Arsenal player ratings from Leicester win – Ozil MOTM

I was tempted to pick the Arsenal and England international forward Danny Welbeck as the Man of the Match for his last gasp winner against Leicester City just 10 minutes after making his season debut after a frustrating 10 months on the sidelines with injury. But it would have been more for sentimental reasons even though he did produce and excellent header to secure all three points. So my decision goes to Mesut Ozil who produced the pinpoint ball from a free kick and if the Gunners had brought their shooting boots he would have added more than just the one to his assist tally for the season.

Cech 8 – Excellent as ever. Kept us in the game at crucial moments.

Bellerin 6.5 – Tireless effort and some good stuff defending and attacking.

Mertesacker 6 – Coped well with Vardy and all but I marked him down for missing the free header that Ozil had laid on a plate.

Koscielny 6 – Booked and had to go off at half time.

Monreal 6.5 – Kept Mahrez quiet and got forward well but was caught out for penalty.

Coquelin 6 – Getting back to his old form gradually. Alert to to the counter and passed well.

Ramsey 6 – Good all round game but poor finishing.

Chamberlain 7 – Looked a threat on the flank and played well after moving central.

Ozil 8 – Would have broke Henry´s EPL assist record yesterday if we could finish.

Alexis 7 – More woeful finishing but generally sharp and effective.

Giroud 7.5 – Wasn´t the most guilty of missing chances and his headed assist for Walcott was a thing of beauty.

Chambers 7 – Very impressive from the young defender.

Walcott 7 – Showed the others how to shoot and played well.

Welbeck 7 – What a way to come back.

Wenger 8 – Took the risks and got his subs spot on.

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    1. …I can’t believe Bob marked down Mertesacker, a defender not known for scoring, for missing that header. I’d perhaps have marked Giroud or some John Fukkin’ Terry (who gets headed goals on a more regular basis) down had he been the one who missed the chance.

    2. A win is a win no doubt. So much excitement here, understandable. But some deluted fans claiming some of their fav player(s) as if they were Top Wc players lul . And wenger Made a good choice regarding substituions, FOR ONCE for quite a while now. Now some ppl are all , “wenger is good this and that”. Anyways……

      P.s- give it a few weeks, mood here will change as well as the players they are praising as if they were the top players of the world ?

  1. All our starting defenders get a 6 or 6.5 and we only let them score one dodgy penalty…how does that work then?

    And a 7 for Welbeck???? Our star super sub who may have saved our season…??

    1. Of curse me 2 wanted to talk about it, more especially Monreal he was outstanding to keep Mahrez Quit, and he was never at fault for that P.K. It was a dive he was even running away from Mr. Diver. So 7.5 for me.

  2. MOTM: CECH….

    That skill he executed to take Vardy out was priceless. Cool, composed and matured performance. He made some crucial save too…

    ‘That Guy’ Welbeck……Ozil with the assist to welcome Welbeck back.

    We ain’t carried away…we are simply happy for the victory. The way it happened was so sweet.

    I got to work today and one of my colleagues (Manu Fan) couldn’t help but hail mi. He said we (Manu) lost and then I wanted Leicester to win but guess who scored the winning goal? My own Welbeck. LOL

  3. I’m sorry but I disagree. I was at the game and Özil was having difficulties controlling a lot of balls. He seemed nervous to me and sometimes very slow in possession (was free at the box but somehow just didnt shoot). I felt it was one of he’s weaker performances.
    BUT even though he didn’t play well for most part of the game he still managed to give an assisst and could have had at least an other one. That’s all we want from him. But his display yesterday wasn’t comparable to his best form.

    Giroud MOTM for me. He fought the hardest and gave a superbe assisst. Could have even scored the winner.

    1. Absolutely agree… Giroud was definitely MOTM for me. He may not have gotten the goal, but he definitely bossed the frontline well & brought many of our attacking players into the game. He even tracked back past the halfway line into our half to tackle the ball. Özil overall game was not the best one on the pitch… of course, he had a few decent touches, including the assist, but this was definitely not the best of the performances we had on the pitch.

    2. Agreed Ozil not at his best nor Sanches, Ramsey and others same, game in game out. But Ozil was ordinary in this game , Sanches is still way off his best or is it other teams now read his game easy. Time for Awobi to step up and Giroud top game never gives up and was well marked but still in a tight moment knew what to do for Walcott. Can you tell me what Sanches gave apart from running and chasing back after losing the ball. The game to tell if we are going to win the lg is Spurs. CB

      1. As much as I hate to say it, I think, of the regular top teams, Spurs are playing with the coolest & consistent heads both defensively & offensively, home and away. They win games they are expected to win & look to have the edge in tougher fixtures. I hope our players are Arsenal enough to bear this in mind in the upcoming fixtures. The Leicester win only helped us put a foot into a rapidly closing door, and now is when the real work begins… Our backs are against the wall now! Those away fixtures, Man United, Everton, or Tottenham, will need us to be at our very best.

