Arsenal player ratings from Bournemouth – Ramsey MOTM

There were a few notable performances from Arsenal players as the Gunners got back to winning ways in Bournemouth yesterday, with our keeper Petr Cech, the goal scorers Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mesut Ozil and Laurent Koscielny all impressing. For me though the outstanding player was Aaron Ramsey who capped a tireless and effective all round game with a key part in both goals.

Cech 8 – Key save just before half time and another two before the end capped great game.

Bellerin 6.5 – Decent defending but his attacking threat was not great.

Gabriel 7 – Good game under plenty of pressure after an early error. Improving with games.

Koscielny 7.5 – The boss was always alert and aggressive and brought ball forward well.

Monreal 5.5 – Nearly cost us ball watching. Offered little in attack.

Flamini 5 – Reckless tackle could have ruined it but played well apart from that.

Ramsey 8.5 – Tackles, blocks, clearances, interceptions, the most touches and passes, key part in goals. Top stuff.

Chamberlain 7 – Still loses ball at times but also carries real threat. Great goal.

Ozil 8 – Key role as ever, hard work and 98 percent passing accuracy. Great goal.

Alexis 7 – Still not quite up to match sharpness but getting close.

Giroud 7.5 – Good game, tireless work and assist for the opening goal.

Coquelin 7 – Sharp and aggressive. Needs to start against Leicester.

Gibbs 6 – Did okay in limited time.

Walcott – No time for a rating.

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    1. You never mentioned Sanches his rating 4 should have come off at half time. He is not the player as before Xmas keeps loosing the ball more so than the Ox. Don’t understand Walcott on with a minute to go. And where is Ellerny we need to sort out this mid field as it is a shambles. CB

      1. sometimes it doesn’t mater how bad he plays he still takes out two players who man mark him in case he starts his magic

        i rate him 6.5

      You are repeating yourself – and it was rubbish the first time you said it.
      If you have something reasonable to contribute to the discussion then do so…. otherwise go away

    3. I don’t understand giving Flamini a low rating because he ‘could have’ cost us the game. He had a decent game overall, successfully sweeped up infront of our defence, without allowing the opposition to really get a look in. I swear, scapegoating needs to stop. Ox lost the ball once or twice last game and yet that gets exaggerated, how come one doesn’t exaggerate Ramsey’s loss of the ball – once or twice?

      1. What the got in behind multiple times, the gap that man leave between the midfield and defence is crazy! He thinks since he scored two past spurs he can go marording forward and ends up leaving our defence exposed!

      2. GunnerFam, It might be because Mert is still fresh in memory or it could be because he didn’t even have to go to ground yet he wildly lunges in with both feet. Totally unnecessary. Whereas Ramsey touched the ball more times than anyone keeping in mind that no-one gets 100 % accuracy ..and he contributed at both ends.

    1. Actually he kinda was. Either that or it was between Cech and him. Had an assist, numerous ball recoveries, more than a few interceptions and even won a couple of aerial duels. Ramsey gonna Ramsey.
      And Bob forgot Sanchez lol. Are you KJ in disguise?

  1. “Decent defending but his attacking threat was not great.”

    Bellerin’s attacking game has been off for a long time. I can’t remember the last time he delivered a single proper cross. He beats his man for pace and ends up sending a tame pass into the hands of the opposing keeper ☹ At the moment, the only advantage he has over Chambers is pace and discipline.

    1. Bellarin’s “poor” form has come at the time when the whole team has been playing poorly.

      When we were flying he was ripping defenses apart. Another funny observation is that he was playing better when partnered with Ramsey on the right.

      If he continuously chooses to provide a low cross rather than the high cross its probably something they have agreed on the training ground or that is his weakness and the manager / trainers have to help him get better.

  2. What’s up with Sanchez, he didn’t look his usual self on the pitch and immediately after the game finished he boomed down the tunel as though he couldn’t just wait for it to end already.

    Hope his not having issues at the club as we need him to be his usual self now more than ever.

    1. Sanches is not the player he was, looks very ordinary with the ball. Apart from his energy, Awobi does more and should be given more game time. We now have a reasonable squad but why not use them, if Wenger is scared at 2-0 to bring on players what’s the point in having them available. Is he now going to be nervous every time we are in front to bring on Gibbs when Awobi or Walcott at least would be better to put pressure on the oppositions defence. CB

  3. What is up with AW not even having the new lad in the team yesterday? He could have given him a run for 30 min. GP looked just right yesterday playing with LK but next week he will play BFG we all no it. I would play the new lad with FQ next week as both are defensive Minded with that I think we can win

      1. You do know that only one of them would have counted. Crucial saves but saying if Bournemouth had scored one means they would have definitely got an equalizer is something no one can say for sure.

  4. I usually slate Ramsey for his poor performance but yesterday he was key in both goals…Yesterday where not a 100 drive force for the whole match but when it came to it we got it done.

    Cech once again on full display what more can we ask for..
    Ox needs a lot of work on his basic missing and ball awareness with that been said well placed goal

    Bellerin deserve high than a 6.5 more a 7.5 his track back to prevent that chance was amazing going forward he was lacking but that more because of Ox…When Bellerin and Campbell play together they have lovely chemistry.

    Sanchez is still got another game or so before being back to full effect.

    Bring on Leicester that is going to be a game

    1. Basic Passing *sorry*…..

      But guys once again I say Cech shows us why need a world class keeper and why we need a second up rising keeper to take his place when he goes.

      Cech has a endless pit of Knowledge and experience he can pass on but I do not think the back up keeper we have will be good enough….

      We need to do what dere i say it United did with De gea get them young and bread them into the team…

      My personal picks would be

      Mattia Perin, Simone Scuffet, Gianluigi Donnarumma.

      anyone of these would be great to come and learn from Cech an take over as #1 keeper

  5. Arsenal have hatched uncertainty in their side which is dangerous where you are leading 2-0 and have a chance to increase by moving forward but the players passed back to goalkeeper invited pressure hoofed it directed towards Giroud who controls and finds nobody in the vicinity. Ramsey had a good late opportunity to increase the lead instead overrun then miscued his chance. Leicester are next and will want an early start just like Man city but Arsenal should take the initiative.

  6. Hmmmm…well…
    Rating for Belerin should be at least same as for Gabriel.
    Ramsey’s rating too high..he deserves no more than 8.
    Overall agree with you but only if rating are for 30 min of the game.
    If your ratings are for the full match it should be cut down by half.

  7. Montreal 5.5? Which of the game are you reffering to? I can’t remember anyone having more interceptions than him and oh! u couldn’t have noticed an invisible header clearance from our goal mouth one time in the game. MontrEal was solid, the problem he faced was having two players run at him most times without support. We all know Sanchez isn’t his old self now.

  8. Ramsey MOM. So funnyyy. The reason arsenal do not play beautiful football anymore is becomes we have a pairing of Ramsey and Flamini @ the mid field. The only positive from yesterday’s match is the three points. Guys we dont play good football any longer and we are not winning matches either. God bless Arsenal. Cant wait for Cazorla to return.

  9. Ramsey MOM. So funny. The reason Arsenal do not play beautiful football anymore is because we have a pairing of Ramsey and Flamini @ the mid field. The only positive from yesterday’s match is the three points. Guys, we don’t play good football any longer and we are not winning matches either. God bless Arsenal. Can’t wait for Cazorla to return.

    1. And why we don’t play that at the moment is because of Flamini. for Christ sake where did wenger keep Elneny? Why won’t he sneak in Le’coq back into the starting eleven? As far as am concern, a half fit Le’coq Is better than a full fit Flamini.

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