Arsenal player ratings for Sunderland stalemate – Ospina MOTM

You would normally expect Arsenal to have had a really tough task defending our goal for the keeper to get the Man of the Match award but it was not like that. David Ospina was vital to us getting a point though as we failed to score again and Sunderland had a few very good chances to nick it.

Ospina 8 – Was alert and brilliant when we needed him and with 100 percent distribution accuracy you cannot ask for more.

Bellerin 7 – Worked well and was always available but without unlocking their defence.

Mertesacker 6 – Rarely troubled but his lack of pace could have been punished.

Koscielny 7 – Sharp, on the front foot and generally won his duels.

Gibbs 7 – Looked rusty at first but became a real threat with as many shots and shots on target as Giroud and did his defensive duty well.

Cazorla 7 – A better game for the Spaniard with more touches and accurate passes than anyone.

Ramsey 6 – Could not quite find his top gear and was frustrated.

Ozil 5 – A bit of a shocker from the German.

Wilshere 7 – Pretty impressive from Jack considering his lack of recent play.

Alexis 6 – Can´t fault his efforts but just didn´t come off for him.

Giroud 5.5 – Another fairly ineffectual game but he did improve.

Walcott 7 – Came closest to breakthrough and must start on Sunday.

Rosicky 6 – Good cameo in what might be his final game for the Gunners.

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  1. i cant believe we are so inefficient. Chelsea generally does not create so much and do not have crazy number of attempts stats but the difference is they much more efficient. That is why they are champions. Van Gall recently said” Arsenal has a better team then Chelsea but Chelsea are more efficient and they finish the game better.” This sums up the our club and season very well.

    1. Cos they got a good coach. Their coach is decisive, precision and an as*.

      Wenger just too nice, he know our problems just don’t give a damn unless our 4th is in danger.

      1. there is no explanation to have Ozil rambo jack and cazorla on the pitch togteher. I will go as far as saying that we need just 2 of them on the pitch at thesame time.

        Play Rambo as box to box and play cazorla as number 10. Why is Cazorla playing as DM. yes he has improved defensively but look at how he was bullied vs united? When we play good teams cazorla cannot be that deep. he has too mcuh talent to be too deep. If we played Rambo or jack on the right at Wembly Aston Villa will crowd the fxxxx out of us in the middle of the park. I hope we learn our lesson.

        FA cup final on a big wembly pitch. We need pace and width.


        Bell ——–Per———–Boss———-Nacho




        Bench Szseney Gabby Gibbs Jack Rosisky Ozil Welbeck

        Wenger can’t make the big decisions. Pick Ozil or cazorla. For me i go with with cazorla because he is clearly the better and more complete player.

          1. Galen for me Theo would be third choice behind Welbeck. We must not underestimate and think to ourselves shit were not scoring stick Theo in for more threat. Villa are playing well and will revel the underdog status so us being defensively strong is first foremost then our creativity and threat.. ala che if you like. Also Theo does look fit.. but he has much rust still.

            Some are saying why not Ozil, well if these are the same people who are giving out about players out of position (cm’s on wing) well then yous already know the answer to your own question. For me Cazorla too gets the nod if a straight choice, his doggedness was a huge surprise and is great to see.

    2. Ospina deserved MOTM.He made some outstanding saves.@Invincibles49 If u play the same starting for a stretch of 11-12 matches without rotation then they would be fatigued and lack clinicalness in front of goal.

    3. And when are we going to actually address the elephant in the room? Like seriously. Why are people afraid to just say it : the last 5-6 games were really, really poor for Alexis. I think the fact that we haven’t won lately is not a coincidence. Alexis is tired. If Wenger doesn’t dare to bench him then it means he’s not in control of the dressing room. Alexis is very tired and at this pace he will not have any impact in the final.

      1. So true, he has been very poor recently. People are too concerned with work-rate, they slate Ozil even if he has two assists in a game simply because he doesn’t look like he is doing enough but they refuse to slate Sanchez even when he accomplishes nothing in a game just because we see him closing down the goalie or running around a lot.

