Arsenal Player ratings for West Brom win – Wilshere MOTM

You will not score many hat-tricks and yet fail to get the Man of the Match award and I do feel a bit mean to the Arsenal and England forward Theo Walcott but I think Jack Wilshere just edged him out with a brilliant performance against West Brom today. He even outdid Theo with his goal.

Ospina 6 – A bystander for most of the game. Made a couple of saves but was at fault for the goal.

Bellerin 7 – Tireless work and added to our width in attack.

Mertesacker 7 – Never really troubled and looks back to his best.

Gabriel 7 – An assured performance from the Brazilian.

Gibbs 7 – Wenger has a tough job picking between him and Monreal.

Coquelin 7 – Sharp, steady and aggressive in the tackle as usual.

Cazorla 7.5 – Controlled the tempo of the game without really catching the eye.

Wilshere 9 – Stunning return to form. He looked unstoppable.

Ozil 8 – Slick and sharp and never looked flustered in the tightest of spaces.

Alexis 8 – Just what we have come to expect from the Chilean which is maybe why we don’t appreciate him as much as we should.

Walcott 8.5 – A timely reminder of his calmness in front of goal and that he gives Arsenal something different.


Giroud 6 – Anonymous in his short time.

Ramsey 7 – Did his best to show he should not lose out to Wilshere. Unlucky to hit woodwork twice.

VIDEO – Santi Cazorla’s brilliant FA Cup Final freekick!!

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  1. OT: but seriously is there any truth to us getting Vidal? Does anyone have any credible source? Don’t want to get my hopes up but this would be a massive statement…

    1. Also what of Lacazette and Fekir? I heard Brian McDermott scouted them extensively recently after being sent by Wenger… Sorry for my rumor state, just a little excited about this coming transfer window…

    2. I think its more to do with the fact that Him and Sanchez have thesame agent. also when you buy a player from a region you bring in other players from that region so that its easier for them to settle. I understand this phylosophy but i think its likely unlikely that Vidal will be coming o Arsenal. he is a box to box midfielder and scores and assist. defensively he is very solid but but ? Then there is also the story of juventus agreeing terms with Khedira on a free transfer. So that easiky makes people think that oh may be Vidal is leaving.

      Wenger signed Ozil for 42£ million so i guess everythng is possible

      There is a huge difference between the perception that people have of me and [the reality]: I’m not scared to spend money. If you go out with me one night, you will understand that.” – Arsene Wenger

      Thats my favourite quote of the year. It is possible we signed Vidal but it is also likely unlikely because Juventus want o become a real force. They have all but confirmd the signng of DYBALA for £28 million or 40 million Euros. Thats a huge investment on a 21 years old.

    3. No, there is no credible evidence. The original story started out with a fake website in Italy that used a web name similar to a credible site. Everything after that is just a repeat of a fake rumor.

  2. A much improved performance, when judged against the previous week against Swansea. At least this time they went at the opposition defence with gusto, and had a few shots. Last week they broke away quite a few times, got the ball to the Swansea penalty area with 3 against 4, and then started pussyfooting around until Swansea had all 11 men behind the ball. Some of the crosses yesterday were mouth-watering – the hard low ones remain dangerous and can go anywhere. Pity Aaron didn’t get a deserved goal after hitting the woodwork and having his other effort palmed onto the crossbar. In spite of all the comments about Giroud and how he has scored against all the big clubs and how many goals he has, he still is NOT my idea of a world class striker. By that I am not saying that Walcott is, but there just was so much more movement and creativity yesterday that I have seen recently. Of course, Jack had something to do with that as well, I agree fully that he was the MOTM.

    1. I Think there are very few who would describe Giroud as “Worldclass” but some people seem to dislike him so much people can’t say anything positive about him without people putting him down. He’s not as good as strikers we’ve had in the past and he does lack pace but he has a lot of great qualities and fits the team well. We score a lot more team goals because of Giroud. Taking into consideration he got 17 goals in his first season at arsenal where I would have said he was a good back up option but shouldn’t be first choice he’s improved massively since then. I think he’s proved he’s a 20 goal a season striker easily if fit and that isn’t easy. He’s a fighter with a good consistency and I think there a only a few strikers better than him. I think Henry’s comments have upset him recently but he’s bounced back from a lot of critisis in the past. He deserves some respect he’s been an important part of the team since his return from injury and even if we buy someone this summer he still a good option next season.

