Arsenal player ratings for Monaco win – Cazorla MOTM

There were a few decent candidates among the Arsenal team for Man of the Match, with Ramsey, Welbeck, Alexis and Ozil giving Monaco a real fright and Coquelin and the defenders doing well to give our attackers the platform, but the little Spaniard stood out for me. The others made mistakes and were caught on the ball as were the full backs but we had to gamble so it is understandable.

Ospina – 6 – Did not have too much to do but did it well when called upon.

Bellerin – 6.5 – Worked really hard and got forward well but his final ball could have been better at times.

Mertesacker – 7 – Calm and composed by the German and some good tackling and distribution.

Koscielny – 8 – Our best defender again, stopped Monaco from hitting us on the break a few times and nearly got a goal.

Monreal – 7 – Tried hard without too much penetration but great run and cross.

Coquelin – 7 – Gave himself a problem with early rash tackle but did well after breaking up play and getting forward at times.

Cazorla – 9 – Was involved in everything and oozed class.

Ozil – 7 – Also showed his class and created chances but made mistakes as well. At least he was still fighting at the end.

Welbeck – 7.5 – UNlucky to go off I thought as we has a real threat and full of running.

Alexis – 7 – Not his best game but you cannot fault his desire and fight.

Giroud – 7 – Struggled against a good Monaco defence but took his goal well and never gave up.

Ramsey – 8 – Had a great effect after coming on and took his goal well. Great to have the real Rambo back.

Walcott – 7 – Didn’t have long or much space but still involved in goal.

Gibbs – 6 – Even less time.

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    1. Damn it!!! And y’all act like change is a bad thing or change can’t happen?

      How come BOb now does the ratings and not KJ?

      Who says Wenger alone can manage Arsenal?

      1. I think sanchez was soooo disapointing never let go of the ball and was just not playinging well
        when welbeck came off and not him who was on ayellow
        i did not understand
        i think if welbeck would of stayed on we would of had a better chance
        theo did good when he came on in like 15 minutes
        he cut through the defense like 3 time

  1. ….Monaco is a team w should be beating both home and away….

    Not sure if wenger has it in him anylonger to make a difference….this team is good enuf to compete with any team in the world, guess it depends more on tactics , confidence and believe of the team

    1. @bayjerkoff
      I don’t understand your logic. The team went out there and fought hard. They just could not put away their chances. How does that reflect on AW?
      In the first leg, the same team went out there and fought hard, once again,they just did not put away their chances, plus they defended poorly.
      Same question asked as above.
      Now if we had won. Who would have gotten the credit for it, in your eyes?
      IJA(I’m just asking)

      1. If you seriously think that is all there is to it and AW could not in any way be responsible for our continued failures then GOD HELP US!

        1. The thumbs down confirm the general ignorance and blind belief that AW Could never be accountable..

          “Just give him 1 more year and then he will bring us success.”

          Well, His time is running down and I rest safe in the knowledge that without PL & UCL he has zero chance of being at AFC beyond his current contract.

          I suspect he may even step down this summer.

      2. Let’s face it our 2 big time signings were our worst players, I feel sorry for Sanchez becos he works so hard but it just didn’t happen for him last night but as for ozil , if he flicks his left foot out with a pointless pass straight to an opponent one more time I swear I’ll hunt him down , stats say he works very hard but I reckon half of that is him chasing the ball he’s just given away. Sell him to Munich in the summer and buy the striker we need, on a positive note, well done Danny welbeck, have to admit I don’t rate him but he was great last night really impressed me, maybe he can develop to b much better than I thought, hope so, also Montreal deserves real credit for his huge improvement from last season. To sum up unlucky boys if Olivier had turned up in first leg we’d have walked it’
        Cl for us next year COYG!

      3. I don’t understand your logic either.Wenger repeats same mistakes over and over and over again and yet you refuse to see the obvious. 4 seasons ago, it was almost; the season after that, it was almost; the one after, it was still almost and now still almost. After this mistake, you would think Wenger would make amend in the coming season only for him to still repeat the same mistake again. If after 18 years at a club, you still cannot fathom how to navigate your way to win major trophies and achieve great success or turn your team into a true world class, then bayjerkoff and any right-thinking mind has the right to question the relevance of Wenger in modern football. And do not even mention the FA cup of last season, cos left for Wenger, we would not have won that cup, remember we were 2 goals down already before the guys decided turned things around. Things like these should not be happening after 18 years in charge of a team.

