Arsenal player ratings from Bournemouth game – Welbeck MOTM

There were some much improved performances from individual Arsenal players in the 3-0 win over AFC Bournemouth yesterday, although it was really the whole team that was better as they responded in just the right way after a poor start to the Premier League season. Ozil, Ramsey, Lacazette and Kolasinac all impressed but it was an easy choice of Danny Welbeck for our best player as he scored two, gave a nice assist and nearly had a third with a great bit of skill and a chip that just went wide.

Cech 6 _ rarely troubled on a nice easy day between the sticks.

Mustafi 7 – Looked sharp and committed. Great tackle late on.

Koscielny 7 – Marshalled defence well but was not put under much pressure.

Monreal 7 – Confidence building better game back on the left.

Bellerin 7 – Always looking to get forward. Good outlet on right, Worked hard.

Xhaka 7 – Got better after an early mistake and looked in control.

Ramsey 7.5 – Great assist for Welbeck’s 2nd. Good all round game.

Kolasinac 8 – Got us going with quality run and cross for Welbeck’s 1st. A real find.

Ozil 7.5 – Back to what he does best, weaving patterns and making Arsenal tick.

Lacazette 7.5 – Showd his sharp shooting skills again and played well.

Welbeck 8.5 – Really justified Wenger’s faith with match winning performance.

subs :
Coquelin(67) 6 – Lo9oked good until injury. Hopefully not a serious one.

Giroud(75) 6 – Put himself about well and looked sharp.

Alexis(75) 7 – Glimpses of the star striker we know.



  1. waal2waal says:

    Personally i like it when de de de d d d danny welbeck makes a nuisance of himself and for all that he manages to weigh in with goals, he is a worthy candidate for yesterdays MOTM although some of the others performed admirably as well, all in all we’ve no issue with welbz picking up an award.

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      My favourite Danny boy moment was his first season with us and he scored the winning goal at Old Trafford to knock his former team United out of the FA Cup. Magical moment, thanks partly to Valencia’s defensive mistake

      We won the FA Cup that season too.

      1. waal2waal says:

        ..yes it was enjoyable – OT marked his baptism as an arsenal artillery man – fortunately for us he’s coming into his prime and playing international tournaments will increase his self belief, i really hope yesterdays goals don’t prove as just a flash in the pan. Happy weekend Arsenal_G

    2. gotanidea says:

      Yes, Welbeck was everywhere and he always challenged Bournemouth’s defenders. Lacazette showed that he will maximize all chances he will get, even the slightest one.

      Ramsey was involved in all Welbeck’s goals. First when Ramsey and Kolasinac did a one-two trick, then Kolasinac gave Welbeck a great assist.

      But they had better be prepared for Chelsea. Arsenal has beaten Chelsea twice and consecutively with 3-4-2-1 and I think Conte will have another plan for that formation this time.

      1. neil says:

        This the key issue for Arsenal.. they look good against weak teams but are weak mentally against the top 6
        Also goes to show what a shocking decision by Wenger to have Laca and Kolasinac on bench for Liverpool match…. only hope this was to try to convince Ox and Sanchez but backfired horribly and Wenger with all his years of experience should never have been pressurized by players .
        Real test next week against Chelsea… lets see if the players are up for it… another loss and thats top 4 gone for me as Wenger will say players jave lost confidence etc etc…. this is the type of game which shows the character of thr players and we dont have enough tough ones except Kolasinac

        1. gotanidea says:

          Yes, Wenger was trying to convince Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain to stay by keep playing them as starters. This means Wenger is not close to them and there is no trust between them, unlike what Alex Ferguson had with his players.

          If Wenger acts like a big boss instead of a mentor, the players will behave like mercenaries. They will not care about the club and will leave as soon as a better opportunity arises.

    3. Welbeck has it all but unfortunately he usually looses his head when it comes to the final shot . Even his 1st goal yesterdaywas a mis hit header but lucky it went in. 2nd goal though pure class, I don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t identify the weaknesses off his players and help them improve them. Welbeck has struggled to finish since he got here and it looks like nothing is happening in training to help improve that aspect off the game . Same can be said about Bellerin with his final ball and crossing, it’s been his weakness since he broke into the 1st team and it doesn’t look like it’s getting any better. That’s the reason I want Arsene out, he used to be the best manager at bringing players in and taking them to the next level. Now it’s almost like players go backwards under his tutelage.
      Anyways great win against weak opposition this morning. Let’s see how we go against the champions next weekend .

      1. GO says:

        On a normal day I would have countered your argument but the truth of the matter is that you’re right. Sometimes I wonder what Wenger does with the player in training. Sometimes it doesn’t look like Arsenal have a coach and a tactical plan the way they turn out. A normal team will give maximum of ONE player freedom to roam the pitch, Arsenal will give like 3 on a typical day, THAT is a disaster waiting to happen, especially against very well organized side. Arsenal, in the last 10 years have been renowned for been great comeback kids after a woeful performance but the singular thing we have asked for is the consistency. Cut out the woeful performances they are one too many, they’ve cost us qualification to the quarter final of the Champions league in the last 6 years. The woeful performances at the knockout stages have been so consistent in the last 6 years they start looking like the plan. We have been mostly ONE MORE GOAL away from qualifying for the Quarter Final of the Champions league in 6 YEARS!!!!!!!. It sometimes looks like a curse. Thats what Arsenal needs to sort out. Thats what this new team needs to show that they are over, starting with the Chelsea game. Lets say up till now Arsenal haven’t played at full strength, but NOW we have everyone roaring to go including the new signing, so lets make some freaking STATEMENT and show we are ready for it!!!!

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Yep looks good to me
    All around a solid performance
    It feels sooooooo good to win
    We have a 100% home record so let’s continue it.

