Arsenal player ratings from Liverpool loss – Only Cech performed

Arsenal were not as bad as many of us had feared they would be after losing away to Stoke last weekend. They were much worse than that and could not even point to some bad luck and dodgy decisions. It did not matter in the grand scheme of things as the Gunners ended up on the wrong end of a hefty 4-0 scoreline but our keeper Petr Cech was the only Arsenal player to come away from the game having played well and the3 score could have been much worse without him.

Cech 7 MOTM – His example and resilience kept it from being even worse but could not affect result.

Holding 4 – Booked and beaten by the Liverpool attack time and again.

Koscielny 6 – Unable to stem the tide on his own but did play sort of okay on his return.

Monreal 4 – Another shocker from the Spaniard who looks a shadow of his former self.

The Ox 4 – Did nothing to help us defend and almost nothing going forward.

Ramsey 5 – Sacrificed after poor first half but could easily have been Xhaka as he won his two tackles and passed the ball better.

Xhaka 4 – What on earth has happened to him. Another loose ball led to first goal and had no impact throughout.

Bellerin 4 – Another costly mistake for Salah goal highlighted an awful game from Hector.

Ozil 4 – Hopeless, uninspired and failed to put in the effort.

Welbeck 6 – At least he tried but should have done better with early chance.

Alexis 5 – We hoped for so much more ion his return. Poor.

Coquelin 6 – Played okay but could do little against a rampant home team.

Giroud and Lacazette 6 – Looked sharp and at least bothered coming off the bench.



  1. antonioro says:

    Just sell the entire team,it is a joke anyway…

    1. shark says:

      We cannot blame the players who are played out of their positions. A lot of positives after this game, the LWB/LM/CDM/B2B position is covered by Coquelin, who is like a new signing. I can’t wait to see Cazorla as a LCB.

      1. Middle Man says:

        Agreed , Coquelin was really good , also Giroud and Laca were great together , their team work was fantastic

        1. hg says:

          wellbek haaaa haaaaaaaa hedles chiken 20 chancess to score 1

  2. All the players scored 2/10 except Peter Chech

  3. kev says:

    REVEALED:Arsenal had two bids for Lemar rejected before they ended up agreeing with Monaco to pay their £55 involving add ons bid.This was agreed before Monaco signed Diakhaby.Lemar’s move was imminent at a point in time.Monaco changed asking price to £65 but Arsenal’s last bid was £60 plus add ons to make up for it.Monaco didn’t budge and wanted £65 upfront which Arsenal didn’t agree to.They tried and tried for weeks with Monaco to soften their stance but they didn’t budge.Believe it or not the move was on and was supposed to be done and dusted middle July.
    News now coming in is that Lemar prefers LFC over Arsenal due to Champs league but note no team will be signing Lemar for less than £60.If any team does it means Monaco has been wicked to us as we bidded higher than that .LFC have bidded £55 which will be rejected as it’s lower than Arsenal’s bid.

    1. kev says:

      Arsenal also met their £65 asking price but offerrd only £35 upfrontand the rest in installments.Monaco wanted all the £65 upfront which quite frankly doesn’t often happen.Teams don’t pay the full money upfront though there are some exceptions.You’ll hear a team signs a player for so so and so but only a part of the money is paid upfront.This is what many people don’t know.Arsenal actually tried hard to sign Lemar but failed.

      1. shark says:

        Poor Wenger. He worked hard day and night on transfers, that’s why he didn’t prepare well the Liverpool game.

        1. John Ibrahim says:

          He was resting Giroud and Lacazette for France qualifiers

      2. xxnofx says:

        dude sky reporting monaco have not rejected the bid and are looking at options if they sell ,you keep digging yourself into a hole ,just leave it out now

        1. John Ibrahim says:


          Kev, Resources and Remember Resources updates are very inconsistent

    2. Kedar Damle says:

      I really doubt that we have made any bid or not??? There are no concrete reporting from either Sky or BBC… Just reveled by Sky that LFC made 55.5 Millions bid for Lemar…. I won’t be surprised if LFC sign Lemar…. I don’t think Arsenal has made any official bids for him… Just like Mbappe these are also rumors about Arsenal making Lemar Bid…

      1. kev says:

        That bid for Lemar will be rejected.Arsenal bid higher than that.We bid £60+£5 add ons.We however agreed to pay only £30 upfront,£30 installments and £5add ons.Even our bid was rejected.Monaco are demanding a whooping £65 upfront.Do you know what that means?Any club which will sign him must meet that criteria.Unless Monaco don’t like Arsenal they’re not selling for that fee to Liverpool nor any team for that matter.

