Arsenal player ratings from Norwich draw – Ozil MOTM

There were some good performances from the Arsenal players at Carrow Road yesterday, despite the problems and the disappointing result, with Alexis Sanchez before his injury and Santi Cazorla doing well for Arsenal but I have gone for Mesut Ozil as my Man of the Match because he capped his game with our only goal.

Cech 8 – Exposed for the goal but without him we would have got nothing. One truly world class save.

Bellerin 5.5 – Struggled to have much effect at either end of the pitch.

Mertesacker 6.5 – Decent game under pressure from the big German.

Gabriel 5 – Bad mistake let Norwich back in and changed the game.

Monreal 7 – Our best defender and got forward well. Better crossing might have got us the win.

Flamini 6.5 – Solid game from Coquelin´s replacement apart from that one rash penalty scare.

Cazorla 7 – Usual class from Santi who deserved more help.

Ramsey 6 – Rusty as expected but comes central way too much.

Ozil 8 – Brilliantly taken goal and some great interplay.

Alexis 7.5 – Created our goal and always a threat. How we will miss him.

Giroud 5.5 – Was he playing? OKay it was hard work for the striker but he has to do more. We need Walcott back asap.

Campbell 6 – Tried hard but he is no Alexis Sanchez.

Chamberlain 6 – We looked better after he replaced Ramsey. Needs a run of games though.

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  1. Watch next game how many times OG raises his hand for a cross to come in near post or far post based on his position. Without crosses and most importantly without penetration he will not be scoring.

      1. To Giroud’s defence, Monreal’s crosses were absolutely piss poor. Our fullbacks weren’t up to it. Bellerin’s been quite poor since returning from his injury but he will get back to his normal self. I mean he cuts quite well to middle from his flank but after that he doesn’t get much help from anyone else.

        But to criticize Giroud, he should create chances for himself rather than wait for the perfect cross – but that’s the problem, he literally can’t do that. He has a good shot (Liverpool, United last year..) but especially in tight spaces he doesn’t have what it takes to make room for himself. Therefore he usually just flicks the ball for someone else..

        1. I didn’t understand why Bellerin was wilfully taking the ball so centrally… It was already congested, Ramsey often moves there. The last thing we need is our fullbacks cutting in centrally as well…

  2. How about putting the ball straight out from a low cross by monreal in the 1st half??? You can’t always get somany chances, more especially when you are not mobile enough and no speed of acceleration. @Jim

    1. Are you serious?? Watch that chance again… Yes, it was a chance, but the ball was behind him and the speed of the delivery gave him very little time to get his feet sorted. Not to mention the angle.
      Yes he misses chances that are well worth criticism. That was not one of them…

  3. …and then there were two…..cech an ozil

    wenger in my eyes showed very poor judgement with sanchez an favourtism with picking ramsey over a recently revitalised campbell…

    no one can say….oh well who could take sanchez place in the side if he rested him….

    well if arsene had bought cover in the window, we would have had more options. so he made that choice, hes solely to blame.

    this bad luck with injuries manure we keep hearing is bs. the training methods, the turf whatever it is he an his team have not figured it out an its been what 5/6 years.

    could be worse…i could wladimir klitschko right now….imagine losing to that tool bag fury

    1. Unfair to blame Gabriel for Norwich goal. Mertesacker played scorer onside,but didn’t realise it because he has no positioning awareness. We had plenty of possession but build up play is so painfully slow. We are so predictable, Norwich just gathered in numbers and waited for opportunity to hit us on the break. We posed few problems for Norwich. Not feeling too confident for the immediate future. Will be fortunate to hang on for fourth spot Gabriel has already shown that he is a good player but isn’t getting enough game time.

  4. What is the use of giving your best when you don’t have the quality yes I’m talking about our striker olivier giroud
    Van persi was found walking for most of the game but he had the quality he was better shooter better in movement better dribbler and even a better passer off the ball the only aspect that is giroud better in in holding up play which i see it not very important for an attacking team its important for weaker sides who want the striker to hold the ball till the midfielders can support him l
    So simply. Giroud you are not our quality
    Arsene enough is enough leave it now or listen to the crowds for one time

    1. Giroud is a good striker, he just dips when he isn’t being pushed for a place. We need Theo back to give him a boot up the backside.

  5. Do you guys realised that our 2 best players are the ones who have cost us the most money?

    Ozil is taking things to his own hands in giving up in being the assist master, now rather him being the one who is going to finish things.

    Currently Ramsey is nowhere. Play Campbel as he is a proper winger and not a central midlefield player trying to be swell.

  6. We looked better when Campbell came on on the right, because Bellerin was able to move forwards with more confidence. Ramsey wasn’t fit and should have only come on at the end as a subfor Santi. As for Joel, he has 3 to 4 more years to catch up to Alexis. Please remember he is still only 23, and this might be his first full season with us. Ozil needed time to settle to the EPL yet Joel who has been farmed out all over the World is expected to play likea seasoned ex Barca pro as soon as he sets foot on the pitch.

    1. I’m disgusted by Wenger’s favouritism, against Zagreb Campbell did what Ox has failed to do the whole year, produce end product. He knows how to cross, has the vision to produce numerous through balls, not to mention he can score from the wing, but noooo, bring in an unfit Ramsey instead.. smfh..

      1. The Zagreb game showed glimpses of the magic that could be. Alexis, Ozil and Joel sizzled and played like the Arsenal of old. No matter what happened they kept the ball went past a bunch of players made the awsome outrageous pass and then scored the goal. I wish Joel had scored, it would have been a perfect night for the lad.

  7. I think Flamini deserves praise too, especially as so many would have cast him aside over summer. He has stepped up to the plate so far, and for my part, I’m glad he is oir replacement CDM rather thand Arteta.

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