Arsenal player ratings from Swansea win – Walcott MOTM

I nearly gave the Man of the Match from Arsenal’s hard fought 3-2 win over Swansea to Mesut Ozil, as the German play maker’sd sweetly struck volley was the best of the goals and Theo Walcott should have had at least a hat-trick, but he was unlucky to hit the woodwork twice towards the end and I reckon his all-round game and two goals just edged it.

Cech 6 – Solid and reliable without being brilliant.

Bellerin 7 – Some good stuff but not his brilliant best.

Mustafi 7 – Possibly at fault for their second but otherwise excellent.

Koscielny 7 – Got a little edgy in the second half but a good game on the whole.

Monreal 5 – Given a torrid time and a day to forget for the Spaniard.

Xhaka 5 – Yes he lost the ball for the first goal and was sent off but harshly in my opinion, so disappointing day but no real disaster.

Cazorla 7 – Set the tempo and played vital part without anything spectacular.

Ozil 8 – Smashing goal and great contribution.

Walcott 8.5 – Unlucky rather than wayward and continues to impress and cause defences massive problems.

Iwobi 7 – Some super skills but marked down for defensive lapses.

Alexis 7.5 – Worked hard and had an impact but was not 100 percent after internationals.

Coquelin, Gibbs and Chamberlain 6 – All did what we needed from them.

John Moss (the ref) 4 – Another big mistake from the EPL’s worst ref. Never a red.


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  1. I wonder if we had lost because xhaka got sent off he would’ve been giving this easy ride by everybody…….i remember arteta coming on and stinking the game up agains wesbrom and some of us still haven’t forgave him…just saying.

    1. yeh, I though 5 was average? Giving away a seriously cheap goal to make the game a challenge again and then getting sent off is not average.

  2. And by the way now we see why wenger was using le cog ahead of xhaka…no doubt he’s gonna be great for us in the position just dont wanna rush him…he got stuff to wrk on defensively…just like le cog got stuff the wrk on offensively…im just glad we got too good players in the position finally so we can be having this convo and who is our better cdm

  3. I just can’t believe how teterrible wrong was with Walcot. If you asked me in August I would have put in at the top of the list to be offloaded. Good surprise. And he can still improve.

    1. Don’t forget it was Sanchez as well that gave defense-splitting pass to Bellerin, then Bellerin headed the ball to Walcott, to create the first goal. Thierry Henry was right, Sanchez is perfect in central forward/ attacking midfielder role, due to his ball control, vision and playing style. Sanchez is now indispensable in the squad as a creative forward. If he gets injured, the team will be in trouble, because no one has all of his skill sets and his creativity. Sanchez is our new Ozil, whereas Ozil and Walcott are our new strikers.

  4. I agree with Wenger on this one, it was dark yellow/light red. The fact is that you are guaranteed a yellow for cynical play in a counter attack, but the difference here is that normally cynical play is not dangerous at all because it’s a pullback or simply pushing but in this case he actually tackles with the intent of kicking Barrow’s legs; that can easily be construed as dangerous play.

    Moss wasn’t great on other occasions as well though.

  5. I’ll give John Moss a 3.
    There was a foul on Walcott, where a defender put his hands in Walcott’s eyes. That would have been a yellow card.

  6. Strange how Monreal gets a 5. But the guy whose job is to assist him defensively on the left flank gets a 7, just because he showed some fancy footwork…I tell ya…

    1. You are soooooo right! I though he did great, ran it int the corner when I wanted him too and knew when to expose the counter to set up Walcotts gem of a chance.

  7. with everything that went wrong for us yesterday we still came home with 3 pts which is encouraging in the past(not that long ago)we would have fell apart and lose that game and what a change to have proper subs who can impact the game remember the chamack,gervinho,santos &co…..!

  8. I thought Koscielny had a terrific game, I don’t think he was at fault for any of the goals and he made allot of perfectly timed tackles. He was second best player for me. Walcott, he’s definitely worth his wage thus far in the season, maybe more. Pity he missed one of those wayward shots I think we would have went top with one more goal. Iwobi, as NYG has highlighted was extremely poor defensively. He needs to get better, it’s not enough to be full of ability in one end of the pitch while giving little effort/desire to work back the other end. Walcott had that amazing season a long time back now, that was forgotten very quickly as he was such a liability in allowing players free reign towards our rearguard. Iwobi should not make the same mistake as there will be times his touch and foresight will let him down. Like all players who go through lean spells, if that coincides with being a liability, well, it’s not good for a title chasing team is it.

    I wouldn’t argue over the ratings here, they are more or less about right and it was a difficult match for player ratings. Some people notice little differences while others will spot little differences those people missed, and then not all of us see the game the same way.

  9. I do believe a red card is better than a yellow one for Xhaka. He will never forget about this lesson, and become a better player . But we need “a blower ” on the pitch, who should shout at Ozil, Sanchez ,”Be the fu**king serious …” and Iwobi ,”Go back do the fu**ing defense …” Maybe “Mustafi” is the one.

  10. yea i’ll rate Koscielny higher than Mustafi, cos Mustafi allowed himself to be charged on for a couple of headers and left his man unmarked for the 2nd goal conceded.

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