Arsenal player ratings for Man Utd draw – Koscielny MOTM

Although Arsenal responded well to a poor first half to get a deserved equalising goal through Theo Walcott, I think the main reason we came away from Old Trafford with a point was that we only conceded once while Man United were all over us, so I am giving the Man of the Match to Laurent Koscielny who just shaded Mertesacker.

Ospina 6 – Can´t fault him for goal and was generally alert, calm and collected.

Bellerin 5 – Struggled against the impressive Young and at fault for Herrera´s goal but did produce that blistering pace and covering tackle.

Mertesacker 7 – Dealt with everything and marshalled defence well.

Koscielny 7.5 – Like the BFG but a bit sharper into tackles and a bit more aggressive.

Monreal 5 – Like Bellerin was at fault for the goal and that makes two games in a row.

Coquelin 6 – Generally did well to stem the tide and keep us in the game.

Cazorla 5 – Struggled to have any impact.

Alexis 6 – Did some good things but not enough.

Ozil 6 – Like the team, recovered well after a poor start.

Ramsey 7 – Much better in the middle and gave United big problems.

Giroud 6 – Some good flicks and tricks but missed chances.


Walcott 6 – Good movement and effect but some fortune with the goal.

Wilshere 6 – Looked sharp again.

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  1. Another idiot saying Monreal was at fault at the goal. Wonder sometimes if people compiling these lists have actually watched the game.
    Oi! Watch the replay of the goal and come back and enlighten us how it was Monreal’s fault.

    1. Monreal was not at the fault for the goal. He was covering Mata. Sanchez should have been the one tracking Herrera. I am not criticizing Sanchez, he generally tracks back and does his defencive duties. But, for once he did not and Herrera was totally unmarked for the goal.
      Also I think Ospina could have done more for the goal. His positioning was not that good he left a wide gap at his near post.

      1. If anyone was at fault it was coquelin for missing an interception and gifting it to Fellani who was goal side of him. He then went on to start the attack..

      2. Sanchez never tracks the runners. He only runs around like an idiot and this mistake was coming for a long time

      3. If u’ve played football before, u’d know it’s almost impossible to catch a ball shot powerfully at such close range. Herrera had all the time in the world to write a novel before taking the shot.

        1. Its impossible for us, not for world class goalkeepers. Every time some1 tries to defend ospina (rightly so, no sarcasm) it feels like we r telling ourselves we don’t need a goalie like Manuel neuer because ospina hasn’t done anything wrong.

          1. A goalie like Manuel Neuer? There’s literally no one else even nearly on his level & he already plays in one of the best three squads in the world- and the one least likely to sell a star player.

    2. As I interpreted it, it was either the fault of one of the two center mids, or potentially (and this is a stretch) Ramsey at right wing.

      Once we lost the ball up the field, Ramsey was slow to get back, Coquelin slid over to cover and was beat. Once the ball went in to the corner, Santi slid over to provide cover for Hector (which some might say Ramsey should have been doing) which effectively had both LeCoq and Santi on the same side of the field. This left Herrera, center mid for United, wide open at the top of the box. Was once mata pulled Monreal centrally (whom Monreal had to follow), Herrera was free to ghost in at the far post.

      One could argue that Alexis is supposed to drift into that area when not covering the opposing Wingback, and they could be right. For me though, I’d point the finger to lack of recovery higher up the field, or at minimum, poor balance/rotation from the CMs.

      1. Coq should have stayed on his feet and Sanchez should have seen Herrera was unmarked and free. Keeper could have gotten nearer to his front post but for me thats much too harsh as he was expecting Fellaini header. Not sure on the Ramsey bit that was mentioned but if he was out of picture well then Coq definitely should not be going to ground.

    3. Sanches rating 4 was to slow to get back,and worst game so far lost posecion to much, and never in game first half.He and Gazola need to be dropped time for rotation now he has full Sqad.

    4. Sanches rating 4 worst game so far Wenger should drop him and Gazola as he now has a full Sqad so time to rotate CB

  2. With his latest MOTM, Koscielny’s stock has never been higher.
    Rule of thumb: Buy low, sell high

  3. Kos played well like a leader that he is but I feel Ramsey burst a lung out there yesterday both on the wing and in the center.

    I give it to Rambo.

    Drum roll for Arsenal player of the season……………………………………………… Abou Diaby

  4. I have been accused on this site for complaining about Ozil and cazorla only when we lose a game.
    1) My point is that our team is very good and most often we shall dominate the game. But when we play good teams who stay compact centrally we suffer. Monaco Chelsea United Swansea etc.

    2) Rambo is our most complete midfielder. defensively and offensively he is outstanding. he plays out wide and we don’t come and complain about him like we do for Ozil and cazorla. But in the big games certainly we cannot play our best midfielder out of position.

    rambo is more influential than Ozil and cazorla. Rambo is a scorer and can do everything. If Ozil played like rambo last season we would have said he is a £70 million player. But rambo gets no credit. Infact some people want rambo out of the team.

    The truth is that in the big games we must sacrifice one of Ozil and cazorla. That is why we need competition in the first place. Against sheet teams we shall kill them with Ozil and cazorla but when we play the good and compact teams we shall struggle again and again and that is loosing cheap points.

    Going forward it is Vital for OX to be fit. The stats don’t lie. When we have Ox and sanchez on the wings we don’t loose football games. The full backs get protection and we are fantastic going forward.