      Also people like to overhype every other player for instance definition is a top player but has periods of inconsistency I watch Madrid a lot and sometimes he looks terible. Lacazette looks good but like Giroud the top scorer in France probably would take I’m time to settle and would just like Giroud need to step up his game in the premier league. People like Falco show even “worldclass” players can have bad seasons too and as quickly as you can be labeled worldclass you can be labeled a flop.

      1. I am not referring to what Theo did yesterday but for me a striker of arsenal material must be able to score a ha-tricks, win penalties and score goals sometimes independently. A striker who may not score 30+ goals a season but he is capable of tiring defenders apart with his pace and movements and allows for the midfielders to score. Diego Costa gave Cheski this season what they needed, he scored goals in an important match, remember the match arsenal played against chelski at the bridge, arsenal dominated the game and Costa was anonymous almost on the entire game but just a single chance he got from Fabrigas pass, he killed us and that is what a Top striker needed to do. Walcot has scored some few ha tricks already, I don’t remember when OG did it.

        1. Diego Costa is a decent striker but wish people would pipe down a bit and not hold him up to be some sort of world class super striker. To offer him up as a striker far superior to OG is way off the mark – reality is that by every measure and metric available they are actually pretty comparable. Costa just has the hype and the Mou connection so the media can elevate his status to something it is not. Aguero is different class to this guy.

          1) OG has a better career goal/game ratio than DC. Our second striker/wide forward has scored more goals than him this season – perspective.
          2) DC scored 21 this season in total – OG 19 (with 3 months out).
          3) More than half of DC’s goals against bottom half teams and a further 5 of them in 2 one-sided routs of Swansea. 1 goal against top 4 team. No UCL goals. Only 2 of his 20 PL goals were “winners”. Yes he scored a nice 78″ goal against us but not the winner. Almost a perfect flat-track bully profile. Even OG scored against United and City this season.

          1. OG and DC both played 26 games this seasons and they were both out injured in different period, DC scored 20 EPL goals, OG scored 14. For the goals against Man citi he scored while the game was completely dominated by our team and after citi were already murdered

  3. @Jamerican lacazatte and fekir can not be an improvement to what we have how is lacazatte better than sanchez his goals tally is infated by penalties 8penalties,fekir just 13goals and assist a season is not what,we are lacking.

    1. Exactly Lacazette is
      not 30 millio quids
      better than Giroud,
      and Fekir is not 30 mill
      better than Sanchez

    2. Pedro. That would be the only available wide player I would go for. He would slot straight into our style of play and we would be unstoppable on the flanks with Sanchez and Pedro back together.

      1. Yeah i agree… also i think Griezmann if available would be tops. Looks excellent in French colours. Those two would be my choice after Reus who is out of reach if you ask me.. also theres Draxler and De Bruyne who must come into argument… am sure theres couple more, but Pedro or Griezmann for me.

        1. Guys who want us to buy another winger really amazes me. For God’s sake we have Theo, Gnabry, AOC, Podolski, Campbell, Carzola, Rosicky, Wilshere, Ramsey who can all play as wingers and yet pple here insist that we buy a winger? Are you crazy or what?

  4. Walcott and Wilshere
    hit top form in game
    55 of the season
    a game which meant nothing
    130 days after Chelsea won the Premiership.
    Might as well say Diaby was MOTM for all the good it did 🙁

      1. The season was lost when WENGER failed to complete the transfers for a DM and CB in summer. In the 2nd half Arsenal were not bad at all when Bellerin and Coq emerged and Gabriel was acquired.

        Also, Arsenal split with ManU this season – so at least give credit where it actually happened.
        3 games. 1 win each and 1 draw.

