Arsenal player ratings from Chelsea loss – Giroud MOTM

It may seem a bit daft to say that Olivier Giroud was the best Arsenal player on the pitch against Chelsea as he did not even start the game and only played the last half hour or so, but that was not his fault and the Frenchman took his goal well to give us Gooners just about the only happy moment of a depressing day.

Cech 5 – Awful mistake late on and to Fabregas as well. Slow on opener. Not much help all game.

Bellerin 6 – Did his best but was left exposed. Big miss after going off.

Mustafi 5 – An off day but was given way too much to do. Missed good chance.

Koscielny 7 – Our only good defender was swamped. Scoreline could have been a lot worse without him.

Monreal 6 – Once again below his best and little impact going forward.

Coquelin 7 – Apart from being brushed off by Hazard he stood firm but had too little help.

Chamberlain 6 – Did okay in unfamiliar role against strong opposition. At least he tried.

Iwobi 6 – Like the Ox he did his best.

Walcott 5 – At fault for goal and generally lacked impact or influence.

Ozil 5 – Went missing again after starting brightly.

Alexis 4 – Worst game in an Arsenal shirt?


Gabriel 5 – No attacking threat and some defensive mistakes thrown in.

Giroud 7 – Put himself about and scored. Maybe should have started.

Welbeck 7 – Also looked bright and made a difference.



  1. Godswill says:

    Terrible. I don’t want to remember this match but it must come up for review.
    My question, where were the big guns? This is when we should have known who is who.
    Big game situation and big guns failed to fire.

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Mistaken strategy by Arsene. We were heading the match with the absent of both deep lying midfielders, Santi and Xhaka. So, with none capability to quicken the counter attack it’ll be useless to put Alexis in the center against the well waiting ball Chelsea. And yes, Ox is not as high as Santi or Xhaka standard yet. In the contrary to Kante Chelsea who quicken the ball for them. No fast counter attack pushed us to play sidelines. This was even worse, because no matter how great Alexis is, he didn’t have wings to kill those aerial balls. We’ve several good headers like Gabriel, Koscielny, and Mustafi. Unfortunately they were all defenders. The best header of the team was on the bench and came out late to score a goal.
      Final analyze, with his available squads Arsene should play flankers from the start. Giroud in the center, Alexis play wide. Case closed.

  2. i have been saying this from the start of the season that arsenal are over achieving base an the thype an quality of our players you are all surprise an disappointed but not me lets analyze an scrutinize the team. how well our players can do the basic shooting passing controlling heading dribbling. lets start with our winger beating a players one on one an crossing non existing center forward giroud is stil our best. ozil i have been saying this from a long time not Premier League quality Sanchez hard work determine. make the game look difficult. Wolcott have to score every game to justify playing doesn’t create for others Francis not a starter xhaka slow. could be a good player for us in a referent system bellerin over rated monreal Wolcott Ramsey ox Wilshire ozil need to be sold

  3. RSH says:

    High scores for a lot of players who were actually terrible and had shockers. Koscielny, Coquelin were way off. In fact, Gabriel probably ended up being our best defender. Iwobi produced nothing, Ox was just not as bad as everyone else. And Ozil/Walcott/Alexis/Cech, it’s just better not to talk about. Nobody deserved over a 5 rating in my opinion. A nightmare 90 minutes.

    1. frank says:

      I agree. Ok Gabriel and Monreal didn’t get forward but easily the best defenders in the game, could have been 6-0 without them and to be honest, I don’t think anyone played better.
      I’m not going to say anymore other than Wenger showed again that he can’t adapt to different styles of play.
      Ozil was again terrible. Seriously overrated, lazy in defence and always goes missing in the big games. Hahaha I know all the Ozilites are so blind and will shit a brick for me saying this but he needs to be sold. His style won’t win us a Premier League title.

  4. dboy says:

    Ratings are way to high.

    1. bran99 says:

      true, a defeat like that means the highest should be 5

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Overall, your ratings are still far too generous ?
    I thought that Gabriel did better than most of our defenders when he came on ? and Er Bellerin was left more than exposed lol ⭐️?⭐️?⭐️ If you catch my drift ?
    At the end of the day our result against Watford was a lot worse than losing away to the inform Chavs. Yet everyone wants to make a big song and dance about losing away to the potential champions.
    And Who knows,the embarrassment may not be over just yet, we still could get Knocked out by Sutton Utd ? Surely Not? ? But surely that scenario would convince Wenger to pack up his Ramsey and leave at the end of the season?

  6. Ramterta says:

    wenger has spent more than a decade ruining this club and will leave the next manager with a mountain to climb.
    With the exception of sanchez there i nothing special about any other player.
    Infact i think they would be lucky to start for freakin manure

  7. Ronny331 says:

    Where were the big guns? They were:
    1. Waiting for the summer transfer window to open.
    2. Daydreaming and wondering how much the Chelsea players get paid per week.
    3. Wondering how they could sneak an audience with conte without Wenger finding out.

    I can’t really blame sanchez but I don’t really like the way his attitude is going to be honest.
    He’s coming across as a bit of a diva/spoilt brat.
    I suppose he’s just feeling trapped amongst a sqaud of Sunday league winners.
    During the saints game perez passed to sanchez who sqaured it for walcott to score.
    When theo went to celebrate with him you could see there was no love or respect from sanchez to theo but as soon as perez came over sanchez lit up and spoke to him. There’s some real division of players going on behind closed doors.