  4. i am a ozil fan boy but i think giroud was the man of the match.

    ratings are to high, we won, but we played very poor.

    no words for the defence, very very solid.

    coqueling needs to be more calm at times. lol.
    ramsey if not for santi should be seeing the bench, very lucky that he escaped injurie free.
    chambers was fantastic. needs to be more agressive.
    sanchez is not firing, without him not being in form we cant beat the likes of manure, spurs etc.

    we can do this. coyg

    1. Definitely. Giroud MOTM.

      What was very positive about yesterday was that all our 3 subs were spot on and they were all English.

      Looking forward to see Welbeck/Walcott starting against Hull, along with the likes of Chambers, Iwobi, Elneny.

      For Hull:

      ————- Ospina
      Bellerin – Chambers – BFG – Gibbs
      ——– Elneny – Flamini
      Walcott —— Iwobi —– OX/Campbell
      ————— Welbeck

      Subs: Reine-Adelaide, Sanchez, OX/Campbell, Arteta, Macey, Bielik
      Rest: Ramsey, Özil, Giroud, Monreal, Koscielny, Gabriel, Coquelin

      1. I agree with you please not taken anything away form Ozil who kept putting it on a plate but Giroud showed the other side of him in just bringing down headers in dangerous places..playing hold up and tbh taken his chances…Schmeichel was near amazing with his save that would have put OG on the score-sheet

  5. I’m happy with the win, and all, but let’s be a little more realistic here. Ox was very poor once again, especially in the 2nd half, and Sanchez doesn’t even deserve a 5. One just can’t make the right decision to save his life (dribbles when he needs to pass; lays the ball off when he should definitely take a shot; etc.); and the other is just trying so hard to get into his old form back that it only messes things up for us in the attack. I love Alexis, but he needs to accept the fact that it’s gonna take him some time to gain form/fitness. Don’t try and force things, and take one game at a time. The goals will come… and I hope they will help us win a trophy or two this season.

    1. Agree he is struggling. For someone that plays on the left side to not use your left foot is a big problem. The defender is always defending his right foot and knows cutting in is his only option.

      1. Yes but Alexis is so good that he can go the outside with his right as well as many do with their left, its not ideal but its unpredictable. Also Ive seen him many times go to his right as he often does but then does a full 180 and goes the other side of player and through on goal. All he needs is little space to work his magic on his right foot and if that’s what he’s comfortable with who is anyone to say he should use his left. When he has a fullback that will not give him that little space to use his right well then he switches places with far side. So there are many ways round it and when he’s fully fit and on form there are very few who can cope with him.

    2. What!? Pick on Ox?

      Our main attacking outlet was from his side. He was the most dangerous player.
      When he got moved to the CM position we completely dominated Leicester for possession, why does everyone pick on the Ox!?

  6. Great win by brother hated the fact that we won and my dad told me to calm down it does not mean we won the title (both Man utd fans)

    But that was a breath taken game..Per did much better than I expected..Ox had a mixed match but he did try his guts out which was admiral (but we do not win title on admiral).

    I have to give MOTM to Giroud- Worked tirelessly got on the end of alot became what I call a “bouncing board” anything that came his way he would head in a dangerous space for anyone to capitalized on. He should have scored but Schmeichel was great.

    If there is a runner up MOTM I would give it to the Master of the post king of Gloves CECH. HE made some outstanding saves that kept us in the match before the red card. he is just class and we need to continue showing him how much we appreciate what he does in-between the sticks.

    Ozil- tbh if our team finished of his chances more he would be leading the world in assist the true assist king just pure class.

    Welbeck and Theo (our weak English links) came to our rescue when called upon both Subs both acme on to score

    Great game big win

    Lets now focus on the FA cup and how we will deal with Hull


  7. Giroud MOTM. Great assist for Walcott (that’s two assists in two games now) and was denied a goal by an unbelievable save from the Leicester goalie. By the way, I thought the OX had a great game yesterday. Very positive and delivered some great corners.

  8. I think Ramsey deserve a mention, he was in d game all through defensively and in attack, he was disciplined at least when coquelin was subd off, overall it was a good game for him

  9. Perhaps what most people fail to perceive is the effect of this win on Arsenal’s team morale. The team has now been galvanised and will not easily lose to other teams. The players will be confident and determined not to lose games easily. The fighting spirit has been rekindled and it will take the end of the season to extinguish it. The return of Welbeck is a big plus in Arsneal’s title hunt. At least now Giroud can get a breather and the team will still deliver. I see people talking of Spurs and their all round team but what would happen if Spurs were to get the kind of injuries Arsenal has had? Would they be able to cope without key players? I visualise the Spurs case in a similar context to the Liverpool one in 2013-14 when Liverpool very nearly won EPL. When the hour of reckoning comes will Spurs be found ready and able to cope? When such a situation comes do they have the stamina to strive on? Let’s not always look at the sunny day only but also the rainy one!

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