Arsenal player ratings from Olympiacos – Gibbs MOTM (only joking)

The Man of the Match for Arsenal was, of course, Olivier Giroud. Even if the big French striker had not scored his first ever hat-trick in Arsenal colours he would have made a very strong case with his performance full of passion determination and footballing ability. A honourable mention also goes to Joel Campbell who continued his improvement with a brilliant showing.

Cech 7.5 – Not much to do but saved us when needed and his presence is invaluable.

Bellerin 6 – Another off par game from the Spaniard. Needs a rest.

Mertesacker 7.5 – Recovered well from a slightly shaky start. Commanding.

Koscielny 8 – Brilliant as usual with some crucial blocks and tackles. Best in EPL?

Monreal 8 – Never put a foot wrong and key contribution at both ends.

Flamini 7.5 – Could have scored, could have been booked but generally very good in the middle.

Ramsey 8 – Warmed to his task and starting to look like the Rambo of two years ago. Great cross to assist opener.

Campbell 8.5 – Amazing skills and reverse pass for Giroud capped a fantastic night.

Ozil 8 – No assist or goal but at the heart of everything. Top class.

Walcott – Still rusty but still threatening, especially in second half.

Giroud – Take a bow Ollie. Pretty much flawless.

Gibbs 6 – Solid sub appearance.

Ox and Chambers – No time for a score really.

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  1. You ruined it by adding the joking part. You should have leave it as it is to see who actually reads the pieces.

    1. Sometimes, On the right day, of the right year when the moon shines from a certain point in the sky, I LOVE being an arsenal fan.

      now I made this request already. but does anyone know how, as a non member, i can get tickets to see arsenal play. home or away??

    2. Giroud is the man of the moment and non of u so called fans commenting are interested in praising him lyk he deserves, but let arsenal lose or draw nd Giroud wld be treated lyk a defender nd goalkeeper combined with insults.. Hypocrites maybe

      I will be thumbing down every comment without a word of praise for GIROUD
      Stop being bias fans on here.. Pls for once support Arsenal.. Always criticizing Giroud for everything..

      And admin why does my comments take forever to be posted cos i have been on here for a pretty long while.. plss tell me if its biasness ??

      1. BECAUSE Enae….
        You know you have been naughty in the past
        Tell me you will be sensible in the future and have changed from being abusive and I may take you out of moderation…..

  2. I saw the game with a friend (Manchester United fan). He wanted Arsenal to lose of course. When Giroudd scored the pk’, I literally screamed ‘Thursday Night Football”. The look on his face was priceless…

    Nice win boys. You made us proud. Aston Villa’, We’re coming…

    1. haha same.
      my cousin is a united fan an was watching with me, i kept asking him if…
      he was ‘free’ on thursday? haha

  3. I just watched a video on this boy Gabriel Jesus the media is linking us with on youtube.. the boy’s got blistering pace and mad skills,dribbles like Neymar and scores a lot..he can play LW, ST, AM, RW..i’ll say we should get him before it ends up like the real Neymar story when Top clubs will come for could check his video to see what am talking bout

    1. I saw that as well. It seems we are strongly linked with him. I hope we do buy him and loan him to see if he can cope with the english football style. He looks class

  4. I get a 9 for being critical of the team and Wenger, no doubt my criticism spurred them on.

    Your welcome Arsenal fans

    1. Just shows I am Arsenal’s biggest asset and I do it for free, what fan, what a supporter you all must be thinking.

      You can be this too guys, one day maybe, maybe not.

  5. Cech should be named Captain. Very lucky to have him around. Feel srry for naming Giroud a donkey for so long. We are very critical of him, but for the money we have bough hm he is surely over performing.

    I stand for what i say. This team is still not quit a clear title competitor. We need to buy bec its foolish to rely on fortune alone to risk something as winning the leauge or having a go in the cl.

      1. No. I was not impressed bec i was 100% of us beating them. Just got it wrong with Joel not being eable to score a goal for us.

      1. sorry ks, im stepping in here.
        wat are you smoking~???
        wenger to spend 60 mill in january!!

