        2. zegreb beat us 2-0. bayern beat zegreb 5-0. therefore, we will lose 2×5=10-0. that is basis multiplicity rule people. ha

      2. I can’t believe the hypocrisy of the fans on this site, arsene put out the outfield ten that you’ve all been calling for for weeks except Gibbs for monreal , he dropped Ramsey and put the ox in he left mert out and kept Gabriel in, so are you all telling me that putting ospina in cost us the game and let’s all blame wenger? Get real there is no one to blame here but the players, we should have beaten them no matter what 11 we put out, the simple truth is we had a bad day at the office, probably thought that all we had to do is turn up. It’s going to be extremely hard to get out of the group now but I would not bet against us against bayern as we have a good record against them so let’s back our team, and you Wenger haters, leave it till the end of the season to moan as getting knocked out of the cl might even give us the best chance to win the title that we al crave! COYG

        1. Thank God there’s someone that is not so quick to blame it on Wenger…at one point the players have to look at themselves sometimes…we dominate but not score enough when we have to finish it off either we make a terrible mistake (this time it was Ospina & our bad defending) OR we fail to score when we should…The selection was spot on and we should’ve done better…I believe we tend to underestimate some teams in UCL thinking with the quality we have no problem: BUT IT IS. When your favourite you should act like one (Bayern Vs Dynamo) or have quality to turn it around (Barca against Leverkusen)…

        2. So you are one of the many Wengerites who are content with a couple of FA Cup wins and 4th place finishes. Arsenal, according to Wenger are a “Global Brand” known in every part of the World. I hear him say it all the time. We are in the top 5 or 6 richestbfootball clubs in the World, and have been for many many years. Arsenal is not a poor club, it doesn’t have the same financial struggles as Southampton, Everton or even Spurs, it is a football Super Giant, but it is run by one man who is looking like he has become too powerful, too comfortable andntoo complacent.

          1. And I should also have added that Wenger is also, naturally, one of the top 5 highest paid football managers in the World. So scrapping around the bottom of Europe’s betterish teams is not really good value for money either.

          2. I would say that Wenger does have to shoulder some of the responsibility. Yes, you would expect that the team we put out should’ve comfortably beaten Olympiakos, but he was playing Coq at 50%, because we had no one else – how many people were begging and pleading with him, till red in the face to get another CDM?

            What really angers and annoys me, and I hope other fans, is that he puts the team in jeopardy through being so stingy with the money, yet £3m is just given to Kroenke with no explanation of what it’s for? We should be given an explanation, especially as we all know this money will go on the season ticket cost next year, so we are paying it. I don’t really understand how Kroenke does it, he isn’t outright owner of the club, don’t the other shareholders have a say in it?

        3. Even if we are knocked out of other competitions (UCL, CoC, FA Cup), we WILL STILL NOT win EPL as long as Wenger calls the shot at Arsenal.

          Because he will not do the needful as, and when, due.

        4. justin its not about one or two games is it? its about the last three seasons of mistakes, now if you want to be an ostrich you go right ahead but i have been supporting arsenal since the sixties ( late 60s )and my first live game at highbury was in 1972 so i think i have the right to comment, something has got to change and you and AKB have to start to question some of his (AW) tactic’s, i have until recently been on the fence but come on guys enough is enough

        5. Best Reply EVER!!! I wish I could give you 10 thumbs Up… That’s what I keep saying – we should’ve beaten both Zagreb and Olympiakos with players that we had. It’s time for them to take some responsibility as well. Wenger did the right thing in rotating the players ahead of major clashes with our main rivals in EPL. Had he not done that, there would also be haters. My only gripe is him starting Ospina over Cech. Honestly, if you buy a world class goalkeeper, you play him in the most important games, and I always thought UCL counts as a pretty prestigious tournament.

      3. Bit lucky for the goal.
        Never mind that you have to make your luck .
        His run for that pass from Sanchez is something you will never see Giroud making .
        No surprise they are both creating chances for each other

    2. I always see a silver lining when Arsenal under perform.

      If it wasn’t for this defeat, and the terrible mistake from our League 2 standard backup keeper then we wouldn’t have had the “Oopspina” pun in the tabloids today.

      Wonderful stuff!