    Off topic watching Juve and whether allegri is right or wrong for us I love to see him pulling players over during game breaks and forcefully getting his.point across. He looks a strong character.
    Oh how it’s time for.change!

  8. Ronny331 says:

    @fatboy. Pack up his Ramsey love it hilarious.

  9. HA559 says:

    How can you get 6-7 if you played that bad. Everyones rating should be 2-3 maybe even 4 ratings down.

    Also Mustafi played better than Koscielny. I don’t know whats wrong with our Captain he isn’t the same. Doesn’t even talk during the game.

    Cech comes to Arsenal and becomes a loser, no communication from him either.

    You know what you don’t see in ‘training ahead’ pictures? Were they are in a group and doing fitness training by jogging around the pitch together.
    All they do in training is easy causal passes that has now transferred to actual games, no cutting edge. It’s so rare to even see a slide rule through pass these day.

    Manager makes it to easy for them. Some of them know they will never go to a bigger club but it’s so easy for them to renew their contract here and get more money whilst showing nothing on the pitch.

    I keep going back to Walcott and Ramsey. If you aren’t a complete player at a big club in 10 years then when will you ever be? Ramsey has been here 8 seasons now he too hasn’t become better, yet Wenger will give them contract after contract. Iwobi shows more confidence on the ball than these two.

    The midfield is broken in the team, the weakest it’s ever been!

  10. Skills1000 says:

    Just Change the Manager and all will be fine. 13 years without a title. We need a team that can win ugly. If Ozil is not playing well in a game, take him off. Play long balls. Mix things up. have a potent attack. Press high. Start games on a high. You dont lose at home against Watford. That itself deserves a sack. We need a new Manager. Dont ask me who can replace him. If we do not win a major trophy this season, then Wenger must leave. A laughing stock we have become. typical Arsenal. A step forward and two steps backward.

  11. Ramterta says:

    bayern will win 11 1 at the allianz arena then robben will miss a penalty and we win 1 0 after a controversial goal then wenger will say the players responded

  12. Ronny331 says:

    June v inter. I wonder if any of our players watched that. Truly gladiatorial to the last 2nd as if it was a cup final. Rugani, chelini and bonuci at the back wow how Italians love to defend.

  13. Ronny331 says:

    Also at the front of juve 3 out and out strikers playing together in higuain, Dybala and mandzukic and all of them working hard all over the pitch

    I truly think we have a mourinho last season at Chelsea situation on our hands.
    Bitter division and lack of respect or belief all across the dressing room.
    # start again from the top down.

  14. sanmi.marvellous says:

    Iwobi played better than anyone else that day.

  15. Liang says:

    WTF how can Coqulin get a 7?

    He was partially responsible for the first 2 goals we conceded, failed to track the runner of the first goal and overpowered by Hazard for the 2nd.

    None of our starting 11 apart from Ox should get above a 5 and Ox is a 6.

    Gab 6, Giroud and Welbeck 7.

    1. verstellung says:

      I put the first goal on the Ref and Walcott.
      – Walcott, just watches Alonso sprint in and try to break Bellerain’s brain case.
      – Ref, should be slapped. That’s a foul anywhere on the field unless it’s a goal at the Bridge

  16. ruelando says:

    A real miserable day yesterday, but still an arsenal fan, win lose or draw, even when i am piss.

    Some points to look at

    First and foremost ratings were far too HIGH

    I thought ox and gab actually had good games the rest were crap.

    Sanchez played as the one man forward, which backfired because he could not get enough spaces between 3 Cbs, so therefore was lost in the game, the few times he did get him the game i actually think he slowed down the game, work rate was very low

    Ozil as i have said dictates how arsenal play, when he does not have a good game arsenal naturally loses, for me his moods affects the team, i have yet to see or remembered a big game he has dominated

    Coq i think has tried to be more offensive than defensive this season which has become a problem for the team, he has some what neglected his defensive duties as a DM, i think his unwillingness and naivety in not fouling or stopping Hazard actually cost arsenal the game.

    Cech for some reason has not being good enough for arsenal in goal, his reaction time for the first goal seem slow and the error in the last goal not worth talking about, if it was our polish keeper fans would be bawling for murder

    Wenger must make bold decisions, with the team he selected , i did not feel the urgency of getting three points from the team or see the fight expected and this has been a criticism of the arsenal team

  17. arsenal_canada says:

    Ox gets a 6
    Giroud gets a 6
    Welbeck gets a 7, simply because he ( and the ox) was the only ones who looked like that actually cared.
    Everyone else gets between 1-3

  18. MDOwn says:

    I actually think Alexis has been poor for a while now. It may be worth takig him out of the game until he gets his head back into it. He’s not only making it difficult to play with him, but sometimes his attitude clearly has a negative impact on those around him. He looks like a player that wants to leave. A shame really.

  19. Ronny331 says:

    Payet syndrome

  20. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Coquelin 7! Should be 4 max. At fault for first two goals with Cech responsible for third. Ox man of match for me.

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