Arsenal player ratings from Red Star draw – Macey MOTM

There was not too much for Arsenal fans to cheer about last night, apart from the fact the draw at home to Red Star Belgrade did turn out to enough to put us into the next round due to Cologne beating BATE. The other big positive came from the performance of young Matt Macey in goal, who right from the off looked calm and composed and went on to make at least one top class save that suggests he has a very bright future indeed.

Macey 8 – Seems to have all the attributes to become a top stopper.

Debuchy 6 – Put himself about and continues to show he is not washed up just yet.

Elneny 6 – Showed his class on the ball as well as his defensive failings.

Holding 5 – Still struggling to find form of last season.

Nelson 6 – Struggled defensively and showed some flashes of his talent.

Coquelin 6 – Great as a holding player but not so clever going forward. That awful shot though?!?

Willock 5 – Worked hard with little impact. A few good moments.

Maitland-Niles 7 – Looks better all the time. Strong defending and a threat going forward.

Wilshere 6 – Mixed bag of brilliant touches and rustiness.

Walcott 5 – Really needs to step up or be shipped out.

Giroud 7 – Worked hard and caused problems.

Nketiah 6 – Looked lively but could not find same spark as his last game.



  1. miker says:

    Really? Way way too generous.

  2. Tom selleck says:

    Walcott gets a 9 …mm to the head
    10 years of this joke

    Any seen what 140K looks like in cash ?…. me neither
    But of I opened the box and Theo popped out …I’d punch him back in

    1. Juhi McLovin says:

      HE DOESN’T EARN 140 k week!!!!!!!!!!!!

      He is earning 110 k a week (too much yes, but NOT 140!).

      Source: every search by Google

      1. Tom selleck says:

        He ain’t worth 30K

        Source : deez nuts

      2. jon fox says:

        Juhi, You are also wrong. He does not earn £110,000 per week, He is paid it but in no way does he EARN it. That this uninterested, feeble man has been coining a huge salary for twelve wasted years is a major club scandal. Only with Wenger, among top name managers – note I wrote “top name”, not “top”- would this disgusting theft of the club’s money be authorised.

  3. Vijay says:

    Wow coq gets a better rating than willock?

  4. Arsene can't run out of bars says:

    For all the fancy training methods Arsene uses, has he considered teaching Walcott the rules of football, e.g. You have to pass to a person wearing the same colour shirt as you and not always to the players wearing a different colour shirt?

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Might add instruction on the “off side” rule and how to time his runs off the last defender!

  5. gotanidea says:

    Macey and Martinez could create a good competition. The ratings are too harsh for the defenders, I think they were okay and tried hard to build the attack from the back.

    Arsenal definitely need better and smarter right wingback than Bellerin, Nelson, Chambers and Debuchy. But the left wingback position is good enough with Kolasinac and Niles.

    The front three really lacked the creativity and skills. And Giroud’s rating is too generous, he did not cause big problems in the opponents’ defense area.

    1. Atid says:

      Chambers and Debuchy wing backs? When did that ever happen?
      Wenger has clearly stated he sees both as centre backs in this formation. If we want better right wing backs then we should use Niles or coquelin on that side. If we need cover for kolasinac then coquelin can play that side, da silva is decent there or recall Bramall.
      However for Man City.i would change our formation to 4321.
      Bellerin koscielny Monreal kolasinac
      Wilshire xhaka ramsey
      Ozil alexis

      This in my view gives us better pace in the back 4 to cope with the threats jesus, aguero and de Bruyne. It puts our current best x1 on the pitch.
      Macey Mertesacker coquelin elneny iwobi giroud Nelson or nketiah

  6. Turbo says:

    Giroud 5, Walcott 3 – Giroud was working hard, but oh my some frustrating flubbed chances. Walcott – Wow, talk about pissing it down your leg. Will be hard for him to make a case for getting significant minutes on such a performance.

    Agree with Macey – good stuff, looking really promising so far.

  7. ramterta says:

    why have you tripled giroud Walcott and cow’s ratings?

  8. jon fox says:

    Almost all Gooners are now fed up to the teeth with Walcot and want him gone, clearly judging by the many anti – Walcott comments on this thread and on other Arsenal sites. I sincerely want no credit this but I , and I cannot be alone, saw way back over a decade ago that this feeble physical and feeble mentally uninterested man would NEVER, repeat NEVER, make the grade. It was plain right from the start that his only asset was speed, that he had no football brain whatsoever and most damningly of all, he had a faint heart towards being hurt or in the thick of the action. He has over the years developed a decent, (note decent, not GOOD,) shot when not under physical threat near goal (which is rare in our Prem league, for obvious reasons that teams fight and care) He still has little dribbling ability and virtually always hits the first defender on his crosses. But even after twelve,disgacefully inept and uninterested years at Arsenal, thanks entirely to Wenger, this man remains feeble in mind and body, hides and gets lost in the game consistently and yet, AND YET, still robs our club – and in effect OUR pockets – of over five million pounds each wasted and scandalous year he is allowed to stagnate and hide. Now, I , being a believer in stating the plain truth and a fan for 60 years , believe in calling a spade a spade. In other words, the truth, the plain truth and nothing but the truth. Will the many, many others who cannot stand Walcott staying any longer , PLEASE JOIN ME in writing in these forceful terms, so we can force this weed out from our club and also the man , Wenger, who continues to indulge him? Ask yourself would ANY of our rival teams managers have sanctioned this farce for so many years? We all know the straight answer is NO WAY! If you dislike this comment, then you dislike the truth, clearly.

  9. Godswill says:

    I had said that the match was to check on Macey with many below par players on pitch.
    He did well.

  10. GB says:

    Niles is a far better DM than Coquelin.
    Willock deserved s higher rating than Coq too.
    The reason the back three were caught out so many times is because there were no proper wingbacks to help them when needed. Nelson and Niles are not wingbacks. Good going forward but often caught upfield. I thought Giroud was worse than Wally last night.
    Mind you, basically the whole team stank the place out. Worst performance I have seen for ages. One great save from Macey and also one huge fcuk up too but at least he can catch crosses unlike Cech and Ospina.

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