Arsenal player ratings from Zagreb – Alexis MOTM

It is hard to be positive about the performance of the Arsenal players after such a disappointing defeat against Dinamo Zagreb, but we did start the game well and we were also much better in the second half with 10 men. No one really covered himself in glory but Walcott scored a great goal, the Ox was always lively and the full backs attacked well but my pick goes to Alexis Sanchez who provided the assist as well as tireless work and many of our best chances.

Ospina 5 – Unlucky after getting down to save on the first goal.

Debuchy 5 – Got forward well but badly out of position on first goal. Rusty.

Gabriel 6.5 – Our best defender, solid and sharp.

Koscielny 6 – Let himself down on second goal.

Gibbs 5 – Like Debuchy did a lot going forward but was at fault for a goal.

Arteta 4 – Did nothing to challenge Coquelin.

Cazorla 5 – Ineffective passing on a a rare off night.

Chamberlain 6 – Caught out on first goal but should have had an assist for Ozil or Giroud and was at least a threat.

Ozil 6 – Much better after halftime and unlucky with the offside goal.

Alexis 7 – Still not his best but better than the rest

Giroud 4 – Harsh red card, good early header but the rest was awful.

Walcott 6.5 – Quality goal and must start at Chelsea.

Coquelin 6 – Proved how much we need him.

Campbell 6 – Pretty good from the fringe player. Needs more games.

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    1. arsenal can win the cl. lol
      arsenal can top the
      arsenal are 3 players away from challenging. lol
      arsenal dont need benzema schneiderlin
      If you guys think we are anywhere near a top team you are as delusional as wenger himself.
      next year we should sign
      cavarlho krychowiak griezzman
      isco gotze hummels

      1. Can someone explain why Resting players has been worth it. If you rest defenders with weak players as Arteta and Gibbs are and you play the players who have played World Cup games like,
        Ozil Sanches Giroud CAzola then you will rest them for Chelsea game. Why is it that Arsenal rest players when other teams don’t. I can understand if you have Quality to mix with but you don’t put out a Carling cup team for a Champs league game, a team underfeated to get a result. So come Sat against Chelsea my team is Chec Bellerin,Gabreel Koscheny,Monreal Coq, Gazola Oxy left Ozil Ramsey Wacott right Sanches striker then if things ok leave it then rest for Spurs game Players who need it. Arteta should only be used and Gibbs off bench as they are the weakest even weaker than Flamini. CB

    1. I think I agree. Alexis worked hard, but didn’t have a great game. In my opinion, I think our biggest mistake was playing Arteta. He never really offers that much protection for the defence, and he just hasn’t had any real game time for ages. This meant Santi couldn’t be as free as usual and this had a knock on effect to Alexis and Ozil. So many of the rotated players yesterday just didn’t have any games under their belt this season so just weren’t sharp. Bad game management.

      1. On what basis do you say Arteta did not offer protection to the defence. Did Dinamo threaten our goal area that much? I appreciate arguments that are based on facts not prejudices against certain players. The first goal conceded had nothing to do with Arteta, Carzola but a pure case of Chamberlain forgetting to do his job. Once we were down to 10 men it becomes ridiculous to try to rate players’ defensive performances because they had to take risks to give the team a chance of getting anything out of the game. To that end we saw Kos venturing forward losing the ball in the process leaving us vulnerable, we saw hurried throw ins that could have led to more goals. That goes with the circumstances obtaining at the time. Arteta’s substitution was meant to inject pace in the form of Francis and that nearly paid off. In short your criticism of Arteta is totally unfounded in the circumstances.

  1. Just reading from newspaper.

    “Arsenal’s transfer pursuit of Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema was embarrassing, says Ian Wright

    ‘The Benzema thing was quite embarrassing for [Arsenal],’ Wright, who scored 128 goals for Arsenal, told BT Sport.

    ‘The way that they pursued it. If you’re trying to get a player like that you find out straight off the bat “are you interested in coming?” If you’re interested, we’ll pursue it.

    ‘I thought the way they dealt with that was pretty bad in the end and the way he mugged Arsenal off in the end on Twitter, it wasn’t good.’”

    LOL. ian wright thinks wenger is an embarassement?

    the old senile is always right? benzema respect wenger by saying ‘to ALL CLOWNS’,

    I don’t think benz would INSULT his countrymen wenger right???

