Arsenal player ratings for Newcastle away – Giroud MOTM

Although Arsenal ran out of steam and just held on for the away win at Newcastle, there was a lot of fight from the Gunners. Ospina, the two central defenders, Coquelin, Ramsey and Welbeck were all contenders but my Man of the Match was Olivier Giroud for taking his two chances on top of his overall contribution. That is why Arsenal took the points.

Ospina -7- He really saved us today with at least one amazing save and plenty of good work to back it up after a slight mistake early on.

Chambers -6- Can´t used the tired excuse but actually got better as the game went on. He still has a lot to learn defensively and positioning nearly cost us in the first half but did improve and was a threat going forward.

Gabriel -7.5- Really impressive from the new man under serious pressure. BFG should worry.

Koscielny -7.5- The usual committed game we have come to expect from him and well needed yesterday.

Monreal -6- Struggled at times and was partly to blame for their goal after rushing and missing tackle on Cabella. He did look tired.

Coquelin -7.5- The beast made a few small errors but considering the circumstances and how often he broke up moves and how well he read the game I am not going to criticise our midfield warrior.

Ramsey -7- Would have got a better score if not for taking chances and making the wrong decisions when we needed to get some control. Never stopped and did some very good work though hence the score.

Cazorla -5.5- Worst game for a while from the Spaniard who looks like he needs a rest. Still tried hard but struggled to impose.

Alexis -6- You cannot fault his desire but perhaps fatigue or need for a goal is affecting his class at the key moments.

Welbeck -7.5- Really impressed again today in helping the team defend as much as looking to break. Danny is becoming a very important player for us.

Giroud -8- Continued to make up for his misses against Monaco by winning yet another game for us and doing lots more besides in a tough game. We need his form to continue to have any chance of pushing the top two.

Rosicky -7. I thought the Czech made a difference coming on and restored some much needed calm and control to our passing game.

Flamini – 5.5- Almost cost us with his first touch but made up for it.

Bellerin -6- Little time but helped defensively when coming on and almost got in for a killer goal.

Considering how Arsenal struggled you might think these are generous but I am allowing for fatigue and that Newcastle were driven and relentless.

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  1. I think both our full backs didn’t hav a gud day especially chambers. But dat doesn’t means I wil go on to say dat he shudnt b a rite back like many ppl said yesterday. After debuchys injury and before bellerins star performances he was d man made it secure down d rite flank, I think he’s just got a little rusty and less confidence after being benched by bellerin. We played too many wrong passes in d second half and nearly paid for it. Welbeck sure has a grt combination of speed and power but he cant make d rite decision wen ever in a good position. Overall he had a good game yesterday though. I hope we return fully refreshed after d international break and dat Sanchez doesn’t gets injured on international duty!! Last word: Ospina mayb shorter den szcesny but he does enough to disturb d opposition nd doesn’t allows Dem a free header, his decision making is good.

  2. What hell of a rating is this? Chambers 6 and Monreal 5.5? Are u kidding me? Chambers never got going in the second half, hardly won a ball from sammy ameobi and perez in the 2nd half. Santi didn’t hav the best of games but still deserves a better rating at least for assisting the End goal and being linked with the first through his free kick,

    I-Chambers 4 not 6, he was awful throughout, scared to make a tackle to save his life. I see him as CB though not R,B
    II- Ramsey 5.5 not 7, he denied G rude 2 clear chances to kill off the game in the 1st half, may be he thinks he is striker not b2b, his passing was not fluent too.
    III- Cazorla 6.5 not 5.5, that delivery for g rude’s goal, taking the keeper out and inviting others to score, he was just ON and OFF.

    1. Coquelin 6 not 7.5, didn’t track Cabella who squared for Sissoko to score and was again dispossessed a few times which lead to Newcastle chances. He might be a good tackler, but his ability on the ball is questionable.

  4. Oh how we missed Ozil,should have killed game off in first half,but for Ramsey his passing is woefull

  5. I think you gave them all an extra point or two just for turning up !!!!!
    Over all we got the 3 points
    But we was lucky !!!

