Arsenal player ratings from Bayern Munich loss – Alexis MOTM

It was not exactly difficult tp pick the Arsenal Man of the Match from that horrific beating at the hands of Bayern Munich, as Alexis Sanchez showed great tenacity to follow up and score after his penalty was saved and for large parts of the game he seemed the only Gunner interested. The rest have all been marked down for their collective collapse but I have tried not to be too harsh as the Germans were very up for it and on top form.

Ospina 7 – Perhaps questions over their second but was otherwise helpless and also made great saves.

Bellerin 5 – Running against the tide but coped fairly well for most of the game.

Mustafi 5 – Lots of clearances but poor for second goal before losing the plot completely.

Kosielny 6 – A few key defensive actions. His exit heralded disaster

Gibbs 4 – Ouch. Not a great day to take the armband. Looked all at sea.

Coquelin 5 – Gave Robben too much room. Tried to stem tide with little help.

Xhaka 5 – One good shot was about it from the Swiss. Passed him by. Ineffective.

Ozil 4 – Apart from a few good balls was anonymous again. Good at waving his arms though.

Chamberlain 5 – Effort and some impact but awful giveaway for fifth goal.

Iwobi 4 – Was he even playing?

Alexis 7 – Good effort and goal but stop with the sulking and moaning will you.

Gabriel 4 – Awful positioning and decision making. Not good enough for Arsenal.

Walcott 4 – No impact.

Giroud 5 – Little impact.



  1. RSH says:

    coquelin completed 6 passes the entire time he was on the pitch. It doesn’t get much worse than that, he should be even lower than Mr. Invisible. And Ox is a fraud, been saying it all week leading up to the match. He strings together 3 good games and suddenly fanbase pretends he’s the next great thing. he’s still English in the end so still average and no better than Theo. He just wants that new contract and for Wenger to stay so he can continue getting cash

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      OX got 3 good games in a row as a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER, not a WINGER.

      So the problem was the line up: if OX would be picked, why the hell would he be put on the wing, when we had Walcott and Welbeck on the bench?!


      1. Break-on-through says:

        No excuse for dribbling that ball into danger.

      2. HA559 says:

        Well he ended up playing in CM and gave the 5th goal away.

      3. RSH says:

        In the end Ox just isn’t good enough. We know that after watching him for several season be an absolute joke and never live up to his potential. You really think Ox in midfield would’ve changed the game? Bayern would’ve run rampant on him. Put any of our softies in midfield and Bayern would’ve destroyed them.

  2. Twig says:

    Why does Giroud have a better rating than Walcott? Care to explain?

    1. Break-on-through says:

      He’s handsome.

      1. Remember Hafiz? says:


  3. Break-on-through says:

    The commentator mentioned it, and we could see it too. There was two different game plans going on in our performance. The defensive players were looking like they were told to sit back, and press when they got over the half way line, which usually is what we do against Bayern Barca. The forward players however, were trying to push from the front, and getting visibly pissed that we didn’t push up higher as a team. So someone, or some, were after ignoring the game plan and trying to get us to play the way they felt was best. I don’t think Xhaka Coquelin Koscielny and the rest of rearguard would completely ignore Arsene’s instructions. I think Alexis is the one who decided to do this, and he got Mesut and wingers listening to him for the odd periods. While I think Alexis was right, you need to go after them from the front, I still think he needs to take a large percentage of blame for a disjointed performance. PSG you have to admire, they are a team first and foremost. We looked nothing like a team, and I think after this Alexis will be sold in the summer, as he’s not even listening to management. I hear there was a ruckus in our dressing room afterwards, hopefully a couple of men will emerge from it.

  4. Pablo Picaso says:

    You cant even pick out a MOTM in some of our performances.

    MOTM goes to the Ref who tried all he could to keep us in the game but unfortunately for him Arsenal is a team that can even go 4 goals up and still allow a team to come back in the game.

  5. irishgunner says:

    Coq was worst player on the pitch he is a player for stoke city or barmsley at best, holding midfielder is crucial buy next window to protect the back four not to make it harder

  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    ” I almost signed Thiago Alcantara”- Arsene Wenger.

  7. Remember Hafiz? says:

    wenger must go!!! this man has completely lost it

  8. vinie2000 says:

    but stop with the sulking and moaning will you? I still think he needs to take a large percentage of blame for a disjointed performance. ?he’s not even listening to management. I hear there was a ruckus in our dressing room afterwards, hopefully a couple of men will emerge from it. UTTER GARBAGE THIS COMMENTS. Couple of men will merge? THIS SHOULD BE SHOWING THAT ON THE PITCH AND ALEXIS IS THE ONLY ONE LIKE IT OR NOT.which game were you seeing ? Once he went on his own with 4 defenders around him and he turned around to see any team miate to play with and that is called. collective team affort which PSG did against Barca. do we do it? Not . are the german or french training better than ours ? why they can run for the whole 90 min plus and we DO NOT? why they can have 780 passes and we just 150? Lahmmn is 31 and make Iwobi, ox and Gibbs looks like Non League players. Come on1 when alexis was at Barca there were at least 5 more players with same or better caliber. same goes to Ozil but in arsenal a bunch of average ones . BE OBJECTIVE NOT SUBJECTIVE…Managers Fault.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      They need to challenge each other. We have no leaders, but if they challenged one another, yes one could emerge. T Adams and all them back then they emerged from challenging a dressing room. I would hope it’s true what they say about Mustafi Xhaka, and last night with tempers flaring is when one could come to the fore.