    ——————Sir Szseney——————–





    I am not saying this is the fist team and second team. I am saying we pick the team base on form. If ozil is better than cazorla or jack is better than Rambo or debuchy is better than bellerini than you swap them. IN FOOTBALL THE FORM OF THE DAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT.

    I belive this gives us more width and quality in the middle. rather than loading the team up with CAM. Even when United had a highline in the first half we had no pace to get behind them. Ozil cannot be our biggest threat on the counter. Everytime we went behind it was because of ozil. Which is great play from Ozil by the way but we just have so much pace in our team for Ozil to be the most influencial player on the break.

    Finally we needa a solution for the hamstrings and constant muscle injuries the players suffer. Ox cannot play 3 games on a row without and injury. Debuchy has hamstring. ramsey ozil they all suffer. I KNOW MR WENGER AND THE CLUB ARE DOING THEIR BEST TO FIND A SOLUTION BUT WE NEED TO PUT MORE EFFORTS. WE CANNOT CHALLENGE IF OUR KEY PLAYERS ARE MISSING 4 – 5 MONTHS WITH MUSCLE INJURIES.

  5. Bossieny was fantastic. But we see how brilliant he is necause he partners per. he is always covering for per and it seems as if he is doing 2 jobs. That is why we feel the Boss offers so much.
    I feel like when we play The Boss and Paulista it is more balanced. You don’t get the feeling that the Boss is doing too much. Paulista is so good its unbelievable.

    In and era where players are so expensive we got paulista for £11 million .david luis £40 million. mangala £30 million and Lovren £22 million. I am really excited about gabby and bossieny partnership next season.

    That said I feel like Rambo was again our best player yesterday. be it on the right or in the middle the boy just runs and give 100%. this man has got 6 lungs.

    1. Ill never be a card carrying member of the Aaron Ramsey fan club but he played well yesterday when moved to the middle if the pitch. I wholeheartedly agree that one of Carzola, Ozil or even Ramsey(when in bad form) has to be sacrificed for Arsenal to achieve that necessary team balance. I am a huge Santi supporter, but with half his heart set on a return to Spain and the reemergence of Jack maybe it is time to cash in on the diminutive Spaniard.

      Woukd love to see this team lineup fir the Emirates Cup

      Lacazette or Higuain
      Le Coq(Kondogbia)…..Ramsey(Jack)

  6. I was watching the first hour in disbelief. Absolutely shocking pile of garbage. So pissed off at how WEAK our team is, we were getting bullied off the ball, ozil, cazorla, sanchez, even giroud well all getting outmuscled!! Ozil spent most of his time on his ass. Only strong players we have are kos and the ox. We looked scared when they were closing us down. WHERE IS THE STEEL? This is why i say we need height and stength. Someone like William Carvhalo would be great, people say theres nothing special about him but wtf do u expect from a powerhouse CDM? Messi skills and 30 yard wonder goals?? He is intimidating, hard tackler, had to disposses with his stength and players would not want to go through him. Also got a decent pass. We need a WC goalie, CDM to compete with Coq but bigger and stronger, and a WC striker. Giroud will be a great back up. We also have Wellington silva to look forward to on the wings if Arsene involves him next season.

  7. Can someone also explain to me why we trying to play counter attacking football with rambo on the right wing and giroud up front?? It makes NO sense. Only works with pace.

    1. Wenger said in and interview that when you have so many great CAM you try to fit them all and make it work . That is why rambo is on the right. Like I said above it will work when we play the likes of Hull and Burnly. wHEN WE MEET good teams like united Chelsea Monaco it won’t work. any team thats flood the center like swansea did will make us struggle as we have no width and pace.

      Ozil and cazorla are brilliant but Physically they are not strong enough. We were bullied by herera. WTF Herrera????. Thats why we must stop the experiment. Rambo must come back to midfield. One of Ozil and Cazorl must be drop in the big games.

      We have suderland on wednesday and we shall beat them and everyone will forget. But when a big game comes we shall fall short again and again.

      1. Yeah against poor opposition we can get away with playing 5 CAMS but like you said when it comes to the big boys we need width and pace. If Wenger thinks he has loads of Central midfielders that need to be played then he should sell a few quite frankly and use the money in areas of need.

  8. Totally agree with what’s being said here.

    Scrap the ‘how many CAMs’ can I fit in a team experiment and how’s about having real wingers on the wings and players in their natural positions.

    Sell the excess and fund the areas in more need. Seems like good management to me..

  9. I could not watch the match we were very bad any time i was watching we lost position of the ball and then we conceeded I was furious i switched it off and turned the router off and then i turned it back on welshire and wallcott in and we scored.They looked tired and out of sorts with mistakes all over he pitch thank god we drew

  10. possibly the most idiotic set of ratings in a long line of idiotic ratings..the sad musings of a fourth place junkie

  11. Get per mertsacker on a rosicky and arteta level they stay but they are the go to players the
    rolemodel player .they teach and fill in if need arises deu to injury flood periode.

    Then you fill their places with a CDM player
    a goalkeeper with height and présence
    And in my view not a single striker on wengers pay rollen can challenge Oliver giroud
    Get that overal 25+ goals striker .

    spend now becauase you will be forced to spend
    why 2 or 3 if you can be 1
    Arsenals in 3words
    suspicious attack
    Top midfield.
    Dodgy defence

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