Arsenal player ratings for Man Utd mauling – Ozil MOTM

This win for Arsenal over Premier League rivals Manchester United saw a great all round performance from the Gunners, both in attack and defence and there were lots of candidates for the Man of the Match, such as Petr Cech who made three crucial saves, Alexis Sanchez for his two great goals and Theo Walcott for his best game at centre forward, but for me it was Mesut Ozil who stood out with his sublime passing, movement, vision and work rate.

Cech 8 – Key saves at key moments. Brilliant.

Bellerin 7 – Put in a real shift all game.

Mertesacker 8 – Dealt really well with the tricky Martial. 10 clearances and four interceptions.

Gabriel 7.5 . Not as eye catching as BFG but still a very solid game.

Monreal 8 – Didn´t give United a sniff and helped well attacking down the left.

Coquelin 7 – Busier after the goals but always in control. Booked.

Cazorla 8 – Disciplined, determined and full of quality.

Ramsey 7 – Better from him but a bad miss. Needs a goal to settle.

Ozil 9 – Best game for Arsenal. Ran the show with his silky skills.

Alexis 8.5 – Brilliant all round game and two fantastic goals. Hope his injury is just minor.

Walcott 8.5 – All he needed was a goal to cap this superb game.

Giroud 6 – Looked sharp but shot straight at De Gea.

Chamberlain 6 – Lively and useful cameo.

Gibbs – Did what was needed for last 10 minutes.

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  1. Cue everyone saying how brilliant we are, and how we could beat anyone playing like that.

    So many “fair weather” fans on here, either support Arsenal or don’t, but insulting our players and manager one game, then saying how proud you are the next deserves no respect.

    Footballers are humans not robots, they make mistakes and have bad luck, like anyone else, it’s our job as Arsenal fans to support them either way.

    Something to think about……….

    1. Exactly. This is the reason I show up here only after defeats. In a defeat you will clearly see who is a real fan and who isn’t. In any case, you waste your breath. Watch this space after the next loss. You will spot them again. Some Champagne guy, one kick ar$e fan some KS guy and so on. Will be fun.

      1. No No the fundamental of our difference is still out there. Yes this game was a massive game for us, and just about all played well, with some Sanches, Chec, and Ozil did much better. So, what about the games we lost this season because of our flaws, areas of concerns? I watched Aguero and ration of his goal scoring vs chances were almost 90%.
        Then I see Giroud, and you all saw how did.
        The fact remains the same that we did not signed no outfielder I the whole football leagues through out the world and the fact that Wenger lied to was dishonest and left the team vulnerable.
        WENGER Out wether some like it or not, he is running a business not a football club.

        1. You mean “senior outfielder” because you clearly understand that we have signed other outfield players. Do you happen to know a certain bloke called Jeff ? He’s the next hot thing. Played only two games with the seniors but boy, what a signing.

          1. #Budd!
            That is exactly what I tried to cross to your empty brain!
            Arsenal is now ran on a business model to get hot prospect cheap, and then sell them for profit !!!
            This is exactly what Kroenke and company are doing and Wenger is their agent in crime. AKB’s like you are happy with that? Yes you are but we are not we want the club run on a Football model without wreckless spending and sound financial status. But we don’t want to turn Arsenal to man power supply company which uses Football as avenues for profit making. Get it! I doubted.

    2. Although your point is valid and logical I think you could take the high road in this case. ALL fans are yearning for a magical performance like the one we just witnessed.

      I guess I am just more understanding and forgiving than you. In the end we are all goners and even those fans with whom I violently disagree are my brothers when game time comes around.

      I never liked fans telling other fans what the criteria are for the making of a “true” fan because there are so many different opinions on this. I once was told that only people who had been attending stadium games regularly for 15 years were “true” gooners. Don’t ask me where the arbitrary 15 year requirement came from.

      I ask you be just a bit more forgiving in your assessment.

      1. Good point, Mo.

        Even Mohawk still have to unite with other tribes when the invaders attacked.

        In the end true gooners will enjoy manutd trashing.

        We just have to wait for the team consistency.

  2. alexis gets a 9 ,cech gets 9, monreal gets 9, coquelin an 8.

    ive missed work today from yesterdays post match drink up on the holloway rd.
    ive missed these days.
    hangover fry up and narcos on netflix

    up the gooners!

