Arsenal player ratings for Newcastle draw – Coquelin MOTM

I could have given a few Arsenal players the Man of the Match award for yesterday´s hard fought win at Newcastle, with Cazorla´s probing and patient passing as well as Oxlade-Chamberlain´s direct approach and shot for the goal being key factors, but for me the anchoring presence of Coquelin in midfield and his ability to keep the ball and his cool amid concerted pressure was brilliant.

Cech 6 – Pretty much a spectator.

Bellerin 6 – A bit wasteful at times but worked hard and got forward to help our attackers.

Gabriel 7 – Not too busy but impressive and sharp when needed.

Koscielny 7 – Rean and sorted out a few dangerous counter attacks. Assured.

Monreal 7 – Did well in attack and nearly helped us break through.

Coquelin 8 – Towering and dominant from the Frenchman and his long range passing is looking good too.

Cazorla 7.5 – Perhaps missed Ozil but was our creative spark.

Ramsey 7 – Worked hard but slowed things up at times. His fierce shot led to our goal.

Chamberlain 7.5 – Lost the ball at times but took risks and responsibility and got us the goal.

Alexis 7.5 – Looked the most likely to score and just needs a goal to get going.

Walcott 6 – Tough game but should have scored at least one of his few chances.

Giroud 6 – Got involved but also should have taken a chance.

Arteta 6 – Calm and passed it well to see out game.

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  1. chamberlain was awful i’ll admit he’s not toothless like the other arsenal players but 7.5? Coq was good but monreal was definitely MOTM

  2. Chamberlain was very hit or miss for me. It looks like he’s been told to come inside as he is not hugging the toucline like normal (VERY WEIRD!). Still he is like Alexis in that he sees attacking moments, takes the reigns and dives in to create something. Doesn’t always come off but it is great to have.

    Coquelin was fantastic. The fact the opposition fouled him more than Alexis, Cazorla or Chamberlain said everything to me. Great game for the lad.

    Theo I felt was unlucky. Rusty. His movement was actually really good. I feel the fact he didn’t score undermined how much he was getting into the right places and doing the right things. If you listen to pundits talk about Kane who is yet to score and missing good half chances, they never say “He’s playing awful”. They say he’s going through a spell. I’d give Theo more time before I paint him with the brush of ineptitude as for me, he was doing everything but scoring and leaving plenty of space in his wake. That said I agree with the summation of a 6 today – his misses were woeful and had he scored he’d have probably got confidence to step up to a brace or more with the space he was creating.

  3. When we don’t score it always comes down to the lone striker should have. Many players this year have the ball in their possession way way more than our lone striker. No penetration no running at the wall and getting a penalty, not many crosses coming in. Of course we can’t score against a wall of 4 and a wall of 5.
    Santi for being the creative player and great close dribbler we have has come up with few plays. Alexis has the ball out wide a lot and dribbles but no penetration and certainly no crosses from him. Ramsey and Ozil have the ball quite often as well with little penetration. We will find our attack as soon as a team plays toe to toe with us. Hopefully we can get a W every time a team sits back like yesterday.

    1. Yesterday suited Ramsey quite well. He was making some great deep runs and was unlucky our passing did not find him. Chamberlain, Cazorla and Alexis were fairly quiet for themselves and didn’t really find the fluidity of passing and movement we expect of them which is why most of our best movement from Theo/Rambo didn’t get latched onto.

      Scoring goals are either a team effort, or a solo effort. 1 player will create space for himself or the team will. Yesterday we found space as a team, but our end product (the pass or shot) was always lacking. It’ll come, but we need more results now. A little added quality at any position across our front could offer this. Added width or fire power would be my choices.

    1. What? 1-0 to getting every decision bar 1 right? The 1 wrong decision being a penalty for us? Geez, talk about being super negative!

      As for it being an own goal – it was a decent shot that took a deflection. Yes, it was going slightly wide but it was still from a shot. Colocinni didn’t kick the ball into his own net, we forced it in via a good shot into a dangerous area.

      I agree with got a long way to go but DAMN you’re negative.

    2. Go support Chelshit. 1-0 to the referee, was it from a wrong penalty? Just go support your team. You are an intruder and Arsenal fan. Am a fan and a supporter. I take a win anyhow it comes. How fantastic was Chelsea last season? I pray we win even if we are not playing well. Mates, stubborn Arsene is not buying any one, so let’s get behind the players we have for now. If are not motivated, we suffer psychologically and not Wenger and the Board.

  4. i was very impressed with coquelin but we could all see the way newcastle was fowling him im worried it only a matter of time before his injured so we need suffcient cover arteta is ok but if something happens to coquelin(i pray it doesn’t) where his out for a couple of games arteta cannot play a bunch of games for 90 mins all the time so im hoping arsene is looking at a DM has we speak also on theo, to be fair to him he actually did ok great movement but it brings me to think that giroud and walcott can play together in a 442 formation because giroud can provided the hold up play for walcott to make runs and walcott can make the runs to allow space for giroud if walcott has gioroud finishing and giroud walcott pace we properly would be with man city at the top of the league

    1. The 4-4-2 is probably where we should have switched to if it’d stayed 0-0. You’d sacrifice Coquelin to bring on Giroud, play with Cazorla and Rambo in the middle and blitz them up top.