    4. Hector Bellerin was man of the match.
      giroud was a red card 2me….
      wilshere didnt hold on d ball so long but poorly passing t.(no arsenal players has scoreed a goal since his return)
      ramsey was doing too much there by shooting wide.
      Sanchez needs 2rest abit
      Ozil is fade up of feeding a dry tree.
      the defenders were k n d goal keeper

    5. Ozill created a number of chances and was involved in most of our attacks. Giroud had one half chance which he sxcuted well only to be denied by pantilimon. Thank god we have two games left and these two players have a chance to silence their critics

  2. It is funny that people saying about Giroud things like “he is good striker but not good enough”, I think mostly they add “he is good striker” just to avoid thumps down, either he is good or not good for Arsenal there’s nothing in between …
    Personally, I think he is good, hahaha, but for clubs like WestHam, AstonVilla and so on … He is not good for Arsenal and I’m not going to be taken away with the good run that we had …
    OK I admit he did improve but still far from standard (so it is a relative improvement)…

    1. The same thing we used to do with Poldi as well. “Poldi is good but….” .. Fact is Giroud is someone who will do just enough to keep us in CL every year. I will give him that. But he cant win us the PL and CL. Period!

      1. Giroud seems to play really well when there is pressure from others for his place, and when he isn’t used endlessly. So it appears to be a combination perhaps of motivation and fatigue. This therefore is down to management of the player.
        As for the game, what do you expect from playing a mass CAM strategy. We didn’t stretch the “parked bus” defence, because we didn’t pull them out of shape on the wings and cutting in behind, and because we love to pass so much, we didn’t try to run at them to draw a penalty. Theo changed things a lot, but by then the teams belief had gone, and with it my will to live lol.

    2. When ever we loose a or draw a game we always look for usual suspect. Why do we always do that? Was Giroud the ONly reason we drew the game? U will hear people say that we lost drew the game because Jack played. what nonsense.

      Ozil was terrible yesterday but no one will say a word. Everyone is scared of saying even a positive criticism because he was a £42 Million buy.

      But thesame people are quick to To blast Rambo Giroud and Jack. Yes Giroud is not worldclass but he gives 100%. For someone we boaught for £10 million I think he has been as influncial as ozil who came for £42 million.

      people hating at Giroud but what has ozil done? I know what sanchez has done since his came. I know what rambo did last season. What has ozil done. I respect every arsenal player but people hating on Giroud Rambo and jack for no reason are out of order.

      yesterday someone commented on this forum the ozil was poor because Giroud is shit. how is it Girouds fault when ozil has a bad game? Enough with the excuses. before it was that he was played on the right wing or left wing.

      Strangely enough nobody ever seems to defend rambo when he plays out wide. BUt if ozil plays out wide there is a crisis on this forum. Bias bais bais.

      1. Giroud hasn’t scored a goal in 7matches he’s not good enough,he’s a streak goalscorer who will have a 5game goalscoring streak then go missing for the next 5 or 6 games in fact he reminds me of Adebayor when he was at Arsenal and that’s no compliment!

  3. Ospina -“Was alert and brilliant when we needed him and with 100 percent distribution accuracy you cannot ask for more” why couldn’t you give him a 10 then?

  4. Too generous. We were not playing Juventus. We are so predictable that a team that wants to play a draw with us can easily do that. Wenger will field 4 players that like to play centrally and thinks that there is no specialist position in football. Tell me how Wilshire will not drift inside. When the opponents park the bus, there will be congestion and crowding. We would have possession but no end result as we don’t have Messi-type player. I score all midfielders and attackers 5.

    1. I have a feeling that like with dortmd now that Juve have reached CL final many Gooners are going to be asking for their manager replace Wenger. He must be a very good manager but Italian football is nothing like PL so before anyone calls for him you should check out Italian league football on a regular basis and see what sort of opposition is he facing also remember Italy is a beautiful country which players are happy to stay in and Juve is the no1 choice. You can also check to see if Juve like to keep the same group of players without making too many changes to line up. You will notice a stop start kind of feel with many matches as the football can be slow at times. Italian teams have a good record in CL history and because the league is highly tactical this could benefit said teams.