  3. My ratings.

    Cech – 8.5
    Bellerin – 7.5
    Mertz – 8.5
    Gabriel – 8
    Monreal – 7.5
    Coquelin – 8
    Cazorla – 8.5
    Ramsey – 7.5
    Ozil – 9
    Sanchez – 9.5
    Theo – 9.5 (despite not getting a goal, thought it was the best, most hungry, all around performance I’ve seen from him. If it wasn’t for the Chilean wrecking ball getting two brilliant goals and his direct opponent being taken off with signs of trauma that he may well never recover from at half-time would easily be MOTM for me)

    I think it should be noted that a certain Ox (who will be fully unleashed at some point this season) showed a lot more concentration and was part of two brilliant bits of play. Much more promising with the opportunity given. De Gea being chipped from an acute angle with the last kick off the game just would’ve been laying a second layer of icing on an already delicious cake!

    1. Even after the win I’m still saying Wenger out one great performance doesn’t make the whole season this squad is not good enough!

      1. Do you even pay attention to the league ? We’re currently 2nd with a small 2point gap and we haven’t played City yet and they still haven’t played any of the top teams.

    2. You are scoring Bellerin and Monreal the least (7.5). Do you understand Football or did you watch and follow the match?
      Bellerin played on the right (RW and RB). He was all over the right with Ramsey drifting in to pack the centre. The young boy is among the best at his age. If he is not an Arsenal player, I know you will appreciate him more. That’s why you are talking about Martial.
      MU depends on the creativity of Mata these days. Where was Mata in that game? Monreal made sure that you need to search for him before you can find him in that match.
      Monreal, the most underrated player by fans.
      Rating: Both 8.

  4. Hard to pick a MOTM for this one, most of our players had massive impact on the game. Well done to Wenger to the coaching staff too for preparing the boys well.

    Cant wait for the Bayern game, it will be cracker even for the neutrals.

    Someone posted “how could Man U win when they were young, small and blind”.

  5. Rubish the whole team is a 10.Dont think we will see another game like this one, but eh I hope the Bayen game will be the same. That game will be the one to say this is our year if we win.
    No resting players play the same team if you can Mr Wenger. From now on its Mr Wenger thinks he deserves it after all the flack we gave him myself included. Remember what will be will be and enjoy this season as Murinio and Terry will be history. CB

  6. Yes we beat Man United but Arsenal will not win the EPL or Champions League as long as Wenger is the manager,I won’t change my views based on one result and forget about Zagreb,Olympiakos or West Ham

    1. I honestly don’t even remember those games… Are you sure that was us who played them? Was it this season?

    2. You are an Idiot. How can you call yourself a fan when you don’t wish the club well just because you don’t like somebody? Many fans, including me, are not happy with Wenger. But that is not enough not to wish the club well. After all, when we win as it was yesterday, we are happy. When we lose, we are sad, very sad and it (our feelings) doesn’t even bother Wenger. I prefer we win even if the old man is still there.

  7. That’s more like the standard that The Arse should be playing at week in and out,in short Consistency.Let’s humbly take it one game at a time,but serious kudos to the boys though.You just did right by the fans and most importantly by the Badge!,the way it’s supposed to be.

    Enough said.

  8. A manager who needs a big loss to influence his team to such a game is a ‘past it’ manager.
    But i enjoyed the game, i just wish the old Wenger could come back and have the team like that all season..the current one is TERRIBLE and needs to go 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Wenger is way past it now,at 65 years old he’s getting worse with age,he’s not the right manager to win us the title he lacks the needed killer instinct!

      1. And liverpool wallop us 5-1 two seasons ago with suarez in the team, i m sure he got the needed killer instinct u want…?

  9. Good team performance all round. So many players to choose for MOTM. Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott, Cech (Those Saves esp. Martial shot was vital), Bellerin (Speedometer) Monreal ( The under rated man). I could go on and on… I’m still delighted and my colleague (Man Fan) said Welldone bro, Arsenal were on fire and finished us in just 25mins. That’s Sportmanship… I love the game of football!

  10. am really impressed with team performance yesterday but what am worried about is Walcott and some of the players saying they all spoke to each other before the game and agreed they needed to win it for the fans to make up for our champions league defeat. I hate to think just as usual the next match we might not get such s performance. Its the reason we’ve always been inconsistent, they should be making up by playing that way in every match and we’ll win the league,then everyone will be happy..Am hoping now that the fans anger has been cooled,they will leave it cool and not mess up again..
    Manchester united lost cus they played with a YOUNG, SMALL and BLIND.. Lol if you know what i mean

    1. Every game is different.
      LVG has received justifiable criticism for the way United went about their first half. It was an aggressive game-plan of his but I think he under-estimated how fast we’d come out of the traps. Cutting the supply is a must if you want to get the better of us. Tasking Schweini to keep Cazorla quiet or force errors was bold and catching us in transition is probably the best way to beat us. It back-fired on him hard. We exploited the space with speed and precision to devastating effect…
      Props to him for coming to the Emirates and playing for the win. A massive haha in his fat face for how it played out!

