Arsenal player ratings from PSG draw – Coquelin MOTM

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans will disagree with my choice of Francis Coquelin as our Man of the Match from the away draw with PSG anmd most would probably give it to Ospina for keeping us in the game or Alexis Sanchez for hitting the leveller, but Coquelin for me deserves it. He did really well to stay disciplined after an early booking and still put himself about to stop Arsenal being overrun. And for long periods it was him making the runs into the box that should have come from Ozil, Cazorla, Iwobi and the Ox.

Ospina 8 – Fantastic display with just a couple of errors so not perfect.

Bellerin 7 – Worked his socks off and made some key blocks and interceptions. Not much going forward.

Mustafi 7 – Lost Cavani for goal but after that did well.

Koscielny 7 – Solid performance under huge pressure but also at fault for goal.

Monreal 6 – Torrid night against Aurier but needed more help from Iwobi.

Coquelin 8.5 – He was everywhere.

Cazorla 7 -= Struggled to get into game but improved as Arsenal came back.

Ox 6 – Some good stuff but mostly frustrating.

Ozil 7 – Quiet night but still came up with the killer ball.

Iwobi 6 – Poor display redeemed by his part in our goal.

Alexis 7.5 – Tried hard throughout but the centre forward role is not for him. Great goal.

Giroud, Xhaka, Elneny 6 – All did okay and Giroud was unlucky to see red.


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    1. Which errors is admin talking about which Ospina committed. Maybe I was watching a different game or say different games in different TV’s. Ospina won us the point according to me.

    2. I am baffled by admins ratings here. MOTM had to be Ospina with Alexis in 2nd. Despite being an ineffective center forward, Sanchez was doing his best to fight for every aerial ball against center backs on top of being our catalyst in attack. Though Coq does always fight for the ball, he was not his vicious self as he seemed tired and missed multiple tackles that were crucial to Cavani’s chances. But the main thing for me is he killed so many of our attacks! How many times did we find Coq at the top of the box or at the end-line leading our team into a black hole?!? He cannot shoot or cross or consistently combine with players in the attacking 3rd and it really hurt us. El Neny or Xhaka (did not play over the weekend) would have made much much more out of those positions.

    3. Coq? MOTM? Is the author of this post hight???

      Even without Ospina Coq was NOT MOTM.

      But it was not a close call. Ridiculous article.

  1. Are you kidding admin?
    This has to be a joke.
    Apart from Ospina no one deserves above a four.
    They were all playing like a pub team
    We were truly bad.
    Defoe would have scored 4 goals yesterday had he been in cavani shoes.
    The team is average at best

  2. you’re right most including myself would probably disagree with your choice of Coquelin being MOTM but as you said he did well after being booked. I would definately have said Ospina for keeping us in the game when really PSG should have burried us out of sight. Sanchez did well in taking his goal but was awful in the first half losing the ball 21 times (I read somewhere else) though it wasn’t he’s fault he was played out of position, even so it wasn’t a MOTM performance.

  3. I think wenger had to try the combo xhaka-coquelin or xhaka-elneny or coquelin-elneny when we face great opposition and play with one CAM.with cazorla at CM we are too exposed.

  4. You gave Ozil a 7, Jesus Christ, are you guys scared of Ozil? Ozil has been diabolical on the pitch in the last 2 games. He has been so bad its painful to watch.

    A world class player should be doing better than that. He is playing like a man with a transfer request? We would have slaughtered Girould or ramsey if they were so so bad.

    Ox and Iwobi should never start a champions league game together. What was Wenger even thinking? We spent £100 million in the transfer window and yet we played thesame team as last season.
    Granit Xhaka? I won’t evn talk about it.

    Cazorla and Ozil in thesame midfield? In a big game away from from home? Is not going to work? One of them needs to bench in a big games away from home. At the moment cazorla is more stable defensively.

    PSG opened our midfield with every pass. I wonder what barcelona would have done to us. 7 NIl?

    1. Ozil created our goal scoring chance tonight.

      That pass to iwobi which lead to Sanchez’s goal was pure class. I personally don’t mind him drift in and out of the game if he can come up with moment of brilliance here and there.

      1. So u are right with a ghost in the pitch while he put one good pass (it was not the amazing pass u all are talking about, the pass of alexis to iwobis chance, thats a good killer pass). The last teo games ozil even has mistake passes in the counter passing the ball too behind the target (sanchez yerterday, perez vs soton)…that is unacceptable for a player who his only imput is his pass…cazorla in the cam position give us shooting from outside and thats something we desperatly need…yersterday the coq was the only one who try from outside the box…like always we were trying to put the ball in the net with the player…wenger is responsable for that, because his “arsenal way” and ozil is too becausehe is allways looking for the pass…yesterday i would send off ozil and the ox in the min 30…puting alexis on the wing, cazorla cam, xhaka cmand giroud cf (we dont have more)

  5. Coquelin was amazing but Ospina wins my MOTM award.

    In as much as Ozil is one of my favourite players in the world, I don’t agree with his rating. He had a poor game, way below his standard. Yes, I appreciate his pass to iwobi before Sanchez scored but a 7 rating is too much. A 4 or 5 is about right for me..