    2. I know this is not the result we needed, but one thing is certain, that we are not down without a fight. #COYG

      1. Yeh, like we were not going to turn up on the night and fulfill our contractual obligation and at least make a fist of it and try to save some face after the1st leg debacle.

        1. @arse, the damage has already been done in the first leg. There’s no way we can let him score 3 at the emirates.

  2. Now i am more worried about player morals that after given so much we didnt get what we wanted. I know we f*uked big time in first leg bt still it hrts hope it does not effect our EPL form cause top 4 is to tight this is where Wenger has to do a better job in keeping team moral high cause results like this effect too much…
    Lets focus on better things…

    1. I’m sure they will be fine..

      They will wake up to a life of luxury today and rest safe in the knowledge that even without success they will continue to pick up a 6 figure salary for the week and for successive weeks to come.

      as I said they will be just fine.

      1. do you support the team purely for trophies?? you really don’t seem to be enjoying it otherwise

        1. Josh, I have supported AFC for 31 years.

          I have lived through Rioch and Both European and premier league glory and failure with George ‘gord bless him’ graham as well as Wengers arrival and first decade glory.

          But after 10 years with only 1 cup (please don’t say I missed out the charity shield) and witnessing repeated failure in the Champions League I have in my opinion quiet reasonably had enough of our current coach.

          I wouldn’t mind being out of the CL if it meant we could focus on winning the PL and building a team (and management structure) capable of playing effective football and winning like I have seen many years before. But as we know, we are driven by financial goals and as long as 4th spot is bagged there is General contentment.

          So, No..I do not support AFC only for trophies otherwise I would support Real Madrid (they have 10 champions league/European cups & more you know)!

          1. I suppose the unlimited oil oligarch resources of Chelsea and Manchester City, and the building of a new stadium have had no impact on our success. Take Chelsea and City out of the equation as they have clearly been operating on an uneven playing field and we have been first or second in the league every time- achieved DESPITE having had to sell our star players year after year to fund the building of a stadium costing hundreds of millions. As we get closer to paying off the stadium debt we are also getting closer to competing for the title, any fool can see that. FA Cup last year, maybe this year, possibly runners up in the league. Signs are good. Competing with City and Chelsea, maintaining consistent instantaneous success was an impossibility but we planned effectively for the longterm. With another coach, over the last few years we would likely have disintegrated into a mid-table team at best. Don’t be a fairweather fan, have some patience, don’t pitch a fickle hissyfit after every bad result, and most importantly have enough intelligence to look at the bigger picture and be grateful for what we are managing to do.

  3. This might sound funny but that performance I think will help us through to the end of the season. Even though we didnt go through we were determined and brilliant today and I feel the performance can continue.

    1. Exactly,

      Keep the form going win the last 9 EPL games plus the FA Cup. In total 11 Games winning. It will be one of our best runs in living memory. It will give us 2nd place and a slim chance of 1st.

      Seriously next year we will go far in CL. Needed: CD, CDM, CF, GK it is doable.

  4. If I were Wenger, I will take no shit from no player because if any player does badly and the team consequently loses, I take more of the blame. In fact, they won’t say such and such player lost, they’d rather say, for instance, KickAss’s team lost and majorly becuz of his poor tactics. You use players to achieve positive results (victories), not sentiment.

  5. For d last 15-20 minutes or so we only played thru d centre or left, we didnt make use of Theo as much as we should hav.
    I still feel ramsey shud hav started (not welbz) alongside coq, and thus shifting Cazorla I’m CAM and ozil on right.
    Ozil had few miss passes but otherwise he showed a fight and was effective wid d ball, he has started to pull d strings. Cazorla is a team player.
    Over d 180 minutes we played, we missed 5-6 easy goal scoring chances, and we conceded goals dat everybody laughs at. Still some way to go for us in catching Bayern or barca clearly.
    Dis can b a blessing in disguise as d race for top 4 heats up wid 4 teams eyeing d 2nd spot!! ND don’t forget d fa cup.