      Before you call for Conte just do some homework first and dont base it on CL final.

  5. Ospina, Bellerin and Koscieny had a good game. Sanchez, Ozil (by their standard) had a poor game. Giroud, Ramsey, Wilshere, Monreal, Cazorla and Mertsacker had an average game…Walcott and Rosicky tried their best when they came on. Overall, it wasn’t a great game for mi. I’ll accept less possession but clinical and precise in a game than pass, pass and pass the ball without much…Arsenal need a Plan C’ not just ‘B’..

  6. All faults goes on Wenger, he plays stupid formation every single time, and now he even played it even more stupid, we didnt score against Swansea, Wengers comment: We werent clinical and fast enough. next game Man Untd, Wenger comment : We lacked speed and finishing, Wenger after Sunderland : We lacked speed and finishing. Every game stupid comments, you have the fastest player in EPL on your bench and you go and play bunch of CMs and you expect to be fast? is this guy for real?

    1. As I said before don’t read wenger post match comments, make you more piss and make him more fool.

      A top, high pay, most experienced EPL manager can give these comments, is this a joke.

  7. 3 matches without scoring at HOME!! Its very bad. Teams who are playing title should not be this bad!!

  8. The sell of Walcott will be Wenger biggest mistakes (amongst many anyway)…
    He should get rid off the likes of Diaby, Arteta (extend contract done…lol), Mertesacker, Wilshere (loan), Jenkinson (loan) and more…
    He should then seriously consider a world class nucleus:
    A world class GK (Ospina as number 2).
    A world class CB (paired with Koscielny who is world class already).
    A world class DM (Coquelin should learn from a model).
    A world class striker (a 25-30 goals a season aggressive motherf*cker which would give us also the opportunity to play with 2 forwards when needed or depending on the opponents structure and tactics… Welbeck is a poor excuse for a striker that is why Man U sold it to us).

    With those transfers we could seriously challenge for major trophies even though we will still have to deal with the factor Wenger, because the guy is just not in the game anymore.

    1. Bro I never read read one of your comments that I totally agrees with your opinion and idea.

  9. not selling walcott would be massive mistake as he has proven over 8 years plus that he cant take himself or this club to next level so cash in (might get 16-20m if lucky) and bring in a real quality attacking option..reus?…. with a strong DM..kondogbia… and a quality left back..there was nothing much wrong in gibbs performance last night against a team that spent about 12 minutes in total in our half but he is not a powerful defender against top opposition…. should be in with a chance as other teams strengthen

  10. Wenger is too stubborn, he should change the team after 2-3 matches, that is how you keep the freshness in the team……he just accepted to what I was feeling from the last two games……..fatigue……..for Ozil, well he will be disappointing to see, if a team park’s a bus, Sanchez need rest, even if he doesn’t wants to be rested, Cazola playing out of position, thus not able to produce his best…….and Mertesacker should go now…..!!!

  11. He had Walcott and yet he played a cm on one wing and a tired Sanchez on the other.

    It is just rediculous

  12. Dont worry we will win quadruple with Giroud. According to some arsenal fans (here especially) He is better than Rooney, Aguero, RVP, Costa etc.

  13. If you cannot mention how the Sunderland keeper kept them in the game then just shut up. Such results always happen when a team defends deep with its players remaining focused throughout the match. Early last season Fulham/Sunderland scored in the first five minutes at Etihud stadium and closed shop for the next 85 minutes. Despite City bombarding the opposition goal area on countless occasions they could not find a goal. That is why soccer is unpredictable.

  14. I we had of started with Rosicky Walcott Wilshere or Ramsey beside Coq i think they would have given us extra impetus urgency for they must be itching to play after such long time out.

    I honestly think Henrys remarks following che game is after denting Girouds pride and confidence. You dont just go from that kind of form to basically being static clueless and shell of a player overnight. He should have been full of confidence but it seems to have gotten punched right out of him, i know we where expecting a climb down with Girouds stats but not like this… he isnt even showing any fight or barely any effort and that stupid grimace every time he cocks up really annoys the hell out of me.

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