      2. kev says:

        Monaco want £65 upfront and not £55 upfront or a part of £55upfront + installments or add ons or whatever.If they sell to Liverpool for this fee it’s injustice and knowing Monaco very well they’re likely to reject until asking conditions and price is met.Liverpool have not even yet met their asking price let alone payment conditions.

        1. xxnofx says:

          Can i ask how the hell you know what payment method they are looking for .Just admit you and that resouce were just getting info off sum twitter feed .but your still here pretending that you are there at the negotiation table

          1. John Ibrahim says:


            Some of the updates can be found online before they posted here

      3. ZA_Gunner says:

        We currently as a club lack in stature to have and hold on to top players, ie: Sanchez, because our ambitions and approach as a club does not match those that want to achieve at the highest level, not to mention attracting players even. It is time to embracing rebuilding and change, the rot has been here for years now and only a proper clear out can we start the process.

  4. Gavana says:

    Judge the man in May not after just 3 games!

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      F@#k off!

      1. Gavana says:

        Arsene will win a trophy this season, Period!

        1. shark says:

          Emirates Cup

          1. Gavana says:

            Relax guys, don’t be so emotional, it’s just the begining of the season and we only lost twice!

          2. i was a gooner says:

            i hopefully agree
            technically speaking if arsenal need to be the champions, they should score atleast 90 out of 114 points.
            so allowance 24 points or they can’t lose more than 8 games.
            they already lost 2 & the one against stoke was unpardonable.

          3. ozil10 says:

            Is ARSEnal a bigger joke or fans like @Gavana

          4. Mobella says:

            l like your positivity but nobody will want read from you after what happened yesterday. The only positive out of yesterday thrashing is Wenger not having any excuse to defend that atrocious performance. Player for player Liverpool has nothing on arsenal yet they outwitted, outfought etc in every department. Wenger knows it on him.

      2. iGooner says:

        I concur Quantic Dream

    2. ZA_Gunner says:

      If yesterdays performance is not proof I really don’t know what will. Perhaps you are looking for us to end the season in the middle of the table or fighting for relegation to actually wake up and smell the coffee, at what cost then?

    3. Scubagooner says:

      How many years have we been hearing that exact sentance?

    4. invisible 88 says:

      Typical Arsene Wenger speech, u are the kind of fans who after winning one game say “in arsene we trust”, but really I’ve failed to understand those deluded fans who think without Wenger its the end of Arsenal. before Wenger arsenal had 10 league titles and today after his 20 or so years at the club we have 13 which I think its not a good return.

  5. tas says:

    off topic= Liverpool to offer to buy Lamar 70M, if Lamar singes for another EPL team then shame on Arsen, Arsenal and the board, if that happens then we need to burn our kits our season tickets stop watching live coverage of Arsenal games until we get new owners and manager

    1. Wolf says:

      don’t agree with the burning kits bit byt u can drakaris everything else

    2. invisible 88 says:

      just boycott games, it’s only money they comprehend.

  6. Abdulazeez says:

    The whole team should be sold starting from Mr.Wenger

    1. tas says:

      Come on Cazorla was injured lets keep him we need someone to captain the youth team after selling everyone

      1. Leon says:

        Pour your hopes on a sick note.
        Cazorla is one of the many players that need to be moved on – not because he is rubbish but because he is a persistent sick note.
        It makes you ask the question once again – why so many injuries and long term absences. Another failure to add to Wenger’s resume.

        1. Midkemma says:

          “why so many injuries and long term absences. Another failure to add to Wenger’s resume.”

          Quote from Cazorla;

          “It’s been a difficult season, since I have not played since November. I’ve been through surgery eight times.”
          “I had the last one yesterday, and hopefully everything will go well.”
          “Since November I have had complications. There was bacteria in the operating room and I suffered an infection in a bone. The scar did not close and I had a skin graft.”

          Wenger didn’t clean the operating room good enough I guess?

    2. hg says:

      sell wenger kronke then bring Alegri

  7. Rationalist says:

    Being a bit generous with Ramsey I feel.

    Wenger, his biggest appreciator, hauled him off at half time, before anyone else. Even AW could see that was a 2/10 performance (as in, Ramsey successfully arrived at Anfield and changed into his kit, a default 2/10).