  6. Liked Kos spirit….really did well defensively and showed a lot of effort going forward for a defender….Wish had the Man U ref…game would’ve changed had we been given the penalty on Sanchez…
    but it all counts to us always F@cking up the first legs…

    1. Kos awesome again.Mert over marked again.His distribution is slow and turgid. When Kos passes to him,invariably he moves forward 3 paces ,stops the ball and passes it back. His slow play always affects the tempo of play. Sure the team played well but should never have been in that situation in the first place. OK so lets move on..

      1. @proffetic that is right on. I wish Mert could see what we do. Acres of space is given to him every game and yet he stops short.

  7. Overal we should of won but we didn’t. Chelsea should of overal won, but they didnt. This is football, it’s what you learn from it that means the most!

    1. What are you tllk about? Chelsea was beaten through class and no luck. Dont try to tllk it down by making pointles comparesings.

  8. i dont think we do learn our lessons, the squad is good why are we not hitting it? we had a good chance to go through but we blew it away….. at times it just so painful that when we fans need our club the more they will never turn up. in the last 10minutes all we needed was to shoot and shoot not those funny passes as if we were the ones leading.

  9. We played well yesterday definitely, but I think dats wot was expectd monaco was drawn against us yesterday, I don’t think man city would ve lost @ hom to monaco.

    Those players re technically naïve, the game wasn’t over @ 90 minutes….chamberlain lost the ball twice in dangerous zones , wasn’t punished for d 1st and was punished for the order, it eventually cost us.

    I think this team is better than the believe they have themselves

    Assess the team over 180 minutes and u won’t be soo impressed

  10. Alexis and Coquelin were both 5.5

    Alexis stifled several attacks by dribbling too much, not releasing the ball, losing possession. Coquelin was awful in possession and caught out a few times that could have been punished by a better team.

    1. Agree on Sanchez, he was very poor; but coquelin, despite losing possession multiple times still did his job in front of the defence very well and whenever he did lose the ball he was sprinting back to make sure nothing would come of it. They had no chances until he was subbed off so it’s a little harsh.

  11. So….

    – 4th spot (Feature as a also ran in UCL) guaranteed? – TBC

    – FA Cup – TBC

    Successful season?

    1. how is swapping a shirt at half time a sin? i have never understood why people get such a sad on about this.
      if he was to walk of the pitch at half time and take his sweaty shirt off and give it to the kit man for a new one, would you moan??? it means nothing in terms of performance.

      he was a stand out player against monaco with santi and Kos. walcott needs to go, he offers nothing anymore. keown was correct when he said he has been at the club 10 years and still not established himself as a starter. take him pace away and he is useless.

      1. Again, if you don’t know the answer to your question then God help us!

        Shirts were swapped after hard battles had been fought and out of deep mutual respect (pele/Moore)..NOT after a first half when your sole aim is to do anything and everything to win AGAINST your opponent.

        They should have a good ole kiss and a cuddle too and exchanged phone numbers.

        Keown is right on Walcott but he and dixon (and Paul ‘the dull’ scholes) IMO are also right when they say this is wrong.

        No quarter given..none asked for

  12. we just need to regroup quickly and finish the season strongly a second place spot would be a good consolation prize along with f.a cup.
    wenger must make sure he gets the players we need to be able to make major in roads in to the c/l next season, i think it will be next season or bust for wenger he will most likely leave next summer if we dont even look like winning anything next season in about march time, but he must give us and himself the best chance by getting this summer transfers right all the way through the team and maybe invest in a capable number two(put bouldy on only defensive duties) who is in touch with modern tactics so we approach the big games correctly.

    that is the only way wenger will progress in the c/l and league title if not we do need a manager who can do all of those things and a manager that will keep the team motivated from the sidelines, not that i am saying that he should definitely come in but just watch how jurgen klopp interacts with his players all the time and how animated he is from the sideline he motivates his players, (this is what we need sometimes being excellent technically is enough alone)and he is changing games plans form the dugout if something aint working unfortunately football is a young managers game now.

    wenger is one of the old guard hanging on past glories in a vain hope it can spur him on to win one more title but we will see what happens at the end of season and most importantly this summer it could be the most vital transfer window of wengers career at arsenal he must get it spot on for us to progress.

  13. even though he is not a well know monaco manager jardim showed wenger how to play in a European tie over two legs, fair enough we can close to beating them last night but over the two legs they did what was necessary to win the tie overall tight defense when needed and get goals on the break when needed especially away goals they have a game plan and they stick to it.

    very much like a lot of the successful teams in the c/l these days they might not have the big names but they have a successful organized game plan and passion, thats what gets them where they are at least, we need to be better organized in the c/l next season and go to teams with a set game plan and stick to that plan to see us through the hard games wenger need to find his tactical mojo for next season.