      I’d love to see this, but it’s highly dangerous. Alternately we can use Coquelin and Cazorla to give our midfield dynamism but it is not perfect. Our wingers are WFs, not WM and as such, it is hard to play a 4-4-2. The wingers will undoubtedly be caught high up the pitch and leave alot of gaps for the opposition. If we had another conventional winger I think this tactic would be more viable…and give us more attacking options…LW PLEASE!

  5. MOTM

    hector bellerin.

    that my friend is a solution for the RB position for many years to come.

    yesterday bellerin was amazing defensively and also offensively…he was making penetrating runs with so much space in midfield.

    bellerin will get a spain call up soon.

    1. I’ve been super impressed with his final product. That first time cross to Theo was great vision and execution. Gotta hand it to him, I thought Debuchy was going to reclaim RB fairly quickly. It’s now definitely Bellerin’s position to lose.
      His work-rate is fantastic as well.

  6. OT: if we are going buy someone this is the time when we should be linked with him strongly. I dont see us linked with anyone seriously. Why will a club sell big player without having anytime to buy its replacement. Surplus players that match our quality are gotze and cavani.i hope we bring atleast one of those two#COYG

    1. I’ve seen this question asked a number of times recently and for the life of me can’t understand it. Big names move on the last day of the window every year, that’s why it makes such great drama.

  7. I imagine the thumbs down brigade will be out in record numbers in reaction to this statement but I honestly would welcome Mahrez with the open arms to the Emirates. Is he the WC striker we desperately need? Well No, but he immediately would slot in as the most technically gifted winger on the team(yes that includes Sanchez) and provide the direct attacking approach that the OX doesnt offer consistently enough imho.

    Throw $15-20M @ Southhampton for Wanyama, $45-50M for Cavani and $10-15M for Abdennour from Monaco and the Gunners will be a handful on all fronts.

    Dare to dream, eh Arsene

  8. Maybe Reus could be the answer to our problems. He’s the perfect RW. we might be able to get him if we offer a reasonable amount of dough. And when Welbeck is fit, he could be our own Aubameyang. Not technically gifted but great movement and pace.

    1. Reus is very very good. but keep faith in Ox. He will be a hit. would rather to buy a striker.
      Welbeck compete with Giroud for the ST role. he is better than Theo who can be used as backup for ox.

        1. i would prefer selling Theo. but boss doesn’t like the idea. and i am sure most of the fan still think theo is better than giroud.

    2. Honestly.. I’ve thought of the comparison before.
      Athletically, Welbeck’s about as good as you’re likely to find for a striker. But his composure is sorely lacking and it shows in his first-touch and finishing. I rate his technique and movement, but he needs a better final product or else it’s all for nothing.

  9. Yarmolenko to BVB for around €15m. reus/aubmeyang ??????? + kingsley coman is set to join Bayern gotze ?

    arsenal delegation currently in Germany & france hope they can get it done

    1. Honestly Leo, why would we be intetested in Goetze? He is without question a quality player but another diminutive midfielder that lacks pace and isnt a natural striker. All for depth in the squad but at that astronomical price tag.

      Dortmund are off to a good start in the Bundesliga, why would they ever consider selling two of there best players unless Madrid offers $70M + for the German

      Bid for Mahrez and Wanyama to add needed depth and throw the kitchen sink @ Cavani/Benzema or Higuain.

      OT, love Mane from Southhampton, great player

        1. Giroud and Walcott are simply not good enough to lead the line, that consensus has been reached by the majority of Arsenal fans.

          Reus would be a dream signing, but is interests post Dortmund seem to lie in Spain and Goetze is not a striker, never will be,

          Just once I would love to see Wenger bid $50M + for Cavani/Bebzema/Lewandowski.

        2. Gotze can be our david silva. He can make goals and also can shoot. How many goals did we score in these 4 games,only 1. I would bench ox and start gotze on right wing. We need creativity in final third and clearly ramsey cant do that. Also he is the best replacement for santi in future. We should get gotze if not a striker

    1. what come on reus has proved himself in cl against Madrid/arsenal & other clubs & will be a success or do u all prefer giroud upfront

  10. Seriously…Wenger can’t tell me that he could not find a better striker than giroud in 3 years!

    For the ppl who keep saying that there r no wc strikers available at the moment… It’s not like we are facing this striker problem since July 2015. Since rvp was sold we have not replaced him and Theo is surely not the answer to our problems!

    1. Have you watched the game? Seriously.

      They had 1 shot all game and none on target. Does this mean our CBs or RB/LB played badly? No, it says they did their jobs.

      Secondly, we won the game against a team who parked the bus and played virtually the whole game with 10 men behind the ball. Again – unless you score early you don’t expect a big scoreline in those games.

      Thirdly, Newcastle actually defended well. They got a 0-0 draw at Old Trafford a week ago and could easily have nicked it. Conversely we totally subdued them and managed to find a way through. You can’t just decide a team is bad because they are not in the top 6 – if a team defends well with 10 players, it’s hard to score.

      If you want to see “pathetic” look at Liverpool crashing and burning to West Ham or Chelsea losing to Palace. Losing 2-0 at home to West Ham was pathetic – winning 1-0 away to Newcastle is not. Not the best performance but heaven’s you’d think we lost!

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