    1. jonfox says:

      I wish he had , literally, been changed for his kit. His kit alone would have been more effective in concentrating and actually trying. Perhaps we should just put out eleven kits with no one inside them from now on.

  8. ogagzy says:

    I blame no one but the British arsenal fans who use their hard earned money to watch this mediocrity. Honestly, if i was wenger, i would not give a damn how many wenger out protests are held as long as you all keep renewing your season tickets and buying arsenal merchandise. If i was kroenke with love only for money and not football, the only way i would sack wenger is if i see the fans channel their protests into boycotting games, refusing to renew season tickets and refusing to buy arsenal merchandise. Blame wenger all you want, but at the end of the day, YOU are the ones satisfied with this. And mark my words, this WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT HIT THE ARSENAL MANAGEMENT WHERE IT HURTS, IN THEIR POCKETS.

    Thank you

    1. Wolf says:

      Hear Hear

    2. Kedar Damle says:

      Exactly buddy… Unless you don’t hit Owners Financially, they are not gonna change anything….

    3. Kamikaze says:

      Man i also wonder with these brothers of ours…they are in social media crying but the next game the stadium will be full with smiling fans…it really sicken me!

    4. hg says:


    5. jonfox says:

      Ogagzy, I have been constantly saying just the very same as you say, for ages now. No use merely moaning about the enemy within who are owning, running and managing our formerly great club. We need to remove the cancer BY FORCE! Well said!

    6. Midkemma says:

      It is also the shirt sales all over the world so every supporter who pays anything to AFC contributes.

      Plenty of non british people spend money on AFC.

      Please… leave nationality out of it. Thought we was better than that, we hate each other for being fellow Arsenal fans, not because of where we was born… what next? Skin colour? Gender?

  9. dr kass says:

    shame on you you should all give one month wages back to the fans for this has gone on for to long disruption in the team is a no no remember players what you do now you will pay for later in life so think about that the aim is to do your very best every time I must agree their is no perfect man if you do not wish to play go sick you may get a better score I leave this thought with you dr kass

  10. Gelz says:

    Judge the man in May, we’ve been judging him the last ten years and he’s still not changed. Thanks Cech for keeping it only 4 nil and thank Kev for keep repeating the Lemar BS transfer just to try and make us feel even more hard done by.

  11. McLovin says:


    – 6 / 10

    Just get the fudge out of our club.

  12. John Ibrahim says:

    The Ibrahims have won big by betting 4 to 5 goals

    Its not hard to see the signs are very clear and very disappointing

    There are so many instability and uncertainty in the squad

    The manager is fighting hard to keep his Key players and does not know if there are players coming in

    Uncertainty in players whether they are staying or leaving…..

    most teams at this stage are 90% ready only 1 or 2 players addition or departure

    for us we are only 50% ready with more than 7 players potentially departing including 3 from the first team Ozil, Sanchez, Ox and Mustafic

    Thats will be 3 crucial position LW, ACM and RW

    No team can win without stability and confidence in that 3 positions

    Liverfool was determined and firm and hammered us

  13. Shinoda_Kc says:

    No need for these ratings. You can’t rate a performance like that… But just for the sake of it, I’ll give them all a zero & a -1 for Wenger for getting it all wrong.

  14. Tedermaan says:

    Wenger is extinct blud!
    Kroenke cannot be bothered fam!
    Blud Fam Bludclot’s spirit is possessing me!!!

    Seriously, stop attending home games.

    1. hg says:


  15. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Start of match, Lacazette, Giroud, Mustafi, Kolsanic and Theo all on the bench. Monreal was CB and Welbeck played up front. That was just CRAZY

    Monreal is not good as CB. Mustafi should have started.
    Why did Welbeck start over Lacazette and Giroud?
    Honestly even if Giroud started over Lacazette, I would still have a problem with it. Lacazette should have started.
    Does Wenger think Welbeck has as much quality as Lacazette and Giroud.

    I would have put out something like this:
    Cech, Koscielny, Mustafi, Holding, Bellerin, Kolsanic, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Lacazette or close to that. I’m not saying we would have won, but why would you bench our best players namely Lacazette, Kolsanic and Mustafi?

    Liverpool is a very good team (well better than us anyway). Why on earth would you put that team on the field? Why would you disrespect or underestimate Liverpool’s quality?

    Even for Wenger, the team selection was horrendous.