  14. I was devastated yesterday night having seen my beloved Arsenal FC cruelly knocked out of this year UCL by a less fancy Monaco FC side. What an unfortunate result for me and for those who cared about it. Arsenal would have been the 2015 UEFA Champions League champions. That had been my projection as the Gunners went to Stade Louis II to redeem themselves from the catastrophe they suffered at the hands of the Whites at Emirates Stadium. But alas! The Gunners fell short of redeeming themselves on the night hour and half. The question I asked myself is, why didn’t the Gunners knock out the Whites? The Gunners had used the game Key of PROLIFIC GUNNERS STARTS from 1′ to 90′ + 5 duration time of the game. But still got knocked out. The boss definitely did start a PROLIFIC GUNNERS STARTS that were undoubtedly prolific on the night and were nearly home and dry. But the boss starts was a Traditional PROLIFIC CONSERVATIVE GUNNERS STARTS. Instead of to start a contemporary PROLIFIC GUNNERS STARTS. let’s take note of the word conservative in the boss starts. That conservative starts caused the Gunners’ failure to qualify for the Q/final. I started Rosicky alongside Coquelin in my starts but as Rosicky wasn’t available to play, it was appropriate to start Ramsey(not as a sub.) I dropped Alexis from my starts because his goal scoring form is dip. And I started Welbeck on the bench because of his profigacy in front of goal. Despite his match rustiness in the WH game, I was bold to start Walcott in my starts because of his prolific nature to score or cause a score. I published my starts and comments on and the Untold website comment column. Take a look again at my PROLIFIC GUNNERS STARTS: Szczesny. BellerinRhino’KoscielnyMonreal. CoquelinRosicky. WalcottGiroudCazorlaOzil. I started Szczesny in my starts for this game because of his size advantage over Ospina. My starts was tagged a contemporary PROLIFIC GUNNERS STARTS that might have qualified for the UCL Q/final yesterday. With my due respect to him, I think the boss should have gone to Monaco with Akpom and leave Chambers at home. And he should have started dip in form Alexis on the bench. We will be discussing about our Newcastle game later on. But less I forget, the Key for the Gunners victory in that game is CONSOLIDATING GAINS GUNNERS STARTS. Every game has it own complexion. And that winning key is what the Gunners will use to collect all the 3 points at stake at St James Park on Saturday afternoon. As the boss will seemingly starts a CONSOLIDATING GUNNERS STARTS that will consolidate their gains in the Barclays Premier League table.

    1. U re rite bro, if wenger has a statue right infont of our stadium again, dat means we will neva win UCL, the ghost of arsene will 4ever haunt arsenal

  15. The fact dat arsenal fans have allow mediocrity is a shame, blame giroud for losing those chances in emirate but we lost the game bcos we conceded 3 goals, and if u think its all down to the players then long may it continue.

  16. I’d disagree about Alexis and Giroud but otherwise good ratings. Alexis was pretty poor today and probably deserved a 6. His fight and grit always adds to the team but honestly, every other attacking player was outshining him by a considerable feat. He needs a rest.

    Giroud had a solid game. He was getting frigging unlucky out there. He was linking out play well and was moving their defence, we just weren’t moving the ball quick enough. He deserved a 7.5 or at least better then Alexis.

    As a side note: Welbeck coming off was a real shame as he had started performing in that game. Ozil was very good. Cazorla probably not MOTM for me but he did run the show. Just a shame we didn’t quite get over the line. Looking good for future matches though – we are coming into form at bloody last!

  17. first thing wenegr need to do when the transfer window opens is go straight in off the bat BOOM £30million bid for lacazette(we need a pacey prolific scorer to kill off the big games for us) and £20 million for kondogbia.(he was monaco’s stand out player for me in both legs the way he just single handedly had a grip on our midfield he is a man mountain like toure/veiera he has really impressed me every time we have played monaco in last few years should be diaby replacement. (there was one instance last night were he had 3 arsenal players around him he just brushed 2 of them off and dribbled pass the third) and he spread the game out to the wings quickly with a single pass and then maybe look to bring in another c/h later after seeing who’s available coyg

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