    1. Wright is media talking head. And is normal what he says because it is only media which actually opened talks with Benzema and Cavani. It is media actually pulling out from they ar$e transfer sum and players name. I am not saying Arsenal did not approached Madrid or PSG but there’s absolutely no evidence they did. Not even a verbal one let alone hard evidence.

        1. Guess so, hey ya WOBs all out there,

          we have to worship GIROUD no matter what!!!!

          he is all we got, please don’t hurt his feelings!!!

          1. Where did that come from? How is that a reply? And to what?
            You are beginning to annoy me by hijacking all conversations without saying anything of sense.
            Okay WHO said we have to worhip Giroud? Stop talking out of your Arsenal!

            1. Lol! Out of his Arsenal. Now that’s funny and cool.

              Urm, it’s actually his as***s.

        2. How could you know it is a fake rumors … off course I don’t know whether it was for real or just fake rumors but I know we are desperately need a striker since RVP departure and Wenger continues to fail us …

      1. So what are you trying to say budd?

        your mighty wenger indeed doesn’t have any intention to sign any WC striker?

        1. I agree too. Wenger never had any intention of buying anyone other than Cech. He planned to move Walcott to the centre. Simple facts.
          The only links we ever had with Benzema came from dodgy Twitter accounts and made up Spanish paper rumours. Both Wenger and Real Madrid only issued denials all through the summer….

          1. Ok that is Wenger experiment (Walcott) for this year and we hope it will work out for us, but if it didn’t for whatever reason please don’t come with his bullsh*t excuses trying to defend him …
            Bare in mind this is the 3rd year we have been calling for striker …

            1. and what experiment is the prof going to attempt next season?
              perhaps turn a ball boy in to a striker OHHH wait Gedion Zelalem wasn’t he a ball boy at arsenal yes all sorted and we can give our hundred’s of millions to Man-U at least they will circulate the money and that’s good for the economy

              1. i just want to add, for the life of me i can not understand why we had to rest players? we just started the season we need them (our first eleven ) to get match fit and gel together, we are playing away why not use Walcott he is unpredictable to the opposition

      2. Let the media aside, Budd, and look at our team and tell me why it is always AFC who has to come short? 10yrs isn’t enough for you?
        I’m not referring to yesterday match because I didn’t watch the match only highlights, and also I’m one of those who call for rotation resting our stars for Chelsea because I don’t give sh*t about CL, knowing where we gonna knocked out whoever team we face in 16-round…

        1. It is only our perception (Arsenal fans) that is only AFC coming short. Look around. There are plenty of other teams coming short. And what’s even worse, they have spent half the Syria’s GDP to buy players in the last years.
          Enough of what? Wenger? I don’t care, really. But if he is to leave this should not happen in the middle of the season, that’s my only objection. And yes, probably you are right, we will not pass 16-round most probably. But look at the bright side, if we were to finish 3rd in the group we may have a chance to play Spuds in Europa League.

          1. Its not about a bad manager its about having the finances and not buying the necessary players for the past three years that gets me, Budd you moan about the media but its not its professionals who understand the business of football who are all agreeing that we needed players for the past 7 transfer windows, trust me without me going in to too much details i understand how business are run and works and Arsenal is not thinking too far ahead, we have already lost ground in the world of top clubs by not wining a major trophy, now you might not care about wining like you said couple of weeks ago but pls understand football is a competition sport and nearly all the fans would like us to win a major trophy soon ,

            and another thing don’t look at what cash is siting in the bank its all about distributing the funds around to make it look what they want it to look like and im telling you if Arsenal wants they can produce 300 million cash tomorrow and more to come next summer.

            1. If there’s anything any person can moan in this world is the media. This is the cancer of our society, especially the main stream media. I don’t watch TV and I don’t plan to buy a new one in the next years. Even the games I see them on the go platform or on the streaming sites. I collect my information from everywhere except teevee or tabloids, I visit blogs, forums and independent outlets so that I can have a bit of everything. This is balanced view, hearing everyone and not reading an agenda.
              The fact that you talk about the cash sitting in the bank shows that you are not informed about AFC finances. The financial statements are available on line and everyone can see them. The cash you probably refer is the short term deposits and they are used to pay creditors (203 million to be paid in 2015 to the creditors) and if you do the simple math you will see that we are running almost flat on them. Also there are still installments to be paid for the players we have bought. What else? Reserve funds. These are shareholders funds not to be touched without the board consent and only in specific circumstances. Yes, Arsenal can produce 1 billion next week if they want because they are solvable but all this money would be loaned against collateral we fought so hard to keep within the club.
              I know all of it is boring but it is important to know all of this and not to be taken as fool by the media trying to sell their rags.
              One last thing, please don’t put your words in my mouth. No sane person in this world will want his team to lose. Of course I want Arsenal to win every game? Why do you feel the need to fill your comment with fake facts just to prove your (moot) point?