      Don’t know what game I was watching, I already said, the one with two different game plans, the same as the one seen in the studio. The one that myself along with Wrighty called a shambles. We all love Alexis, but it’s about the team not the individual. So if I am in any way right with what I said, then that is completely unacceptable behavior. It’s my opinion dude, don’t know why you’d get so defensive/touchy when there is not one happy Gooner this morning.

  9. Uzi Ozil says:

    It’s High time I take a break from Arsenal. I am still a fan but just like Sanchez, I need to jet off and digest this defeat. We have been defeated heavily in recent years and we are now a laughing stock.

  10. planner says:

    To me Ospina is the MOTM not Alexis. Sanchez also had a bad game like the rest others. Tell me where Sanchez was effective apart from the goal he scored after the penalty miss? Tell me! Let’s call a spade – spade here, Ospina really tried and our central defenders have messed things up bad. And i don’t see where Gabriel went wrong that Mustafi has a better rating than him. He was brutal on Lewandowski and made some good blocks. this rating is purely based on favoratism and i want to say that non of the them deserve to be named man of the match. They really embrassed the English football and the Media.

    1. frank says:

      Sorry I accidentally did the thumb down, stupid phone.

      I agree and I think Gabriel has been getting unfair criticism for a while. He was one of the only players that put in an enthusiastic effort against Chelsea, shut down Hazard on their attacking left and made some great saves. It’s not his fault if 4-5 players in front of him aren’t defending. Even Sanchez had taken the Ozil approach, that’s why we are defensively bad, we aren’t defending as a team.

  11. Jansen says:

    Sorry, but those are some generous grades for a 5-1 drubbing.

  12. Vlad says:

    Stop giving Alexis MOTM every single game. He was lucky to score after originally missing that poorly taken PK. One bright moment of an otherwise a very unanimous game, just like the rest of the players on the pitch. Ozil is my favorite player by a country mile, but even I can’t defend him anymore. Him, Gabriel, Iwobi, Coq, and Gibbs all get 1. Mustafi gets a 2. Bellerin, Xhaka, Ox 3. Ospina, Alexis 4. And my MOTM was Kosc, because everything just fell apart after he went out injured. He gets a solid 6. Walcott and Giroud weren’t on the pitch enough.

  13. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    MOTM – Bayern Munich for going easy on us

  14. arsenal_canada says:

    Ospina 5 (could have been worse if not for him)
    Alexis 4
    Everyone else 1

    We got annihilated! No generous ratings here I’m afraid.

  15. Break-on-through says:

    Vinie2000, you’re after taken my words out of context, and are using capital letters. Told me to stop moaning. I read some of your earlier comments, man you’re rich. If you think I’m wrong well then stop being melodramatic and argue my point.

  16. ger burke says:

    after a match such as this munchen game i dont think there could be such as player ratings. we all know each and every player let the club and the fans down . there is no point in saying who played better and who played worse. the thing is , as a team , arsenal were one of the worst teams i have ever seen perform in europe.we are now the whipping boys of europe !, we are the minnows of this competition, will take a long time to repair the damage that this lunatic manager has done to the club. but i would prefer not to be in europe with a new manager than to be in europe year in and year out with wenger in charge.there is no point in aiming to get to the first knock out stage , all that is doing is putting vast expense on the fans who will blindly follow this team of hasbeens.funnily enough , i am hoping that sutton united will beat us next !!!. that way everybody will know it is the end for wenger. but knowing wengers flukey luck we will beat sutton four nil and suddenly everybody will love le fraud once again. this has been happening for many years . the fraud always comes up with a win at the crucial time to save his sorry ass. but who knows, maybe lady luck is running out on this most unsporting of managers .

  17. N4NICOLAS says:

    I don’t understand this club anymore, the fans need to decide between Arsene the Manager and Arsenal Football club which one they Love. You can’t tell me that because your old car helped you back then you won’t let it go for a newer and better one.. d past is gone and should be forgotten, no team wins matches because of their past if matches were won based on past PSG wouldn’t have won Barca. It’s what you play on the field that matters and Arsenal haven’t been doing that lately.

  18. Gworm says:

    No, Alexis doesn’t deserve MOTM. He was just as bad as the rest of them. He couldn’t hold the ball up, it just kept bouncing off him. He was lucky not to get sent off for violent conduct and his penalty was rubbish.
    They all played like a bunch of schoolboys who couldn’t control the ball or make a simple pass to a team mate. They all get zero in my book.

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