      But we’re not going to be afforded the opportunity to play with the same freedoms against the lower teams. They’ll sit deeper, restrict space and give us more time on the ball. The amount of chances we were creating against the lower teams has been positive, and with our forwards showing more confidence I don’t think that will be an issue.

  11. The akbs are having a field day coz of yesterday’s win.But while I enjoyed the win,I am not getting carried away.We are SECOND in the league, not FIRST,and sitting at the bottom of our champions League group with ZERO points after 2 games against 3rd rate teams.At the end of last season, we were saying that this is the season that we finally challenge for the League and UCL,yet from where am sitting it is clear that the best we can do is a top four finish and perhaps a decent cup run.Heck we played well yesterday but we are just another coquelin injury away from another crisis. Alexis has no cover and giroud won’t win us the league if walcott gets injured.As for the akbs,enjoy the win while it lasts.

    1. Coquelin did not had a blinder yesterday so it is safe to say there was team work all around. Besides, have you seen Theo’s tackle to Schweinsteiger and Ozil coming down to our box with the opponent? Who needs a Coquelin if the whole team plays smiling? Of course, I am exaggerating but worth thinking about. Hope we foster a beast of a DM in Bielik. Until then, Flamini and Arteta are here to cover. And Chambers if needed.

      1. # Budd,
        I think if Wenger fielding few crippled men, you still support what he does! You have no brain to see and analyze the situation. We are 4th in our ECL Table, beaten by 3rd tier European team, we lost few games at home, and you still thinking that this is able to win trophies?
        We still may get 4th not because we are good simply because Liverpool and Spurs are doing poorly. I am sure Chelsea and Mourinho will bounce back and even win EPL! Yes wins it mark my word.
        We still have few holes in our team that without few top class players we won’t nothing.
        Wenger proved this summer as he did with last 10 years he is not interested in bringing Arsenal to top level, for him 4th place is trophy, being in ECL even kicked out of it in second round(I doubt if we reach second), and being humiliated by 3rd tier European teams is what the business wants nothing more.

        1. And why not? World is changing every day. You seem to be concerned about Chelsea more so I tell you this : this team with Mourinho in charge will not bounce back this season. Mourinho lost the dressing room. First humiliate Terry and yesterday Matic. The players don’t want to play for him anymore, how can a brilliant player like Hazard can become overnight an anonymous bloke? Or Matic? Or even Ivanovic.
          As for what Wenger proved I have nothing to say, your post is full of rubbish so I won’t even bother to respond.

    2. Is being SECOND in the League with 30 games to go better than being 16th In the League?
      Is being bottom of our Champions League Group with 4 games to go better than being top of our Europa League Group?
      So you REFUSE to enjoy our win while it lasts?
      Do you need to visit a psychiatrist?

  12. Gabriel 7.5 and Mertesacker 8? – Dealt really well with the tricky Martial? Naaah! From which angle of the screen did you watch the game? Two of the clear chances that United had came from Mertesacker’s sloppy play: the first was when He couldn’t put his feet to the ground and fell allowing Martial to turn and whip a shot at goal thanks to Petr Cech for his brilliance, and the other one was when he allowed martial to slip away from the left side, failed to track him down leaving the young Frenchman to race into our 18 yard which almost resulted into a goal. Yes Gabriel did give the ball away once but he was able to check( now I can’t remember who took the ball from him) and cover up in time, allowing the rest of the defence to fall back to position.

    1. The same question can apply to you. What game have you seen? The chances you talk happened because of a previous blunder in front of Mertesacker. He is always easy to pass with pace but positional he’s best. I would also give him high accolades. Mertesacker does not run with the opponent. He can’t and he will not do it because it is pointless. Everything he lacks in speed is made up by his fabulous positional awareness. I thought you noticed that if you were an Arsenal supporter. Or even an observer.

      1. Totally agree. Per had a very good game and you need to add to this his leadership on the field. Sometimes don’t just watch the ball but what is happening off the ball. Watch when the attack approaches and see who is directing resources. and when we are in attack who is talking and who is always moving. Let me give you a truism in football – the most important stuff happens off the ball. If you truly want to appreciate the game…watch what is happening away from the ball-carrier.

  13. Walcott MOTM for me. It was his pace and pressing that ensured we blew United away in 20 minutes. He was even tackling and winning balls! His best performance as a CF I reckon.

  14. Arsenal style has totally differed after giroud became off the field he was ruining and slowing down our attack so much

    1. Agreed. They were all MOTM.

      Cech is giving us the calm factor for our CBs in front of the posts.

      But curious case of BFG then, if only he can be more consistent.

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