    1. Sorry I disagree, how can 3 out of defenders get a 7 and Monreal get a 6 when clearly PSG had too many chances. Clearly defense was our most glaring weakness tonight and you rate Ozil the player who created our goal scoring chance lower than our back four.

      For the past 2 games our opponent have created far too many chances for my liking and if it was not for our 2 goal keepers we would have lost both games. I don’t know what is wrong with our defense, I actually aren’t even sure if the problem is indeed our back four. However I know that we need to sort out our defense quickly as luck wont go our way every time.

  6. I have to disagree
    Wenger was right in thinking about playing counter attack and players who can run in behind, so far this has been there weekness this season. They are excellent at set pieces def and attacking.
    Hence why wenger left out xhaka who would commit fouls and giroud who wouldn’t have been effective.

    In terms of team performance
    Sanchez,cazorla,mustafi, ospina played well
    Iwobi n monreal played ok
    Ozil,,ox,kosc average
    Coqulan,bellerin,xhaka,giroud,elneny piss poor

    1. For a christ sake what counter attacks you are talking about???
      We are so bad in that segment of the game for the last 5 years at least!!!
      Its stupid to even try playin on counter attacks when your team suxx in it!

    2. Left out Xhaka who would commit fouls, heheheh soooo funny mate.. If you need cards just pick le Coq, he doesn’t disappoint in that sector, always getting a yellow then settle down and play normal football so he won’t receive a red..

  7. Ofcourse I disagree with your MOTM pick Bob.His runs into the box was pointless!!!Why???-Because he can’t pass – short passes 2-3…he’s bad with headers,he can’t hit the target cause he can’t shoot – That’s why – pointless efford.
    Now about ox you say…”some good stuff” – what exactly?
    As for MOTM?…well if its about who was the busiest player – then Ospina MOTM.
    If it’s about the result this 1 fair point we got- its good away point bla bla bla then Wenger MOTM. – Clueless tactics,stupid team selection and pointless standing by the outline to get 1 point with psychologicaly ruined,with no desire to play at all team against S***** team like PSG? – No one can do that – just him.

  8. how you rate this game admin is beyond me.
    the only players deserving a five and above are bellerin,coquelin, mustafi and sanchez. bar ospina whom i think is 9.5.
    how you rate koscielny 7 is a joke the better of the 2 defender was clearly mustafi..koscielny made so many mistake . he was busy trying to cover for monreal and i think iwobi should be spanked for his display wtf was that. he never tracked back to help monreal. you could see the moment alexis switched back to left wing monreal played better. i dont know why wenger is keeping fate in ox honestly he should have sold that impostor. what a crap he is turning out to be at this rate i prefer ramsey play there than ox. wenger should use xhaka and cazorla because our best game of the season has been played when they played together..
    our squad is ok but to get the tactics and selection right is the problem that is why i think we should change a new manager.

  9. I disagree with allot of those ratings. I thought our entire midfield was poor defensively. I thought Ozil was one of the ones whom was especially poor. I thought Kos had a really poor game, Mustafi was slightly better but not by much. I thought Ospina was both poor and excellent, he caused a few of the problems but redeemed himself. I thought Alexis as a striker was poor but no service or help, but as a winger I thought Alexis was up for it. There was no leadership out there. It was one of the most disjointed performances I’ve seen in quite a long time. PSG like us last season were made to pay by not putting the game away. That wont happen in this competition too often. I think allot of it was down to a new partnership in defence, a different GK didn’t help, no communication. Not sure what the midfielders were thinking. Very disjointed in regards to both defending and getting up alongside Alexis.

  10. Coquelin probably not MOTM, but he has probably been our best player so far this season. He’s even benching Xhaka 🙂

    1. Yes like Sanchez benching Giroud and Perez at the same time, and the Ox forcing Sanchez to play as a striker coz he is better than him in the wings.. your logic

  11. I must have been watching a different game last night, because for me, none of our guys deserved MOTM award. For most of the night we were second best, and the only word I can use to describe the performance is “lethargic”. 9 times out of 10 game like this ends in 5-0 victory for PSG. We were extremely lucky to get away with a point, and if anyone can claim a stake for MOTM it’s Cavani. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m sending him a Xmas card. Now, about Coquelin and Ospina. The way I see it none of them actually deserved to be in the starting lineup. The first one is a hard working player, but totally undisciplined. Every game that he starts I’m waiting for him to pick up a red card. As for our “savior”, Ospina – well, once again, he should be thanking Cavani, Di Maria, and a couple of other PSG players for not taking their chances. He was also extremely lucky not to concede the penalty, and at one point the save that he made was caused but a very poor pass that he made just seconds ago himself. You can argue all you want, but that’s the way I see it. If Wenger decides to continue his stupid experiments, PSG will beat us 4-0 at the Emirates. Don’t say then that I didn’t warn you.

    1. Vlad, you are misunderstanding the article it says “Francis Coquelin as our Man of the Match”, the key word being ” our” as in arsenal. The whole article is about arsenal players. As for PSG players not taking their chances, that is outside ospina’s control and does not alter the fact that it was ospinas excellent goalkeeping which kept PSG from scoring more goals and winning the match.

      1. That’s exactly what I meant… Cavani was OUR man of the match. If he actually played for PSG, he would’ve scored 4 goals yesterday, not one.

        Don’t be so serious next time, and try to see a little humor and sarcasm in people’s posts.

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