Arsenal player ratings from Aston Villa win – Giroud MOTM

It has been quite a while since Olivier Giroud got anything but a hefty slating in my Arsenal player ratings, but fair play to the big striker today as he scored a very good hat-trick and gave Arsenal the perfect send off to a season that once again flattered to deceive. Other notable performances came from the returning Santi Cazorla and our midfield rock Francis Coquelin but there really was only one choice for Man of the Match.

Cech 7 – Rarely troubled but did nothing wrong.

Bellerin 7 – Another solid game from our super young Spaniard.

Gabriel 6 – Defensive slip nearly let Villa score at 1-0. Is it just me that gets nervous when he’s in action?

Koscielny 7.5 – Commanding and in control as usual.

Monreal 7.5 – Very good game with vital save after Gabriel’s error.

Coquelin 8 – Excellent aggression and reading of the game. Key player in our talented but lightweight team.

Cazorla 8 – Oh how we have missed the vision, technique and all round ability of Santi.

Wilshere 7 – A little short of fitness but in general a positive game from Jack.

Ozil 7.5 – Not an obvious impact but he makes Arsenal tick and came so close to that assist record.

Alexis 7 – Lots of industry and desire but decision making could be better.

Giroud 9 – Get in there big man. Arsenal will keep him and he is quality but we need other options.

Elneny 6 – Okay but nothing spectacular.

Campbell and Arteta – No time for a score apart from Arteta’s farewell goal, if they give it to him.

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  1. Cazorla my MOTM.
    I’ve not been as frustrated as a Gooner like I’ve been this season…but d@mn, it still feels good finishing above Tottenham.

    1. Wiltshire 7????,for me he was useless, when he came of the team started to tik can someone tell me what Wiltshire did Wright to deserve 7?

      1. @frisco
        Exactly. He slowed down our play. A few times when we could have hit em on the break Jack was nowhere to be seen. He’s got zero pace and can’t dribble past defenders. Plus he’s allergic to tracking back. I still don’t get all the hulabaloo about dude…He really needs pointers from Santi.

        1. He is English and average at passing. That makes you a superstar in this country.

        2. @NY_Gunner, which exact jack are you talking about? On other aspect of his game I can agree with you but lack of pace and lack of dribble???

          1. @muda
            Wilshere,Jack…When did you ever see him beat a defender with pace, or even dribble past one…

        3. And Sanches too is hype, why on left side again where he is hopeless , I hope City take him then get a better player, again who is English. Willshire will be big time next year mark my words. Had a good year with you all and your views on who,what and why will again be good reading, as long as you agree with my views. Have a good summer and England to be champs in July, see you in August. CB

  2. Giroud MOTM against the worst team in the League……. I’m flattered!

    St totteringham’s day?……i’m not Drinking

    1. Seriously Giroud scores 4 goals when there is absolutely nothing to play for. And dont tell me come above Spurs is a victory its a bragging right but no victory. Small teams would think like this.

      Giroud is not Good enough. Maybe if you play him with a second fast striker he may add some value. People on here keep on talking about stats and how stats dont lie. Well if you are clever then when you read the stats you will realise that stats do lie.

      For instance…. People are saying harry kane has scored more goals than giroud because he played 930 minutes more. But what it doesnt say is that the only reason Harry Kane played more minutes was because he is a definite starter for Spurs and a game change that playes every game almost till the full 90mins. Giroud rarely plays the full 90 mins as he goes missing in games and is also a sub in certain games. So of course Kane will have more minutes. But if you look at who has had more impact then Kane wins as he has score 12 goals that have earned spurs the points as giroud only 5. Most of Girouds goals has come when games are already won.

      That is stats with facts if you look a bit deeper.

  3. Congrats on Cech winning the golden glove well deserved and everyone played well except we need to shoot more that got pretty frustrating at times. Im all for bringing in xhaka to improve the team but i do feel for coquelin I’m such a big fan, unless xhaka is cazorla’s replacement.

    1. Having someone like Carzola controlling the midfield allows Coquelin to play his natural game. Big difference playing there with Ramsey who isnt near as good as controlling the midfield as carzola.

      Loved how carzola fetches the ball deep in our half and starts the attack.

    2. Doesnt de Gea equal Cech’s clean sheets and has one more match to top it?

      1. CECH has 16 clean sheets
        De gea has 15 and a game at hand.
        So CECH is definitely a winner of golden glove whether alone or through sharing with de gea.
        #Congrat to him.

    3. Come on!!! Are you new at Arsenal? Injuries happen,players lose form,whoever needs replacement gets replaced. Kapish?!

  4. Waking up to the reality of no more Arsenal for 3 months. Hopefully the Euros and a good transfer window will keep us from losing our minds like last summer.

    1. Sorry to say…but as long as Wenger remains, it’s safe to have little or no expectations for the transfer window. You’ll not be disappointed, and you’ll keep your sanity.

  5. I have no doubt that we would have been champions had Cazoral and Coqualan not bein injured. Gioud will not be sold now as welbeck will miss almost entire of next season (they say 9 months but with arsenal its always more). Hence its is good for Giroud and arsenal that he got the hat-trick. It will be a interesting summer and though i agree with wenger that there is an International shortage of quality striker, it is impossible to belief that on earth there is no striker available who is better than Giroud. Lukakau,Maratza, Iccardi, they all are better.
    Sorry even Odion Ighalo is as par with Giroud if not better. he scored 15 goals from a Watford Team,
    Kante would be a mssive addition , Makhaterian if we can and a CD

    1. Dude your spelling…. But just stop you have 0 credibility by saying morata, icardi, and ighalo is better than giroud. I suggest you actually watch them play before you speak

      1. I don’t know if Morata has ever scored more in a season than Giroud.

        Ighalo is a half season wonder so far.

        Icardi is alright but we can do much, much better than him.

        1. Juhislihis,Morata plays most times from the wings,so except you are saying Giroud is better than Sanchez because he has more goals, then your comparison is off.

  6. One big positive of the game……No Ramsey in the starting Line-up

    I could celebrate a team of hardworkers with no sentiments attached!

  7. I hope Arteta doesn’t hang his boots just yet. I’m sure there are plenty of EPL sides that would be willing to take him and hopefully use him as a CAM.

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