              1. OK answer this why did the board say we had 70 million available for new transfers and more if we need it why if we are running flat?

                Budd we are both Arsenal supporters and i’m telling you that your wrong regarding finances yes i check Arsenals annual accounts in end October for the past three years, its simple if you deduct our outgoing against income its leaving us around 130 million a year, this sum has started last 12 months and for the next 4 years, and before the 12 months Arsenal board announced that they had 170 million siting in the bank, deduct some funds for last summer spending, we don’t have to pay the whole amount of our remaining stadium building dept so………………….

                1. P.S. i thank god to our media in UK if you know whats happening in other country’s you wont be so quick to bash them

                2. Since October there’s yet another statement. 170 million sitting in the bank is only on short term because they are destined to pay creditors. Besides, your amount is wrong and shows you diodn not read the statement at all. 170 million is not enough to pay the creditors (that is 203 million as of Nov 2014) and the amount in SHORT TERM cash deposit (I have to emphasize that short term) is in fact 293 million. Do a math and see that you remain with 93 from which you have to pay salaries, oustanding installments and maintenance costs. Deduct that and see how much you left for transfers.
                  Ah, of course the shareholders can vote on use the reserve funds (around 370 million) for other activities but they didn’t so here we are. To be even clearer , I don’t think Wenger had any problem to pay 100 million for a player (we can borrow easily that) should he deserve that amount of money. I have trouble even thinking Cavani or Benzema are worth half this amount.

      3. If you have a look at a comparison last season between Giroud, Benzema & Cavani there isnt too much difference! Everyone wants a new player but if your going to spend £40+mill on a player you have to be sure they are going to improve your team…

        Statistically that isnt necessarily the case

        Giroud comes out on top for Goals scored per game, tackles won per game, and arial duels won per game (in attack and defence). Benzema wins clearly on key passes and assists (because he plays with Bale and Ronaldo probably) and Cavani on shot accuracy..

        Dont let your desire for a new face cloud your judgement

        As far as im concerned we look a different team with Giroud playing, everytime he starts and we bring Walcott on (with the exception of last night) we lose the edge. Balls get played long and noone challenges, we dont keep the ball well in the opposition half and there is no real movement..

        Walcott is the fastest player not to use his pace EVER!! Check my comparison here|la_liga/2014/2015/karim_benzema/176/136/99/0/p|ligue_1/2014/2015/edinson_cavani/167/118/2804/0/p#shot_accuracy/total_forward_passes/goals_scored/tackles_won/aerial_duels_won/assists/key_passes#avg

        1. You do realize that people here won’t even read these stats and (rightfully) bash Giroud for the loss yesterday. For them it doesn’t matter if Giroud stats are better than Benzema or Cavani. They simply don’t want Giroud because they have this idea that Cavani or Benzema would take EPL by storm and win us the title in the next months. Giroud can bang in goals like Aguero? I doubt it. Can he bang in goals? He already does. But he plays for Arsenal, not Real or Bayern or Barcelona and he can’t have this aura above him as Benzema or Cavani. Do you see Giroud playing for PSG? Of course you can and probably he would score much more there than at Arsenal but don’t tell them that because they don’t care. The only two songs we hear are about Cazorla and Giroud. And the last one is getting chants like no one is at Arsenal right now. Surely people at Emirates can’t be all wrong, is it?

  2. Yeah, Alexis; he always gives his all. He is the kind of player that even when he doesn’t score, you still appreciate him for everything.

      1. If you change your name, you automatically become a new user and will be moderated. Remember that because you do it a lot!

  3. Didn’t watch the game and to be honest I don’t fancy a line up with Giroud upfront, I feel bored usually …
    I don’t like his turtle’s movement, I don’t like his hold up, I don’t like his skill, I don’t like his little flick, nor do I like his tongue gesture …
    Everyone is entitle to his opinion but I don’t like those with comments polishing his hold up sh*t …
    and I’m an Arsenal fan with great passion …
    Wenger, you failed us big time in the summer not signing a good striker, hey don’t say there’s no one available because I don’t like that too …
    At this current situation, play wallcot, Kos, sanchez or anyone (bar slow Mert) upfront and I would never complain …

    1. I have this feeling that he shoulda, woulda, coulda tried the young guns like Jeff-Reine Adelaide of Alex Iwobi ,then again the stage fright might have gotten to them…But who knows they may have turned the game on its head…or…not! Just saying..

