Arsenal player ratings from painful Palace loss – Martinez MOTM

It was pretty hard to pick a Man of the Match from the Arsenal side that lost heavily at Crystal Palace. In fact it has been hard to think straight after another poor performance and result plunged the Gunners back into real trouble and us fans into despair. For me the players in contention were Monreal, Elneny and Ozil but I gave it to Emiliano Martinez because none of the goals were his fault and he made some good saves to stop it being even worse, and as he is our 3rd choice in goal we don’t expect the same from him as we do the others.

Martinez 7 – Despite conceding three he is one Gunner who can hold his head up.

Bellerin 5 – Ineffectual and badly out of form Spaniard roasted by fans on night to forget.

Mustafi 4 – Headless chicken springs to mind.

Gabriel 4 – TV post match analysis exposed his weakness and timidity against Benteke. Not good enough.

Monreal 6 – Tried hard and played okay. Kept going.

Elneny 6 – No frills but was busy and competent for the most part and that is his job.

Xhaka 4 – I have had about enough of him now. A few decent long passes do not make a midfielder.

Ozil 6 – Looked as though he might have the key. Put in a shift. Frustration at the end told his story.

Walcott 5 – Also tried hard but once again it did not happen for him.

Alexis 6 – Was one of our better players but we know he can be so much better.

Welbeck 5 – Rusty as an old bed spring.

Ramsey 6 – Had a positive impact but the game was gone.

Giroud 6 – Put himself about but as above his introduction was too late.

Ox 5 – Even less time and couldn’t get anything going.



  1. The troll formerly known as Robin Vanpayslip says:

    According to the manager they all get 10/10 because he thinks the club is in great shape straight after a 10-2 Euro defeat and then a few days ago he told us the share price has rocketed since he joined.

    These guys aren’t here to play football so go easy on them. Wenger cares more about the share price and they sure do deliver on that front.

    1. BeastPanda says:

      The problem is the shares are not public and they are private which means they don’t affect anyone other than Stan and usmanov. Then he thinks because his earlier success increased the share price then Fans should be proud of it… He does not understand the fact that we as fans don’t give a damn about those numbers. we want some type of trophy to be happy with. deluded and ego driven dictator. #wengerout

    2. stubill says:

      Grow up you idiot.

  2. vish says:

    In the next 6 games we are going to lose 4 and draw 2. Let’s take a guess we will lose against which teams and draw against which.
    Wenger has destroyed this club.

  3. Ronny says:

    Martinez did well and his attitude was good as he’s not been playing with this shambles of a team for long. A few more matches surrounded by negativity and poor quality and he’ll find himself dropping without actually realising it.
    Surround yourself with sh*t, it’s likely you too become sh*t!

  4. SoOpa AeoN says:

    How do we even find cause to rate ourselves after a Lackadiasical showing?

    #Another Wasted Campaign#
    #Incompetent Team#
    #Oudated Manager#

  5. Javier says:

    Wenger is violating the Natural Law of Football

  6. Ronny says:

    Thank you Napoli for this week reminding me why I love football. Only problem is they made our team look even more dreadful.

    Next manager Piers Morgan lol..

  7. Elliot says:

    Everyone gets 1, wenger gets -5

  8. tweety says:

    martinez as i had said the other day, given more games he will be the no. 1 keeper. everyone let us down. true that that elneny and mont tried. i do not agree that you gave sanchez and ozil those mark, they deserve less. gooner = forever

  9. Twig says:

    I’ll like to see Mertesacker or Holding replace Mustafi for our remaining games, not that it’ll matter anyway
    Welbeck should be dropped or go back to the wings
    Alexis to be played in the number 10 role or up front
    Ramsey to see out the rest of the season on the bench

    1. John0611 says:

      Don’t know why you got the need down good points

      1. Twig says:

        Arsenal fans tend to be weird you know 😛

  10. Sifi says:

    Your post is spot on….thought monreal, özil played well considering, also elneney played to his ability. If choosing a mom then defo martinez. Alexis played in 2nd gear, he has given up(am not happy with the way he played last night) xhaka really disapoints me cannot turn on the ball when under presure….in fact most of our players are like that….what happened to the team i love that could pass ther way out of trouble, that could create wonderful goals, seems we have resorted to kp possesion only to send in shitty crosses…..we need players like cazorla and kante ……i blame kronke the stingy git….give ot even force wenger to buy players like matudi an isco to run our midfield, no matter the cost, and a top quality player up front….

