Arsenal Player ratings for Swansea loss – Alexis MOTM

All of the Arsenal players did pretty well in a game that we dominated against a very determined and disciplined Swansea City, but with some bad luck, poor finishing and one defensive lapse, we lost. But it was Alexis, as usual, that tried his hardest and came closest to getting the goal we needed.

Ospina 6 – Had done pretty well until the goal when he was just caught a little out of position.

Bellerin 6 – Worked well in getting up and down the pitch and offered Arsenal some width in attack but also struggled at times against Montero.

Mertesacker 7 – Read the game well, snuffed out danger and never looked troubled.

Koscielny 6 – Generally good but was also at fault for leaving Gomis free for the goal.

Monreal 6 – Offered little going forward but I do not blame him for the goal as he at least read the danger and tried to help.

Coquelin 6 – Was not tested and did his job well until being replaced.

Cazorla 7 – Passed the ball well and got in some good positions but perhaps overplayed at times.

Ramsey 6.5 – Tried hard and good energy but came deep and inside too often.

Ozil 7 – Passed and moved well and created chances.

Alexis 7.5 – If only he had taken an extra split second to finish we would have won but you cannot fault much else.

Giroud 6 – Struggled to influence the game but a few great touches nearly got the breakthrough.


Wilshere 6 – Looked sharp again and perhaps should have been on earlier.

Walcott 5.5 – Not much time and should have scored but little space in the middle for his abilities.

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  1. Arsenal are better off not having too much possession in order to win more,against Man United we must let them have the ball and play on the counter attack!

    1. Man U defense is not
      flash. They will also
      attack at home so we
      will have more room than yesterday.
      Should be very exciting.
      Plenty of goal mouth action.
      Walcott to start on the right
      only change.

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    2. Sanchez motm???? Why???? Cuz he missed a sitter??and gave away usless passes all through the match???ozill without a shadow of doubt motm…..

    1. No we don’t. What we need is quality hold-up play and we already have the best of it coming from Giroud.

  2. I am amazed to see that in wake of winning spree, most of the arsenal supporter forget the real reason of arsenal missing the PL trophy……that is the presence of wilshere in starting line up ( at the expense of cazarola or ozil). They are all praising his performance against Hull (with no goal and assist), with some suggesting to have him in place of ozil or Ramsey. It’s only after wilshere absence due to injury that arsenal starts winning at regular basis.
    Arsenal win just 32% of match when he is in starting line up while win more than 82% without him . His Key passes, assist and goal tally is pathetic. His defensive record is no better.
    he is not a DM…….so what’s his contribution in terms of Key passes, goals and assists as Attacking midfielder????????? just 1 goal and 1 assist and very few key passes.

    And this is not this season that arsenal played worse when he is in the team…..Just check the stats of past 3 seasons….It will be an eyeopener for everyone

    1. Post hoc ergo propter hoc…..another 4th place junkie….. If wenger had been able to combine ozil wilshere and santi earlier we would have had a world class creative midfield still needed attacking options sanche
      Z is one but need another

  3. We really need a Striker different from Giroud, and not Walcott. Özil was good, some fans on twitter were blaming him last night. I don’t understand them.

  4. Agree with the comments. Poor finishing when the opportunity arose, some bad luck and a bad mistake at the back lost us this game. Swansea are a decent team and set out not to lose, very effectively. We lost the game but not because we deserved was said post match 19 times out of 20 we’d have won. Just one to take on the chin and get back into the groove at the weekend.

    Just read yesterday’s posts about the game. Jesus. We have some of the most demented, fragile and schizophrenic fans in the world. I’m not sure if half of the bloggers are depressives or simply don’t get the realities of football. Everyone’s got a reason for our loss, yet the reality is that team, those players, that formation and this squad has had an exceptional second half of the season. Swansea aren’t the best we’ve played, but they stuck to their plan and got very lucky at both ends. Every team in the division has lost games, we lost this one, only the second in our last 16 pl matches.

    We’re clearly still short of a couple of players but it ain’t a disaster. Get a grip lads.

    1. Yeah first 12 hours
      “its pain over brain”
      Quite clever that eh 🙂
      By tomorrow most will settle
      and realize that the titles gone
      long ago but we should get 2nd or 3rd
      even if we lose to Man U. Even if we got 4th
      its still ECL so no problem.

  5. Wenger – 6.5

    Tried to make changes (plan B) but made wrong decision putting on Theo for G-Rude. Space at back was not at a premium so flanks to stretch defense and deliver quality balls in should have been used more.

    TR should have been used to inject a greater direct threat to create space for himself and others by running at people with the ball. Jack did ok when he came on but he always seem to be running like his in quick sand as opposed to drifting past people.

  6. I almost smashed my T.V last night I was highly annoyed that we lost. Swansea had a good strategy but we still should have scored in the second half. I guess there will be games like these, but it is going to make 2nd place way more difficult now. United will not be an easy game, as we are going in with a defeat where as they are going in with a win. Mentally, we are already on the backfoot. We must beat them and finishing anything less than 2nd would be bit of failure in my opinion.

    1. Against Manchester United, I would like Welbeck to start, if he’s fit. I know he’s been out for a while now, but I’ve always preferred him to the prince of hold-up plays.

  7. ArseOverTit – 9

    Did very well to sit through such a frustrating game without cursing in front of my 3yr old and believed we would get the result in the end..until you know what happened.

    I’m deducting myself a point though for saying AFC are close as always but no cigars!

  8. Garry Monk – 10

    Won the game with a stout defensive strategy. All players well drilled and team kept their shape and topped it off with a counter attack goal.

    A good day at the Emirates for a mid table team with no big cheque book or players.

  9. My order of goal
    scoring ability.

    Who should stay ?
    Who should leave?

    1. OUT:
      Arteta (don’t care about others, but arteta HAS to go)



      And ramsey should no longer be in the starting 11

  10. Which game were u watching?!
    Ospina 5.5
    Bellerin 5.5
    Mert 6.5
    Kosc 6
    Monreal 6.5
    Coq 6
    Cazorla 4.5
    Ramsey 1.5
    Ozil 7
    Sanchez 2.5
    Giroud 5

    Walcott 5
    Wilshere 6

    Wenger -10 (poor team selection, poor balance, moronic subs)

  11. The first half was appalling. Our back four were playing keep ball in our half. Swansea had set up with four at the back, five in midfield and a so-called false No 9. They were expecting a battering, a red storm was about to blow them away. Instead all they had was a gentle whisp. Was this a tactic to unsettle their game, to draw them out. Why would they, there had.been no intention to attack. It was painful to watch, so slow and deliberate. How can you give Mertesacker such a high mark and say that he read the game well. We totally wasted the first half and of course they grew in confidence. Is that your idea of reading the game? For the goal Bellerin had to run out to try and prevent Montero from crossing, why didn’t Mertesacker read the game and cover him should he get by instead of waiting in no man’s land on the penalty spot. Yes there were others at fault but according to your assessment he snuffed out any danger. Be a good idea to watch next time and read the game yourself.

  12. are you sure you’re not Ty in disguise mate? this post brimming with misplaced rating all over the place. Ospina, Bellerin need to be lower while Ozil are deserving MOTM rather than wasteful sanchez. Not a WOB but honestly the real culprit is wenger for that dodgy substitution.

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