Arsenal player ratings from lashing of Liverpool – Özil MOTM

There were some great performances from the Arsenal players today as we handed Liverpool a jolly good thrashing and effectively ended their chance and sealed ours of a top four finish. Alexis Sanchez, Olivier Giroud and Hector Bellerin were all outstanding, while Coquelin, Ramsey and Monreal were excellent but not as eye catching, but for me it was our record signing Mesut Ozil that was Man of the Match.

Ospina. 7 – Was sharp and alert when needed although was not too busy. He did well to get a hand to the penalty but then perhaps should have saved it.

Bellerin. 7.5 – He was brilliant today in attack and defended pretty well but I marked him down for the clumsy tackle which gave them a spot kick and he could have been sent off.

Mertesacker. 7 – A great return by the German who coped really well with Liverpool´s pacy forwards and used all his experience.

Koscielny. 7 – He was doing very well until his early replacement.

Monreal. 7.5 – Once again he never put a foot wrong and is deservedly keeping Gibbs out.

Coquelin. 8 – Continues to grow into that trick DM role and is proving invaluable on this great run.

Ramsey. 7 – Did some very good work and was tireless but still gets into trouble and loses the ball in dangerous positions at times.

Cazorla. 7.5 – A typically effective and industrious game but was not as incisive as he can be.

Alexis. 8 – Brilliant work rate and a fantastic strike will hopefully see him back in the goals regularly.

Giroud. 8 – Took his goal with the confidence that his form has provided and led the line very well.

Ozil. 9 – Stunning game from our number 11 and his superb free kick was the cherry on top.

Gabriel. 6 – Looks comfortable and is improving all the time.

Flamini. 6- Solid from the sub but made one very poor tackle.

Welbeck. 7 – Lively and a threat in his limited time.

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  1. monreal has barely had a mention today but I thought he was nothing short of perfect. Attacked when necessary and was always back to defend and stop crosses coming in, really improved since he’s come in

    1. Bellerin was the man of the match for me, forget the penalty he gave out his goal was what gave us the boost

  2. ozil’s vision and pass to ramsey was sublime. all around good game today by everyone. but le coq wow i just can’t stop talking about this kid he is a f*ckin animal in there.

  3. Played out of Position and yet he gave 100% without complaining. His energy and pressing all over the park was outstanding. This kid has got four lungs and we are very blessed to have a player like rambo in our team.

    Coq was outstanding as usual. may be am Bias but even if we buy the so call Morgan Schiniderlin I will bench him for CoQ.If i was Roy I will give him a phone call. he has 0 french caps and has been in England since 16. So can apply for a British passport.

    Finally just to mention gabrilelle paulista. Who could have said it 4 months ago. ” NO BOSSIENY NO PROBLEM.” In the pass i will be shitting in myself just to see The Boss go out. It is testament to Paulista that he comes in and he gives us the calm assurance to carry on.
    Paulista 11 million. Lovren 20. lol. Arsene actually knows how to buy a fxxx good footballer.

    1. exactly thats why i think people need to calm down with this “we need a world class cb like hummels” when gabriel looks like he can push on and be an elite defender. Plus he reminds me of a carbon copy of koscielny and he is ONLY 24!

      IF we bought a defender lets get one with room to improve like a 23 or 24 yr old so we can loan chambers and then we will be set with CB’s (granted they fulfill there potential) for the next decade

    2. Wenger can spot talent. Just compare Wenger’s purchases to Spurs or the Scousers.
      Pool and Spuds burned through 200 million for ?

      If you can’t remember your back four being under stress, that is a good game.

      Don’t be worried about the FIFA15 tossers, they want to buy buy buy, world class, world class, buy buy. It is a fantasy, nothing there is based in reality.
      Three seasons ago we had 80% of the firepower of Chelsea and Man City. Wenger’s purchases through this season has pushed us to 95%. Two of Wenger special buys in summer and next season is ours.

  4. No surprises Michael Owen bottled it and gave MOTM to Alexis instead. Alexis had a quiet game today I thought, aside from that fantastic goal of course. He just chose Alexis because he’s too small and bitter to give it to Özil, and Alexis’ reputation alone makes him a safe fall-back choice.

    Also, he just made another post about him commenting ‘Sterling is better than Özil’, saying ‘it’s not even close’. Carry on in your own small world Michael…

    1. wait owen is not only saying sterling is better than ozil but its not even close?? you serious?

