Arsenal player ratings from EFL cup exit – Iwobi MOTM

It might not have quite come for the young Gunner but of all the Arsenal players on the pitch in our EFL cup defeat by Southampton it was Alex Iwobi who looked the most likely and showed the most desire to actually get something good to happen for Arsenal.

Martinez 6 – Not a great first game after a new contract. Could have done better on both goals.

Jenkinson 4 – Perhaps trying too hard as well as being rusty after long injury. But pretty awful.

Gabriel 6 – Our best defender looked quite sharp but it was a tough night.

Holding 5 – Got better after a shaky start. Needs more game time but that seems unlikely. January loan anyone?

Gibbs5.5 – Made a few mistakes but alright in general.

Coquelin 6 – At least tried to get into the box or shoot.

Elneny 5 – Off colour and Wenger’s revelation he was ill at least explains it.

Ramsey 5 – Woeful shooting and decision making from what should have been our star man.

Reine-Adelaide 6 – Some good stuff but not enough.

Iwobi 7 – Lively, active and skilful but on his own was never going to be enough for Arsenal.

Lucas 5 – Was he playing? Clearly needs game time and fitness to sharpen up.

Xhaka 6 – Picked up the pace and did okay.

Maitland-Niles 5.5 – Pretty solid game off the bench. Got forward.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 6 – Tried hard but should have started.


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  1. but then you realise in reality it is supposed to be
    martinez 4
    jenkinson 0
    holding 2
    gabriel 3
    gibbs 1
    elneny 3
    coquelin 4
    iwobi 5
    ramsey 1
    adelaide 3
    perez 1

    Lower table team at best.
    keyword-at best

  2. IMHO, no one deserves more than a 5 from the game. Our back four were awful, including Gabriel, so 2’s. Elneny/Coq combo just doesn’t work. Too many backwards and sideways passes. They get 3’s. Iwobi/Jeff get 4’s for trying. Martinez and Lucas can’t be really blamed because one didn’t get any support in the back, and the other one up front. At least they tried. So 5’s for me. And the honorable mention goes to Ramsey – a big fat ZERO!

  3. Iwobi MOTM?? Did you actually watch the game? Iwobo may have been best going forward, but he is a disaster defensively. He and Reine Adelaide didn’t think about their defensive positions at all, and that is where the Southampton goals and chances came from.

    1. @AndersS
      Exactly…Soton copped on to it early on, that our forwards were not going to defend. So they just ram rough shod over them.
      Once you saw Van Dijk playing it from the back and into our half, unfettered, you knew we had given up trying…

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