Arsenal player ratings from WBA – Alexis MOTM

It was not hard to pick the best Arsenal player from the disappointing defeat away to West Brom, as Alexis Sanchez was head and shoulders above the rest and we can only regret that his hard work and brilliance were not matched by those around him and that he did not get any of the clear cut chances that came our way.

Cech 7 – Can´t be too critical but maybe could have done better for their second.

Bellerin 5 – Bit of a rusty return for the young Spaniard. At fault in both goals.

Mertesacker 5 – What happened Per? Was not the leader at the back we needed.

Koscielny 6 – Should have taken out Rondon before second goal but was generally good.

Monreal 7 – Tried hard going forward and was solid.

Coquelin 7 – Did his usual job in his brief time on the pitch.

Cazorla 5 – Marked him down a lot for that shocking penalty.

Alexis 9 – Wasn´t he supposed to be tired? Sharp as a tack and endless effort.

Ozil 8 – Another assist and so unlucky not to get more and score himself.

Gibbs 7 – I actually thought he did a good job although his finishing let us down.

Giroud 7 – Good goal and all round effort.

Arteta 4 – Has he ever had a worse game I wonder?

Flamini 6 – Did little wrong and was clearly desperate to help us get a goal.

Campbell 5 – Spurned our best chance.

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        1. @muffdiver
          Plus 1 more for fakin the leg cramp in order to take himself out of the equation…I think he knew at that stage that he was a liability.

  1. Arteta may be -4
    giroud was very bad he lost possesion for million times
    Ozil and sanchez were fantastic
    We were realy unlucky to lose it as we played a very good game
    Only if wenger bought the fuc*** striker and dm we would be on the top of the table right now

  2. Now alot of us must be wishing and thinking……… If only we had beat the spuds and the albions those two instances citeh slurmped….. Where would we be Right now?????

  3. Listen Baby Please

    The DM position is going to be a vital problem from now until Coquelin comes back

    I’m hoping Walcott, ox and Ramsey comes back soon Or our season will be about fighting for 4th place.

  4. Am afraid if it continues like this, Ozil and Sanchez will look elsewhere. Please Arsene give them quality players in January. Ozil would have reached more than 18 on assists now.

  5. Artera comes on, gives away a foul which leads to a goal.. 5mins later Arteta scores an OG.. Comes off due to injury 10mins later. What was Arsene thinking bringing him on, his body is old tired and very injury prone, take him off the payroll.

  6. It was coming.Now that leCoq is injured is when we are start to worry? He has been decent in the DM role as nobody else can do this job so that shows the lack of coaching awarness from Mr wenger not now but for years so why he did not buy Carvalho or recognised DM on transfer deadline? the bigger teams with ambition always have at least a decent back up in each position.DO NOT COME NOW WITH THE EXCUSES OF INJURIES as this has been on and on when a result doesnt come our way.we will go now all December without a DM then our hopes dashed once again.i’m praying Ozil or Sanchez do not get injured as then it is BYE,BYE season.Can Mr wenger re-inforce us in January if there is any desire from him to win EPL? Aubemayang or Huntelaar 9 my choice 0as ST and DM ( Carvalho young and atheltic or Bigilia ) justt mention.another season of regret WHY IF I? Enough, we the fans deserve more than this.

  7. I think Arsenal still have the problem of away games after international fixtures, I look at the Man city one and you think that at some point they will be consistent. Congrats to Leicester for their massive performance. Cazorla is mentally weak along with the others excluding Cech,Sanchez and Ozil. West brom hit the old nerve of Arsenal use physicality after Coquelin injury Arteta is not worth it. I expect a massive performance against Zagreb which we call it as a tune up game.

  8. Team selection dur to injuries for must win Zagreb game:
    Bell Per Koss Nacho
    Gabriel Santi
    Campbell Ozil Duracell


    1. Injuries are insane atm:
      Le Coq

      If needs be bring Beilik up or recall Hayden from Hull

  9. After that performance Arteta as a captain could barely had a say on the proceedings. About the Sanchez and Ozil contracts I think they deserve to play for juventus or PSG or Bayern.

  10. I think much as we fans call on Wenger to strengthen the team we also need to be more objective. For sometime I have expressed my reservations about Cazorla’s will power but nobody seemed to care. Now it has come to haunt us. Any serious observer could see that Cazorla’s heart was not in the penalty. Reading his body language before taking the penalty one got the feeling that he was feeling uneasy and disinterested in what he was about to do. I did not see that fire in his belly! You never win anything without will power. We have a lot of players who can score penalties. I have seen Giroud take real serious penalties, Ozil learnt from his mistake against Bayern and would have done better as would have Sanchez and even Monreal. In many teams it is the strikers who take penalties. Why not Arsenal? Why should we entrust a penalty to somebody who hasn’t scored any goal for Arsenal this season? We were really the cause of our own loss, mistake after mistake. Instead of Flamini or Chambers the manager brought on Arteta who made sure we lost the game! It is sad indeed! We now need to recover fast and move on. Fortunately Man city lost by even a worse margin than ours.

  11. A weekend of who lost the worse?

    Maybe City losing has kept Arsenals morale intake enough to still hold some belief!!

    In reality the question is, is Arsenal losing 2 players to injury and losing worse than City losing through being destroyed by Liverpool?

    Either way Utd took advantage and as I said last time around, watch out for them, grinding out results is what winning the league is about.

    Chelsea done what they can’t and win, whilst Klopp gave a glimpse of what we can expect of the future Liverpool.

    Arsenal, well we look at the same issues right? Ok so Arsenal had flamini wanting to stay and Campbell wanting to prove himself, which is fine but if we all know that Walcott, Ramsay and Wilshire are injury prone, than I would of liked to see the issue forced and bring in for the expense of Flamini and or Campbell.
    I miss ruthless Wenger, but I respect the mellow Wenger who still for now is one of the best managers in the league.

    Top of the table looks tight. Players back next week would be a boost. Ox on the wing and Ramsay back in the middle? Until next week, a weekend to forget…

  12. Meh…at least my comment on cheering for liverpool made that city didn’t show up either…..
    Man u winning makes me mad though

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