Arsenal player ratings, obvious who the man of the match was

Arsenal ended their Premier League season with a nervy 3-2 win against relegated Watford.

The Gunners had nothing to play for, but it was important that they defeated the Hornets, at least to show Troy Deeney that we have “cojones” now.

Arsenal player ratings.

Emiliano Martinez – 8
Couldn’t do much about both goals but had a good game. Made a solid save early in the first half, almost stopped Troy Deeney’s penalty. Got down well to save what should have made it 3-3 from Danny Welbeck at close range. Wonderful performance.

Rob Holding – 6
Made several aerial clearances from Watford’s crosses. His bad pass resulted in the penalty and should have been more alert for their first goal.

David Luiz – 6
Clumsy tackle to give away the penalty, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. Should have done better when Welbeck got in behind to score.

Ainsley Maitland-Niles – 7
Had a fine day at right-back. Didn’t get too involved in the attack until the second half, but he was solid at the back.

Kieran Tierney – 8
Wasn’t effective until he popped up with his goal. Fine assist for Aubameyang’s goal and was more involved in the second half.

Granit Xhaka – 7
Solid. Passed the ball well and was composed in the middle throughout the game. Nothing spectacular.

Dani Ceballos – 7
Very reliable in and out of possession. His movements were great for the team and problematic for Watford.

Joe Willock – 5
Wasn’t exactly involved in the game apart from making a few passes. Got better in the second half, but he was subbed off.

Nicolas Pepe – 6
Still struggles with sorting his feet when the team gets a chance to counter. Did a lot of defensive work, but he needed to be more offensive.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – 9
Looked to be keen to get the Golden Boot. Important two goals and an assist. Should have scored three, but fluffed his lines in the second half.

Alexandre Lacazette – 5
Not a good enough performance apart from having a great first touch. Should do better in these games.


Eddie Nketiah – 7
A performance that was full of energy and relentless running. Could have scored, but he squared to Aubameyang, who missed.

Sead Kolasinac – 6
Struggled to get into the game and gave Watford too much space. Got better later.

Lucas Torreira – 5
Restless and almost gave away another penalty with a reckless tackle.

Reiss Nelson – 7
Very busy as he came on and made sure Arsenal kept their threat on the right side of attack.

Arsenal player ratings from Ime

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  1. Some really strange ratings and comments about the players but for me the man of the match was Martinez and he is also my player of the season!

    1. My player of the season would be Aubameyang. He was mostly fit throughout this season and we could’ve battled for relegation without his goals

      1. Agree. Auba and if Leno was fit the whole season I’d have him in close competition. They are the two players who have been consistent throughout and kept us from a truly embarrassing place in the table. 8th is actually better than this squad deserved if you look at how poorly we’ve played all year.

          1. Declan: I would not say in all respects, but he has my vote. I fear he will be sold though to finance player acquisition. If we sell him to bring in someone like Partey, I am OK with that. Just saying.

  2. Martinez has been such a revelation! Lets hope Arteta can keep both Leno and Martinez happy with enough playing time to stay.

    Would not like to see either leave.

    1. I don’t think Arteta could make the cup games keeper happy if we don’t get Europa League

  3. Luiz has given away 5 penalties this season. The most any player has ever conceded in a single campaign of the competition….
    I bet the chavs can’t wait to face him next week!! 🙈

    1. I hope he could prove that he’s not a double agent in FA Cup final, by playing his heart out and not making silly decisions

        1. Haven’t you learned anything from my confidence this season Sue 😜 Troy swore on live TV did you see it 😂😂

          1. The last 2 games have dashed any ounce of optimism I had left, regardless of what your crystal ball says 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          2. No I think what it is now the storm has calmed these players don’t want to be injured or suspended for the fa cup final Sue so I know deep down your just as confident as I am 😜

          3. But I must say I’m a little anxious our favourite ref AT is officiating the game 🥴🥴🥴

          4. 😆😆 hmmm 🤔
            Mustafi will miss the start of next season…. and Auba’s Dad has sent a ‘cryptic’ message, which has me worried!!!