    1. What sorts of person are you? This guys were out injured. Can’t you just be happy for them? I also want to say respect to Wenger for the way he handled Theo. If he came back and we killed him with games and goes out for 6 months injured everyone would have been blaming wenger for the injury. But Wenger has built him up slowly but steadily.
      Ronald koeman said There was no need playing Jay Rodriguez. That its better for his fitnesss levels to progress steadily so that he is ready for next season. Jayand Theo had similar injuries. jay is yet to play a game. i guess both managers are right after all.

    1. That is sad. Honestly, one could flip a coin between Walcott and Wilshere for MOTM.

      The real MOTM are all the fans who have been screaming for Wenger to rotate the squad. They were all correct.

      1. Sure, they were all correct – they knew just the right time to bring them both back having checked their medical and training logs for the past 3 months.

        1. Thats wobs for ya,, when Wenger gets it right its because he listened to the fans (who all have contradicting opinions) and then when he gets it wrong.. yes you guessed it its because he didnt listen to fans (again who all have contradicting opinions).

  5. Chelsea only scored
    2 more goals than
    Arsenal in the EPL.
    We had Giroud Walcott and
    Chamberlain injured for long spells.
    They are worth at least 15 goals more between them when fit.
    Sanogo Podolski Campbell scored 0 EPL goals
    between them . WTF are we resigning them for?
    So we don’t need any more strikers.
    We lost 5 dumb games because we
    did not have enough defenders.
    Swansea Chelsea Man Utd Stoke Southampton.
    After we got our defense sorted we only lost twice
    once to a Caine inspired Spurs at their place
    and Swansea (H) when the team had already got 3rd.
    No more strikers, more quality defenders please

    1. Giroud and Costa both played 26 League games but Giroud scored 14 goals while Costa scored 20 goals,they’ve both been equally injured so we must not use injury for Giroud’s lack of goals!

      1. We lost the che and utd games due to no clinical touch/striker just as much as lapses with defending… same for the 2nd swa game.

      2. wrong. in all competitions this season, OG played 35 games, scoring 18 goals, coasta played 37, scoring 20. pretty darn similar.


    2. Sanogo, Podolski and Campbell were kept as insurance policies to cover for injuries. Once other players got healthy, they were all shipped out on loan.

    3. no one is resigning. ugh fans need to get a clue

      they were out on loan. seasons over so -> loan is over. they’ll probs be gone soon. have you never played fifa?

  6. “Giroud 6 – Anonymous in his short time”

    Since when is 3 years a short time?

  7. Wilshere had a good game but Theo is MOM hands down. Not just the hat trick. His movement in the box was phenomenal and it opened up the defense and allowed for everything else to happen. A phenomenal strike from a very difficult angle 4 minutes into the game ensured there would be no bus parking by West Brom.

    1. Can’t see Gibbs over Monreal in FA Cup. The thing that annoys me about Gibbs is, he doesn’t pass the ball forward only back to the player that passed to him, and he should have been on the goal line for the corner,sorry but he is the weak link in the defence not a patch on Monreal so, we need a left back to cover Monreal send Gibbs out on loan. CB

  8. OK, Guys, here’s the thing: Any even REASONABLE striker that had played as many games as OG this season would have scored about 30 goals. We have very short memories. How many freaking times did OG miss when it was easier to score?? When the rest of the team had set him up?? And then the expression on his face when he misses, and he KNOWS he SHOULD, not COULD, have done better. I say go for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar; he’ll not cost the earth and he’s definitely a step up from OG. And then, the reason why we lost or drew all those games before Christmas is NOT because we had so many injuries or because the Germans came back late from their World Cup trip. For that specific part you need to look no further than the man-management of our dear AW. His team selections at that time, as well as his substitutions, were atrocious. How many times was the Ox the best player on the field and he was substituted? How many times was Özil the worst player on the field and he was NOT substituted? No Podolski when the situation cried out for a player like him? No Rosicky when we could have done with a player that takes no sh*t and gives as good as he gets. And he changed the team every week and never gave anybody, in particular up front and in midfield, the chance to settle down. Hopefully the new season will see more consistency and at least some of the urgency that we saw against WBA.

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