  2. Olympiakos only ever scored 3 goals on English soil before yesterday , conceding 33

    Do you honestly believe there isn’t one single manager in world football who’d take arsenal to next level ? wenger should quit so that we can get klopp/ancelotti

    1. He must go obviously giving up 8million a year would be difficult for anyone but if Wenger has any honour left he should resign and admit he’s failing to take Arsenal to the next level of being a powerhouse in european football

      1. I am happy for wenger to remain at the club. But not on £8m and not as manager or head of coaching.

        If he is going through a divorce he would be better off doing a parlour, ie not taking a salary. His missus then can’t get half his earnings. Arsenal could move him to chairman in place of sir kes chips, only pay his expenses and he could also operate as some sort of ambassador improving the image and off field activities of the club.

        Everyone wants klipperty Klopp, so let him and bergkamp takeover from wenger and primorac, with Henry and lehmann replacing Banfield and peyton.

        I would bring in overmars to take over from jonker. Replace laraman with Vieira, De kaat with adams and van loon with Pires. Giving a legendary feel from the chairman right down.

        Oh and give dein his old job back instead of gazidis. Then get someone into overhaul the fitness side of things, how about getting a piece of Eva caneiro just to piss off chelsea.

        In January and the summer, let Klopp work on selling mertesacker, arteta, flamini, rosicky and campbell. Bringing in 5 world class players for around £40m a piece. CB, DM, CM, RW, CF

  3. With perfomances like this we would’t even win Europa League!!
    I’ve always backed Wenger and thought we would fight for the title soon, but his stubbornness and naivety is holding us back for a long time now!!!

  4. – Ox in the box, my God, he must feel its some kind of vudoo now.

    – Hope Kos will be fit for the Man U game really not too comfortable with Mert out there though he didn’t do much wrong.

    – Ospina cost us the game lets not sugarcoat this, he made a school boy error even when there was no pressure on the ball with the 2nd goal. that changed everything.

    – Theo tried to make things happen though he rushes sometimes when taking the final shot or pass, he needs to be iceman out there if he is to reach the heights of great strikers.

    – Ozil really needs to step up his game, brilliant number 10 but cant shot, try to score or change things in a game.

    – Sanchez was our best player on the pitch, always fighting and giving his all. His the only one who really showed the seriousness of this match. Wont be too surprised if he left the club should things keep going this way.

    1. The funny part with some AFC fan is that they’re quick to single out Ospina when he was lauded almost world class a couples of months back when he had 14 clean sheets in 18 games and helped us turn it around…he made a mistake and let’s be clear it’s not AW fault!We had a bad a really bad one…when we dominated we should’ve killed it off instead of probing, probing & probing.

  5. So according to wenger the current injury list reads as follows
    Glad the appointments of new fitness coaches and physios are working out well!!!! Not

  6. Let’s be honest? How deep does the hurt go in lossing 2 CL games?

    Of cause we all want to win every game but inside I know we won’t win the CL this year. We have to release Campbell, Flamini and Arteta to fill these spots with top talent and a squad to be able to take on any competition.

    This year we need to really push and try and win the league. That’s the most realistic out of the EPL and CL.

    1. Wenger needed to make those changes in last window. The entire window he didn’t buy one outfield player.

      Its inexcusable. This board an manager have gone back on there promises.

      Why are we paying 1900 for season tickets?

      1. U are paying £1900 for season tickets, because u choose not to sit in the £1100 ones.

        Move ur seat. Pay less then sell one or two matches for a major profit, to reduce your overall cost. I have sold Liverpool and man United getting back half the cost of my season ticket. So I think £550 for 24 matches is quite reasonable. I still get to watch Chelsea, Man City and spurs matches and enjoy all my away games. It’s the way to go, the people who paid £300 for United and £250 for liverpool are well happy and I’m paying £23 for each of the remaining 24 matches. Everybody’s happy………….well with prices at least.


        1. oh yeah i ‘choose’ to pay 1900 for general ones.
          what are u on about, the waiting list is huge, i took whatever was available.

          no ones happy except those suits who sit behind me an treat watching arsenal like a social meet up for executives who thought it would be cool to watch some football.

          why is man cities cheapest season ticket 299 an ours 1100
          why is chelseas season ticket half the price of ours

          both win major titles and constantly bring in new players


        2. @ atid
          …I can’t stop laughing…….u must mean muffdiver is not sitting where he should. You are a clown, to say the least.

    2. It will be a blessing in disguise…we’ve been to complacent qualifying for UCL and going on to the last 16 for so long…maybe we take it for granted…I think everybody has to look at themselves but I do agree…losing so early could actually help us injury wise, fitness and preparation for EPL…certainly there’ll be no excuses to explain why we lose other than players and manager being poor

    1. Truth be told, Gibbs is not supposed to be in Arsenal by now. The only thing he can do is to defend and becomes clueless on how to turn defence into attack which Monreal does very well.

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