Arsenal player ratings from Man City – Walcott MOTM

I am not just trying to be different in picking Theo Walcott as my Man of the Match from the Arsenal win over title rivals Manchester City last night, even though the obvious choice was our king of assists Mesut Ozil, who put in another performance full of quality and class. But as well as being a constant threat and scoring a fantastic goal that set Arsenal on course for the victory, Walcott put in a huge shift and was often found making a crucial block near our own goal line.

Cech 7.5 – No chance on goal and did nothing wrong.

Bellerin 6 – Worked hard. Better going forward but still a bit off his best.

Mertesacker 8 – Commanding, calm and key role from our BFG.

Koscielny 8 – Solid as always and looked to start attacks including key pass for opening goal.

Monreal 7 – Very good from Nacho. He never lets us down.

Flamini 7.5 . Very important job against Silva, Toure and all. Underrated.

Ramsey 8 – Great discipline from the Welshman. Perhaps should have sealed the game.

Campbell 7.5 – Another impressive and tireless shift for the team. Finishing needs to improve.

Ozil – 8.5 – Key passes, involvement, work rate and two more assists. Magical Mesut.

Walcott 9 – What a goal and a brilliant all round game.

Giroud 7.5 – Committed, crucial contribution and well taken goal.

Gibbs 6 – Another good job helping us to see game out.

Chamberlain 6 – Looked sharp in his short time.

Chambers 6 – Just a few minutes but put himself about.

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  1. Ramsey an 8!! What game was you watching? I swear admin just bum him, he was woeful in possesion, misplace passing, poor finishing. You cant give someone an 8 just because he had discipline

    1. Gibbs same as Hector? Gibbs was awful the little time he was on the pitch!

      Giroud MOTM easily, he helped the defence out and actually won possession back with slide tackles!

      1. Wow what is happening, people norminating Giroud as man of the match for his all round game and defensive contribution finally..
        Am just so happy here today. Good things will happen for me today i bet..

      2. I agree with both comments above fully
        Ramsey did many mistakes despite his really hard work. he missed 2 opportunities as well.
        Hector Bellerin was excellent only a 6? watch the match again

        Gibbs was so nervous that couldnt make a simple pass i have never seen him so bad.
        Calum Chambers did some good work in those few minutes and things were calm after he arrived

        1. You guys are quick to talk about his mistakes but never seem to notice what he does right. He provided support in attack AND defence which is what b2b midfielders are meant to do, without him Ozil would most likely not have any assists and we would have conceded 4 or 5 since Flamini can’t defend alone in midfield. Expecting him to play like Cazorla is delusional on your part considering he doesn’t have Coquelin by his side to help him retain possession nor does he have the same style of play as the Spaniard. Ramsey is definitely an 8 whether you like it or not.

    2. The most honest rating ever. I mean ever in the History of All Football..
      Wow finally admitting Flamini is good, as well as BFG and not just praying Ozil alone.
      Am the happiest man on earth today..
      It was about time the bias ratings and judgement of those players died out..
      Thank You for your ratings and God richly bless you.
      I really mean it from the bottom of my HEART..

    3. Anyone giving Ramsey a high rating for this game must have Ramsey’s poster on his bedroom wall with little pink hearts all over it.

      Ramsey DID NOT do his job. He roamed the pitch wildly and then stood in front of goal. But that was NOT his job. He did little to help Flamini and gave the ball away in dangerous positions.

      If Ramsey wants to play Cazorla’s role he had better learn what it its first.

      Not to worry – he should be back on track any game.

    4. Even worse. Ramsey DID NOT have discipline at all. He was pretending to do the Cazorla role. But when he was needed to help Flamini he was mostly absent. And when was needed to organize distribution out of the back he did not do that either.

      Ramsey only had “position discipline” if his role was to wander the pitch wildly with no regard for the game situation.

      Ramsey had his worst game this year.

  2. Kos was class last night always looking to pass forward and drive forward from the back and he got the same as ramsey :/
    Ozil once again showing his class
    Walcott worked hard as well
    BFG actually good game against top opposition without getting caught out to far up field
    Bellerin needs to concentrate a bit more on his defending of late but you can let him off as hes still only 20

    1. Ya know if he started out as a winger,then his forward play should be easier but for some reason he is far from confident in going forward and Campbell 100% in his getting back and helping Bellerin. It could be down to the fact that Campbell is a far better player than Ramsey on the right which when Ramsey played Bellerin did more attacking. So now that Campbell or Walcott will be first choice for the right side and Gazola out, Ramsey should be really playing for keeping his midfield roll and stop trying to be a Ozil it will never happen Be a Ramsey make your own talent speak. CB

  3. i think for this game,walcott,giroud,ozil,campbell,flamini,back four are my MOTM.only ramsey was a bit under in that game.the team play well to cech at giroud(what effort!!!)…keep it going boys! gunner for life!

  4. gotta say i also dont agree with ramsey having an 8 if its for discipine then campobell deserves a 10, look at his work leading up to the 2nd goal & also when he played a delicate pass to ramsey who missed a sitter. i Also think a 6 for bellerin is harsh a 7 at least the whole defence played their part is being resolute and doggied.

    2 players im extremely worried about & their lack of progress is Gibbs and Ox its unbelievable, i just dont understand wouldnt being on the bench put fire in your bellly and make you want to prove a point?????

    they better shape up or i can honestly out of the 2 see 1 being shipped out, that being gibbs more then likely.