  4. Mikel Arteta’s game by numbers for Arsenal vs. Dinamo Zagreb:
    0 chances created
    0 tackles won
    0 aerial duels won
    0 shots
    0 crosses
    Yet according to Wenger,there are no better players out there.Sums up his delusion

    1. Great post but the no better option applies to the striker. We could have found a CDM but Wenger didn’t want to pay 20 million plus for a guy who might end up as Coq’s backup. I disagree with him but that was the thought process. If Coq gets hurt, we are screwed.

  5. sadly!……..i would give the man of the match to our 67th minute sub For getting us a goal and saving us the massive goaless shame even with a man down !……otherwise Zagreb is the man of the match!

  6. Still gutted we lost our first champions league match yesterday. Giroud red card and Ox own goal, How things changes! I expected big games from Gibbs, Debuchy, Ox, Arteta and Ospina as they hardly start games this season but only Ospina was decent amongst the bunch.

    I’ll only forget the performance in a hurry if We defeat Chelsea on Saturday.

  7. Certain games don’t even deserve MOTM awards, just rate the players period = poor poor poor performance for a club as big as ours!!!

    It is impossible to have a squad full of WC players, not even Bayern, Barca or Madrid have such but the difference is these teams have about 8 or so WC players for there first 11 and about another 8 that falls into the 2nd bracket of WC players that can easily walk into most teams first 11. As for Arsenal the entire squad maybe just 3 or 4 WC players when 11 to 12 years ago we were almost at the same level with these teams. The gap keeps getting wider as Wenger is happy with the quality of the team and feels most players out there (whether available or not) cant improve or displace his stars. Stubborn old man just embarrassing himself and proving to everyone how finished he is.

  8. I am in a dilemma..
    But I love Arsenal…and Kenya my mother land. I miss that land. All my cousins back there support Arsenal 🙂

    ADMIN COMMENT – Do you understand the meaning of PERSONAL ABUSE?
    It will NOT be tolerated from anyone….

  9. Even Zagreb coach has spoken Arsenal is predictable….

    Every coach knows…

    Will Wenger ever change???

    Mourinho will probably have a plan too ….will Wenger change??

  10. sanchez had an avg game think wenger has rushed him early arsenal have some serious problems arteta as backup cdm isn’t the answer think we will go trophy less this season unless wenger buys someone in jan

    1. This is exactly what I have said before. There’s an elephant in the room and no one dares to address it. People, Sanchez form is really, really worrying. The only thing which makes him escape tabloids scrutiny is his work rate. And even this one is being less and less every game.
      Now, someone starts questioning it and it gets thumbed down. It is the exact behavior I was predicting, it don’t even care to saying it again because in the end it will slap you in your whole face. Sanchez did not scored in 6 games and the signs are not so good. Maybe he’s keeping them for Chelsea but I’d rather had him score against Liverpool and Zagreb.

  11. I dnt no y wenger choose 2 start arteta,he has shown us that he is no more gud 2 b in d team,imagine stupid giroud who taks evry thing 4 granted….gibbs n debuchy was rusty, cant still belv that #arsenal lost against zagreb….wat a shame…f**k ur ass arsene! Old man with old vision!

  12. Ça va my fellow Clowns? Till Coquelin collaps, never ever dare to bench him. Take Girouds and others money away and give all of it to him.

  13. Well the mayority of the realistic fans told you all that Wenger is not looking for a striker. If everyone comes out and says, we dont sell, then know that they will not sell. And to be honest, what is Arsenal compared to Real M?

    We are a team who are closer in being an second Spurs then a decent Cl team. ( atletico madrit for example) not fav. but the world take them serious. They know how to do damage where Arsenal knows how to get make history in a negative way.

  14. Poor, just poor….

    Simply not good enough!

    The wheels are in danger of falling off against Chelski IMO And Wenger is solely accountable.

  15. when some of us raise legitimate concerns about our club some of us including Budd and company are quick to rubbish. i remember posting here when champions league draw was out that Zagreb and olympiakos were relieved after being pooled with us as it could have been worse for them!!! as i always say we can no longer scare anyone with a death snake and we are always proven right every time. At least i knew that we were not gonna win a major trophy this season because i refuse again and again to be deluded!!!

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