    2. But Owen also said at the beginning of this season that Arsenal would not make top 4.
      He may have good racehorses, but he is a complete f**k-wit when it comes to talking about football. He joins Phil Neville, Jamie Carragher and Jamie Redknapp as ManUre/Liverbirds biased hacks.

    3. Owen’s comparison is as weird as saying Brett Lee is a better and faster bowler than Shane Warne. This idiot is a HOPELESS pundit and is obseessed with Arsenal bashing. And for Rodgers to say that Liverpool had more chances proves how deluded the manager has also become. The score based on shots on target could have been 10-2 and all we hear is Liverpool could have been 1-0 up at half time, while forgetting that Arsenal had 3 good opportunities in the first 10 mins. Bottom line, these guys will never acknowledge being outplayed by a team they jealous of and hence, sprout utter drivel in the press to hide behind their own inept performances.

  5. The only way I’d take Raheem Sterling is if Theo left, although I think I’d rather get Theo signed up with us, he’s been with us nearly a decade, there isn’t many players in the premier league who have been with their club that long and remember Walcott has only just turned 26, there’s still a lot more to come from Theo. We just need to make him a reasonable contract offer.

  6. I’m in lpool was in a bar full of lpool supporters, it was 1 the best feelings I’ve ever had!! The looks on there faces was priceless!!!

  7. The whole team was quality today. These past few weeks we’ve really hit form and the boys are working as a unit. Take every game as it comes and who knows what can happen. A few quality players in the summer and I feel like we can mount a serious challenge from the start next year. Love the way this great club is going.

  8. So happy. But I wish Stokes did not make the stupid mistake. We must keep pressures!! Orange juice for everybody especially Brendon ROGGERS!!!

  9. .. Ozil’s vision and his passes are just something else.. His passes are just like him,.. Sleek and efficient… My streaming was down… So I listened via radio on the Arsenal app… And all the talk was on Coquelin…. He was called the steel Arsenal needed all this years…. The guy is a total animal in midfield… Kudos to Wenger…. He knows how to use players …. Ramsey’s role today was his doing and it was inch perfect…. Coquelin for me as MOTM.

  10. is it just me or is Gabriel seriously disturbing? I can’t quite put my finger on it but there is just something about him that says Crimewatch.

    I’m glad he is one of us and not an opponent…..

  11. Im glad ozil is motm. Im still recovering from shock. Cant believe michael owen had the audasity to say sterling is a better player than ozil. I almost choked on my drink…lol. Im sorry that guy is no pundit. And anyone that thinks he is one should be shot. I’m sooo glad Arsenal blew Liverpool away. That should shut owen up for some weeks. Absolute joker.

  12. Well not a thing from Champagne Charlie on Coquelin who needs Shniederlin on this performance ,ok he hasn’t got Messi skills but if Messi came up against him he would run for cover. .Well done Le Coq for doing what you are best at ,if Ramsey did the same in not getting caught trying to be like Ozil he would be awsum.

  13. What does Coq have to do 2 get MOTM ? He was way better that Ozil ,and I mean Ozil was great 2day ,come on Bobson.

  14. There were many good performances today and we played as a team, each member working for the other and all enjoying their football.
    Coquelin remains quietly fantastic for me not only does he tackle and break up play he also can truly play football, some of his one touch control and passes forward today were great 🙂
    What I really about our team at the monent is we seem to have some edge and physicality with Coquelin, Giroud, Welbeck and others. I think this is why Welbeck gets the nod continually over Walcott and also his workrate.
    Damn shame Chelsea and MU won as well 🙁

  15. I agree that Ozil should get MOTM, but if not him Ramsey or Coq. We had a lot of creativity up front because we had Coquelin protecting the Liverpool counters and the back 4. And Ramsey was playing his butt off until he got injured. But overall, great game. Good to see Alexis and Ozil get on the scoresheet today.

  16. Ozil was excellent. Coquelin was Wow! Alexis, fantastic! Bellerin , mesmerising. Giroud, great. All the team, electric!

  17. Per had a good game but he never seems to learn to adjust to his slow speed by ALWAYS stepping up. That allowed the through ball to Markovich who bottled up. Kala and Per could pair together and concede once every two minutes.

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