  5. Am sorry. When it comes to winning a match like this one, I don’t always know who did not do well. Just too happy for giving City the gap. Let’s support the boys to do better. all did well but some were outstanding. My first time of see Walcot score such a goal. Giroud? He seems by our eyes not to be good but City knew and were always 2 or 3 around him. He seems to score the difficult ones more than the easiest ones. Where was Silva? I did not see Aguero until he was substituted. Our second rate did well. I was so scared before the match because I knew City would come with intension to win but the met more than a match.

  6. I agree one hundred percent on man of match and was amazed that it wasn’t Ozil handing it to Theo. Ozil played some terrific stuff but for me it has to be Walcott, he was everywhere, defending top notch, passing at a high standard, and then the goal and his blistering pace going forward ..take a bow.

    I disagree on Ramsey. I am usually one of Ramseys biggest bigger uppers because I think he can get harshly treated at the best of times but his passing was endangering us with threat of quick attack a wee bit too often. Before the Toure incident when he let him go I was ticked off more than a couple of times with the ball going straight to opposition. The Toure incident, well the player had quite a bit to still do and how he managed to side foot a rolling ball to lob the keeper was astonishing.

  7. Hahahaha…When you cost £55m, there’s a certain amount of things people would expect of you.

    One would be to tie your shoelaces on your own…
    that’s a given.

    Two, you ought to be able to eat using a knife and fork, you know.. like a normal person.

    But three, three applies to when
    you’re a multi-millionaire footballer.
    Three – you should be able to take a corner without falling over
    Well that was too much to ask of
    Kevin De Bruyne on last night as The high priced player failed in almost the most basic of tasks and fell over the corner flag. Yes, really he did.

    Hope that was Documented and stored in the Archives of some of the most funniest events on pitch…

  8. @robin vanpayslip,

    honestly i wouldnt mind if he had got it, apart from his goal his workrate was unbelievable also. You could see he was really fighting for the cause yesterday and hes the type of player who thrives from the fans support.

  9. MOM; Koss the Boss
    I cannot stop laughing when comparing Otamendi to the boss.
    Giroud gave Otamendi all sorts of problems.

  10. I’d give Ozil a 9 personally

    NA common complaint was Giroud doesn’t score in big game situations. I hope this has finally ended. He has scored against City, a hattrick against Olympiakos where we needed to score two goals, scored against Bayern (ok we lost 5-1 but still scored against Bayern).
    So Giroud CAN score against big teams and important matches.

    I am hopeful that Theo and Giroud will push each other. Competition is a good thing

  11. Everybody sees a game differently, but I must say that giving Bellerin only 6 is way too harsh, and ranking Campbell and Flamini below Ramsey showing a little too much favouritism. Both of those guys put in shifts that deserve the full credit of every Arsenal fan, as they did wonderful jobs in defence. I think you can tell much about a players influence on a game when they come off, and as soon as Campbell was substituted, Man City gained the upper hand . He was a real handful for there defence. As for the Flame. He was truly wonderful at keeping there midfield pretty quite.

    1. Campbell coming off didn’t ‘give City the upper hand’.
      Much more likely they had more attack minded players on and we were sitting back because we were 2-0 up. Making your point an invalid one.

      Campbell played okay but cmon him coming off didn’t do much either way.

      1. So you think Gibbs was better than Campbell in defending and going forward, It was the change that gave City the upper hand as only Walcott was the fasted up front that gave Toure the chance to come forward. Our problem is the subs are weak to bring on and it bites us in the bum when we play out a 2 goal lead. And be fair a lot of nerves were high in the last 5 as they continued to come down the left side Debuchy would have been safer than Gibbs and, how is it he is an England squad player are we that weak. CB

  12. Ramsey 8 I don’t think so. He was guilty of miss passing and giving the ball away. He missed opportunities and never tracked Yaya for his goal.
    A good all round performance , sometimes I thought they played to deep giving City the opportunity to attack. By the way I think Jamie Carrigher talks the biggest load of piffle I have ever heard.

  13. I think that this side is playing with some physicality that Cazorla could never have given to the team where Ramsey skipped past players forced City to play defensive. Ramsey is a scoring midfielder and after the painful injury he had, he wants to do the best of what he can. The more the dangerous each players possess it gives the chance to improve on their performance it increase the overall attitude of the team that Bayern had in 2013 season.

    1. Ramsey was absolutely terrible. Can’t control a game, his passing was poor, he gives the ball away for fun etc… He needs to improve loads..

  14. I have enjoyed this site for a long time but I don’t think I can continue on doing so due to the blindness of the contributors.
    Firstly Giroud was M.O.M, he put in a real shift, great technique and wound up Otamendi a treat.
    For all of you slating Ramsey, I can only assume you haven’t ever played football. He gave it away a couple of times max, he will, in that position, more often than not have the most touches and therefore more likely to misplace 1 or 2. Also slating him for not scoring? His shot hit Hart in the face, unlucky yes but not poor quality. Get off his case, do you think he’d play week in week out if he wasn’t important to the team? Just because you can’t quantify certain players for some games it doesn’t mean they did not contribute positively.
    The fickleness of some of the contributors here is astounding.

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