    But when we play Koln and then Chelsea, we can’t get too confident. We can’t get into a false sense of security thinking that our defense is fantastic and get lazy. We need to remember we beat Bournemouth (not a top team) at home. They helped make us look good. Chelsea will be very different. Our defense was horrid against Liverpool and we can’t allow that to happen again. We also need to put our best team our there unlike Liverpool where we benched Lacazette, Giroud, Theo, Mustafi and Kolsanic.

    But again awesome win

  3. yusuf balogun says:

    a nice display from the whole team with superb and outstanding performance by the new acquired player. High display of quality.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I liked that a section of our fans took time out to let Alexis know that they aren’t all gullible fanfare type supporters. You can’t make all those moves/inroads to get away from us, then tweet -back home, as if it meant anything.

    I enjoyed the game, Bournemouth, we’re well suited to play these lot. Like how we are Bayern’s cup of tea, Bournemouth are ours. They stick to their game whether away at a bigger side or at home against weaker opposition, it makes for an open encounter. Ozil benefits allot in these games, so do our defenders and most others.

    It was a good tie to play them, we needed that badly. Rally glad we kept the clean sheet, and Lacazette’s goal was exquisitely finished. Welbeck was good for MOM.

    1. waal2waal says:

      “Bayern’s cup of tea”
      …talking about that (them turning us over) i recall many years ago when we where due to meet them in the CL they had a brazilian striker called Elber he had the audacity to tell one of the british tabloids that he would score and knock us out – subsequently the match ended 1-0, yes true to his word he was the sole scorer and that was that. yes, hate to say it but they are a nemesis for us.

  5. I says:

    Nice rating but I think Cech deserves more at least for tipping of the ball over the bar. Nice to see Kolasinac get a second assist at the emirate. And Danny boy, 3 goals already, go ahead.

  6. Twig says:

    Good to see us win with Alexis on the bench. But has Ozil ever been benched at all?

    1. gotanidea says:

      They will not put Ozil on the bench, because they think Ozil can be persuaded into signing a new contract.

      1. dennis10bergkamp says:

        Ozil wants to play for the team.
        He is way better than Sanchez.
        Ask Ronaldo why he loved Ozil and was upset when he was let go.
        Ozil is 10 times the player Bale will ever be.
        Bale is always injured and selfish as fu*k.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Easy to slate Ozil without thinking about the flaws in AFC that let him down.
          He is a luxury player and at times it has pained us to have a player like that when the team wasn’t set up for it (Wenger fault, he picks tactics).

          Ozil plays his best football when he can focus on his good parts, he is not a player who puts pressure on the opposition for 90 mins and tracking back etc, Ozil needs players behind him who can do that so he can use his intelligence in his pos, being able to drift away from a marker and in a place to flick the ball onto an attacker…

          Ozil can be played to open up a def while in possession and he has the intelligence to play fast balls in a counter attack, we just need the players around him who are great athletes who also have an end product. Afterall, football is a team game. 🙂

          1. Braaf says:

            We have the players. It’s the stupid manager and his stupid mentality of slowing the game down and this BS tika taka nonsense. Lacazette and Welbeck proved that we can score if we just take more shots when the opportunity is there. Stop Tring to pass the ball into net.

        2. Lugdush says:

          Mmm yes…ozil better than sanchez…ok…10 times bale, yeap, you know a lot about football

  7. Sue says:

    All round great team performance! Really impressed with Kolasinac & Lacazette! Please keep it up guys COYG
    Bet Podolski ❤ will be watching on thursday

  8. Chuks says:

    Kolasinach MOTM for me.

  9. energy says:

    nice game. just passing. Oxlade Chamberlain become the first player to lose 4-0 in two consecutive PL games with two different clubs within 2 weeks. Legend.????

  10. harry says:

    lacazette needs few chances to score….he scores a goal out of every three shots. that’s predatory. I hope they give him more chances.

  11. achaks says:

    Am the happiest fan since AFC sold the brainless chamberlain… Kolasinac has a point to prove in arsenal so please AW should give him all d chance he needs… Am glad bellarin is back on the Right wing back.. Xhaka’s long pass is something I will love at AFC, therefore Wenger should teach him more discipline, work rate and ball retention.

  12. Midkemma says:

    Credit to Welbz, I have slated him for his end product but that game was just wow for him, I hope he can build upon that as he is a fantastic athlete and puts effort into his game.

    I’m used to being frustrated with him and yesterday it was a joy to watch him in that form, thank you Welbz, I know he doesn’t read it but still 😛 Thank you for having an end product and please PLEASE keep it up.

    Also shout out to Sead, what a performance on the left, I was raging at Wenger for playing him CB and seeing him on the left was getting me excited during the game. A tank with the end product and FREE!!!!!!!! We have the bargain of the season with Sead! I can’t wait for the next game to see him plow through blue shirts >:)

    Not going to get ahead of myself, it wasn’t exactly the best opposition and we will have to keep the focus and dedication but until then I want to appreciate our players 🙂

    Lacazette scored YET AGAIN.
    Dude would have 3 goals in 4 games if Stoke goal wasn’t wrongfully disallowed and for someone who is adjusting to the EPL… Another thing to get excited about. If we can hit form and go on a run then how many goals could Lacazette get?????

    Some good things to be positive about.
    Another positive is Law is leaving AFC! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One muppet going.

    Things are looking better than just a couple weeks ago.

  13. Turbo says:

    Great game for Welbeck! I think that’s the best performance I can remember from him. I have long found him generally frustrating and disappointing for his multiple scuffs and misses and tentativeness, even though he always works very hard. But this time out he had poise, confidence, and killer instinct! Keep doing that and I will become a fan!

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