    Its not just Wenger not signing the right players. He makes stupid tactical decisions as well

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      It just shows Wenger does not know how to best utilize his men. It was all clear as anyone can see before the match to indicate he will drop Lacazette when Wenger came out to say that Lacazette is not yet ready and needs to adapt to the league but for most fans and pundits we already can see the quality and the ability of Lacazette. You do not spend 50 million pounds on a player to adapt on the bench. Players like these you buy with certain qualities and you play them to best bring out those qualities, hence knowing how to use them in your system is how it should be, but Wenger is just clueless and cannot use his players to their strengths. How can you scout for a player then buy them and not use them, I mean what is the point as you’re just wasting resources. If you want further proof then look at Lukaku for United and Moratta for Chelsea, they have all played apart in their first 3 matches!

      I remember saying in preseason that we should not use it for trying out youth but instead get the first team players playing together so that they can understand their team mates and be prepared when the season starts. Lacazette should have be integrated in preseason than having to do it now. Only Arsenal would think otherwise than doing what makes sense and logical.

  16. ZA_Gunner says:

    Even though Wenger did say sorry if fans felt that way and wanted him out, it was not spoken in sincerity. He also used these words, “If they felt”; “some of the fans” and “we all lose together”, which just shows how arrogant the man is and that he does not fully acknowledge himself being the culprit and owing to fault and responsibility for the failure and thrashing. If a man can be this arrogant and ignorant of the situation and would rather stay for his selfishness rather leave for the clubs own good and to save some face, then in this situation only the board or owner can do what every respecting fan would rather not wish, which is to sack the manager. Sadly this is the only way in order to start rebuilding this team. But will the board and owner react is another thing of debate.

  17. Abdulazeez says:

    Mr.Wenger has gone into extinction,he is tired of his life,he is completely alone.where is his wife and family.All left.He should just leave Arsenal and return back to his family.

  18. John0711 says:

    Do you know what Johnny Evans would improve us and I never thought I would stay that. We need hard working players who have been around the block
    And Wenger should leave

    I won’t buy anything until he’s gone if you do then shut up and suck it

    1. Midkemma says:

      Lol, dude, I have not bought any AFC merchandise since… I think around 2010.
      I have set a personal thing of not buying anything until I feel we are challengers again, I will be happy with the current ownership if they turned us around, I want us to compete.

      Wenger… Meh, he has his faults but so does every manager.

      I am more upset at how the club is being ran into the ground for the short term gains and how sporting side has to cover the business side for profits, I honestly believe that we could have Klopp or Pep right now and we would still be moaning about the players in the squad, difference is the manager might also be moaning and finding his way out the club pretty quick for something better.

      I do believe that AFC CEO will not be able to hire a Pep either, Gazidis knows next to nothing about football yet he is leading our rudderless ship, he will hire a manager that will say yes and can develop players for sales.

      Wenger… yeah I would like someone better. More worried about the CEO though.

  19. SA Gooner says:

    I have 2 words to describe this performance: hopeless and hapless. It is abundantly clear that any semblance of sanity has deserted Wenger. How do you pick a team like that against Liverpool? Lucky we weren’t playing against Man Utd. Monreal as CB?? The sooner we go back to 4 at the back the better, even if Chelsea won playing with 3. We do not have the players to play that formation. The next biggest problem is Mezut Özil. The guy is a passenger, and the only reason I can think of why he is in the side is that Wenger waits for that moment of magic, which has now been a long time coming. From the current crop of players my choice would be: Cech; Bellerin, Kosc, Mustafi, Kolasinac; Iwobi, Ramsey, Ox; Alexis, Lacazette, Welbeck/Giroud

    1. hg says:

      weibek ??????????? how many chances he lost in 2 previous .if was as good plau for MU.

  20. Paul P says:

    Only rating which matters is Wenger = 0

  21. waal2waal says: things for sure officials at AFC will be reluctant to sack wenger – am i wrong in thinking it can only be silent stan that can dismiss? my point is fans would see the back of wenger in a blink of an eye but which management official will? none. So, all that remains is for him to step aside it means he’s highly likely to join the afc board in a decision making capacity (of some sort).

    hence, we’l not see a ‘sacking’ but another manager could “agree” to work alongside wenger albeit in a senior position so as to implement an manager change-over smoothly. im suggesting he agree to announce he’s exploring the possibility of “working together” with a younger manager but what he’d be doing is handing over the reigns.

    *please take time to absorb this ‘suggestion’ so as the point being made is not lost.

