Arsenal player ratings from Sunderland win – Cech MOTM

I was very, very close to giving the Arsenal and Germany play maker Mesut Ozil yet another Man of the Match, because he was brilliant again and got the ball rolling with a sublime pass for Joel Campbell to score the opening goal. He was also involved in just about every decent attacking move the Gunners made but I decided to give it to Petr Cech, not just for his saves but for the way he kept calm and settled the frayed nerves of those around him.

Cech 9 – Flawless game and a beacon of composure and experience.

Bellerin 6 – Struggled again and could have conceded a penalty.

Mertesacker 6 – Should have been doing what Cech did but lost his head a bit.

Koscielny 7 – Apart from the foul for their goal he was pretty good.

Monreal 8 – Very impressive at both ends from the Spaniard.

Flamini 7.5 – Stuck to his task well and the fact we are not missing Coquelin too much says it all.

Ramsey 8 – A bit rusty as expected but never stopped and was a constant threat. Well deserved goal will hopefully lead to more.

Campbell 7.5 – Took the goal well and looks a lot more at place in the side.

Ozil 9 – What a star. He really has gone to a new level with the added desire.

Chamberlain 6 – Very rusty but showed flashes of what he can do.

Giroud 7 – Unlucky with the own goal but showed great character and played well. Great goal.

Walcott 7 – Looked sharp which is great news while we are without Alexis Sanchez.

Gibbs 6 – Did alright and is unlucky to be up against Monreal for a place.

Chambers 6 – Desperate to impress and maybe needs to be more disciplined but did okay.

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  1. I’m glad Ozil is having a great season. Pundits are now quiet and no more thrash talk against Ozil. First name that comes to mind is ‘Michael Owen’. He doesn’t speak much anymore about Ozil.

    Tottenham ‘Eriksen’ says He looks up to Ozil and do watch him on TV during his Madrid days (He was @ Ajax then). Now, he says He is glad he is playing in the same league as Ozil and says Ozil is soooo good…

    Cech will save us more than 15points from all indications.

    Let’s be focused and scale through against Olympiakos. Arsenal All The Way!

    1. Ozil and Cech are two of our most experience players we have available n I hope they can lead the team through this injury crisis we currently face

  2. Ramsey a 6 at best, constant losing of the ball, stray passes, holding onto the ball for too long, greedy thinks he ronaldo at times shooting from anywhere. The lad needs to just stick to wat he’s best at run around like a headless chicken for 90 mins and be a nuisance being dropped is out of the equation due to him being one of Wengers favourites.

    Ozil n Cech without them we are screwed it’s as simple as that.

    1. Ramsey had most touches played most passes and had the highest passing accuracy of all players out there. You really need to get over your early ideas of Ramsey by judging him fair and square in line with everybody else. If Ozil or Alexis or anyone for that matter had of scored also assisted they would get nothing but praise, but because you don’t like being proved wrong you wont allow yourself to see it.

      You may notice a Ramsey lack pass a little more so down to the fact he never hides and is always calling for the ball, Ramsey has quality to go with his courage.

  3. Giroud Scores, Ramsey assists and scores yet sum idiots wana still blame dem ??? God
    Ozil didn’t even hve an assist yet we licking his butt .. Ofcos Ozil is great now and he did well yesterday lyk all de other players who didn’t score or assist..
    Koscienly causes a goal yet he gets better ratings than mertersacker .. WTF such bias hurts my head.. Just support Arsenal (which is the team) for once in your lives ….

    1. Errrr. Ozil sent the pass to Campbell when he scored the first. If you watched the game you would have known it was perfect

  4. Flamini 7.5?…..what game did this writer saw? And saying we are not missing Coquelin shows just how wrong this article is….we made Sunderland look like Barcelona and if not for Cech we could easily have lost the game…Flamini just good not do the job of screening our defence and if you fail to see that reality yesterday then you know eff all about football…his leg were gone, his positioning was almost always wrong, he utterly failed to break up their attack…..yea, he showed a lot of heart but that was just about it…..i will score him 4 and am been generous

  5. Koscielny i thought was actually poor yesterday..when Borini was through on goal in the 3rd minute,Koscielny did not even try to run back,he just gave up..Same thing after few minutes when Mertesacker tackled Borini..Also gave away a needless free kick and picked up a yellow card.Sunderland equalised from the resulting free kick..Koscielny 6,Mertesacker 7.

