Arsenal player ratings from Spurs draw – Ospina MOTM

Arsenal fans were understandably worried when we heard that the vastly experienced and talented keeper Petr Cech was ruled out for the next few weeks with a calf injury. But thanks to our second choice stopper David Ospina those fears were eased yesterday as the Colombian produced a fine display to stop Tottenham from winning the north London derby and opening up an ominous gap on us in the Premier League table.

Ospina 8 – Great saves in a calm and commanding display. Nothing he could do on their goals.

Bellerin 6.5 – Pretty good all round and an assist for Ramsey’s opener.

Mertesacker 5.5 – Lack of pace exposed a few times, most notably before Kane’s goal.

Gabriel 6.5 – Late scare with a sliced clearance but solid and impressive in general.

Gibbs 6 – Did well under pressure on this rare EPL start.

Coquelin 4.5 – Was playing well until the two stupid bookings. Costly and he must learn from this.

Elneny 7 – Another good display from the new midfielder. Crisp and accurate passing and great energy.

Ramsey 7 – Super finish but his all round game was below par once more.

Ozil – A bit of an anonymous game from the German, especially one we were a man down.

Alexis 7 – Really needed that goal and will hopefully now go on a goal spree.

Welbeck 7.5 – Very good stuff from the fit again striker in his favoured central role. Giroud should be worried.

Giroud, Flamini and Campbell 6 – Decent cameos from the trio.

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    1. Seriously what game were they watching Mert gabriel were excellent. Bellerin started out slow then ended up with 2 assists, before they yellow Coq was solid.

  1. I was really impressed by how well Elneny held his own in a heated game. Didn’t deserve getting subbed but it was for obvious tactical reasons so made sense, but he was performing better than most of his teammates. He looke very comfortable on the ball and contained a fired up Dembele pretty well and most of all he has this touch of making-it-look-effortless on his game that I really like!

    If this guy can bulk up well I’m very confident he will show great things for us in the future!

      1. heh heh

        only downside to his game is that he gets muscled off the ball sometimes, which is understandable when coming from a less physical league

  2. That being said Ospina was absolutely class and it was nice to see that we had the game saving goalkeeper for once, instead of witnessing Forster and Krul turning into manuel Neuer for a day.
    He’s had a lot of stick last year but he proved himself big time, he was realiable when called upon and how good was that save with the bollocks on the goal line? Great display hope he keeps it up!

    1. Ospina last season was awesome, look up the stats on squawka per 90 minutes played in PL. For every two goals ospina conceded, de gea, hart and courtoise let in three. All other stats were exceptinal as well.

  3. Once again Giroud looked so much more hungrier coming on from the bench. Welbeck did really well too. Very composed in the first goal, giving that assist to Bellerin cross the box.

    Elneny, Gibbs and Ospina had fantastic games bearing in mind it was their first start. I would use Gibbs more. He’s not horrible, more than decent LB back up for us.

    ————— Ospina
    Bellerin – BFG – Gabriel – Gibbs
    ———- Chambers – Elneny
    Walcott —- Iwobi—- Campbell
    ————— Giroud

    Do you think this is enough to win Hull? It’s a must win.

  4. I really don’t understand the criteria for the ratings. Bellerin actually made two assists yesterday, did you even watch the game? Setting up both goals deserves a higher rating than a 6.5. Gabriel gets a 6.5 but Gibbs gets a 6? What did Gabriel do better than Gibbs yesterday? If anything Gabriel looked shaky and not comfortable. I just understand how the ratings get put together…

  5. The only positives
    1. Overall better fighting spirit
    2. Alexis finally scored
    3. Welbeck seems more reliable than Theo and Giroud at the moment
    4. Eleney is making consistent good performances
    5. Ospina is very reliable if called up
    6. Drawing at White Fart Lane is generally a decent result if not good for our title hopes.
    1. 8 points behind Leicester
    2. 3 points behind Spuds
    3. Coquelin red card
    4. Défense was average
    5. Other than the goal Ramsey was poor. Our best CM trio is Coquelin/Cazorla/Ozil. I miss Santi a lot

