Arsenal player ratings from Stoke – Cech MOTM

You cannot really argue with the TV pundits’ picking of the Arsenal keeper Petr Cech as the man of the match from our no score draw away to Stoke City. After all, the Gunners would have got nothing from the game if it wasn’t for him, but there were also some good performances from the likes of Campbell, Bellerin and Chamberlain and an impressive showing from the bench by Alex Iwobi.

Cech 9 – Top stuff from the veteran. Exactly why Wenger signed him in the summer.

Bellerin 7.5 – Good all round game and got better as the game went on and legs got tired.

Mertesacker 6 – A few mistakes and some good defending.

Koscielny 7 – Assured and aggressive and brings the ball out well from the back.

Monreal 7 – Solid but nothing spectacular from the Spaniard.

Flamini 7 – Good energy and discipline.

Ramsey 6.5 – Better in second half, maybe the jeering affected him.

Campbell 7.5 – Great work rate and some moments of real class.

Chamberlain 7.5 – Hard to fill Ozil’s boots but did well in his own way.

Walcott 6.5 – Some good moments but not enough. Struggled to impose himself.

Giroud 7 – Generally quiet but could have won it for us if not for the excellent Butland.

Iwobi 7 – Looked really sharp and effective.

Chambers – Not enough time to judge.

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  1. ramsey flamini and ox get a 4 for me.
    Get stones barkley from everton and adding the ox and chambers to the deal.
    If barcelona really want ramsey for 60 mil.
    Give him to them and run for isco.
    Dont be shocked if manure or leicester actually win the league and we finish behind tottenham.
    Ill wait till april so that i can tell whether we can win the league.
    Have a bad feeling about 2016

    1. ramsey has a greater likelihood of going to barnsley..bit hard on flamini ..he cant dominate but has cut down on mistakes..anyway the sooner elneny is integrated the better and gabriel needs to start…ox should be farmed out on loan, walcott sold to whoever will take him …should have gone a year ago at an inflated price wont get much for him now as people have seen through the hype other than wenger…and a quality attacking option brought in asap which is difficult but not impossible…

      1. just hope that those poor analysts who keep blaming Ramsey for our defensive fragilities keep their mouth shut, Ramsey is the best goalscoring midfielder we have in this team and when you try to limit him, we may suffer the consequences. yesterday he wasn’t taking up the position in the box as usual and we didnt threaten to score. when u have sanchez, ozil out and walcott and Giroud missing in the match, we got no goalscorer in the team anymore. we always look poor defensively when flamini has a poor game not because of Ramsey, Flamini played well yesterday and no one blamed Ramsey. if u go back to the Liverpool game, the positions Flamini placed himself was deep inside the box and he gives away too much space for a DM that was why we were so open, we need Ramsey scoring more than defending. And for Per Mertersacker am just irked when he goes for corners because i rarely see him get his head on the ball even defensively, u check the statistics, he isn’t in the top five of defensive headers won. we need Gabriel to start playing more. However it was a good one point won yesterday. city, utd and chelsea lost there and considering our attacking trio (Sanchez, Ozil and cazorla) out, wasn’t bad enough.
        Cheers! COYG!

        1. Finally someone with logic and common sense, these guys keep deluding themselves into believing Ramsey is a DM when he clearly isn’t. He’s an ATTACKER, and when you place him with Flamini you LIMIT his ability. Watch the games Cazorla played alongside Flamini and you will notice the exact SAME weakness we’re currently witnessing. Flamini is the weak link NOT Ramsey. Without Ramsey we would have definitely lost the Liverpool game, he got an assist and a goal yet somehow he still gets blamed smh, I’m so tired with the unnecessary hate this guy gets, no other midfielder can consistently place themselves in goal scoring positions like our Welsh man does, even Gerard and Lampard regard him as one of the best midfielders in England… And if he was so bad then Barca scouts wouldn’t be watching him for the last 6 months.

  2. we need to buy.
    Get granit xhaka gundogan stones/rugani and vardy in the summer.
    We have no time to develop youngsters.
    If a youngster is not ready send him out on loan or sell him already

  3. Yesterday match for me was a fair result we weren’t good but not terrible. OX can not play in the middle his passing is very weak if we had someone better I think we would have created more chances. Ramsey leaves his position to much without rotating with someone else. Tbh I do not no why we did not gibe Eleney a run around I think he would have made a difference.

    I am just waiting for our players to come back got a few to come back within 2 weeks. We just need not to fall behind in the mean time

  4. I have a very strong belief
    Arsenal will win the title.
    We don’t need more players.
    We have Sanchez almost back
    Coquelin and Wellbeck running again.
    Cazorla to come back.
    Walcott and Ox will come right.
    We have Elneny to come in.
    Arsenal will win the EPL this season.