  6. You take meaning out of ratings, with ratings like these.

    Cech 9 –
    Bellerin 6 –
    Mertesacker 6 –
    Koscielny 7 –
    Monreal 7.5 –
    Flamini 6 –
    Ramsey 7 –
    Campbell 6.5 –
    Ozil 8 –
    Chamberlain 5 –
    Giroud 6 –

    Walcott 5.5–
    Gibbs ? –
    Chambers ? –

    this is how you do it.

  7. Flamini done a good job ha yeah alright then, spent most of his time at the other end of the pitch leaving the back four exposed, how many times did subderland get in behind on the counter! I still feel that mertsacker needs to be replaced by a proper leader, he also always gets caught out of position but nevertheless it was a good win with the 3points to put us upto second COYG

    1. This situation is a bit frightening. Sometimes Flamini is in the rear doing his job and sometimes he is forward hoping to become part of the goal-scoring story. He needs to focus on the “D” in DM.

      That said, it is not always easy to know if these defensive lapses are his fault directly or if he is just complying with Wenger’s tactical desires??

  8. The overall performance wasn’t that good. Bar Ozil, Koscielny, Cech and Ramsey noone played like a 7 or higher in my opinion. One thing is clear: Sunderland are a very poor team, we seemed nervous which made them look better than they actually are. Ugly wins are the most important ones however and it’s a welcome boost for Olympiakos.

    1. Funny how people see things differently:

      One site rated Monreal very poorly for “defensive lapses” – for failing to get back for some of the Sunderland counter-attacks.

      Of course this ASSUMES that this all was Monreal’s failing rather than a result of Wenger’s attacking tactics. Did Monreal “fail” to get back. Or does Wenger’s tactical plan require other players to cover for Monreal when he is forward??

      Monreal looked good going forward and was a key architect of the 2nd goal. His attacking play is outstanding lately.

      1. Didn’t think Monreal was that bad, was indeed involved massively in the goals but did nothing special. Maybe my ratings are a bit low, I had Monreal on 6.5 because imo a 7 or higher is for special performances only and it wasn’t that special, but decent nonetheless

        1. I though Monreal was a little more nervy than his usual self, but for me he has become an outstanding memner of the team. To be fair, the whole team played like they they thought so, ething was goong to go wrong.

  9. As much as I hate the fact that Wenger didn’t sign a single outfield player for our first team, I have to give credit where credit is due. Cech has been a vital player for us. John Terry was correct when he said Cech is worth at least 10-12 points

    Ozil has been amazing too

    For this match I would award MOTM to both Cech and Ozil

  10. OT

    giroud shud b our captain makes mistakes n cover up like e mental strength beside he doesnt spend much time in treatment room or ozil atleast

  11. If Ozil played half as good as Shaqiri or Mahrez played at the weekend, I’m sure gooners will say he’s the greatest #10 of all time, LoL. I still expect more dominant displays from our wizard 😉

  12. Motm for me was Cech. Had any of these Sunderland’s chances been converted into goal we would be definitely talking now about a different result. Özil was good enough, although I think he got tired a bit at the end and misplaced some passes overall. OX was absolutely useless in both flanks, while Campell was magnificent. We need to convert more of the chances we create and be more concentrated in the third half. Flamini, Monreal and Ramsey did for me a good job and we can’t blame Koscienly for Giroud’s awful interception. For the next game, Wenger should sub OX with Walkott and keep Campell in the left flank.

  13. What makes life interesting is freedom for some people to even express their ignorance. Our players deserve commendation rather than condemnation this weekend. Why? Simply because this was a weekend when all giants except us fell! Look around and see my point: Chelsea lost to Bournemouth; Man city lost to Stoke; Liverpool lost to Newcastle; Man U drew against West Ham; Spurs drew against West Brom. Why would any true Gooner then condemn any of our players? I feel some people pretend to be Gooners when they are not. There is no reason on earth why any of our supporters would not rejoice at such a situation. I have never seen any one complaining at his good fortune unless that person has a mental problem. For those who have been claiming to be angry with Wenger for not buying players and are therefore trying to justify their discontent I would say this is the wrong time to express such anger. Some in these columns were singing praises for the ‘magic worker’ Jurgen Klopp some few days back and baying for Wenger’s blood! Where did the magic go today? Let our true fans always be objective and appreciate their team instead of concentrating on negatives. For the wolves in sheep’s skin there is little we can say except to wish them good luck in their negative campaign!

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