        *takes mini umbrella out of cocktail drink, sips the rest

          1. Nothing speaks against spending money for the sake of becoming better? Its not a sin for f sake.

            Lucas Moura is a genius, very very special. Wanyama would be a bench player at best at Arsenal, and i am not sure if he is willing to join us for that role alone.

            35mil is a steal.

            1. Have always rated Moura as a world class talent, incredible he rides the pine anwhere including PSG. If hes available write the freaking check in Paris!!

              I think Wanyama would challenge Coquelin for the DM spot and be eligible for Champions League football. Always rated him more than MS @ Southhampton, dude is a rock and Pires backing is all I need.

              Le Coq/Wanyama….Ramsey/Jack

              Pretty deep and talented squad.

    1. @ks-gunner
      Olivier is our “donkey.” Dude carries the heavy loads and takes a beating. Last night for instance, he got kneed in the back, twisted his ankle, got up and got on with humping the heavy load, scoring 3 goals in the process…And like the donkey, he’s unappreciated and overlooked for the stallions…

      1. Finishing was his problem, not his fighting desire. Lately he is very clinical, and that makes me happy.

        1. But doesn’t he always finish as our top goal scorer. Often his goal per minute played ratio is better than so many give him credit for. This is exactly what Ian Wright was saying last night.

          1. Stats are not the best way to judge a player. I am no fan of it. Star players for example often have bad stats, knowing that they often try to make the impossible possible.

            Do shoot more often, Long rage shoots, trick shoots, and so on.

            1. I wonder where are k ool and that other giroud professional basher now?
              First hat trick. Owned the field. Got us through the 16. Took all the beating and still too up.
              And arseblog gave him a 10 /10..I had never seen that rating there before.

  6. Campbell’s assist for Giroud’s second goal though.. keeps on replaying in my head…

    The ball control on recieving the long pass was Ozil-esque,
    The little dribble and footwork before the pass was Sanchez-esque..
    And the pass? Well.. Ozil-esque!!

    1. Since Campbell came into the side, Ozil has dropped deep into midfield thus enabling Campbell to assume some of Ozil’s role such as assisting etc. I think Campbell’s introduction into the side has improved Oil’s game immensely and vice versa.

      1. @tnarl
        I gotta say though, he was pizzn me off in the beginning, because of his lackluster displays and the drop of the shoulders when sh*t didn’t go his way.
        Now I’m ready to name my first born after him, seeing how he makes us tick like a Swiss watch…

      2. I liked the fact that Joel picked the ball out of the goal from Girouds headed first goal, it meant he was following in something a lot of our players don’t often do. I hope he keeps doing that.

  7. So glad we put together a performance we all know we the boys are capable of doing. PLEASE don’t let this go to waste though! Must buy a quality player or two in January for league and UCL. Another CM wouldn’t hurt since Santi is going to be out most the season, which leaves us with only Ramsey and Wilshere. Both aren’t that reliable when it comes to fitness. Maybe we can get by without another CDM since Coq comes back in February, but if somebody quality enough is available we need to get them. I don’t anticipate any good striker being free in January so I understand if we don’t get anyone upfront. But in the middle of the park, we need to some new additions. This should be the final years for Rosicky (who i love but cannot stay fit), Flamini and Arteta. Buy someone in Jan. and start grooming them now.

    Giroud MOTM yesterday though, but Campbell close, close 2nd. Top notch defensively and attack-wise. Shut down the threat on Bellerin’s wing after AW moved him with Theo. And that assist was Ozil-quality. SO HAPPY we are moving on, COYG! EPL or UCL this season, let’s set the bar high! Push this team to the limit!

  8. Ozill only 8 my god that man sees things other players don’t and it’s a 10/10 for me. We understand that he looks like he is doing nothing but he works very hard. AW needs to buy now ready to come in January because this lad won’t be part of a team that can’t win big. We need some cover for him because we can’t have him out at any cost. If we go 2 up tbis weekend then AW should lock up and take him off for some rest. Think the team need to go out and win in the first half

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