Arsenal player ratings from Swansea loss – Campbell MOTM

If I had written my Arsenal player ratings last night or this morning then all of the Gunners would be getting ones and twos because I was livid but in the cold light of day I can hopefully be more rational. Campbell gets the nod for his all round performance as well as the peach of a goal and honourable-ish mentions go to Alexis Sanchez, Mesut Ozil and Francis Coquelin. You may think my scores are generous but we did dominate and should have won.

Cech 5 – Not many are talking about big Pete but what was he thinking on that second goal?

Bellerin 5.5 – Huffed and puffed but no end product.

Mertesacker 6.5 – Apart from looking frozen in time on the first goal the big German defended well and was a calming presence and his knockdown should have been an assist.

Gabriel 6 – Decent performance after his Old Trafford nightmare.

Monreal 6.5 – Good game and got forward well. Sanchez needs to use him more.

Coquelin 7 – Much better and sharper in the middle. Did not deserve to be on losing side.

Ramsey 5.5 – Another tireless but ineffective game from the Welshman.

Campbell 8 – Brilliant goal, lively and dangerous. Must start against Spurs.

Ozil 7 – Tailed off towards the end but he cannot do it on his own.

Alexis 7 – So unlucky not to score. Needs a goal to settle him down.

Giroud 6 – Horror miss and some wayward passing but still giving it his all. Confidence is shot.

subs 5
There was little Welbeck or Walcott could do as Arsenal crumbled to defeat.

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  1. I thought coquelin deserved at least an 8. He looks back to his usual pit bull self, he was tackling and intercepting anything that came his way. And he covered so much ground were gonna need him for the weekend

    1. Coq looked cool, thought Bellerin looked lively while Joel was on with him. Alexis looked more like it too.. a nanosecond off his sharpest.

      1. I thought bellerin played well but his final ball was really disappointing and let us down numerous times last night.
        But I’m pretty bummed Alexis didn’t get a goal he really needed it, a goal and an assist last night woulda done him a world of good

  2. There was one beautiful thing yesterday and that was Joel Cambell and his goal…. God bless for that ray of sunshine in an othwise rainy night.

    1. he will leave in the summer.
      poor bas**** deserves better treatment

      hope wherever he goes he gets same loyalty that wenger has for ramsey an theo

      1. Wenger is sick and sadistic not to allow Campbell to shine for Arsenal. LVG allowed youngster to flourish and show case their talents like Marcus Rashford, Bothroyd Jackson and others.
        Pochetino gave chance to Dell Ali and paid off. Wenger is Arsenal’s number enemy. He did good first 10 years when he was only manager, then became business manager plus Coach, and the result is nothing but disaster.
        Wenger out.

    2. Mr (or Mrs/Miss) Red Thumb Down Person – if you are so seriously so anti Joel or pro AW that you can’t appreciate an Arsenal player scoring a beautiful goal for our team shame on you.

    1. i disagree.
      fine margins yesterday.

      mert doesnt go to sleep focusing on his fellow gerrman being fouled no goal
      cech doesnt fumble no goal

      we hit bar and posts like we were starting a conga line.

      but are this team under performing yes
      just a shame they dont get a bollocking from wenger, its all too nice and respectable.

      no gonads, no cojones, any team with abit of nous has handled us this season cos they know we cant handle it…pussies.
      looking down at the ground staring at each other fairy boys

      1. I agree that it was fine margins against swansea, but it comes after many missed opportunities to get clear ahead at top of PL, losing to a manu reserve team, only winning three of our last ten matches, losing three matches in a row and negative goal difference in last ten matches. So I understand the sentiment that the team is a shambles and rating players is irrelevant, it goes with giving up hope that we can turn this around and win PL.

        We have gone from a) favoutites to win PL to b)needing exceptional run of form to win PL to c) needing exceptional run of form to stay in top four.

      2. Loss is a loss is a loss,, and you ignorant AKB try to tone it down by saying it is a fine margin????? how stupid one can be! How many points Arsenal got from this fine margin?? Big fat Zero!!! How low the Wenger supporters are going.
        Shame on you guys.