  5. Alot of people are looking at our last two result as 4 points lost. Im looking at 2 points added.
    Do not get me wrong I would have loved to have won 1 if not both matches but lets look at the teams we faced.

    1. Liverpool- We where away..conceded quick but we fought back twice from behind..arsenal of old would have crumbled and got slaughtered we didn’t. Liverpool are lookign strong week in week out and yesterday where unlucky not to beat United.

    2. Stock- We where away AGAIN!!..we haven’t beat stock in the last 5 years (maybe mistaken) Butland made some amazing did Cech..Stoke at home is like facing a fighting version of Barca..we drew.. so many teams have gone to stoke and lost including City and United this season.

    both matches we could have lost and both matches are tough fixture, we are missed our main creative player and a few other real game changers yet we are still in the fold.. We as supporters needs to see these results like i said before the arsenal of old would have lost both matches.


    1. But-but… according to haters Ramsey is to blame for not gaining 3 points, even though we kept a clean sheets and our forwards were wasteful…

  6. What game was you watching! The ox was awful, he gave the ball away more times then that with miss timed passing
    Cech proving again what a top keeper he is!

  7. Cech has already saved 10 – 12 points,cant ask for more but am very much impressed by Campbell and I see him going to another level next season if he is not plagued with injuries.

    Iwobi… big thing,trust me.

  8. Many ratings are too high. Kos had a bad game with some bad passes and shocking give aways. Flamini deserves a 5.5 and should have been subbed off. Ox dribbled well but passed poorly and stood still when he didn’t have the ball. Iwobi is more effective in the middle than Ox.

  9. Ox isnt having the best of time maybe a we trip to the u21s for a few games maybe best for him if we are not going to loan him out! He needs game time week in week in a team where he can make mistakes and learn from them as he progresses but he has always been in at the deep end with Arsenal and has quite a few personal insecurities about himself, his dad and wenger both questions his confidence in himself. Feel for him but only he can sort this. I like the ox alot but we are challenging for the title and he isnt cutting it atm.

    Walcott isnt playing to great either doesnt look his usual self or committed to the teams cause, just personal accolades the way it looks, same could be said for Ramsey but he puts in a shift every game just a work horse! Ramsey needs to learn discipline and the other 2 need to get some confidence from somewhere, maybe theo is a ST now cause the wings isnt doing it for him!

    Iwobi now thats one maybe to get on the pitch more often looked really confident and assured on the ball. Watch him in midfield for the u21s he pretty good passer of the ball. Adelide next up hopefully, anyone see his goal vs swansea, boy has bags of talent and just turned 18. Going to be a real big player for us in the future. Malen too his goals have been great also, these 3 will be in the squad for next season!

  10. does Chamberlain really played last night? i dun think so…i think Chambers got 7.5 and Ox doesnt have enough time to judge…hahahhaa…if u know what i meant

  11. Wasn’t the greatest performance yesterday from the team but we could have won, defended quite well but the teams passing wasn’t as clean as we are use to! I thought Ox played ok, passing was poor but so was the teams! Atleast he is starting to show some hunger again – hopefully a sign of his confidence coming back?

    Liverpool and Stoke back to back are two tough games regardless of form and we played both teams away without losing, could have won both AND missing our best outfield players. Still top of the league as well COYG onwards and upwards.

  12. i dont know if you watch the same game, but yours ratings is really bad!!
    ox 7,5? walcott, ramsey 6,5?? i will give them max 5!!! they were terible all!!!!
    ox is banch player….

  13. as per usual appalling ratings, Cech yes Motm thats clear, behind him come campbell & Flamini(only one in midfield who actually got stuck in) I’m baffled against the constant biased against Mertasacker and favouritism towards Koscielny, koscielny by far was the worst defender not just yesterday but at least for the last few games yet it gets overlooked and if Mertasacker does even the slightest of mistakes its pounced upon.

    OX & Theo 2 of the most clueless footballers iv even seen play football and i say that without a hint of sarcasm, both have had ample time at the club to develop and now deliver rather its 1 good game in say 10. It was so clear yesterday that not only Theo but Ox also should have been flung off and throw the new boy on with ramsey(who played poor aswell) pushed further forward. Mind you Ramsey thinks hes a striker anyway and always neglects his defensive duties one of the main reasons flamini gets exposed but campbell has been astounding in that respect always tracking back and even do extra defensive duties.

    An out of form bojan, No shaqiri & it was clear yesterday a quite tired Arnautovic, the game was defo winnable but we just about hung on for a point.


  14. flamini was one of best best players he did a number on bojan stoke,s playmaker !to put into perspective it would be like someone trying to mark ozil for 90mns(well not quite but you know what i mean)the effect he has on stoke,s play cannot be underestimated!!

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