  11. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger should just think about his players as the fans i am sure he doesnt care much about. Fans now knowing that they cant touch Wenger, as he is un touchable to any critisem now turn on players out of frustration. This frustration will catch on the players as they will soon start to look up for ways to leave as no fix seem to be at sight.

    Just bec of this reason alone Wenger should just f. off. For the sake of the players as the fans are stupid and dont matter whatsoever what they think and feel. What players think and feel like is a complete diff matter.

  12. Tatek Girma says:

    I think these players are working agaisnt Wengrer and the beloved club. However, Wenger didn’t realize this situation or not intersted to know it and continued to damage his legacy and the club’s status. He should leave soon or manage this issue immediately. He need to rest players those who are killing the club and use the loyal ones from the reserve team just like Martinez.

  13. ger burke says:

    some months ago, on this very fine site, i suggested that le prof-it had lost the dressing room. well, i was called all sorts of names , chaps roared at me , if looks could kill even . well now , where are those fine people who scoffed at me back then . would you care to come out of your shells and still tell me i am wrong .it is not wenger that is destroying our fantastic club,it is the blind wenger fans who continually turn up at the emirates for games, that are ruining our do nothing about this headless excuse of a manager is actually worse then what wenger has been doing for the past 10 years now .if people stand idly by and look at something that is very wrong , and decide to do nothing about it , then they are even more responsible for the demise of our club more so than the french clown .we get what we deserve at arsenal, that is a pure fact . rise up now all you season ticket loving arsenal fans , and do someting good for your club, save your club from this weakling manager.but you wont , because somebody else might take your seat , lol. how pathetic you lot are . dont come on here screaming and shouting about how bad the french disaster is , do something about it for once in your lives . the future of arsenal football club is firmly in your hands.

  14. James Simmonds says:

    I agree with everything you had to say about wenger even though I strongly disagree with you player ratings even though I would say Martinez was our best player on the night.

    How can you say Sanchez Walcott Ozil and Monreal were amoungst our best players is laughable. Walcott was bloody awful, he barely touched the ball for 70 minutes and when he did as usual made the wrong decision. The Ox was way way more of a threat when he came on.

    You have to stop looking at Sanchez with rose tinted glasses. He’s more the cause of the issues we have as much he can be the cure. Petulance greedyness on the ball loosing possession all too often and has become over predictable. 14 assist in over 45 games is a terrible return for a “so called” world class wide player. Sell him to man city for 50m and buy someone else, we don’t need this self indulgent negative attitude at the club.

    Again with Ozil, sell him for 50m. Get Cazorla fit Bring back Wilshere use Iwobi inside and sign a true winger. He has a good touch and wonderful passing ability but for Ozil the premiership is a step too far. Hes not strong enough not quick enough and like Sanchez tries the impossible to much and fails going missing in the important games.

    Monreal less said the better all I will say Zaha tore him a new one and turned him inside out. Too many players this season have done so, teams see him as a weakness and attack our left more often as a result.

    We need to get these players out of the club
    Ozil Sanchez Walcott Monreal Gabriel
    Need to be sold.

    Also you have to remember that Xaka and Mustafi are playing their first season in a competitive league. Without a winter break Mustafi looks tired and Xaka looks to still be coming to terms with pace and difficulty of the premiership this made ten times worse buy all the crap going on and a team in poor form. We all know it takes foreign players a season to settle in so save our judgement for next season.

    We need a shakeup all over looking how Chelsea have performed without Europe this year I think we need a season without it perhaps and concentrate on the league and cups to build up from the ground up

  15. Mustafi plays for the World Champion Germany he cannot be this bad….maybe playing under the deluded one has something to do with his horrid performance….the air is so toxic at ARSENAL that if you need to choose which player stays O will have to say NONE…I am Alexis biggest Fan but if he is going to play this Card of not showing to the Games and not giving a 100% then better go and good riddance, no matter the grudge he holds against Le Frog he is still an ARSENAL player and owes respect to the Fans

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