  3. predicting arsenal next 5 games.
    Tottenham 5 arsenal 1
    hull 3 arsenal 1
    arsenal 1 westbrom 2
    barcelona 8 arsenal 1
    Everton 4 arsenal 1


    We will score in each of those games

  4. Let’s not lose sight of what’s happened here, we have lost six, yes six points, which were very, very get-able, had 4 or 5 players put themselves out a little more, both opposition teams playing, embarrassingly enough 2nd / 3rd teams against our 1st team. An extra six points would’ve put us in pole position.

    Those responsible should be told that unless there is an improvement, their jobs are on the line. I don’t know if Wenger’s stinginess / Kronke’s love of money is to blame for the players feeling very secure, but they should be told that unless they play to the maximum of their ability, they will be replaced.

    1. I think we need a change of system we hve been found out all other teams also analyse our games our manager is poor tactically lets change the style of our game ul see how we win

      1. Really don’t think it’s so much that. Mr Walcott has been largely anonymous in 2016, Giroud has his on/off days and lots of people have to get their hunger back rather than staring at the referee for decisions, which yes, we should have got, and it’s unbelievable that we didn’t, but it’s something we need to sort out after the danger has passed. How many vital goals have we given away this year whilst appealing to officials?

        The other point is that we are desperately missing Santi. He was always vital to the way our team worked, Ramsey just can’t play in that position – he doesn’t have the accuracy of long range passing, and isn’t bi footed. Wenger was fully aware of this, and of his advancing years, and of his want to go back to Spain before he retires, and was extremely negligent not to have been scouting and training a replacement, and indeed to have left him on the field, after he was injured, so that someone he has made irreplaceable, we have been without for the vital run in.

        1. @gmv8
          There was a time when many on here, you included, felt that Ramsey’s best position was in midfield, exactly where he is now. That he was a “deep lying play maker” Siting that AW was wasting him by playing him out of position on the right…
          Ramsey has shown that he is neither a deep lying play maker, nor is he a good enough right winger. He has no pace, dribbling ability or discipline…

          1. Nobody said that, his best position is b2b and he can’t play as one as long as Cazorla is injured. He’s not a deep playmaker but a midfield work horse who will support the striker as opposed to Cazorla who plays the Ozil role in front of the defence

            1. @goonerlad
              Guess you haven’t been paying attention…Carzorla does not play the”Ozil role” in front of defense. He does what a b2b is supposed to do, transition and create.
              Aaron just runs from box to box with his eye solely on trying to score…

              1. Exactly @ny, this guy has no idea what a CM is or supposed to do, he keeps calling it the Cazorla role when he’s played there for 5 months in his entire life…..

                1. exactly guys ramsey is a liability at the moment the work of no 8 is to feed no 10 so that he can create goals but is ramsey doin that ? he is supposed to be an enforcer to coq is he doing that tooo spontaneous not in his position leaving coq alone to defend till this is sorted I don’t see us winning convincingly

  5. hey gooners,its been a terrible month ,hve seen our games hve cried (in the heart of course a man doesn’t cry) the main problem is there are alot of problems.
    compare ramseys passes to mesut and here ull see a very huge error pple blame ozil yet rambo the link between defence and forward is non existence compare the no of passes cazorla passes to ozil and ull see why when cazorla was no 8 we created more.not skating rambo but all he does is sideways and backward passes I believe its upto wenger to drop him

  6. OG 6 & HB 5? atleast bellern tried a long shot from outside da box but g.rude?! or he gets a 6 for missng 6 goals in da game? if dats it then its ok i can add him 2 to make it 8.! MOTM-Man Of The Missinggoals!

  7. I don`t really buy Wenger`s reasoning for taking Campbell off, he`s young fit and could run all day
    and half the night.
    Next season we will be looking for a captain (amongst others things). From the present squad it`s hard nominate a player but, he`s young, been through the academy, vocal and plays in the right spot. Name? Coquelin….!

  8. Weird to see many of you singing the praises of Joel, when most of you wanted him sold, saying he wasn’t good enough…Typical.

  9. why don’t u give the names of these guys…..rather than use the quantifier “many” ?

    I’m quite sure Wenger’s name won’t be on ur weird List…Ever!

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