Arsenal player ratings from Villa win – Ramsey MOTM

It was not easy picking the man of the match from the Arsenal team that won away at Aston Villa yesterday, even though most people seem to have gone along with the TV commentators and picked Aaron Ramsey. Theo Walcott was very sharp and played a key role in both of our goals while Olivier Giroud was a constant threat and tokk his penalty well but I have plumped for Ramsey in the end because he did start and finish that goal and was back to his bustling best.

Cech 7 – Not too busy but was ready and alert when needed.

Bellerin 6 – Largely untroubled but did not have much influence either.

Mertesacker 6 – A couple of shaky moments but generally a decent game.

Koscielny 7 – Pretty easy day for the Frenchman.

Monreal 7.5 – Solid and dependable. What we have come to expect from the super Spaniard.

Flamini 7.5 – Great pass for Walcott and good job mopping up and turning defence into attack.

Ramsey 8.5 – Great game for the Welsh wizard who is loving life back in the middle.

Campbell 7 – Another good game for the Costa Rican without any real chances to score.

Ozil 7.5 – Not as eye catching as usual but top class nonetheless.

Walcott 8 – What a pass for the second goal and a great finish ruled out for offside. Looking very sharp.

Giroud 8 – Tireless work, cool penalty and all round good game for the big man.

Gibbs 6 – Pretty good from the left back who is starting to be a good option further forward as we see out games.

Chamberlain 6.5 – Some good stuff from the Ox who looks keen to get back in the side with strong competition.

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    1. 6 for BFG is bias very bias on ur side.. Atleast a 7 , we didn’t concede and yet u try to repeat de term u always use ‘shaky’ just to enable u degrade him…

      1. Mert keeps getting criticized for being “too slow” or “shaky” or “lucky” and through it all he just keeps delivering clean sheets. In the Norwich draw Gabriel spoiled the shutout by deciding that defending goal-side was just so old school.

      2. How do imagine that Mertersacker is able to perform when he is under pressure i.e. against the Three Amigos. I’m sure I’am wasting my time trying to get you folk to actually “watch “his game.Basically a defender who doesn’t know how to defend ,unable to read the game, hopeless at set pieces and only wins the ball in the air when it is directed straight at him. When he is “running” back to defend he appears to be treading across a pool of treacle. How Mr Mohawk manages to credit him with delivering clean sheets. Watch the Gabriel incident again and observe how his loping partner was playing the scorer onside. I’m not the only one by the way who believes that we won’t win anything with him in the side.Gabriel is streets ahead of the slowman.

    2. People please comment about the players performance from villa match lyk u would have if we lost ..

    3. Oh boy!!! That’s what I think.

      Well, with all our players back, we can surprise them.
      I miss Francis!!!

    1. This is getting old now, tired of watching Arsenal vs Barca and Arsenal vs Bayern. Honestly aren’t there any other teams out there!!!

      I tell you should we progress against Barca we will end up facing Bayern again.

      Sad thing is we usually get back a bad ref against Barca making silly calls. Here’s to hoping we get a neutral one or a Madrid fan this time around, lol.

  1. Well now we can focus solely on the league title. CL is over for us. Can you imagine Flamini stopping Neymar Suarez Messsi? 😀

    1. hahaha loool
      its a win win unless we lose 8-0

      having our ego penetrated with a pool cue doesnt help a title charge

    2. Referee should allow Flamini to use a gun against Neymar Suarez Messsi …
      I bet he will miss them all 😉 …

          1. yes i used my dolorean..

            coquelin will be unavailable as he will be cast in the remake of the van damme classic kickboxer

  2. out of all v got them….its ok v didn’t do favours to ourself whn we got monaco….
    so bring on sanchez will prove barca wrong

  3. its fine
    luis suarez, lionel messi and neymar are overated…..

    *curls up into a ball, rocks back and forth, cries

  4. No matter who our opponent would have been WE HAVE TO BUY A CLASS DM AND ST IN JANUARY..simple as that.IF NOT THEN WE DO NOT HAVE A CHANCE…chech-bellerin-Gab-kos-monreal-DM ( Carvalho/Bedner)- ramsey-Alexis-Ozil-TW-OG or ST ( not cup tied ) we can have a go for win at home.We played barca in Camp Nou and bendter missed sitter plus RVP got sent off so we can go without fear ( they lost against sevilla and celta WHO?) BUT buy IN jANUARY is a must.

  5. notice how NO-ONE cares or has mentioned about the player ratings lol

    the silver lining- chelsea got psg- up yours chavs

    1. Hahaha I did.
      Bad timing for the ratings I guess.
      When I logged in I was actually looking for an article on the draw hahaha

  6. You know what…. Bring them on!! F@#K MSN wel pull the plug on them ? if we want to win it we have to beat the best and them/munich are the elite atm. Imo We wont win it and will probably go out but we want the league thats the priority and this is a mouth watering tie for us (we want these big games at the Emirates, its where we want to see a few footballing miracles of our own) if we have our whole squad back, fit and with an addition of a DM and Attacker we can have a real crack at the league but Wenger has to get this right in Jan. Never know stranger things have happened in football but for now lets all get ready to put our stamp on the title by beating City next monday!!!


    Really want to get to that barca game at the Emirates!!

    1. We will not be giving a hope in hell by anyone so the pressure is off the Gooners!! All could work in our favour… we play better that way imo

  7. All we want is fit coquelin…i don’t think we have any chance without him…

    If there is any PL team who can beat those big european giants its us…so the onours is on us…A fit team can do the job and can beat barcelona like we beat bayern…

    Yes they have MSN…But there also some cons with those so called big players…they don’t do there defensive duties at all…

    A fit coquelin,kos,cech,sanchez,ozil and walcott…and I wouldn’t bet against arsenal…

    This is what UCL is all about…stop fearing and just enjoy the ride…

    Am I deluded – no
    Am I Optimistic – HELL YEAH

    Gonner till I die…COYG

    1. “If there is any PL team who can beat those big european giants its us”
      No you are wrong, we use to win one game and bottle it the other game …
      “This is what UCL is all about…stop fearing and just enjoy the ride…”
      Fully agree

  8. Have to question the authenticity of these draws.If we somehow manage to get past Barca am quite sure we’ll get bayern in the quarters.

    1. then athletico in the semis..

      by the final our team will look like the opening scene from the thriller video

  9. It doesn’t really matter who our opponent is in the champions league. Leaving the competition in R16, Quarter finals or semis all seems the same to me. Only one team becomes the champion. If we want to be counted as a prospective champion, we must be ready to face any team. Remember we beat R. Madrid and Juventus on our way to the finals. We almost eliminated Barca the last time we met. Why fear Barca? When Chelsea won this cup, they were underdogs at the finals with a team comprising most of a second 11 players.

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