    But let’s pray that we go on a 9 PL match winning streak after we hopefully win our FA Cup match

  6. BFG 5.5???????? admin hello??? i know he’s slow and all that but you know how many counter attacking asses he stopped? ..saved our asses a few times. he was the one who even started the build up to our second goal after intercepting the ball.
    and how did Ramsey got a 7?? because of his goal?? apart from the goal what other thing did he do rather than give away balls and waste balls with his fluke shot taking and trying to show class. A simple pass Ramsey should give,he will have to turn around three times before releasing the ball….I’d give him a six and BFG a seven. you guys should watch the replay, his only mistake was the Kane goal

  7. A slightly different take on yesterday’s performances :

    Ospina : Excellent….no chance with either goal
    Bellerin:…better going forward yesterday than defending, but where was the cover for Spurs left back continually marauding forward?
    Mert: Competent, but at fault for 2nd goal
    Gabriel: Bit more composed than of late, despite the frantic pace of the game.
    Gibbs: Did pretty well
    Coq: Stupid rush of blood, but generally did ok.
    Ellneny: Impressive after slow start when everything was bypassing him.
    Ramsey: Does many good things but still lacks discipline. Often nowhere to be seen when he should have been giving Bellerin more support.
    Ozil: A trifle anonymous yesterday
    Sanchez: Much improved yesterday than of late. Was much less predictable.
    Welbeck: Led the line well. Has skill and pace.

    1. Mertesacker was not at fault for the goal. Gibbs played Ali on side, if he was in line Ali would have been offside, therefore no goal. After that, Kane’s goal was one of those rare strikes. So no blame on Mertesacker for me.

      1. Not subbing le Coq and therefore enabling us to go down to 10 men. Yes Coq should have not made the tackle but If he invisioned that in the heat of a NLD , a second yellow could come considering his role then it could have been avoided.

        1. No I’m not having that. If Coq got taken off and we drew or lost this game you would be one of the first to tear strips. Coq coming off and Flam coming on all of a sudden sounds good to you? I have no problem people calling AW on his errors sure I do it myself, but he surely must make enough of them without people twisting, you would think with the amount of flack he gets that would be the case?

          1. Mystic Trevor. Like it or not that is m opinion.

            If flam is the only option then whose fault exactly is it? Isis?

  8. Overall the team played well, we need to cut some slack to BFG cuz he stopped quite a few advances from the SPUDS and frankly Gabriel looked pretty unreliable at times….unfortunately our striker problem persists we are looking to Welbeck as our savior, just because the other options are pathetic, but other than the hard work and running he did not score, same as Lamp Post nobody says Donkey Giroud does not give his best he does, BUT he does not score and that is what we need a Striker that scores….let’s give Welbeck few more games and see hope he will be the answer to our prayers and not just another near miss

  9. Danny played well but his main threat is running behind. When OG came on he won 5 straight aerials for 5 extra possessions. Too bad we can’t have him play on the right instead of Ramsey because even though he scored yesterday (that was one of the best flicks I have ever seen) his position is not there. No width. No crossing.

  10. Thought I’d just mention, was anyone else shaking their head at some of the things said about Gab after his poor performances. Not that he wasn’t poor. I have been reading for months, even longer, how Arsene is this that and the other for not going with Gab. Then all of a sudden Arsene gets attacked along with Gab being destroyed after Arsene goes and does what they were all asking for, some people ay. Upset and angry is one thing but to go back on everything you called for is just poor. I did read some people say that It was the right call and just unfortunate for Gab and reason is maybe because he hasn’t been playing regularly. That’s more like it.

  11. Where’s Ozil’s rating?

    With regards Ramsey, I feel the only reason he plays is his tendency to score the odd goal or two. IMO, he’s really quite average if we judge him by his general play. Don’t know where these Barcelona rumors are coming from, Lol.

    1. Actually if you were going on goals per minute played Joel’s is far higher than Rambo’s.

  12. You half to look at it this way for the last 10 years the same thing happens we fall apart at sum stage of the season though compared to 5 years ago the squad its almost completely different but the same problems. So it can’t be the players fault the only thing that has not changed is the manager?

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