Arsenal player ratings from West Ham win – Alexis MOTM

It was a good performance all-round from the Arsenal team that beat West Ham 3-0 to get the top four chase back on track, especially after an understandably nervy first half, and there were a few notable individuals out there. Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott with a goal and an assist each were certainly contenders for my Man of the Match but I still have to give it to Alexis Sanchez who was at it from the first minute and continues to drag the rest of the Gunners along in his wake.

Martinez 7 – Not very busy but made good save when needed and was calm and in control from start.

Bellerin 6 – Booked and should have scored but otherwise good.

Mustafi 6 – Booked and not too busy but stood up well and never gave Carroll and co a sniff.

Gabriel 7 – No dramas, won his headers and tackles. Defended like a defender.

Monreal 7 – Maybe should have done better with one chance but was denied two penalties, one as clear as day.

Elneny 7.5 – Really liked his contribution and the pairing with Xhaka. Could have scored.

Xhaka 7 – Some great passes and more in control than usual.

Ozil 8 – Great goal and assist but fluffed another chance and was quiet before break.

Walcott 8 – Well taken goal and also made Ozil’s possible.

Alexis 9 – What would we do without him? Super take down, skills and flick for Ozil on Walcott goal typical of him.

Welbeck 6 – Tried hard but looks rusty and missed two great chances.

Giroud 8 – Super sub back with super strike.

Oxlade-Chamberlain 7 – Great cameo with dynamic run to set up third goal.

Ramsey 6 – Okay but not too much impact.



  1. Twig says:

    The biggest challenge for Wenger for the next game is whether to start Giroud or Welbeck up front. Alexis played well, but looks too restricted on the left wing.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think so too. Sanchez’s movement became predictable in the left wing. I think he would be better if playing as a central attacking midfielder, behind an agile and quick striker, like Welbeck. Even Thierry Henry once said he thinks Sanchez is more suitable in the central attacking midfielder area, because Sanchez seemed like to move to the center when he plays.

      I think Wenger should keep Welbeck as the striker, because he can pressurize the opponent’s defenders with his movements, even though he doesn’t score.

    2. Drayton says:

      I don’t think this is much of a question at all. You start Welbeck. Even if he plays poorly, he runs his tail off and the defense can’t relax. Giroud is a better finisher, sure, but we lack good crossers, and if Giroud plays poorly, there’s no silver lining. He can’t pressure the defense with his runs or off the ball. Until we get a consistently effective crosser, he stays on the bench where he’s a good sub.

  2. muffdiver says:

    Top 4 looks doable
    … This cycle will ever end

    Il give wenger a 8 yesterday. Got off his arsenal several times to direct instructions
    Good subs too

    Give myself a 4 for supporting but being a whiney b#### in first half

  3. Raoh says:

    Alexis MOM? Not really I’ll give that to Ozil for his goal and assist at key moments of the game. Or Granit Xhaka who controlled the pace for us throughout the game. All in all it was a good 90 minutes with some really bright spells as well as lower ones: we still have a consistency issue.

    That being said let’s not rejoice too much we still have some football to play specially if we want to see the champions league next season (I know some of you thing we would be better off without it)…but you need bargaining chips if you want to even sit at a recruiting table for let’s say a Griezmann/Aubameyang for example just saying!

    We still have Man City (Cup), Leicester (in incredible form), Spurs, United and Everton to play among others…not exactly a peaceful end to the season, we would need to win 8/10, lose 1 and probably draw another if we want to keep our top 4 finish alive (not that I consider that a trophy in any way).

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Next match
    Start Alexis up front
    Play Welbeck on left

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      You could have given Alexis MOTM before the game started. He is the one consistent fighter we have on the team with talent to match. And we are going to lose him because nobody at the club can figure out how to keep an ambitious player (or, it appears, be seriously Arse(ne)d to even try).

  5. Vlad says:

    I swear, if you give Sanchez another MOTM, I’ll smack you. He should have had an assist if it wasn’t for Bellerin’s shocking miss, but Ozil (goal, assist); Walcott (goal); Martinez (clean sheet); Giroud (goal); Xhaka (95% pass rate); Elneny (passing, tackling, etc) were all better than Alexis was on the night.

  6. I am absolutely fine winning this game, will boost the players morale and dissipate somehow the toxic atmosphere of the last few weeks… should we expect less having players like Sanchez and Ozil on the team, we should not be overjoyed because we beat West Ham themselves in a deeper crisis that we are…. my point and frustration is that we have a good core of players (they did not come cheap either) that with cohesion, tactics and leadership could give a run not just in the PL but also in the CL…..this is where Wenger lost the plot, where he lost the magic touch he once had…..I would like to have seen this same team under Allegri or Simeone (Ramsey included) I am sure we would be achieving greater things…..on the negative side, cannot foresee what will be of this team without Alexis or Ozil (when he decides to show) the machinery works around these 2 will be hard to see them go….well I guess we need to go back to our old selves and settle (once again) for the Top 4 and for the FA Cup…….take it back WENGER OUT

  7. kelleson says:

    I key in to the rating except Xhaka and Ozil. Xhaka really contributed more to the game and also determine flouence of the ball from the midfield with his long passes, he was wonderful in the game and suppose to be rated atleast 8, while Ozil was not really active in the game, he too fragile and his contribution to the game was not really felt but he was able to record a goal and assist to his name. Goal alone should not be a determinant factors of high rating, i would rate him 6.5

  8. hide_TR07 says:

    My MOTM goes to Xhaka. Along with Elneny, who was also great, he controlled our midfield. We know the pair works together, but Wenger hardly plays them. I hope they will be the first choice from now on.

    Walcott was different last night. He was a threat. However, his problem is consistency. How many more games does he have to play before we see his top performance with full commitment? That’s the difference from Alexis.

    It was a great 3 points with many positives, but the performance against West Ham was just minimum requirement. How much more can we build from here? That is the question.

    I hope Lucaz will come back from the treatment room soon and add his quality to the squad.

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