  6. We should do a rating for the first half and then the second half there would be a huge difference then most players would drop by 3 points or more, but fair play to the team we showed spirit and fight which we will need from now till the end of season COYG

  7. I think these ratings should be adjusted to reflect the actual facts that happened at St. James Park yesterday as it concerned the Gunners. I agree with the 8 figure rating awarded to Olivre Giroud. Save Sanchez, Koscielny, De Abreu and Ospina. The rest of the Gunners on the field yesterday were just making up the numbers. While I will not want to disagree with the boss accessing the Gunners as game fatigued. One might be tempted to ask, why didn’t the other Gunners that played well yesterday fatigued? My Observations In Our Yesterday Game: (1)Chambers must learn on how he should be accurate with his final ball deliveries into the opponents box as he overlaped from his rightback position. (2)Koscielny must remain on his feet after making a tackle in our box. He fell down yesterday after tackling a menacing Magipie. (3)Ramsey played near to nothing game for me yesterday as he cheaply gave the ball away not once or twice but many times. And he hasn’t any ball techniques as he ran the ball to corner touch instead of to use his technique to out manovoured his marker to size up Tim Krul at 20 munites in the game. He could even have drawn a foul – a Pen. Welbeck has clearly shown why LvG sold him. His has nearly everything: height, pace, fighting spirit, back tracking to defend and some ball control. But he is a profigator in front of goal. Look at that cross-box pass which Sanchez operating from the right gave him. And he received it just outside the 18 yard box but shot a low drive missing to the goal to right with only Tim Krul in front of goal to beat. Coquelin needs to improve on the quality of his game. He often lose the ball to the opponents as he dances round with ball like an orthodox Chananian midfielders. And he should stop trying to copy John Mikel Obi style of play. Coquelin is neither of the two. He should play his own game in the Arsenal way. And henceforth desist from holding up the Gunners offensive acceleration when they are on the attack. Bob, let’s try to tell our Gunners the truth of their game deficiencies as they happened. So that they will improve on them to unfailing win their possible 10 maximum remaining games to become the Treble Champions this season.

    1. god forbid coquelin would want to emulate mikel who is an utterly useless midfielder..more like gatusso but he is progressing well in his own way….but spot on with the other comments so number of thumbs down seems odd…fourth place junkies out in force probably

  8. Best result liverpool v man u would be a draw that way we are 5 clear of scousers and 3 clear of man u then we can finish liverpool off at home win that and go 8 points clear of them then dont think we will loose 3 of all the remaining games so lets hope for a draw today and same with chelski a hull victory would be amazing but cant see it happening maybe a draw is best we can hope for!

  9. Ospina – save us the game.
    Gabriel – mile ahead of mert, make our defend line look better.
    Monreal – Look tired but did a decent job.
    Chambers – seem good in offensive but not defensive.
    Cox – always hard working in his defensive duty.
    Carzola – after a few hard games look tired but still help in the two goals.
    Ramsey – appreciate his energy and enthusiastic but he just trying too hard, can’t pass probably and thought he is the striker himself.
    Sanchez – no comment.
    Welback – every match is like a training match for him.
    Giroud – take the chances that we have on the 1st half that make the difference, we win the game.

  10. Rosicky is good but needs to decide whether to stay or leave cause he replaced Sanchez and the former did not secure chambers from attacks, Arsene removed all pace from the team including welbeck who i think was good, Ramsey did not help giroud’s cause as he stopped him from getting a 1st half hat-trick. Flamini needs to leave seriously cause he is a waste of a player in the squad along with arteta and wilshere.

  11. I would have been surprised if you did not give Giroud 8. The last time he played 15-minute you gave him 7. You always overrate him.

  12. no idea what lens this guy watches the games through but a 6 7 and 7.5 for chambers ramsey and wellbeck respectively borders on the delusional..a 4 for first two and a 6 for wellbeck (he worked hard) ….

  13. I actually thought Cazorla was fine. A little tired, but his play was severely effected by Ramsey. Don’t overlook who dropped in the holding position while the battering Ram spent all his time attacking.

    Ramsey was awful. He cannot keep possession. He continues to play these little flicks no matter how many times they fail to come off. Is it worth the few spectacular goals if it means constantly giving up good possession in good areas?

    Chambers was just as bad as always, but he had more help from Sanchez and Gabriel. That time where he looked better at the end of the game was after Bellerin came on and took over the defending.

    Alexis was great for me. He stretched the defense and worked hard all around. His skill was on on display; though he never got a decent chance to shoot on his own he created a couple chances with his play, and most of our good free kicks came from his play.

    I also actually felt like Ospina had an off game. He made a couple saves, but he also missed on a few clearances and misjudged a couple corners that could have cost us. Still better than the wandering Pole.

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