  22. John Ibrahim says:

    Liverpool appears to be 48hrs away from sealing a move to Liverfool

    So much for Wenger’s statement of Monaco not selling

  23. bur says:

    can I say if i and a lot of other Arsenal fans were incapable of doing their job they would be on the dole. Period!!!! weegor gets awarded a new contract! the world is a wonderful place.

  24. precious frank says:

    Arsene weger is cause of the whole things.let him in order that a better coach will come,is he in the same cult with Monreal.Ramsey.why not play Mustafi,kos & kolasanic in defence.what is welbeck doing in the starting eleven.pls ask Mr wenger if the money he is saving blongs to his father.what remains in arsenal is on but name shame to the arsenal management

  25. John Ibrahim says:

    Lemar is set for liverfool wonder how many fans are going to still sit back and relax

  26. HA559 says:

    The man doesn’t know the basics of defending so selling and buying players will not change anything. Never did and never will. The set of defenders we have, even if Tony Pulis took over Arsenal he would make them better defensively atleast.

    There were ball winners sitting on the bench in Kolasinac and Mustafi, tacklers. Any opposition player with decent dribbling skills can run through 3 or 4 players with no challenge. You saw it with Jese couple weeks ago. Vardy, 3 weeks ago and Yesterday Mane, Salah, even Wijnaldum and Emre Can run through 3 players in each run with the ball.

  27. AArsenal says:

    When a player watch a boxing match(Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor) whole night long and he have big match tomorrow he can’t perform. So it looks that Ballerin,Xhaka, Ramsey Ozil and Ox are all exhausted before the starts.
    30th April 2016 Tottenham 2 Arsenal 0. A nigh before boxing game (Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko). The same the players I mentioned before llook tired and flat.

  28. HA559 says:

    Man is blinded by his ego period.

  29. HA559 says:

    Yeah will win vs Bournmouth then they will get excited. Then we lose to Chelsea and it’s the same again.

  30. rkw says:

    to me we are just watching the inevitable consequences of a bursting football bubble which is what AFC (Arsenal Financial Corporation) has become under the Franco American alliance … to be honest its lasted longer than I expected as the signs of a Ponzi club were visible 5 years ago but somehow the 4th place zombie fans kept the thing going longer than I expected but the bust is, consequently, even more worrisome for the long term health of the club … obviously Wenger should have gone 5 years back but that was not in the interest of the vulture owner … next steps are uncertain but I hope fans show their disgust by not showing up to the emirates next game

  31. hg says:

    welbek 6 how he and holding worst but are who are . anyway we are mising wollcot and chambers bramall gibs and co

  32. Adam Criniti says:

    Wenger would never resign under any circumstances and the odds of Silent Stan firing the narcissistic old fool are about the same as the clueless Yank shaving his horrendous pornstache.

    I fully expect the following moves to be made by Thursday.

    Ox to Chelsea or Fool for $35M
    Sanchez to Oil City for $60M
    Ozi to BD for $45M
    Perez to DLC for $14M
    Gibbs to Watford for $10M
    Campbell to whoever–$5M
    Coquelin to whoever for $5M
    Theo to whoever for $15M
    Mustafi to Inter on loan

    $190M reasons for the Yank and worthless board to

    How I would reinvest in the squad.

    Jonathan Tah—$35M

    $195M spent, bringing the summer shopping spree to a whopping $30M for Arsenal. However I would gladly welcome the following line up for the next few years @ the Emirates, with either Tuechel or Benitez roaming the sidelines.


    This my friends is my Arsenal dream come Friday morning. ??

  33. #Tiredofthis says:

    Just like seasons previous you’d be foolish to expect a different approach from this board/manager, long have we known the problems we face as a club and for to long have other clubs exploited this on and off the pitch. I expect nothing from this club anymore. The real fools are the ones who make excuses week in and week out for the inadequacies we see, the only way to make a change is to change!! Stop turning up to the games, both home and away, stop purchasing all merchandise or for that matter anything that lines kroenkes pockets. If we can’t make our voices heard then make our absence seen!!!

  34. ruelando says:

    Its the home away from home scenario at arsenal and that is nice if you are playing friendly matches or a knock around with your friends, where there are no trophies, but perhaps some refreshment after the game, couple beers with your friends and we laugh and tease about various things in the game we just played, win or lose. That is the picture that is presented to the fans and the public.

    When you are in a place of employment there are certain requirements that has to be met, the main one that comes to mind is “DO YOUR JOB” and if you do not you know there will be “CONSEQUENCES” or “REPERCUSSIONS”. At arsenal there is no fear of either if the Job is not done. This is a constant repeated offence which amazes me even further when the individuals who are not doing their jobs comes out and say, “sorry”, “something has to change”, “this is unacceptable”, “we played poorly” and then come back a few games after with the same routine again.