          5. Oh I haven’t seen or heard anything about that Sue, what was it ? 😵. Yeah a tendon injury or something? So I guess Rob Holding plays on Saturday alongside Luiz and Tierney 😄 yeah since Wenger almost put him in hospital he’s had it in for us 😂😂

          6. About the rest of his career they have to make the right decision etc and some of it was similar to when he left Dortmund, apparently 😬 So best we brace ourselves for the worst…

          7. That doesn’t sound good Sue well it looks like he might be off 😣😣 I’d just keep hold of him and tell him he’s going nowhere, I’d tell him your under contract son, so just get on with it and earn your wages! Sometimes the old fashioned approach works best Sue 😜 if we do lose him swap him with Salah 😂😂

    2. Sue And Man Utd had the most penalties than any other team in the premiership tell me the ref’s ain’t biased

  4. What a keeper Martinez is, he deserves to play first team football, he shouldn’t sit down for Leno because in my opinion he’s better than Leno.

        1. Martinez can take Leno’s spot the way Bellerin took his from Debuchy. However, when Debuchy was sold Bellerin became rubbish. I hope Martinez can keep up the good form if Leno leaves.

          1. Why would Leno leave ,he’s the best keeper in the premiership ,as good as Martinez as been he will always play second fiddle to Leno ,10 years at the club if he was going to make it his spot he would have by now .

          2. Dan kit, if you really believe Leno is the best keeper in the premier league then am not sure what to say to you, I will take McCarty of Southampton ahead of Leno any day, Leno cant deal with crosses and set pieces and in this league that’s a big disadvantage for a keeper. And please don’t say Martinez will always play second fiddle to Leno because you are not the coach, arteta knows what’s better for the team not you bro.

  5. Auba, Martinez, and Tierney were 9 today!

    I wish the rest of the team give more for Auba to earn his prize.

  6. I had Martinez as MOTM again. He keeps on saving our hide over and over again. Auba faded in 2nd half, Tierney was consistently great throughout. Generous to give a 6 to Holding. He was the weakest defender today.

    1. RSH I really don’t know what some sees in Holding, the boy is just too average, no wonder the coach always play Mustafi ahead of him, I just pray he perform well against Chelsea.

      1. Agree, it has to be because he’s English. I mean, he’s put in a few great games for us, not never consistently. Nothing to suggest he can be a reliable starter for us.

  7. We started the game with a 4-2-3-1 formation and was 3-1 up at halftime and incontrol. A 54 minute double change switching the formation to 3-4-3 and we went straight on the back foot. Arteta is playing with fire 🔥🔥🔥 waiting for the transfer market.

    1. I heard we have £30M max to spend..and Ceballos will cost at least £25M to keep basically £5M.

        1. LOL Sue, that’s pushing it a bit! 🙂

          Seriously though, we need to see some big statements being made by the owners and the club this transfer window. If we start next season with most of this lot you can expect exactly the same next year!

          I’m actually not expecting much personally. But, I hop i’m wrong. Been here too many times..

          BTW, missed that shambles of a match this afternoon and I’m glad. I knew it would be that type of game! 🙁

          1. I agree, GunneRay, or we’re just going to slip further into oblivion……can’t handle more seasons like this!! If the board don’t back Mikel, how long will he stick around for?
            I don’t blame you… we were cruising, but then it became all so predictable…I honestly thought it was going to be another Anderlecht result!! Our ‘defending’ was dodgy to say the least, so the 2nd half didn’t make for comfortable viewing!! Groundhog day 🤣

  8. Aubameyang my MOTM because of his goals. Even though our painful slide towards midtable mediocrity continues, I’d say it’s not an entirely disastrous end to the season considering we were fearing relegation at some point. Am only pained Man utd finished 3rd and look like they are through with their troubles.

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