    Who is to Blame.

    One, the board which only plays attention to the profit margins and not the demands of a football club which would make them successful in every competition, the club is running a three card con job on the fans which are easy pickings to make money from and not willing to put in the work to make the club successful.

    Two, the manager which the team patterns their attitude from, Wenger has embedded in is players certain type behaviours which makes them quite passive, no fire coming from the manager, so none will come from the team, undecided so the team will be undecided, lacking tactical attributes so the team will lack tactical attributes. I am not one of the Wenger out fan, but I would feel a lot better if someone else made the judgement on what the team needs been handled by someone or a group of football savvy individuals else and not clouded by the emotional judgement of the manager.

    Three, the players must be told every blasted day what is required of them to be employed to arsenal football club and the consequences of not fulfilling these requirements, this vacation at arsenal must be put a stop to, and very quickly

    1. jon fox says:

      Ruelando, spot on my friend. You could have included the owner, who cares nothing for the club, but only it’s future profits. Compare this parasite to the proper fan at Chelsea thatAbramovitch actually is and see the difference in attitude throughout the whole club. It is obvious that complete regime change of owner, board and manager has to happen for things to ever be right again. To this end, I won’t waste time discussing where the team does not work as we all know that. All that matters now is to force change and to this end we need to make last years demos look like a childrens tea party. Massive social media anti-Wenger campaign by countless thousands is needed. Empty grounds would work but there will always be many foreign fans to take empty seats, so a massive banner and anti-Wenger, anti- board and anti- owner chants and songs , for the whole game is needed. Unless we succeed in our task all is lost and we might as well give up supporting and give up future hope. At 66, time is running out for me – I started attending in1958 and gave up coming last season, having been a season ticket holder for 40 years plus, going home and away for many years when I was younger – but I want our club in honourable hands again before I die and the cancerous elite that has us by the throat, cut out and defeated by direct fan action. Please join in spreading the word to all true fans and well said for writing the plain truthin your post.

  35. Raj says:

    Subtract 4 from every players rating. Big 0 for wenger.

  36. Midkemma says:

    Welbeck 4
    Can’t hit a barn door and failed to score, Lacazette would have been the safe bet.

  37. iGooner says:

    Did anyone see Alexis Sánchez sitting in the dugout? To me, I saw a man who just wanted to leave Arsenal. Someone who may not be able to last the final year because of all the life being sucked out of him by this club who lacks any real ambition… Jamie Carragher and all the other critics are right, the whole club from top to bottom needs to change, and some serious questions have to be answered with serious actions, not just talk… Stan Kroenke, Ivan Gazidis, Arsene Wenger, and the other board members need to address this problem or move out. If I had the power I’d just sack-em all, and there would be nothing nice about the way that I would do it either.

    I can not blame any of the players who are refusing to sign a new contract at Arsenal (not saying that they are all worth what is being offered). Why are players being played out of position, why was our two new signings benched? Whats with this loyalty crap to players who do not consistently perform? How? Why? What da F***?

    1. jon fox says:

      iGooner, Totally agree and for direct action to rid us of the parasites whose ownership, running and managing has caused the present cancer at our once honourable club, please read my long reply to ruelando, (above). I implore you and all your Gooner friends to take direct action along the lines I have suggested and the time for just moaning is way past, direct action to remove these parasites is long overdue. Please spread the word to all Gooners everyqwhere.

  38. Guy Bruno says:

    Wenger is the problem of all team fist, at his age he should have taken distance from what he gain over year and year with management career, Arsenal administration are poor in big decision making FIRE Wenger applies Americans principle; Everybody his replaceable today the presence of Wenger is Barrier to other players coming to Arsenal you have player like Draxler these are type of player ho his young also processed experience already. You have Martesaker is no longer at his best your defense will be terrorized again like what we have seen from Liverpool released Sanches and bring Lemar and Draxler let your 35million player find a beach “Xhaka” and get Virgil and a strong Midfielder ho can stimulating the all team I have just predicted Arsenal will not reach even top 10 this season

    Lastly what’s Wenger’s Job and Arsenal Scooting team or Ambassadors? You have 1 Year for looking into your team performance and 2 month for transfer activities not at last minute you start running for the solution.

  39. mr p says:

    the only answer is to touch their pockets by bycoting games

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